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How To Make A Facetime Call Between Iphone And Android

FaceTime on Android with iOS 15!

Looks like Apple no longer considers Android an altogether alien software. While showcasing the brand new iOS 15 at the WWDC 2021, the Cupertino giant introduced a pretty neat feature that promises to kickstart a never seen before bonhomie between iOS and Android. For a change, you can now make a FaceTime call between iPhone and Android. If you want to test out this cool iOS 15 feature, let me help you get started with it. Here is how you can use Facetime on Android.

Creating Facetime Links On Iphone And Mac

The FaceTime app on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS 12 Monterey allows Apple device users to create shareable video call links that anyone can join using a web browser. That also includes mobile browsers on Android. Windows users on PC can also participate.

Create a FaceTime Link on iPhone

1. Open the FaceTime app on iPhone or iPad.

2. Tap Create Link.

3. On the Share Sheet that shows up, tap Add Name to insert a name for the FaceTime video chat. That helps distinguish it from any other links you create.

4. Select Copy to copy the FaceTime link to the iPhones clipboard. You can then manually share it with others. Or, tap on an app such as Mail, Messages, or Whatsapp to share the link directly.

5. The FaceTime link will appear at the top of the apps main screen . You can tap on it to initiate the chat. You can also tap the Info icon next to a link to share it again or delete it.

Create a FaceTime Link on Mac

1. Open the FaceTime app on Mac.

2. Select the Create Link button on the top of the sidebar.

3. Select Copy Link to copy the FaceTime link to the clipboard. Or, select an app such as Mail or Messages to share the link directly.

4. The FaceTime link will appear within the sidebar . You must use it to initiate the chat. Select the Info to copy or share the link again or delete it.

Ios 15 Lets Iphone And Android Users Facetime

Android users can now FaceTime iPhone users who have iOS 15.

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In iOS 15, you can join a FaceTime call from your iPhone, Android or Windows device.

If you’re on the lookout for an alternative to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you may want to check out this new FaceTime feature in iOS 15. Widely seen as the tech giant’s answer to Zoom video calls, Apple has made it possible for people who have Android phones or Windows laptops to join FaceTime calls with iPhone users.

That isn’t to say that Apple devices are cut out of the process. In fact, FaceTime relies on the new iOS 15 operating system — — to look and work more like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. In addition to letting you video-chat with people outside Apple’s bubble, FaceTime updates include a new grid view, Portrait mode, the ability to schedule calls and a watch party feature called SharePlay.

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How To Create A Facetime Link On An Ios Device

As mentioned above FaceTime links can be created by iOS users only. So here are the steps that you need to follow for creating the link.

  • Open the application, on the home screen you can witness a newly added option Create Link
  • Tap on the create button and then tap on the i icon
  • Next, you will need to tap on the Share Link option
  • A new sharing window will pop up, choose the platform using which you wish to share the link
  • Once the link is shared the receiver can get an entry to FaceTime. However, you will still have to give permission, at last, to let them in. These were the simple steps to follow on iOS devices, next lets see how you can set up FaceTime on Android.

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    Can I Use Facetime On Android

    FaceTime For Android

    FaceTime is a proprietary app, which means that Apple controls where you can use it. For a long time, FaceTime was only available on Android devices. However, in a surprising move for Apple, the company now provides an option to use FaceTime on Android, Windows, and other platforms.

    As of September 2021, FaceTime is available on Android.

    However, you won’t find FaceTime available for download on the Google Play Store or Microsoft Store. Instead, someone with an Apple device needs to create a link to invite you to a FaceTime call. Opening this link in Chrome or Microsoft Edge will let you join the call through a web interface.

    The basic features work, but not everything in FaceTime is available for Android devices. This version allows you to mute your microphone and video, use full-screen mode, and switch between your front and back cameras. You can also change the layout of the call participants. However, advanced functions like SharePlay are limited to Apple devices.

    In case this version of FaceTime isn’t enough for you, or you’d rather use a FaceTime-like app that’s made for Android, you’ll find plenty of FaceTime alternatives that work great on Android.

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    Can My Samsung Phone Facetime Yes But Theres A Catch

    If youre running a Samsung phone any Samsung phone, for that matter you can now FaceTime on it. But there is a catch

    Inside the Android market, you have plenty of FaceTime alternatives. Samsung has its own. Google has its own. And you have myriad apps inside the Play Store that mimic FaceTime.

    But the idea of actually running FaceTime on your Samsung phone? Until very recently, this was just a pipe dream.

    But Apple has now made some changes to how FaceTime works, and it is good news for Samsung, Android, and Windows users.

    And theyre coming inside iOS 15 which launches later this year.

