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When To Develop For Android First

How to make instagram private 2020 | For both Android and iPhone app

As we just discussed, there are definitely some circumstances where it makes sense to develop on the iOS platform first.

Well, the same holds true for Android.

While statistically speaking, Apple users may have more money and higher education, Android users just completely dominate global web traffic from mobile devices.

So the chances are higher that you can find your target market somewhere within this group.

But saying that you cant go wrong by developing on Android first would be an overstatement.

As I said earlier, the split between Android and Apple is closer to 50/50 in the United States.

So if you have an American business and youre building an app to enhance the customer experience, Android wont always be the clear winner.

But heres a scenario when it will be.

Do you plan on using push notifications to keep users engaged?

Its a great strategy to drive sales and increase ROI.

3.48% of Android users open push notifications, while only 1.77% of push notifications get opened on Apple devices.

Android users are also more likely to opt-in to receive additional notifications.

So if this is part of your marketing strategy when it comes to targeting users after theyve already downloaded the app, Id lean towards starting with Android.

Heres something else to consider when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Before you can entice users with push notifications, youll need to get them to download your app in the first place.

Whats your budget for cost per install ?

Best Flashcard Apps For Android And Iphone

Flashcards are an incredible way of memorizing huge dumps of data whether you are preparing for an upcoming exam or learning a new language, etc. Flashcards apps can help jot down a huge amount of data in a relatively short time span. In fact, people use it to memorize things in a jiffy which could be at the last minute of an exam or before you go onto the stage for public speaking.

Searching for the best flashcard app might be a tedious task but why we are here to help. Here is a list of best flashcard app that you can try.

Easy Steps On How To Build An Apps For Iphone In 2022

    Home » Easy Steps On How To Build An Apps For iPhone In 2022

    Developing for the iPhone is a precious skill, but its hard to know where to begin if you havent developed an app before. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to make iPhone apps. To make the iPhone app, we will begin from the early stage and show you how to build a simple, real application that one can run on your mobile device or upload on App Store. In this way, we will learn about the fundamental steps of creating ios apps. This guide will take you through the steps of how to build iPhone apps, experimenting with and improving your idea, crafting a design for the UI and UX, coding the app with Objective-C and Swift, submitting it to Apple for approval, and putting it on the App Store.

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    Test Your Xamarin App On Your Own Device

    The quickest way to test a Xamarin project is with Xamarin Live Player, a small app you can download onto your own phone or device. After downloading the app, pair it with Visual Studio. Then, pick Live Player as the device target.

    Start debugging by pressing the play icon, or choose Run – Start Debugging on the Mac. Youll be asked to scan a QR code to pair Visual Studio with your device, and Live Player will connect to your computer. .

    After Live Player connects, youll be able to immediately start using your app on your device! You can even make changes to the code in Visual Studio and Live Player will refresh the app on your device automatically. Super cool.

    Skills Needed For App Development

    Second Phone Number Apps

    In order to understand how apps are typically built, lets take a look at the skills needed for app development. For building on iOS, a developer should be experienced with Swift or Objective-C coding language. For Android apps, a developer should have knowledge of Java or Kotlin languages. In addition, iOS apps must be uploaded to the App Store, while Android apps can be added to multiple app stores.

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    Put Together An App Marketing Plan

    There are almost 2 million apps in the iOS App Store. In order to make sure that your app gets seen, you need to have a plan to market it to the right audience.

    These days, a lot of the marketing work happens before the app is launched! For example, building a pre-launch email list is standard practice these days as well as leveraging paid marketing to promote your app.

    Here are a list of app marketing strategies you can follow pre-launch and post-launch to make sure that you put your best foot forward!

    Things you can do before your app is published:

  • Build a landing page for your app and build a pre-launch email list: Its important that you have a landing page for your app at the very least so that people have somewhere to visit to learn more about your app. Make sure you add a call to action for people to sign up to a pre-launch email list to get notified when the app launches. To start collecting emails for free, sign up for an email service with a generous free-tier like Mailchimp. In terms of building a landing page, you dont need to know how to code. There are tons of drag-and-drop landing page builders such as Leadpages or Unbounce. In fact, Mailchimp also has one for free.
  • Make sure youre familiar with App Store Optimization : If youre unfamiliar with this term, it refers to optimizing your keywords, titles and description of your App Store listing. I get all my ASO education from Steve Young.
  • Things you do after your app has launched:

    STEP 7

    How To Create A Development Brief

    The project can be described in many ways.

