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Accept Chip Cards And Apple Pay Too

Credit Card Swiper – Android

With Square Reader for contactless and chip, you connect wirelessly to your device to accept contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay, and chip cards, too. Square Reader for magstripe is included in the box, so youre ready to accept every way your customers want to pay.

Square Reader for contactless and chip$49

Mobile Credit Card Reader

What is it exactly?

Mobile Credit Card reader, as the name suggests, is a mobile or phone accessory that enables your phone to read credit cards. Additionally, it will allow you to charge clients or cust0mers without the need for a POS System or any form of digital transfer payment.

One of the most popular mobile Credit Card reader available on the market is Square. Visit the brands website to learn more about it.

Additionally, these devices are more of an accessory and not an extra gadget that you should purchase. Although, they still do cost some money.

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Paytm Card Swipe Machine

Paytm swipe machine has recently launched their card swipe machines. They are suitable for all types of businesses. And as Paytm is popular with a lot of merchants, it seems aptly correct for Paytm to make their own card swipe machines. Paytm card swipe machines are secured, simple and suitable for all types of cashless payments.

Why Choose Paytm Debit Card Swipe Machine?

  • All-in-one payment accepted
  • Paytm Swipe Machine Price: The price is available on request.

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    What Is The Best Credit Card Reader For Android

    Determining which credit card reader is the best for Android depends on your specific needs and priorities. We’ve reviewed a wide range of services to determine the best mobile credit card processing companies and best credit card processors, many of which also offer mobile credit card readers. See all of our best picks for both types of processors by clicking the links above, but the snapshots below will get you started in finding the best credit card reader for Android.

    Square Reader For Android

    ROAMpay X Credit Card Reader iPhone Android

    Square offers a low rate with no fees, no contracts and a free credit card swiper for every account. Square charges the same rates for all types of cards, so you don’t have to worry about whether your customers primarily use debit, credit, rewards or corporate cards.

    When you sign up with Square, you receive free point-of-sale software in the form of the company’s payment application, Square Point of Sale. You can purchase additional hardware options, including a Square Contactless and Chip Reader for contactless payments and EMV chips.

    Square’s rates range from 2.5% to 2.6%, plus 10 cents on card-present transactions. For card-not-present transactions, rates range from 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction to 3.5% plus 15 cents per transaction. Learn more in our full review of Square.

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    Posimplicity Complete Point Of Sale Pos System

    The main goal of POSimplicity, a family-owned point of sale company, based in Rhode Island, is to offer retail businesses and restaurants a highly effective, customizable point of sale system at a reasonable price. This allows them to grow through having a more practical point of sale system while also cutting costs.

    To achieve this goal, the company has developed a whole range of point of sale systems, all of which work hand in hand with POSimplicitys software. One of their more popular solutions is a 10 touchscreen cash register tablet with a barcode scanner. It includes everything you need to service your customers. Using the large display, you can simply tap on an item, and it instantly adds the item to the check-out list.

    This all-inclusive point of sale system comes with a fast receipt printer, a tablet stand, and a cash register drawer. POSimplicity has several software plans you can choose from. The software has been thoroughly optimized for Android, ensuring a problem-free user experience.

    Accept Credit Card Payments Using The Quickbooks Online App

    Learn how to accept credit card payments in the QuickBooks Online app for your Android device.

    Check the instructions below to get started.

  • On your new Sales Receipt or Receive Payment screen, specify the following information:
  • Customer
  • Note: For sales receipts, specify an item. You may also add a customer message.

  • Enter discount, tax, and shipping amount .
  • Choose how you want to enter the credit card info.
  • Swipe
  • Make sure your card reader is plugged in or connected via Bluetooth and swipe the card.
  • Scan
  • Select Scan card info, then position the card.
  • Scan according to your device.
  • Fill in any missing info.
  • Select Done.
  • Key enter
  • Select Enter card info.
  • Enter the credit card number, expiration date, CVV security code, and customer billing address zip code.
  • Select Done.
  • Let your customer sign with their finger. They can always clear it and sign again.
  • Select Charge.
  • Note: When you receive the payment, you’ll see on the sales receipt or payment.
  • Select email to email the sales receipt or payment.
  • Note: The email includes the type of credit card used, the last 4 digits of the credit card number, and the authorization number of the transaction.
  • Was this helpful?

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    Datio Point Of Sale Base Station And Cash Register

    Even though the last card reader on our list is made for iPad, we think that you should know about it, since youre likely to stumble upon it sooner or later. The Datio Base Station is certified to Apples stringent MFI hardware requirements and has a cash drawer, printer, scanner, and credit card reader included.

    Apart from the initial purchase of the hardware, you will also need to pay for monthly software, updates, and service. Thats a little more than what POSimplicity charges, but you get a lot for your money. The iOS app for the point of sale solution from Datio supports fast, reliable, and secure transactions with Vantivs award-winning payment processing. It also features detailed reporting and dashboard, color tagging, and several unique options, such as sales associates to track sales and tips by employee or kitchen print to print an extra copy of the receipt to give to your kitchen and call out the order number when ready.

