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Today In History Widget

Reddinator App Review: A Cool Reddit Widget for Android!

Today in History Widget scans many different sources to bring you the most interesting historical events that happened on this day. Sources such as the New York Times and BBC are sure to have a healthy knowledge of historical events around the world. The preceding day is downloaded so you dont always need to be connected to the internet to have your day in history.

Best Stocks Widget: Investingcom Stock Exchange

Keeping track of your stock prices is one of the best uses of a widget. has a good one as part of its Stock Exchange app. You can search for stocks on over 70 global exchanges and track as many as you like. These automatically get added to your widget, which you can resize to fit a full home screen panel. You can then view real-time price updates.

Weather The Best Weather Widget

Want to take a glance at the weather forecast without opening the weather app? 1Weather has got you covered. The app gives you detailed weather information in the form of widgets without opening the app.

You get multiple widgets options, out of which you can choose the one that matches your preferences. However, it contains ads, and you will need to upgrade to 1Weather Pro to get rid of the ads in the app. The app has over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store, with an average rating of 4.5 stars.

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Best Weather Android Widgets

Another popular Android widget that most people download from the Google Play store is weather oriented apps with widgets. With weather widgets, you get the current weather information of your area at the comfort of your home screen. Thats right, you dont have to click or launch the app to check the weather for today.

So if weather widgets are what you are looking for, then better check our best weather widgets for Android list.

Will Widgets Slow Down My Phone

Best Android weather widgets for decorating your home screen

In general, widgets may occasionally slow down your phone. Chances are, the more features a widget has, the larger amount of storage space youll need. Fortunately, some of the best widgets for Android nowadays have a variety of features and at the same time only require less space. Its basically a matter of choosing the right widget that fits your needs and wont compromise the overall performance of your phone.

Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

The next one is the best android calendar widget, and you should know that calendar widgets are another must-have for your home screen. Well, Calendar Widget Month + Agenda has come with packed widget functions. You can keep the agenda and have all calendar reports with this widget. Also, you can customize it and change the outlook of it. Using this widget is free, but you have to pay to have access to its premium functions.

Important Features

  • It shows events from outlook calendar and Google calendar.
  • You will get a notification for the events you save on Facebook and other social media.
  • It reminds you about the days you mark for birthday and anniversary.
  • It will show all the international holidays with the red mark.
  • This widget is designed just like the HTC calendar widget.

I Think Its Good But Needs Some Work

It seems like people mostly download this app for customizable pictures in their widgets. But sometimes it will turn grey. Also, as soon as I got the new update for this app, it wont let me add any new widgets. For example when my homepage is in jingle mode and I click the + to add a new widget, I try to look up Widgetsmith but now however, its not there! So it wont let me add new widgets. Also my widgets I already had all turned grey and when I hold down the widget to click on edit widget its not there anymore! So I cant even change it at all. Also before I got the update the last few widgets I added were all grey and I couldnt get the picture I wanted. Its a really good app and concept but I feel like it also needs to have directions on how to use it and edit widgets on the homepage to change widgets. Also it has bugs that need to be fixed. :

Uccw Ultimate Custom Widget

And lastly, UCCW is an app that grants you to personalize your lock screen in all the details.

This app is basically a widget constructor that empowers you to come up with unique looking widgets that nobody else will have. Therewith, you can use widget options made by other users and share your own ones with mates. You can also load multiple skins youve found on the internet.

Besides, you can set the sizes of the widgets and all elements on it. You can even use your own pics as covers. Plus, you can set commands for all the utilities you have. Although the app runs in the background of your phone, it doesnt consume too much of your phones battery power.

Its also possible to make frames and add multiple widgets to it. These widgets automatically switch from time to time. The app also has a massive compilation of fonts and all of them are free. Furthermore, the app has no ads and sub packs.

Implement The Appwidgetprovider Class

5 Best Free Widgets Apps For Android | 2021

The AppWidgetProvider class extendsBroadcastReceiver as aconvenience class to handle widget broadcasts. It receives only the eventbroadcasts that are relevant to the widget, such as when the widget is updated,deleted, enabled, and disabled. When these broadcast events occur, the followingAppWidgetProvider methods are called:


This is called for every broadcast and before each of the preceding callbackmethods. You normally don’t need to implement this method because the defaultAppWidgetProvider implementation filters all widget broadcasts and calls thepreceding methods as appropriate.

You must declare your AppWidgetProvider class implementation as a broadcastreceiver using the < receiver> element in the AndroidManifest. See in this document.

