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How To Make A Simple App With Lumavate

How to create an app for free without coding in just 5 minutes | App development

Even though you might be interested about starting your app-building journey with Lumavate, you still might be confused on where to start. Thats where our amazing Starter Kits come into play. These kits are essentially templates that walk you through the process step-by-step to get you started on building an app. In fact, you can learn how to make a simple app in as little as a few minutes. Our expert program will be by your side every step of the way so you can feel comfortable with how to make a smartphone app. Take a look at the different types of Starter Kits we provide to our customers:

  • Wayfinding

Quick Cheap But Uses Progressive Technology

Andromo uses Flutter, a Google-backed open-source UI software development toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, desktop, and embedded devices. The progressive technology facilitates high-quality design and feature creation, allowing for quick and inexpensive development of applications without serious losses in quality.

Download And Install Your Newly Created App

After you have clicked on the create button, the Appsgeyser website will redirect you to your Dashboard. From the menu on the left, click on Download option.

Scroll down the download page, and you see four options to download the app.

Publish: This is a paid option and would publish your app on the Google Play Store.

: This will download the Android Package or APK installation file to your computer. You can then transfer this file to your smartphone or tablet.

Scan the QR Code. This will download and install the app directly into your Android device.

Note: You can use the QR code scanner in your mobile and scan the code above. You will get the details of the app I created but might not be able to download it as it might have been expired.

. You can share the download link of this app via Twitter or Facebook or copy the download link and share it by any other means.

Note: Dont expect anything extraordinary as this is the first app you have created without any coding skills or experience.

You can always edit the app and add more features to it. It was surprising to see that the edit option contains far more options as compared to creating the app for the first time.

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Best Paid And Free App Builders Of 2021

In the Q1 of 2020, there were 33.6 billion mobile app downloads worldwide.

The mobile app market is ever-expanding as the users appetite for apps grows in fact, studies predict Google Play Store app installs to reach 139 billion alone by 2024.

However, not many businesses have access to the opportunity this market growth brings or, at least, they are not aware of the paths to it.

With prices exceeding $10,000 for development alone, getting into the app business seems to require a large financial commitment.

The operative word here being seems to. Namely, there is a new way to app building and that are the open source and free app builders.

Using open source app building software:

  • Makes coding and app development quicker
  • Is free to download
  • Minimizes licensing and maintenance expenses
  • Comes with abundant support channels
  • Makes scaling and consolidating easier

The open source wave is spreading like wildfire in both app and custom web developments sectors.

Take Velo by Wix for example. This open, full-stack development platform allows brands and development agencies to create advanced websites and web apps at fraction of the cost.

In this article, we will review the best free app builders that can help you build a competitive mobile app cost-effectively and quickly.

But before we dive into it, lets check which types of mobile apps exist in the first place so you know which software to use.

Android App Development Software Without Coding

How To Create An Android App In Just 5 Minutes (Without ...

Creating your own Android app for smartphones or tablets is easier than ever even if you dont want to learn how to write codes. In this article, well help you get started and show you several ways to create your own application.

Android is known to be the operating system that has the largest share of the mobile market in app development.

So it is clear that it is existential for an Android developer to master the Java language in perfection.

However, the great competition on the market forces us more and more often to master other programming languages, which do not only cover a single operating system.

It is becoming increasingly interesting to be able to write programs for several platforms as a developer.

How can we program Android apps without using Java and Android Studio? Well over 2 million Android apps are available on the Google Play Store. Therefore it is important to know all the possibilities of programming in Android.

We are writing this article with the aim to show you alternatives for programming apps in Android to be able to develop applications in a completely new environment with new tools in case of emergency.

Google provides us with the app development in Android Java, with which we can indeed create excellent and unique applications.

In order to animate us a little, they also provided us with a new help for developers not so long ago:

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Android Studio Is A Free App Builder For Android

Googles Android Studio is an app development software whose implementation editor is fit for Android developers. It provides coding and design shortcuts while the layout editor reduces coding time thanks to its easy to use editor.

Project layouts are using drag and drop functionalities during the design process while the intelligent code editor provides code completion for Java, C, C++ and Kotlin languages.

Android Studio is highly customizable and allows for bespoke coding to generate various build versions for different devices.

Key features:

  • Visual layout editor with complex layouts
  • APK Analyzer that reduces the final app size
  • Fast emulator for testing different configurations and features
  • Build-in profiling tools for real-time stats on CPU, memory and network

Supported platforms:

Android Studio is a free app builder.

