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Promote Your New Mobile Credit Card Payment Option

How to Construct a Mobile Credit Card Reader

What good is having a new mobile payment option if nobody knows about it? Potential customers might steer clear of your business if they think it isn’t equipped to accept credit cards. You want them to know that it’s easy to pay for your products.

Make sure to mention that you’re now accepting credit cards. And if customers visit your place of business, put up a sign explaining the new payment option.

You can also use your website and social media outlets to spread the word, especially if you’re attending events or trade shows. Share that you’ll accept credit cards at the event to better appeal to customers.

Why You Should Beware The Free Card Swiper

While we ensured that each free reader on our best-of list wasnt attached to a long-term agreement in exchange for a cheap reader, that isnt always the case.

If you do end up getting a free mobile card reader , be aware that there could be a tradeoff. Merchant account providers might require you to sign a contract to tie yourself to them for a more extended period. Thats why we encourage you to read your contract carefully, so you understand which services youve signed up for and for how long. You should also understand how to get out of the contract if youre not happy with the provider.

We also want to encourage you to accept any free magstripe-only reader with a grain of salt. While fine to use in some cases, these types of readers really shouldnt be your go-to choice. After the EMV liability shift, your business wont have protection from a fraudulent charge, and youll be stuck with the loss.

Thankfully, most of the readers on our list do allow you to dip the EMV chip card for full protection. Another thing to consider is that eventually, youll probably want to upgrade to the NFC tap-to-pay readers, as we seem to be headed in the direction of contactless payments pretty quickly! To get you started, however, a free reader can be a great asset and help you save a little money.

Best Credit Card Swiper For Android

Thinking of buying the best credit card swiper for Android? If yes, you are on the right page, and the product depends on your needs. Whether you are a merchant or sell your goods at a local market, or travel to your customers, the credit card swiper is a must-have device for you. Credit card readers permit you to accept payments anywhere via your Android phone.

From food trucks to trade shows, you can accept payment anytime, anywhere with this machine. The increase in digitization enables users to use online payment methods or credit cards rather than cash for better benefits. Thats why today, we will discuss the best credit card swiper machines for your Android phones to make payments comfortable and easy.

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Payanywhere: Cheap Mobile Alternative

For a competitively priced option, consider Payanywheres low transaction fees, free reader, and lack of monthly fees.

With Payanywhere, you get a free credit card reader, and you pay no monthly subscription feesjust 2.69% per transaction with the Pay As You Go package.

Yes, thats a bit higher than QuickBooks Chip and Magstripe Card Readers 2.4% transaction fee, but GoPayment also charges an additional $0.25 per transaction. If your business will be taking a large volume of small mobile payments, those per-transaction fees could add up.

For example, if you did a thousand $5 transactions in one month, youd pay $134.50 in Payanywhere transaction fees. GoPayment would leave you with $420 in fees. Thats quite the difference!

The Payanywhere apps mPOS services also include personalized receipts, inventory management, customer purchase reporting, online resources, and multilingual customer supportall at no extra cost.

What Does It Cost

Receipt Printer POS Android Terminal with 58mm Thermal Printer credit ...

Mobile POS systems can be some of the more affordable solutions when it comes to payment processing. Since your credit card reader is a tool youll be using daily, think of it as an investment for the long term.

Here are some costs youll want to look out for as you choose your Android credit card reader.

  • Hardware: Do you have to pay for the hardware itself? Some come with a fee while others dont, so make sure to ask about this upfront.
  • Transaction fees: While upfront costs are important, fees can eat into your revenue over time. Transaction fees are what you pay every time a consumer makes a purchase with a credit or debit card.
  • Monthly minimum: Some mobile credit card processing companies charge a monthly fee alongside transaction fees, which adds to your cost. This can work well for businesses with a high volume of purchases, but a pay-as-you-go option might be better for smaller volume operations.
  • Price matching: Look for a company that offers a price match guarantee. If you present them with a better offer from a competitor, theyll match the price with hopes of securing your businessand youll know you got the best deal.

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Paypal 4029usrtam Here V2 Mobile Card Reader

Founded by Elon Musk, Ken Howery, Luke Nosek, Max Levchin, and Peter Thiel, PayPal is synonymous with convenient online payments. Their online payments system has more than 188 million users who use the service to purchase goods online, receive money from employers, and cost-effectively transfer money across borders. Since 2012, business owners can use PayPal Here to turn their mobile devices into an instant payment solution.

PayPal Here is a small business mobile payment system that includes a combination of a free mobile app and a small card-reader that plugs into a smartphone. The combination of the two allows users to accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, track cash, and check payments for only 2.7% per US card swipe, chip, or contactless transaction. The reader is secured by PCI-compliant encryption and backed by PayPals best-in-class risk management and fraud protection.

It takes just a few minutes for funds be transferred to your account, and you can conveniently manage and view your sales history from the PayPal Here app. The same app also allows you to text and email custom receipts and add multiple users on a single device.