Handle events with the onUpdate class

The most important AppWidgetProvider callback is onUpdate because it iscalled when each widget is added to a host . If your widget accepts anyuser interaction events, then you need to register the event handlers in thiscallback. If your widget doesn’t create temporary files or databases, or performother work that requires clean-up, then onUpdate may be the only callbackmethod you need to define. For example, if you want a widget with a button thatlaunches an activity when clicked, you could use the following implementation ofAppWidgetProvider:

Investingcom Stock Exchange The Best Stocks Widget

This app is good for tracking stock prices. You can access the stocks widgets in Stock Exchange app on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can search over 70 global exchanges with this widget that has 10 different widgets to choose from. Simply by adding the stocks you want to track on the app, you will be able to see them on the widget as well.

The best part is there is no limitation on the number of stocks you can track with this stock widget.

Top 10 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android

No. 1 – LokLok

LokLok is one of the most creative Android lock screen alternatives. It offers a fun way to change lock screen. LokLok lets you draw on your lock screen and then send the drawing as a message to a friend who use this cool lock screen app for Android, so if you want to get the most out of it, call your friends together!

No. 2 – Hi Locker-Your Lock Screen

As a simple, smooth and effective lock screen app for Android, Hi Locker allows you to quickly open your favorite apps from lock screen by simple holding and swiping. It offers three lock screen styles: classic, lollipop, iOS. Multiple ways are provided to customize Android lock screen, including greetings, fonts and wallpaper changes.

No. 3 – AcDisplay

AcDisplay is one of the most impressive lock screen apps for Android. It features a minimal design with a darkened background and shows you notifications on the lock screen. This lock screen app comes with Smart Wake-up feature, which makes it one of the best app to lock Android screen while watching videos.

No. 4 – Echo Notifications Lockscreen

As the name indicates, Echo Notifications is a free lock screen app for Android that’s designed to collect and open notifications in one tap. It allows you to group notifications into categories like social, work, media, etc. Echo Notification provides a minimal and lightweight experience, and it’s generally well liked.

Check how to fix iPhone echo here.

No. 5 – Go Locker-Theme and Wallpaper

No. 7 – Next Lock Screen

Musicolet Music Player The Best Music Widget

Some streaming services such as Spotify, , and others offer widgets that allow you to play music without opening the app. For users who prefer to listen to music stored on their phones and want a widget that enables them to control it, Musicolet is the ideal solution.

Musicolet offers a selection of widgets for music players. This music widget includes the standard music controls and album art. In addition, there is a larger option that lets you browse your chosen playlist.

Best Android Widgets For That Ultimate Customization

Best Android weather widgets for decorating your home screen

Widgets are the answer if youre looking for a way to fully customize the home screen of your Android smartphone. From various themes to interactive notes and even up to a wide list of customization in one single app. So, if you want the ultimate customization, then we recommend checking out our list of best Android widgets that can change the way you interact with your Android phone.

In our list, one of our favorites is Evernote. With Evernote, you will be reminded of scheduled events across all of the devices you own. Pretty cool right?

Ultimately, here are some related article/s:

Best Notes Widgets: Google Keep & Samsung Notes

Image Gallery

You’ll find lots of excellent note-taking apps with widgets in the Play Store. But you can’t really beat Google Keep.

It offers two widgets. One is a simple shortcuts bar that lets you create a basic note, list, voice memo, handwritten note, or photo note. The other allows you to pin notes to your home screen. It’s ideal for shopping lists or anything else you need to remember while you’re out and about.

TickTick is an awesome task management app that comes with nine widgets guaranteed to make you a whole lot more productive. They range from a comprehensive multi-page to-do list, to a three-day agenda view, to a basic checklist. There’s even a Pomodoro timer widget that will help you cut out procrastination and get more work done.

It all ties into an app that’s vital for anyone with a busy life. In fact, the app is so good we’ve produced a full guide full of essential TickTick tips.

Best Weather Widget: Overdrop Weather

Image Gallery

Overdrop is a relative newcomer to Android’s ever-expanding weather app genre. It’s one of the best-looking and offers accurate minute-by-minute forecasts from DarkSky and other services.

It also has a heavy focus on widgets. You get 25 free widgets, plus a further 29 if you upgrade through an in-app purchase. They cover pretty much every style you could think of.

If Overdrop doesn’t work out for you, take a look at our guide to more of the best weather widgets for Android. You’re sure to find something you’ll love there.

Best Free Weather Widgets For Android

These are the best free Weather widgets for Android!

We will find that many users possess a routine to monitor the weather daily if we look around. You will find people planning for upcoming events after watching the weather reports.

Those days are gone when we have to rely upon Television and Radio to know the weather reports. These days we can get the weather forecast from our smartphones also.