How Can I Make My Own App For Free

Here are the 3 steps to make an app:

  • Choose a design layout. Customize it to fit your needs.
  • Add your desired features. Build an app that reflects the right image for your brand.
  • Publish your app. Push it live on Android or iPhone app stores on-the-fly. Learn How to make an App in 3 easy steps. Create Your Free App.
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    Absolute Freedom In Designing Your App

    Zappter is a fully customizable no-code system which allows you to create your unique app for your unique business. The content and design of your app can be changed at any time by drag and drop. With just a few clicks, your changes will be synced and published to all your customers’ devices. Use the Zappter Marketplace to activate new features and save time and money.

    Make Your Mobile Ads Work Like Never Before

    How to Create Your Own Android APP for Free Without CODING in just 5 Minutes ?

    Whether its Ad Mob, Facebook or MobUp our system will allow your apps to pick the best deal on the market on the fly.

    FAN Bidding will display ads with the highest price per view in real time for every user interacting with your app.

    Whether its Interstitial Ads, banners or native ads rest assure our bidding system will pick the most profitable offer.

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    Never Worry About Complex Infrastructure

    Most people dont realize how much goes on behind the scenes of a well functioning mobile app. When you build an app from scratch there are hundreds of parts youll need to consider. You dont want to spend time worrying about load balancers, firewalls, servers, databases, backups etc. you get the picture. Fortunately for you, BuildFires app builder takes care of all the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on what you care about most, your business.

    Defining App Functionality Before Using The Mobile App Builder

    We know we already mentioned this, but it deserves its separate step. When you audit your competitors apps, write down what functionalities they have, and determine how important each one is for your application.

    Each application has its own import. It is necessary to understand what value your application would contribute to the market and its purpose: what problem does it solve for users?

    To execute this step correctly, answer these questions:

  • What is the main purpose of the application?
  • What functionality is at the core of the application?
  • What value does an application give to your business that a website doesnt?
  • What functionality will users have with your app that isnt in other apps or on your website?
  • Also, dont forget to check what would be the best mobile app maker online!

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    Digital Transformation Takes A Team

    But 86% of IT decision-makers say the biggest challenge to digitally transform their business is too few software developers.

    Thats where the power of citizen development comes inwith no-code/low-code platforms, anyone can build applications without software expertise, significantly faster, and at a fraction of the cost. But first, you need to learn how to use the tools you have. You need a system in place to oversee the environment, mitigate risk, and unlock the full potential of citizen development. And your citizen developers must understand how to best operate in that system.

    So whether youre looking to teach yourself or train your team, we are here to help you make the most of this no-code/low-code revolution and securely turn ideas into applications.

    Flutter Is An Open Source App Development Framework

    Free App Maker

    As a Google product, a single codebase Flutter develops striking desktop, web and native mobile Android apps.

    This open source app development framework is fully free and uses Skia Graphics Engine, Dart, C and C++. It is usable on Linux, MacOS and Windows and applicable to iOS, Android and Google Fuchsia.

    Flutters intuitive interface and great user experience rely on fully-customizable widgets which make fast development of native apps very easy and quick.

    Key features:

    • Very fast rendering and flexible design process
    • Major app items such as fonts, navigation and icons contained in the widgets
    • Foundation library is a major part of this app builder platform

    Supported platforms:

    • iOS, Android and Google Fuchsia


    Flutter is a free app builder.

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    App Builder V/s Custom Development

    Mobile app builders make app development easy. They have a number of advantages over custom development.

    Heres why online app creators are preferred.

    No coding required

    Build your own app without writing a single line of code. No prior experience or technical know-how is required to create apps.

    Make your own app in minutes

    Unlike custom app development, you can create an app within minutes with online app builders and ensure instant app delivery.

    Sustainable plans

    Get an affordable app building solution and say no to expensive code-based app development.

    How To Use Appsgeyser To Create Android App Online Without Coding

    There are over a billion smartphone users, and that count is ever increasing. Have you wondered what is that makes our smartphone so dear to us? Well, it is the apps, of course. No one would want to use a smartphone without apps as it would just become a portable landline phone. There are over 100 apps installed in our smartphones, and most of us never keep a check on all.

    Well, do you know how these apps are created? I am not much of a programmer myself, but do know that creating an app is a difficult task and requires extensive programming and coding skills. I have tried pondering over tutorials on Java and C++, and you have to trust me on this one, developing an app may not be exactly rocket science, but is nothing less severe than that. But then, I discovered online websites that could help you create a small app of your own, and some of them are free for personal use. One of the best Android App makers is AppsGeyser and which brings me to the next important question:

    Are you ready to develop an Android app on your own?

    With Appsgeyser, this mammoth of a task can be established within a few clicks. Just follow the exact steps mentioned below, and I can guarantee that you will have created a working Android app, installed on your smartphone in only 15 minutes.

