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Testing Your Cordova App

How to Convert Any Website to Android App in Android Studio | Android Tutorials | The Penguin Coders

To run your application you will need a device or emulator of the corresponding platform.Build your application by running the following command:

cordova build 

If you specify a platform, only that platform will be built, otherwise all added platforms will be built one by one.

The following subsections show instructions to install and set up the iOS and Android emulators.

Use A Diy App Builder To Create Your App

This is for anyone who wants to build their own app, doesnt have coding experience but has lots of time and wants to keep costs very low. You can find platforms like Appy Pie and GoodBarber in this space, and other more specialised tools like AppPresser that focus on converting specific kinds of sites to mobile apps.

These tools can work OK for narrow purposes, and tend to create basic apps that are usable but lack any advanced features from the web, and restrict you to pre-built templates and themes.

They generally work by having you build a drag and drop app and then use RSS or an API to pull content in from your site and display it in the app. They do not 100% turn your site into apps, they just do this in a very limited way.


  • You can do it yourself , without needing to learn to code or hire a developer
  • Affordable for a small business
  • You can get an app built and launched quickly, in under a month if you do everything right


Notes About Cost and Time

For startup companies and small businesses, cost and time to launch an app will greatly factor into your decision-making process, which is why a DIY app builder might seem initially appealing.

What Is Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova is a free and open-source platform for building native mobile applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This allows you to target multiple platforms with just one codebase.

Basically, Cordova is a wrapper, an application that has an embedded web browser where your web app is loaded.

Note: There is some confusion between Cordova and PhoneGap. Let’s clarify this: Cordova is owned and maintained by Apache and will always be maintained as an open-source project. On the other hand, PhoneGap is a distribution of Cordova owned by Adobe which includes additional build services that may not be free. Currently, both have a very similar API. Unless you need one of the additional build services that PhoneGap provides, you should go with Cordova.

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Select The Os Versions

People often use different operating systems for Android whereas, users of iOS have no choice but to stay updated to the latest iOS updates since the old ones become too slow or unresponsive. It is wise to select the latest iOS version for your converted app since more than 75% of iPhone users are upgraded to iOS 14. However, Android users are very dispersed in this area. Not every user will have the latest OS version. So, if you had to convert iPhone to Android, your OS versions might be less important.

Convert Website To App

ANDROID APP, Convert Your Website Into a COOL ANDROID APP ...

You will expand your reach through website app.

Expand your reach

You just enter your website url and we will convert into an app.

Unlimited Push Notifications

You can send notifications to your users.

Increase loyality

Statistics tell that clients use more mobile app than your simple website.

Fast speed

Turn website into an app and will load quick.

24/7 Support

You will have our support to use your app properly

App is created by developers

We know how important the phone is for users. We spend hours on the phone browsing the internet or on social networks, and in recent years, phones have become increasingly used for online purchases.

Our team can build you mobile app through which you can move to the next level of online marketing. Convert website into an app in just a few steps.Create app from website with free ads. Convert web 2 app fast with our help.

You can grow your business in a very short time with the app and with the help of professional marketing campaigns complemented by loyalty strategies. For now we can make android app and in future will turn website into an iOS app.

Its important to know that we can convert wordpress to an app in a easy way. Also, we can turn your shopify, magento, prestashop, wix, open cart, cs cart or other platform into an app. Get a 100% functional android running according to your site.

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App Builder V/s Custom Development

Mobile app builders make app development easy. They have a number of advantages over custom development.

Heres why online app creators are preferred.

No coding required

Build your own app without writing a single line of code. No prior experience or technical know-how is required to create apps.

Make your own app in minutes

Unlike custom app development, you can create an app within minutes with online app builders and ensure instant app delivery.

Sustainable plans

Get an affordable app building solution and say no to expensive code-based app development.

Hire A Freelancer To Build The Mobile App

This is for those of you who want to outsource mobile app development to a developer with the right skillset, but want to avoid the price of working with an agency. If you get lucky and find a great match it can pay off, but if you get unlucky it can become a nightmare.