Just like with the Square Credit Card Reader, the Here v2 simply plugs into the 3.5mm audio connected. Perhaps as a poke at Square, PayPals reader sports a pleasing triangular shape. Other than that, the two solutions are virtually identical in terms of their design and functionality.

How To Use A Phone As A Credit Card Terminal

    If you have a smartphone — be it an iPhone or an Android-powered phone — you can use a portable card reader to take credit card payments anywhere you can get an Internet connection. Smartphone card readers work in conjunction with a branded app, and plug into your phone’s headphone jack many branded apps also allow you to type in credit card numbers. Each service charges a fee per transaction. Which service you use depends on your business’s specific needs.

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    What Is A Credit Card Swiper

    A credit card swiper is a small machine that attaches to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth or headphone jack. Pair the device with a POS app to accept payments, and with this POS technology, you can use the machine in your brick-and-mortar store. The mobile credit card swiper is best for on-the-go sales, on-the-floor sales, and anywhere you want to do business.

    You can also use this device to take payments at trade fairs, set up a market, weekly markets, stalls, or pop-up shops. Credit card swipers are inexpensive thats why most small businesses can afford the device to accept card payments using phones and tablets. Another feature that a good credit card swiper machine contains is processing rates, good customer support, reporting, and invoicing.

    Well, there are dozens of credit card machines in the market but choosing the right device for your business is daunting. We prepared and compiled the list of best credit card swipers for Android to enhance your sales and payment system. So without further ado, lets take a quick look at the list below.

    Pick A Credit Card Processing Company

    How to connect a SwipeSimple card reader to your phone or tablet

    Choosing the right service for your business is the most complicated part of the process. You’ll have to include the startup costs, fees and compatibility in your business plan.

    The best credit card processing companies offer competitive transaction fees, a fast and free application process, and a high approval rate. Many of the leading services offer similar functionality, but fees and other costs vary widely. And some lack a few basic features, like the ability to capture a written signature or void transactions directly from your mobile device.

    “The primary differences between traditional processors and mobile processors are the costs and fees associated, which depend on which types of payment you want to be able to accept for your business,” Grant said.

    For small businesses, fees are a critical consideration. Will your business save money by offering transactions through mobile credit card readers, or will the added convenience for customers hurt the business’s financial bottom line? If your business can’t find a way to use a mobile credit card reader, it might be worth using more traditional credit card processing solutions.

    Grant offered a solution for small businesses worried about the fees associated with a mobile card reader: “If you want to be able to offer mobile payment methods but worry it could cut into your business, consider setting a minimum payment for credit purchases.”

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    Best Credit Card Readers For Android In 2022

    REVIEWED BY:Meaghan Brophy

    Meaghan has provided content and guidance for indie retailers as the editor for a number of retail publications and a speaker at trade shows. She is Fit Small Businesss authority on retail and ecommerce.

    Annas experience in business and finance led her to work for a US risk mitigation company in Singapore. She has contributed to HR, online business, and retail content across Fit Small Business.

    This article is part of a larger series on Payments.

  • 8Bottom Line
  • The best credit card readers for Android are:

    • Square: Best overall, especially for those needing a robust POS
    • PayPal Zettle: Best for occasional sales, such as crafters who sell at fairs
    • Payment Depot : Cheapest credit card processor for businesses that process $10,000+ in sales each month
    • Stax by Fattmerchant: Best mobile invoicing and recurring billing for businesses processing over $20,000 monthly
    • Shopify: Best for online businesses that also make in-person sales

    Looking for a more personal mobile payment processor? If you prefer a peer-to-peer payment processing solution, consider Venmo. You can request payments using QR codes at no monthly cost and fees as low as 1.9% + 10 cents per transaction. Plus, there are options to create a business account.

    Shopify: Best For Pop

    Pop-up shops are a trendy way to run a business. They allow online small-business owners to try out a new revenue stream: in-person sales. If youre one of the tens of thousands of online retailers selling art, clothes, or jewelryfor examplesetting up a booth or kiosk could boost your brand and your profits.

    Shopifys platform has long provided retailers a place to sell their wares online, but did you know it also offers an in-person sales solution?

    With Shopifys robust mobile app, online store, and mobile card readers, you can start selling products and processing payments wherever your customers are.

    The Shopify POS service starts at $29 per month for the Basic plan, which provides shipping label support, retail reports, and a free swipe card reader for up to two users. In-person transactions on the Basic plan cost you 2.7%, while online rates start at 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction.

    These costs put Shopify in the more expensive column compared to some of the other brands we reviewed. But for occasional in-person sales, its a good investment.

    Plus, Shopify offers lower fees when you upgrade your plans. For example, the $79 per month plan has in-person fees of just 2.5%. If you plan to expand your physical retail presence and set up a more permanent store, this plan is super affordable.

    The bottom line is if youre thinking of testing out a physical presence for your burgeoning online store, Shopify is an excellent choice.