  • You can simply try to explain your idea using words.
  • You can draw basic prototypes on a napkin.
  • You can write a development brief.
  • You can write technical documentation.
  • Articulating your projects idea in words is a good start. If you can explain your idea to another person and s/he can understand what you mean youre on the right path. However, thats not enough for the start of the development.

    Basic prototypes are also a very helpful aid in helping others get excited about your project.

    The next two options are more to the point: brief and technical documentation. The latter requires tech specialists and time to think of all possible scenarios, user stories, and milestones for development. The former a brief can be done by you.

    Whats the purpose of a development brief? It helps to identify the main features and functionalities for the app and evaluate the idea in general.

    Whats included in the brief? There are four major parts:

  • Users who will be the primary target audience using your application?
  • Problems what user problem are you trying to solve with this app? The idea is that if the user wont be able to find a definite benefit in using your app, s/he will delete it and never look back. Try to explain it in situations, for example, get a cab when you dont have cash or dry-cleaning services or laundromat nearby
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    Can You Share Apps Between Iphone And Android

    One important thing to note is you cant share content from one platform to another. For instance, apps that have been purchased on an iPhone will only work on other family members iPhone devices. Likewise, apps that have been purchased on an Android will only work on family members Android devices.

    How To Make A Simple App With Lumavate

    How to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone (2 Free Ways)

    Even though you might be interested about starting your app-building journey with Lumavate, you still might be confused on where to start. Thats where our amazing Starter Kits come into play. These kits are essentially templates that walk you through the process step-by-step to get you started on building an app. In fact, you can learn how to make a simple app in as little as a few minutes. Our expert program will be by your side every step of the way so you can feel comfortable with how to make a smartphone app. Take a look at the different types of Starter Kits we provide to our customers:

    • Wayfinding

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    Try The Apps Yourself

    It is really important to try out the different apps yourself, says Scott Nelson, founder of The Next Step Design, a design firm specializing in mobile applications. If youve never designed an app before, it might be a good idea to get some experience. This can be done by learning how to make an app for iOS.

    The first thing to do before putting your hand on how to create an iPhone app is to try out some of the exact applications on the market. There are several reasons for this:

  • You can see what works and what doesnt work.
  • You can see how much competition you have.
  • You can see the general direction the market is moving in.
  • You can learn from the mistakes of others.
  • You can get ideas for the functionality your app might want to include.
  • Keep Improving Continuously And Update Your App

    • Keep an eye on feedbacks and your app KPIs using the analytics tools provided by Google Play and the App Store. Analytics are also available in your GoodBarber back office.

    • Another must every app owner should do regularly is to always be publishing new content and features. Whether by releasing new material or upgrading existing functionalities, its the most effective way to keep users engaged and avoid the dreaded low-utility realization/app deletion. Make sure your users are well aware when there are new releases by including them in your marketing strategy: you can alert them via push notifications or feature these new elements on the most visible part of your app, the home screen.

    • You can update your app in the stores as many times as you want, although in some cases youll be required to submit a new version of the app if larger modifications have been made.

    • On the other hand, your PWA can be updated infinitely without any resubmission constraints. Either way, don’t hesitate to bring something new to the table when you have the opportunity!

    • GoodBarber developers recommend to update your app 3 to 4 times a year . GoodBarber will also guide you through the update process and keep you informed if and when updates are necessary through different tools provided in your app back office.

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    Analysis Of Prospective App Users

    Before you dive into building an ios app, you should do a little preparation. First, get feedback from potential users to see if they want your app. Then, design a database or Excel spreadsheet to keep track of all the information required for the mobile app.

    Surveying prospective customers is one of the most important steps before educating yourself on building an app for iPhone. To succeed in business, you have to know your target customers and their wants. Asking questions:what do my target users need? If youre developing a new mobile application, its essential to find out about the desire of your app users before spending hours and money building it.

    The best way to do this is to speak to users who will ultimately use your app and ask about their goals, habits, frustrations, and motivations. When you have answers to these questions, you can build a better product.

    Submit Your App To The App Store

    Is the iPhone the Same Thing as Android?

    Heres the exciting part! Youre finally ready to launch your iPhone app into the App Store so that millions of people can download your creation!

    Theres one more hurdle to overcome and thats Apples App Certification Team.