  • Outsourcing frees up your team to focus on what theyre good at
  • Hiring a freelancer can be much cheaper than contracting an agency or building an internal team
  • Outsourcing gives you a chance to find someone skilled in app development, which could produce better results


  • Vetting developers usually requires testing projects and a lot of research, which takes time. This alone could take weeks and have significant real and opportunity costs
  • You have to ensure they have the skills, portfolio, and references to handle the task at hand. You will only really be able to determine this if you are very development-savvy yourself
  • Freelancer must be onboarded and brought up to speed on your business and its goals
  • Youll have to deal with a lot of back-and-forth with the freelancer, or you could end up with one that doesnt communicate at all until its too late.
  • If you dont have a firm contract in place, you could owe unexpected and unplanned fees
  • Costs can become unwieldy if you dont set timeline goals and caps for the freelancer
Cost and Time

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Optimize Your App Store Descriptions

With your mobile app available in store, give some love to its title and description. By optimizing its appearance inside the app store, you can make it all the more appealing for brand new users to discover it even when surrounded by the competition.

The description, screenshots, and ratings will then get potential users get excited about hitting that download button. We can offer you training materials on app marketing and App Store Optimization to help you to succeed with app promotion.

Convert Web Application Into Mobile Application Additional Reasons Why

How To Convert Any Website Into an Android App Free Using ANDROID STUDIO

Let us take a more detailed look at the list of reasons that motivate business owners to transform their web app into mobile app.

â Enhancement of functionality. Probably, one of the main reasons for converting an existing web application into a mobile app is the need to advance its functions. In particular, as we already noted above, if you have a need to set up push notifications, send SMS texts, or integrate it with modules that implement complex calculations, you definitely need to build a mobile app.

â Improvement of existing capabilities. To date, developers are trying in every way to raise the level of UX in their applications. This can be done in many ways. In particular, you can make the user interface as responsive as possible, optimize the application design for the features of the OS on which the user device is based, ensure the offline operation and possibility to connect social media accounts, or implement user data storage functions when converting a web app to mobile app.

â Increasing the competition. The launch of a mobile application is a decisive step in towards strengthening the image of any brand. This increases recognition and solidity in the eyes of users because it is a tacit indication that the brand is successful on the market and the owners are ready to invest solid amounts in its further development. In turn, web applications are gradually losing their relevance, and their release is not equated to something quite as grand.

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Aside: Adding Auth0 To Your Cordova App

Auth0 can be easily added to your Cordova application. In a few minutes you can add authentication to your platforms by following these simple steps:

  • Set up the callback URL in Auth0.
  • You must install the InAppBrowser plugin from Cordova to be able to show the Login popup, and then update the config.xml file.
  • Follow the guide specific to the front-end technology you’re using.
  • That’s it!
  • For detailed instructions, browse to the Auth0 Cordova Tutorial.

    Convert Website To Android App In Less Than 10 Minutes

    Convert a website to a mobile app with social media tabs.

    Find the niche for your website to make it easy for your users to access. You can create an android app from websites like ICT, entertainment, education, religion, charity, directory, business, portfolio, web design company and more. Drive traffic to your site from your mobile apps.

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    How To Convert Website To Android App With This Free Online Tool

    Since there is no sign or registration, just go to the main homepage. On the main UI, you will see some fields that you have to fill out in order to get the corresponding APK file. The main UI looks like this.

    Now, you have to enter everything that it asks there. Specify the link of the website for which you want to get the corresponding Android app. Along with the URL, you specify an app logo and some other information.

    Just hit the Generate app button and then let it do the rest. If you are number 1 in queue, then it will start building your app right away.

    After it is done, it will give you 3 files which you will need to deploy your app on Google Play Store. If you are running Windows 11 then you can install APK file on your PC.

    In this way, you can use this simple and useful online tool to generate APK for any website. You are free to use it for any number of times and it will just work fine. Also, in the coming updates, you will be able to choose permissions for your app.

    Is Native Approach The Future Of App Development

    Letâs perform an overview of the mobile market and see why it is important to think of native or native-like apps, to begin with, when developing new products.

    According to Ericsson forecasts, global mobile traffic has been continuously growing and has increased tenfold since 2016. And smartphones generate 95% of that traffic.

    From selling products and social networking to managing your bank account and reading blogs, literally any operation you perform on your smartphone is processed by an app. According to TechCrunch , users spend 4.2hrs per day, on average, in mobile applications.

    The analysis of in-app spending time shows that this time has continuously grown since 2012 . Therefore, an app use trend is pretty obvious and you should follow it to remain competitive.

    âSince the mobile trend is here to stay, it is obvious users want to use stable applications, and mobile apps can ensure an unprecedented level of stability. This means, of course, that this is exactly what needs to be developed.

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    Configure The Color Palette

    MobiLoud will have already taken care of customizing the colors of your mobile app based on what is defined in your website. However, if you decide to tweak any of these elements to give the mobile app a unique spin of the brand identity, you can do that under the Colors menu.