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    Best Mobile Credit Card Swiper Readers That Works With Your Android Device

    Modern smartphones can do just about anything, but not many people know how easily they can replace those old cash registers and allow your store to accept credit and debit cards instantly. All you need is an Android tablet or smartphone and a compatible credit card reader.

    Datio POSDatio POS Point of Sale Base Station and Cash Register for iPad with Point of Sale Software

    * If you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. For more details, please visit our Privacy policy page.

    Some solutions focus mainly on small businesses and occasional users, while others cater to more demanding customers. As such, theres a noticeable price disparity among current credit card readers for Android. We have selected the top 5 best mobile credit card readers, making sure to include something for everyone.

    As you read the list, write down which feature is essential for you, so that the device you end up purchasing does everything you want it to do. This also allows you to avoid paying more for a credit card reader that doesnt add anything useful for your particular usage scenario.

    What Security Features Does It Offer

    FREE 10"  P.O.S. Tablet With Mobile Credit Card Reader By Global ...

    It doesnt matter what type of point of sale system youre using, security for credit card transactions is essential. Credit card fraud remains a serious issue.

    Payment data on your Android card reader should always be protected with encryption that virtually eliminates the risk of fraudulent activity. As a business owner accepting credit card payments, youre required to maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance. Requirements, administered by the PCI Security Standards Council, include never storing cardholder financial information electronically or otherwise and having PIN-entry functionality as part of your POS.

    With the right security measures in place, customer data is safe, whether they swipe or dip their credit card or pay with a mobile app, such as Google Pay or Apple Pay.

    RELATED: Data Security for the Small Business Owner

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    Verizon Intros Gopayment Credit Card Reader For Phones Tablets

    In partnership with Intuit, Verizon Wireless introduced a mobile payment solution for small and medium businesses called GoPayment on Thursday. GoPayment will provide customers with a small credit card reader and a mobile application that allows businesses to charge credit cards using a smartphone or tablet. Heres how it works: a business simply needs to plug the card reader into the 3.5mm audio jack of a tablet or smartphone. Cards can then be swiped and payments are processed immediately. Verizon Wireless says the credit card reader and application are supported on Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The GoPayment credit card reader is free with a GoPayment account and after a $29.97 mail-in rebate. Intuit takes a 2.7% cut of swiped transactions on free GoPayment accounts but customers who sign up for a $12.95 monthly option can pay a lower 1.7% per-transaction rate. Read on for the full press release.

    Datio Point Of Sale Base Station And Cash Register

    Even though the last card reader on our list is made for iPad, we think that you should know about it, since youre likely to stumble upon it sooner or later. The Datio Base Station is certified to Apples stringent MFI hardware requirements and has a cash drawer, printer, scanner, and credit card reader included.

    Apart from the initial purchase of the hardware, you will also need to pay for monthly software, updates, and service. Thats a little more than what POSimplicity charges, but you get a lot for your money. The iOS app for the point of sale solution from Datio supports fast, reliable, and secure transactions with Vantivs award-winning payment processing. It also features detailed reporting and dashboard, color tagging, and several unique options, such as sales associates to track sales and tips by employee or kitchen print to print an extra copy of the receipt to give to your kitchen and call out the order number when ready.

    Too bad that it works only with iOS devices. Hopefully, the company will add support for Android in the future. Until then, you can either purchase an iPad or go with a different PoS provider. We choose the latter.


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    Tips And Tricks Of Using A Card Reader

  • Fees- Earlier the high credit card fees were a hurdle to businesses wanting to make a shift to accept card payments. While selecting a mobile credit card reader, businesses should check the details of all the charges like transaction fees, monthly fees, processing fees, and more.
  • Security- To all information safe, businesses should select a mobile card reader service that offers multiple layers of protection and encryption for all data.
  • PCI compliance- Selecting a PCI compliant mobile card reader service ensures that the company follows industry protocols and standards. Companies following these protocols will have certification proving their PCI compliance.
  • Latest Customer Reviews On Usbswiper

    How To Pair Your M10 Credit Card Reader With Your Phone Or Tablet – Mint mPOS

    Laura Reagan – NEGU

    Hi Richard… We just got our first USBSwiper credit card reader in the mail today and set it up…. it works perfectly!! It was not easy finding a manual usb card swiper that would both work on a Mac AND integrate with Auctions for SalesForce… but your USBSwiper credit card reader does the trick!! We are so happy with it we just ordered 6 more! We are super excited to use them all at our upcoming Gala and Golf Tournament so that the check in/check out process for our donors will be easy and speedy. Thank you!!

    Tom O\’Haver – El Shaddai Ministries

    We purchased the USBSwiper software and card swiper for our book, CD, DVD and misc sales at our Western Washington State fair last year and it worked perfectly for us. We continue to use it in our ministry bookstore and when we set up our portable bookstore on special occasions.

    Dan – Credit Card Rewards

    We needed a USB card reader to test all of the cards we review, and are so far super happy with the reader we got from USBSwiper. No issues scanning at all, and it even reads some cards we’ve found difficult to swipe at various restaurants and cafes etc. Highly recommended!!

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