    Heres how it works:

  • Make sure your app qualifies: Review it against these App Store guidelines. Fix up anything you need to first.
  • Fill in your app meta data: App Store Connect is a website where you can create your app listing and fill in all the important details such as title, description, keywords and more. Youll also set your screenshots and any preview videos that you want to add.
  • Upload your app from Xcode: to App Store Connect. From Xcode, you package up your project and ship the code to App Store Connect under the app listing that you just created.
  • Go back to App Store Connect and submit your app to review: Now that youve got your app meta data and code in a neat and tidy package, its time to add any notes for the reviewer and submit it to the App Certification Team.
  • Wait anxiously for a reply: Thats right.. you have to wait for someone to manually review the app that youve submitted! Theyll be checking your app against the App Store guidelines and that your app doesnt crash or provide a negative user experience.
  • When you get to this step, check out our guide on how to submit your app to the App Store!

    STEP 9

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    How Do You Create An App Without Coding

    To create an app without any coding, you can use Shoutem no-code app builder. Follow the steps below to make an app without coding knowledge:

    • Go to and click on the Create Your App button and choose Shoutem builder
    • Select a name of the app
    • Add, remove and rearrange app screens
    • Add content and rename screens
    • Graphic design choose layouts of the screens
    • Select Main navigation layout, upload icons, and set up the navigation bar
    • Preview the mobile app

    How To Make An App: A Step

    Mobile app development can be segmented into three categoriespre-development, development, and post-launch.

    This guide reads best from start to finish, but feel free to click around to the sections that are most relevant to your needs. Some of you might be starting from scratch, while others might be further along in the process.

  • How to Build an App: Conclusion and Key Takeaways
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    If You Choose To Build For Ios

    Enterprise distribution

    Adhoc distribution

    Since this requires you to provide credential overrides, this feature should only be used if you’re comfortable with iOS credentials.

    • Run expo build:ios once to generate some preliminary certificates, namely your app identifier, and distribution certificate.
    • Now, create a new provisioning profile here, and under Distribution, select Adhoc. Then provide your app identifier and the distribution certificate you created in the last step. If you don’t provide those exact certificates, your build will fail.

    Note: We enable bitcode for iOS, so the .ipa files for iOS are much larger than the eventual App Store download available to your users. For more information, see App Thinning.

    The Most Common Mistakes When Publishing An App

    Creating An iOS & Android Mobile App For Your Shopify Store Using The Vajro Mobile App Builder

    Mobile app development is a complicated process, but before designing and building an app, you need to see what can be published in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

    There are rules for both platforms and stores. To learn more about each, read Googles Developer Policy Center for Google Play and the App Store Review Guidelines for Apple.

    In our experience, heres what most frequently led to app store rejections.

  • Publishing an app that has a reference to another app store
  • One of the most common cases weve encountered are references to an app or something similar in another store. If you publish an app to the Apple App Store that contains an icon, logo, or URL on the Google Play Store or vice versa, your app will most likely be rejected.

  • Web-views in a mobile app
  • Experience has shown us that inserting a web view into a mobile app is not such a great idea. Many apps in the App Store were rejected because of a web-view that has something to do with Google Play or Google in general. Be careful.

  • Having Donate as mobile app functionality
  • Like with web-view, Apple thinks this is neither the best nor safest way to make a transaction. You can overcome this by using a third party to complete transactions, like leaving the app and then donating. Also, dont set the option Donate or Leave some money in your main navigation. The app stores dont like this.

  • Corona-related apps
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    Tool #: Appcelerator Titanium

    Using JavaScript, Titaniums SDK creates native iOS and Android apps while reusing anywhere from 60% to 90% of the same code for all the apps you make, thereby saving you a significant amount of time.

    And because this is an open-source tool, hundreds of thousands of your fellow developers are constantly contributing to it to make it better and give it more functionality. And if you happen to find a bug in its system, you can too.

    Build The App With One Of These Options

    This is the step where you actually bring to life your app from the design and requirements document that you created in earlier steps. By the way, this is the stage that I get excited about! Youre about to create something tangible

    Just like the previous steps, you have a couple of options to make your app. If youre also curious how much each of these options might cost, check it out here:

  • Learn to code and build it yourself: This is most time consuming option but youll gain a valuable and in-demand skill to build your own apps or get a job as a developer. If this option appeals to you, check out our free resources to start learning iOS development and how to get started.
  • Hire a freelancer: If youre more interested in the business side of things then investing the time to learn how to code might not be a wise move. Instead, invest funds into hiring someone to build your app for you. Check out sites like or
  • Hire an app development company: The difference is that an app development company will provide consulting and project management services whereas a freelancer will look to you to provide direction. However, hiring a company will cost a lot more than working with freelancers.
  • Partner with a programmer: Another option is finding a programmer to partner with. The problem is that its really tough to find a willing partner unless you have a proven successful track record of launching businesses .
  • STEP 8

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