    In this section, you can personalize the color palette of your app to ensure it matches your brands colors. Not only that, but you can choose different colors for different devices!

    You have control over the basics like the splash screen and the tab bar colors. However, if you dig further into the options, youll see that you can apply color to the mobile app for iOS and Android users.

    Theres nothing that says the two have to be different. However, if you want to apply a slight variation, you can do so here.

    Determine If You Need A Mobile App

    If you’ve got this far, chances are you’re moving towards app development. However, we should note that not every website requires a mobile app. If your website is already mobile-friendly, you may not need an app to improve your customer experience. In that case, a mobile app just may be extra work that might not pay off if more users simply prefer your website.

    Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see if a mobile app makes sense for your business. The more “no’s” you have, the more likely it is your company would benefit from having a mobile app.

    • Is my website mobile responsive?
    • Can I easily make my website mobile-friendly?
    • Can my website do everything that my app does?
    • Are most customers visiting my site on a desktop browser?
    • Does my website rank well on search engines?
    • Do my competitors offer a mobile app?

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    Can Progressive Web Apps Be A Compromise

    Introduced first by Google in 2015, Progressive Web Apps became a new promising technology allowing you to extend the functionality of websites and make them more reliable, fast and engaging, i.e. get all the advantages of native apps.

    Technically, progressive web apps looked like sites, but allowed to use the browser as a virtual machine launching the site logic locally and getting only the actual/updated data via the web.

    It is thanks to this technology you can now see push notifications from your favorite news website and access your web services to get the tickets or check the details on your delivery order even when youâre offline.

    However, PWAs still canât do everything that native apps can. Theyâre poorly compatible with old devices, theyâre not very battery efficient, and you may bump into system limitations put on browsers they will force you limit your serviceâs functionality or performance.

    Convert Website To Android App With This Free Online Tool

    How to convert website into android app free

    URLgApp is a free online tool to convert website to Android app. It takes a URL of a website from you along with some other details for the app and then generate an APK file. Not only that but if you are planning to deploy the app on Google Play Store then you can do that. In that case, you can specify Google Play key, app logo, and package name and then your app will be ready to be published on play store.

    This is a completely free tool that you can use to convert any website to Android app. There is no registration or sign up process to get started. You only have to simply fill the information on the main website and wait for it to generate the Android app.

    On the main website, it follows a queue system. If there are multiple people using it at the same time, then you will have to wait for your turn to get your APK build in process.

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    S To Convert Your Website Into Android App

    What is the process of conversion? You know, there are several resources that can convert web app to Android app even if you are not engaged in programming, but it will never be the same as your website. If you want to have a serious powerful app, only software developers can help you. What do developers need to implement it? They perform the following steps:

    Steps to undertake for website conversion to Android app

    #1. Website functionality and user story. First specialists should list all website features to understand how the future app should look, what it will perform. It is worth noting that the app cannot be exactly the same as a website. A number of features will vary since some features have reason only on the website, as it was noted above. In addition, the project manager is writing the user story for developers. What is this? It is a detailed feature list that allows developers to solve many important issues even before they start coding. They are looking for the best options on how to implement the required functionality.

    Check it out what about web application average development cost. Read Web application development cost: factors and average prices

    #2. Development cost estimate. Considering a number of features to be integrated, their complexity, the sales department can summarize how much the app development will be and how to convert website into Android app properly.

    RESTful API

    Database development


    Apps Can Be A Key Source Of Revenue

    When you convert a website into a mobile app, youre building a potentially fruitful revenue generator for your brand.

    You can monetize the apps through in-app advertising, eCommerce sales, subscriptions and in-app purchases. Simple Flying make a good income from their in-app advertising in their MobiLoud apps, with Arran Rice confirming that:

    94 articles per month for an average app user. And obviously theres ad revenue attached to that as well with over 1.6 million screen views Im getting with the apps. Its a nice, almost passive income for the business as a whole

    Moving on to eCommerce, weve seen that over the past several years, revenue through eCommerce apps have grown at an astounding rate to the point where 78% of users would rather access a store via a mobile app compared to a mobile site. eCommerce apps also drive 3x higher conversion rates compared than eCommerce stores on the mobile web.

    There are other interesting monetization options available too. For example, you could make a subscriber only app and package it as part of a membership plan, or create an ad-free version that users can pay a monthly fee to use.

    Make no mistake when you convert a website to an app your apps will have plenty of opportunities to pay for themselves. With MobiLoud apps, weve built integrations to support a wide range of monetization options, and we can advise you on the best strategy for you to earn a strong ROI!

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