If we talk about Android, there are plenty of weather widgets available on the Google Play Store that can provide you with accurate weather reports of any particular day or time frame.

These widgets reside on your home screen and let you see the weather information at a glance without opening any other app.

Google Keep The Best Notes Widget

Top 5 Widgets for Android!

The next Android app widget on the list is Google Keep. This popular note-taking app has enabled the ability to add an app widget directly on the home screen. Using the Google Keep widget, you can quickly read your important notes directly on the home screen.

Additionally, you can scroll directly in the widget to view old notes easily. You also get quick shortcuts for adding a new note or editing a current note, though it will open the app to make these changes.

Can I Add Music Widgets To The Home Screen

All the popular music streaming services come with support for a music widget. Apps like Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube music allow the flexibility to add the music player widget on home. One can quickly switch between different songs, pause or play music and much more. For your own songs, you can download Musicolet that we mentioned above.

Best Analog Clock Widget Apps For Android

If you want to have a customizable clock placed at the home screen of your Android phone, then check our list of best analog clock widget apps for Android for that ultimate analog clock look.

With analog clocks, not only does it give that classy look but it comes with a few minimal extra helpful function.

If in case that you also want digital clock widget, fret not, as some of the widget apps included in our list offers a digital clock option if the analog clock is not to your tasting.

Battery Widget % Level Indicator Free

Take a look into the best available battery information Android Widgets app. It is called Battery Widget % Level Indicator from the M2Catalyst developer team. It is packed with tonnes of useful features that provide critical information about the devices battery pack. This battery widget is free to use and operates with very limited system resources. You will have complete freedom to choose from six different live battery widget layouts. It also comes with shortcuts and quick toggle buttons to reach phone settings quickly.

Important Features

  • More than twenty-seven languages are supported by this battery widget.
  • The interface of the tool is widely accessible and comes with beautiful themes and color patterns.
  • It shows the current battery percentage and usage statistics with graphs according to the application consumption rate.
  • You can make a custom widget showing different data, such as battery percentage, temperature, remaining battery life, standby time, history, etc.
  • It allows setting notifications and alerts on battery conditions, such as temperature issues, low charge, full charge, critical battery health, and so on.
  • The widget can make one-tap shortcuts to all the utilities and device settings.

Make Your Home Screen Alive

Widgets · Developing for Android

Widgets have always been one of the key differentiators for Android. They really shine on a tablet, where you have a large screen to fill with news, weather, or useful utilities instead of icons.

Weve rounded up some of the best ways to glam up your screen with both good-looking and useful widgets from the Play Store. Whether you have a modest-sized Nexus 7 or big-screened Galaxy Tab S, theyll add some zest to your home screen.

Best Music Widget: Musicolet Music Player

Image Gallery

Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming services have their own widgets that let you control your tunes without opening the app. But if you prefer to listen to music stored on your phone and you want a great-looking widget to control it, look no further than Musicolet.

Not only is it a fantastic music player, with unusual features like support for earphone controls and multiple queues, it also offers a handy selection of widgets. These include basics like the standard music controls with album art, up to a larger option that lets you browse your chosen playlist.

Integrate Widgets With Google Assistant

Any of the preceding widget types can be displayed by Google Assistant inresponse to user voice commands. You can configure your widgets to fulfill AppActions, enabling users toreceive quick answers and interactive app experiences on Assistant surfaces likeAndroid and Android Auto. For more details on widget fulfillment for Assistant,seeIntegrate App Actions with Android widgets.

Best Free Android Calculator Apps And Widgets

For rocket scientists and dads alike

No matter what you study or do for work, you probably use a calculator to perform a few tasks on a daily basis. Unless you prefer the feel of an actual physical calculator, the best solution is to use an Android Calculator app.

While your Android phone has a built-in Calculator app thats capable of performing basic functions, sometimes you need to solve specific math problems that are beyond the default apps capability.

Whether you need a Calculator app for solving scientific math problems or to use it as a budgeting tool on your smartphone, here are the best Android Calculator apps and widgets that you can download and use for free.

Android Widgets For News And Information

Cool FREE Android apps and widgets (2011 and 2012)

Keep the latest headlines at your fingertips with Google’s smartly designed News app and its simple but effective widget. The widget shows your personalized briefing, with five current stories relevant to your interests and/or location and a quick overview of the weather wherever you are.

JR Raphael/IDG

The Google News widget puts a mix of current events and items of interest on your home screen.

You can tap on any news item to view it in full or tap the “Full coverage” button to see related stories from other sources. It’s an easy way to stay in the loop on the most pressing headlines throughout the day.

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