    Lets Start! with AppsGeyser

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    Backed By Google Flutter

    Andromo is a flutter application builder which allows developers to build high-quality native iOS and Android applications without writing code.

    Flutter is a free and open-source mobile UI framework that creates native applications for mobile phones, tablets, web, and desktops. Companies such as Alibaba and Uber have used this framework.

    How To Become An App Creator

    How To Create Free Android App Without Coding

    Are you tired of boring everyday job that doesn’t bring much money?

    Become Mobile App Developer and make money online with Android apps.

    You need $0 and no coding skills to build an app business.

    Target the biggest app market with over 1 bln users: Google Play Store.

    Show your apps to friends, clients and worldwide users.

    Make viral Android applications and become famous!

    Create unique mobile app experience to engage users all over the world.

    Fulfill your fantasies in app-making form.

    Express yourself and your creativity while building apps!

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    A Paid Or Free App Builder: Which Option Is Better For You

    Whether you are a developer or a business, choosing between a paid or free app builder option can be a tricky process.

    Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of both versions can make your choice easier.

    The biggest advantage of free app builders is that they are budget-friendly. So, both developers and small businesses with limited resources can use them without breaking the bank.

    Most of them require no or limited coding knowledge as well.

    However, the biggest disadvantage of free app builders is that they usually come with limited features and functionalities including the lack of customization.

    Other drawbacks are:

    • No promotion capabilities
    • Security issues

    Paid mobile app builders, on the other hand, usually come with premium features that businesses need to ensure an engaging experience, retain their visitors and drive more purchases.

    They offer great personalization capabilities and developers can choose from large libraries of templates.

    Additionally, they enjoy robust security and offer various online promotion options that businesses can leverage to market their apps.

    The bottom line: You should use a free app builder when:

    • You are on a tight budget and cannot afford to invest in a premium version
    • You need a very simple application with minimal functionalities
    • You arent planning to make major modifications in the future
    • You only want to test an app and develop it afterwards using a more robust platform
    • The tool offers the type of features you need

    Build Native Apps For Both Android And Ios

    The pre-coded elements of most no-code application builders are coded with HTML5, making their apps instantly accessible from any mobile web browser. However, not many offer native apps out of the box. Andromo is a no-code app builder that helps users succeed across both iOS and Android app marketplaces. It allows users to design, build and publish no-code apps for both platforms.

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    Create Apps That Work The Way You Want

    Your future app will consist of separate blocks called activities. Almost any activity you could imagine is available in the builder, plus Flutter allows us to add even more new features to choose from. You can customize features separately, put them in the order you need, and create your own layout.

    The Main Advantages Of The Andromo Android Application Maker

    Free App Maker

    Building android applications wont take much effort, thanks to Andromo. The platforms huge advantages give anyone the power to create their own apps and make money instantly after app publishment. Andromo is drag-and-drop, user-friendly, straightforward, and versatile. Its perfect for beginners with fresh ideas and unlimited curiosity but dont have adequate coding experience.

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    Intuitive For Experienced App Makers And Beginner App Creators

    With our click and edit technology you can easily build and maintain your app with no coding required. Choose from a wide range of templates to get started building your app in minutes. Once youre in our app builder you can leverage hundreds of out-of-the-box features available in our marketplace to start adding robust functionality to your app quickly.

    Why Should You Build Mobile Games Right Now

    • Revenue generated from the gaming industry is on par with the movie business.
    • Playing games on mobile devices is increasing in popularity compared to gaming consoles.
    • More than half of Americas population plays games regularly.
    • More than 70% of gamers play at least 1 hour a week.
    • The number of gamers in China and other Asian countries is already huge, and is growing rapidly. That’s a market with billions of people.
    • More than 90% of the worlds population owns a mobile phone.
    • People spend more time on their mobile phones than watching TV or on their PCs.

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    Free Platforms To Build Apps Without Coding

    In the past you had to be a programmer to make an app, which would likely take weeks, months or even years. Now, however, there are numerous app-building platforms you can use to create an app in minutes. Weve put together some of our favorites for you here.

    Also read:

    Andromo is the most popular Android app-maker platform.

    It only requires three steps to create your own app:

  • Create an Andromo project.
  • Fill out a few simple forms to add features, graphics, content and whatever makes your app unique.
  • Unlike many of the other app builders, Andromo does not have a preview screen for you to see what your app will look like while adding items or changing formatting. After you create your app, they will email it to you. They do not support uploading the app to the Play store. For free, you can create one app with ads. If you upgrade to the lowest cost plan for $8 a month, you can have up to 50 apps and monetize them.

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