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Best For Ptsd: Ptsd Coach

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  • Pricing: Free

PTSD Coach was specially designed for veterans and military service members who have posttraumatic stress disorder, but is available for free for everyone.

  • All features are free, no in-app purchases

  • Safety plan for suicide prevention

  • Customizable tools

  • Content is geared toward military service members

Developed by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs National Center for PTSD and the Department of Defense National Center for Telehealth and Technology, PTSD Coach is a completely free app designed to educate users about posttraumatic stress disorder , provide information about professional care, and offer self-assessment, personalized feedback, and support tools that let them manage their PTSD symptoms.

Although tailored to the needs of veterans and military service members, friends and family members may also find PTSD Coach a valuable resource for education.

Some of the tools include:

PTSD Coach is available from the App Store and .

Recognize Mood Trends And Understand Yourself Better

It’s easy to forget about that anxious hour we had yesterday, or that Monday where we felt great in the morning, and terrible for the rest of the day. These things can be confusing. But, these apps can help you log and understand your moods, and might even help you recognize your triggers or pick-me-ups.

Best App For Kanban Board Fans: Trello

Image source: Google Play Store

More than 50 million people use Trello, which is based on the lean Kanban system of managing and improving work across teams.

The interface is perfect for visual learners. With Trello, manage, share and assign tasks projects and meetings using lists and cards via Trellos board system. File-sharing between colleagues is easy via Dropbox or Google Drive, and messaging colleagues and conversation-tracking is quick and straightforward.

The Calendar view makes it easy for you and your colleagues to see what work must happen today and in the coming days. You can also see whether you and your team are up to date on projects and tasks in real time.

Trello is free to download and use, but the app offers in-app purchases for additional functionality. Trellos free version offers up to 10 boards per Workspace. Higher tiers start at $5 per user per month for larger teams.

Link all your Trello downloads so that the tool is available on all your devices. Start working on your phone, and finish the project later on your desktop computer.

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Google Fit: Health And Activity Tracking

Mobile technology becomes an integrated part of our daily life. So why dont we use it as fruitful as possible? As a fitness conscious, you must track your activities. Google Fit: Health and Activity Tracking, Androids own fitness-oriented app, is for your healthy and active way of life. This app is free to download and a great investment for your life. The app is with modern UI and easy-to-use functionality.

This app tracks everything like running, walking, cycling, etc., and shows how much calories and weight we lose in a day. It will keep all the records like speed, pace, route, elevation, and much more to motivate us in every moment for remaining on track. If you are a Google fan, then dont miss installing this fitness app on your Android device.

Important Features

Integrates the facility of checking your activity on your phone or through the smartwatch. Includes monitoring options so that you can monitor your routine and stick to your goals. It counts all your activity and helps you maintain your workout plans Includes customizable workout plans and tips for different exercises. Equipped with Heart Points and Move Minutes for your convenience and motivation. Provides connectivity for other fitness app and supports numerous smart devices.

Best App For Multitaskers: Evernote

Construction Daily Log App

Image source: Google Play Store

With more than 225 million users, Evernote is the worlds most popular personal productivity and note-taking app.

Connect Google Calendar to Evernotes Tasks tool to manage your to-do list. Create reminders for yourself on task due dates and receive notifications when a deadline approaches.

As soon as you have a new idea, note it for later use. You can attach web links and clippings, audio files, photos, sketches, PDFs, Word documents, and text files on any note you create so that everythings in one place.

Evernote is free to download and allows syncing across two devices, 60MB worth of monthly uploads and up to three widgets on your customizable home screen.

Paid subscriptions offer additional functionality.

  • Evernote Personal: For $7.99 per month, you can sync unlimited devices, get up to 10GB of monthly storage and access extra widgets. Connect your primary Google Calendar account, get offline access, and search within the documents and images youve uploaded to the app. You also can add notifications, reminders and due dates to tasks.
  • Evernote Professional: For $9.99 per month, you get everything in the Personal plan, plus 20GB in monthly uploads, access to all widgets, and the ability to assign tasks to others and track their progress. You can also integrate the app with Microsoft Teams, Salesforce, Slack and more.
  • Evernote Teams: For $14.99 per month, Evernote Teams allows team members to collaborate and share knowledge.

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Best Fitness Apps For Android Track Your Workouts

Our smartphones can assist us in a lot of ways to keep us healthy. From sleep tracking apps that ensure sound sleep to fitness tracker apps, the Play Store has it all. Whether you have a gym subscription or train from home, this compilation of the best fitness apps for Android will surely help you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Android smartphones have a wide range of sensors that can convey insightful information about our workouts. Thanks to these sensors, fitness apps for Android can help us keep track of our progress.

Such applications take data from sensors and show us valuable data to help us lose weight, gain muscles, or maintain a healthy lifestyle. They also contain training routines that can properly guide you to do home workouts.

Note: These fitness tracker apps mentioned below are not in order of preference. You are advised to choose any of these as per your needs.

Best App For Workweek Planning: Doitim

Image source: Google Play Store

Based on productivity consultant David Allens Getting Things Done task management system, Doit.im has been downloaded 6 million times since launch.