    Up until the launch of iOS 15, Apples FaceTime was designed exclusively for use on Apple products its phones, tablets, and computers.

    FaceTime alongside a slew of other features is one of the biggest draws of using iPhones instead of Android phones. But later on this year, Android users will be able to join FaceTime calls.

    The End: Apple Facetime For Android Guide

    Now that if you are an Android user you can easily FaceTime with your known using an iOS device. The above-mentioned steps are listed for the Chrome browser. Even if you are using Safari, it would be somewhat similar and you can proceed with it. There is no news for the application so you can take a look at the tips which states how you can add the icon to your home screen for easy access just like an application. Now we hope we have covered everything on how to set up FaceTime on Android. If you have any queries or suggestions, please feel free to write to us. Drop them in the comments section below. We will try our best to assist you.

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    Can I Facetime To An Android Phone

  • Can I use FaceTime on Android?Android users can join a FaceTime call by clicking the link that is sent by an Apple device user. Moreover, the person using the Apple device must run at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS 12 Monterey.
  • Can I FaceTime on my iPad without a phone number?If a user is not signed into FaceTime with their Apple ID, they can tap the option Use your Apple ID for FaceTime and further sign in or tap the option Use Other Apple ID. Further, users need to enter their credentials.
  • Can you FaceTime on a computer?Android and Windows users can join a FaceTime call through a computer by the link they have received from an Apple device user.
  • Can you do FaceTime without a phone number?It is not necessary to have a phone number to make a FaceTime call. All that you require is a Wi-Fi connection or 3G/4G connection. This means, it is not mandatory to know someone’s phone number to make a FaceTime call. You can also use a persons email address for FaceTime calls.
  • Can I use FaceTime on an iPad without a SIM card?It is not compulsory to have a SIM card to make FaceTime calls.
  • Is FaceTime only for Apple?Apple’s FaceTime is not just restricted to Apple users. Even Android users can join a FaceTime call through the link sent to them by Apple device users. However, Android users cannot initiate a FaceTime call.
  • Creating A Facetime Link On Iphone

    How to Use Apple’s FaceTime on Android Phone

    On FaceTime for Android, the iOS user initiates communication with an Android user. If you are an iPhone, iPad, or Mac owner, you have to invite Android users to a FaceTime call using a link.

    Heres how to generate the link:1. Launch FaceTime using your Apple device.2. On the home screen of FaceTime, select Create Link.3. Once the link is created, your device will prompt you to share the link to a contact or via a third-party messaging app.4. Choose a contact who is using an Android device.

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    How To Join A Facetime Call On An Android Or Pc

    Android and Windows users still can’t start FaceTime calls. But as long as you have or Microsoft Edge, you can join calls that others make.

    Quick tip: Google Chrome comes pre-installed on most Android phones, and Microsoft Edge comes pre-installed on all Windows PCs.

    First, someone with an Apple device needs to start the FaceTime call. To do this, they’ll need:

    1. Have the Apple user open the FaceTime app on their device and select Create Link at the top of the app.

    2. In the pop-up, the Apple user then needs to select how they’d like to share the link via Messages, Mail, Snapchat, AirDrop, or another app. It doesn’t matter which method you use, the Android or PC user just needs to have the link.

    3. Once the Android or Windows user receives the link to, they need to open it in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

    4. Have the Android or Windows user enter their name and hit Continue.

    5. Once joined, have the Android or Windows user hit the green Join button in the floating pop-up. They might also need to give FaceTime permission to use their microphone and camera.

    6. The Apple user will then need to accept their request to join.

    7. Once both parties have entered the call, they’ll both see the same options to mute themselves, show or hide their camera, leave the call, and more.

    How Do I Join A Facetime Call Using Android Or Windows

    To join a FaceTime call on an Android or Windows device, all you need is the link sent to you by the person with an Apple device. You don’t need to download a separate app. Here’s how to join a FaceTime call through a shared link.

    1. Open the FaceTime link from wherever it was shared with you.

    2. The link will open in your browser . Enter your name, and tap Continue.

    3. The screen will say “Waiting to be let in” until the person who invited you approves you to join the call.

    That’s it! Happy video chatting.

    Apple noted at WWDC in June that even on the web, FaceTime calls are always end-to-end encrypted.

    For more, check out these FaceTime tips and tricks, everything you need to know about iOS 15.4 and everything else to know about iOS 15.

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    No Theres No App For Android

    First of all, no, Apple has not released an actual FaceTime app for Android devices, at least not yet. Instead, Cupertino has provided a way for you to send a link to your FaceTime chat to people on other devices. That means you can now allow Android users, as well as anyone with a modern browser, into your FaceTime calls.