    Too bad that it works only with iOS devices. Hopefully, the company will add support for Android in the future. Until then, you can either purchase an iPad or go with a different PoS provider. We choose the latter.


    Paypal Zettle: Most Payment Options

    SWIPE iPhone Credit Card Processing App Demo


    The PayPal Zettle and PayPal Here app are great for handling both online and in-person salesespecially if you need to take checks and want next-day funding.

    The PayPal Zettle is one of the best mobile credit card processing terminals. All PayPal mobile credit card processors are Bluetooth-enabled, which gives you the flexibility to accept payments anywhere within range of your mobile devices. And PayPals POS devices are some of the most affordable on the market.

    As a PayPal Here user, you can get the Chip and Swipe Reader for free when you set up a plan. Or you can upgrade to the Chip and Tap Bundle for contactless, chip, and magstripe transactions. It costs only $79.99one of the cheapest three-in-one devices we can find.

    PayPal Here also lets you accept checks through the mobile iPhone, Android, or Windows app. And of course, customers, vendors, and anyone else can use their own PayPal accounts to send and receive funds.

    Swipe transaction fees are 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction and PayPal doesnt charge any monthly subscription fees. Best of all, PayPals reader and mPOS system integrate seamlessly with PayPals popular merchant servicesmaking it easy to take both in-person and online payments from anywhere.

    Out of the gate, PayPal Here doesnt have next-day funding, but it does have an alternate solution you can choose. If you sign up for the PayPal Business Debit MasterCard®, you can get your payments as quickly as one business day.

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    How To Accept Credit/ Debit Card Payments On Your Mobile Phone

    When accepting debit or credit card payments via your mobile phone, you can either use card machine hardware that connects to your device via Bluetooth or a card payment app that allows you to take a payment directly from your smartphone.

    In this article, weve explained how you can provide your customers with a smooth and quick shopping experience using mobile payments. This system requires a aPOS for your mobile device. The process of accepting payments is pretty straightforward with this method.

  • Enter the total amount the customer should pay
  • Scan or enter your clients card details
  • Payment will then be processed and be on the way to your bank account
  • How To Accept Credit Card Payments On Android Vs Iphone

    If youre choosing add-on hardware to accept credit card payments, its important to first check whether it integrates with your mobile device most top card readers are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, but some providers only cater to one operating system. Alternatively, for a straightforward, mobile-only solution, SimplyPayMe is available on both the Apple and Android app stores.

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    Paying With Your Apple Watch

    You can also pay with your Apple Watch. If youve completed the Apple Pay setup process on your phone and have your watch connected to your phone, its simple.

    Just double-click the side button on your watch. Your default card will appear first, but you can scroll down and choose another card. When you have the right card selected, just hold your watch near the reader. Youll feel a tap when the payment is complete.

    Works With Ios And Android

    Phone Swipe Merchant Services

    With two versions of Square Reader for magstripeone for a headset jack, the other a Lightning connectoryoure covered. Just pick the one that works for you.

    And with your computer, too

    Take in-person credit card payments by adding Square Reader to your Apple computer or Chromebook.

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    Best Mobile Credit Card Reader

    So, if it happens that youre someone who needs a quick and portable solution to accept credit card or debit payments, then look no further. We list down 4 of the best mobile credit card readers that you can use and are compatible with an Android smartphone.

    So without further ado, lets jump right into it.

    Best Mobile Credit Card Processors Of 2022


    The best mobile credit card processors make it simple and easy to take payments by credit and debit card in a store, at a trade fair, or on the go.

    Taking card payments is increasingly essential for any modern business, but what happens if you want to sell at a trade fair, set up a market stall or pop-up shop, or swipe a credit card tableside in a restaurant?

    This is where mobile card readers come into their own for credit card processing, allowing you to take card payments wirelessly and on the go. You don’t need a checkout till, you just need a smartphone or tablet that can run apps to connect with a mobile card reader.

    They can even be great for small mom-and-pop shops that are looking to keep their initial costs down, and a tablet running apps on a stand can work in lieu of a till.

    Credit card readers are the front end to your point of sale system, which can do much more than simply read cards. The best POS systems can manage your inventory, ensure you’re on top of compliance-related payment regulations, and help your business avoid fines and other administrative costs , all while offering advanced security features that protect from data theft and cyber breaches.

    Even better, it’s not just the ability to take payments from credit/debit cards with an EMV aka chip-and-pin, but contactless payments can now also be taken, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.

    Reasons to avoid

    Read our full Square Reader review.

    Reasons to avoid
    Reasons to avoid

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    What Is A Credit Card Swiper

    A credit card swiper is a small machine that attaches to your Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth or headphone jack. Pair the device with a POS app to accept payments, and with this POS technology, you can use the machine in your brick-and-mortar store. The mobile credit card swiper is best for on-the-go sales, on-the-floor sales, and anywhere you want to do business.

    You can also use this device to take payments at trade fairs, set up a market, weekly markets, stalls, or pop-up shops. Credit card swipers are inexpensive thats why most small businesses can afford the device to accept card payments using phones and tablets. Another feature that a good credit card swiper machine contains is processing rates, good customer support, reporting, and invoicing.

    Well, there are dozens of credit card machines in the market but choosing the right device for your business is daunting. We prepared and compiled the list of best credit card swipers for Android to enhance your sales and payment system. So without further ado, lets take a quick look at the list below.

    How We Evaluated Credit Card Readers For Android

    Phone Swipe credit card processing on your smartphone

    Most people think of iPads when they think of mobile POS systems, but many payment processors offer great options for Android as well. Some also have their own merchant accounts. We chose reputable payment processors that also have apps that rank highly in the Googles Play store. Then we looked at pricing, features, and how quickly you could get your payments to determine the best options.

    As with the best card readers for iOS, Square ranked as our No. 1 for Android systems. It has great rates and a fantastic POS system for mobile, tablets, and the web that can grow with you.

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    How Is This Different From Mpos

    Many providers will tell you that you can accept payments through your mobile phone by downloading their app, such as iZettle, SumUp, Square and PayPal Here. However, this is not entirely true, because if you want to take a face to face payment, youll also need to purchase their card reader.

    If you can take mobile payments, but I make you buy hardware first, is it truly mobile? No, its not.. Its mobile in the sense of you can move it around, but if you forget your card reader in the office or it breaks, then you wont be able to take payments. aPOS is the only way of staying truly mobile.

    With SimplyPayMe App all you have to do is download our application and youll be able to take payments. You will never forget your phone, and if you buy a new one, simply download the app and log in on the new device. You can log in to your account from any smartphone, tablet or browser.

    For even more useful insight into how we can help you streamline your business payment process, including the other ways you can use SimplyPayMe for payments, check out the latest on our blog.

    Shopify Android Reader Costs

    Connects via Bluetooth and accepts magstripe and EMV payments.Connects via Bluetooth. Accepts EMV , or NFC payments .

    *Shopifys Chip & Swipe and Tap & Chip card readers are currently sold out and will be out of stock until 2022. Contact Shopify for alternative Android-compatible hardware.

    Shopify also has full payment terminal kits, cash drawers, and receipt printers.

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    Accept Payments With Your Android Device

    Android smartphones are quickly becoming as popular as the iPhone and offer many of the same apps . Now your Android phone can help you get paid by offering the same mobile credit card processing options that iPhone users enjoy. The concept of processing credit card transactions with your mobile phone is not a new one, but the technology is continually improving. Additionally, these low-cost apps also make for excellent backup processing options in the event that your main processing option fails.

    All The Features You Need To Do Everything Better

    Phone Swipe

    The SwipeSimple Mobile App is packed with advanced features designed to make running your business easier than ever.

    • Offline mode lets you take payments anywhere, even with poor cell reception.
    • Settings for tips, taxes, signature prompts, and more are all customizable to your business.
    • Easily void transactions or issue full or partial refunds to keep your business running smoothly.

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    Best Mobile Credit Card Readers

    For low and simple fees, a free and easy-to-set-up reader, and funding as fast as one day, Square is the best overall choice for small businesses that need a quick, affordable, and user-friendly way to accept credit card payments on the go.

    The Square reader and the Square mobile app for iOS and Android make up one of the most recognizable and popular mobile credit card processors availableand for good reason.

    With Square, you get a free card swipe reader and access to the free Square mobile point-of-sale app. Squares fees arent the cheapestbut they are the simplest. You pay a flat 2.75% for all swiped credit card transactions with no extra per-transaction or monthly subscription fees.

    Square accepts all major credit cards, including American Express, and iy works on all iOS and Android mobile devices. And while Square’s fees aren’t the cheapest, they are the simplest. You pay 2.6% + 10¢ for all swiped credit card transactions with no extra monthly subscription fees.

    Manually entered transactions will cost a bit more per entry at 3.5% + 15¢. But if your service goes offline, you can take advantage of Square’s offline mode and pay the same flat processing fees for swipers.

    Stax By Fattmerchant Features

    • Best feature: Stax Pay is Fattmerchants in-person payment toolkit that includes a mobile POS app and Bluetooth-enabled card readers for both iOS and Android. It turns your mobile device into a terminal that allows you to accept credit cards, send digital receipts, and manage invoices to customers.
    • Mobile app: The Stax Pay app on Google Play is relatively new and to date has only about 10 user reviews, earning it 2.8 stars.
    • Invoicing: Aside from sending out digital receipts, you can also create and manage digital invoices straight from the Stax platform. It also allows you to schedule recurring billing that you can send to customers via email or text messaging.
    • Stored payment options: Stax includes features that let you create and save full customer profiles. This includes giving your customers the option to save their credit card or payment details for automatic payment processing. The system also integrates with third-party CRMs such as NetSuite, Salesforce, and Infusionsoft.

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