    To use FaceTime with Android, open the FaceTime app on your iPhone. You will see two buttons at the top. One button is familiar, the New FaceTime button. The other, Create Link, is brand new in iOS 15. If you tap on Create Link, the will allow you to send a link to your FaceTime conversation in a variety of ways.

    Create Link

    I tested sending this link through Facebook Messenger and Messages. Both seem to work fine, but Facebook Messenger tries to open the link in its own browser. That wont always work, but the page does prompt the Android user to copy the link and open it in Chrome.

    Make Sure Youre Using Google Chrome

    FaceTime for Android

    Theres no dedicated FaceTime app for Android users, so the only way to access the software at the moment is through a browser.

    Make sure youve downloaded the latest version of Google Chrome from the . If youve already got Google Chrome installed, check the app on the Play Store to see if any updates are available, before continuing. Any updates will show up as an Update button, that will simply not appear if your app is ready to go.

    You can also use FaceTime with other browsers, such as Microsoft Edge.

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    How Do I Start A Facetime Call With Android Or Windows Users

    The key here isn’t that the FaceTime app is available on Android and Windows. It’s that you’re able to jump on a FaceTime call using a link, so long as the person scheduling or starting the call has an Apple device and an Apple account. If you’re an Apple user and have , here’s how to get a FaceTime call started with people on Android or Windows devices.

    Create a FaceTime link on your iPhone to share with others on Android or Windows devices.

    1. Open the FaceTime app on your phone.

    2. Tap Create Link.

    3. A screen will slide up from the bottom that says FaceTime Link. You can click Add Name to enter a name for your chat.

    4. On the same screen, you’ll see options to share the link through text, email, Twitter, calendar or other apps you have on your phone. Or, you can copy and paste the link yourself.

    5. To join the call yourself, tap the name of the chat you just created, and tap Join.

    6. When the Android or Windows user clicks the link, it will take them to a waiting room where you can allow them to join the call by tapping a check next to their name.

    Create A Facetime Call Link

    To initiate a FaceTime video call between iPhone and Android, you first need to create a FaceTime link. Generating a FaceTime link is as straightforward as it can ever get.

  • Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • 2. Now, tap on Create Link.

    3. Next, the FaceTime app will instantly generate a link that will appear under the Upcoming section.

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    And Heres What You Need To Do If You Have An Android Phone And Want To Join The Facetime Call:

  • When you get the FaceTime link , tap on it.
  • The link will open in the Chrome browser. On the webpage, enter your name as youd like it to appear to others in the FaceTime call.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Then in the FaceTime Call pop-up alert that appears, tap the Join button.
  • At this point, the iPhone user will then need to grant you access to the FaceTime call. Once they do that the Android user will see all the standard FaceTime options, such as camera controls, muting, ending the call, and more.

    Keep in mind that these features wont be available until iOS 15 ships later this fall. However, if you have an iPhone you can join the iOS 15 public beta and start testing these features out with your Android friends today!

    Facetime Link Setup & Limitations

    How to Use FaceTime With Android Users!

    Since Android users can only view FaceTime video calls in a web browser, the experience is not as full-featured as the native app which is only available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac. For example, a FaceTime call can’t be started with an Android device. Most of the special features, such as SharePlay, Spatial Audio, and screen sharing are also missing for Android users. Not to mention, the connection might not be as stable or glitch-free in a browser. This is a new feature for Apple and it is likely to improve over time. For now, it is simply a way to include Android and Windows users in a FaceTime video call.

    Shared web links are easy to create in the FaceTime app, using the big button that appears in the top left. The option to share the link or copy it is shown immediately, but the Apple user will need to be in the call before any Android user can enter. The iPhone user also has to accept the new person before they can join, which is necessary since this is a web link that can be used by anyone. In fact, the same link can also be used on Windows and Linux computers as well.

    The world really isn’t divided up according to the device being used and neither are friends and family. With iOS 15, Apple opened up FaceTime so iPhone owners can finally share a video call with Android users.

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    Limitations Of Facetime For Android Users

    Although Android users can now join the FaceTime calls, as discussed earlier, they don’t enjoy the same features as iPhone or iPad users. Although all basic features work for android users as well still there are some limitations like:

    • It is still not possible to start a call from an android device. Android users can only join a call when an iPhone or iPad host sends them an invitation link.
    • iPad and iPhone users can share their screens on FaceTime calls, but android users can’t do that.
    • I want to use FaceTime on Android then it is only possible through safari or chrome browser on your android phone.
    • Even after clicking the link and following the steps above, you can only join a Facetime call when an iPhone or iPad user approves and let you in.

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