The underlying tenet of the GTD theory is that the more tasks and ideas there are in your head at a given time, the harder it becomes to decide what to prioritize.

You can create to-do lists in Doit.im, track the current status of tasks, forward tasks to colleagues and estimate how long tasks will take. The apps dashboard allows you to see the percentage of complete, incomplete and deferred tasks.

You can test Doit.ims full range of features for 30 days with its free trial offer. A subscription is $2 per month after that.

or get the iOS Doit.im app. You can also download the Doit.im Windows desktop app or the Mac desktop app. If you prefer not to download a desktop app, web browser plug-ins for Firefox, Safari and Chrome are also available.

Tip: Use one of the best employee-tracking apps to streamline your employees accountability, client billing and multi-location supervision.

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What Is Simple Workout Log

Simple Workout Log is designed to replace your paper workout journal. Originally designed in 2012 by a team who was disappointed by the selection of workout tracking apps, it combines the best features found in other apps with a minimalistic approach and a clean, easy-to-use interface. Give it a try. We know you’ll love it!

Android And Ios Apps That Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Sessions

Simple Login App Tutorial for Beginners E01 – Login Activity Using Android Studio 3.6.3 (NEW)

With the enormous number of workout log apps in the Apple App Store and the , it’s hard to know which one is right for you, especially if you’re just getting started on your fitness journey. Here’s a list of the best workout log apps to help you plan, organize, and track your gym sessions so that you get the most out of your fitness time.

  • Specify intensity and rest time per exercise.

  • Import and export data.

  • Only a basic set of exercises with no descriptions or images.

  • No Android version.

When you open HeavySet, which is available only for iOS devices, you’ll find an excellent, well-thought-out fitness tracker app. Data entry is easy, with well-placed buttons that are big enough not to miss, even with shaking legs or hands. Typically, you’ll have to tap only once to log a set, and HeavySet’s smart predictions do the heavy lifting.

HeavySet’s smarts don’t mean you give up control over setting up routines. You can specify rep ranges, pick your weights based on intensity, or define custom supersets.

  • Calendar with rules for highlighting.

  • Doesn’t allow for tracking body measurements.

  • Limited exercise library.

FitNotes, which is free for Android, is a workout tracker focusing on simplicity and a clean design. Its workout log lets you view daily workouts quickly by swiping between them using the built-in calendar. Add an exercise to the workout log and start recording weight and reps or distance and time.

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How Do I Find App History On Android

If youve ever wondered how to find app history on your Android device, youre not alone. There are a variety of ways to look at usage logs for various applications, and these methods require root access and adb. The logs contain information about the total time an application has been open, as well as battery and Wi-Fi usage. You can use these details to discover which apps youve been using and how often.

Most Android phones have a feature in the settings that allows you to view the recently-used apps. To see this history, long press the Home button on the device. However, other phones may have a different button. Since this history can be deleted by a single press, you cannot be sure if someone has accessed your phone while you were away. You can use this feature to keep track of the apps your children are using.

You can also look at the app usage history for a single app. This will give you the total amount of time an app has been used over a day and the average amount of time its been used. This will give you a better idea of which apps you should delete or keep on your device. Alternatively, you can spy on another person by using this method to check their phones usage. It will show you whether theyve downloaded apps or not.

Best For Stress Management: Moodkit

  • Mood tracked: Stress, anxiety, depression
  • Pricing: $4.99

The affordable app provides tools for stress management based on CBT principles and more than 200 activities for mood improvement.

  • CBT-based stress- and anxiety-management tools

  • Mood charts with daily, 7-day, or 30-day views

  • Password-protected journal

  • Not available for Android devices

  • Not available in other languages except English

Stressors are everywhere. MoodKit draws on the principles and strategies of Cognitive Behavior Therapy to help you manage these daily stressors that impact mood and emotions. The app does this with four main integrated tools: a mood tracker, a variety of activities, a thought checker, and a journal. The four tools are packed with resources and features that help manage symptoms of stress, anxiety, and mood disorders but also enhance professional treatment:

The app is enabled for security PIN, and Touch and Face ID for privacy. MoodKit is available for $4.99 from the App Store.

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Where Is My Activity History

Where can I find my activity history on Android? Google activity is a tool that lets you see your activities on your Android phone. Its available in the settings app, under the Data & Personalization section. Go to My Activity and tap Detailed view. Here youll see all the activities youve performed on your Android device, including location, devices, and apps. If youd like to delete a particular activity, tap the menu button. You can also filter the list of activities by day, date, or app, depending on the information youre looking for.

My Activity page displays information about all your activities on Google. It stores things youve searched for, visited websites, and used Google services. It stores your IP address, search history, and even errors youve encountered. If youre concerned about your privacy, you can limit or even stop the collection of information about your online activity by opting out of Google. However, its best to consult the privacy statement of Google to learn more about your options.

How Your Smartphone Tells Your Story: A Dive Into Android Activity Data

Construction Daily Log App

| This article was written in October 2018, but in published in June 2019|

I was really excited when Google announced their Digital Wellbeing program, back in May 2018, especially Dashboard. It tracks all your app interactions on the phone and even helps you to limit app usage by setting time restrictions on different apps. But as of October 2018, Google still hasnt rolled out that feature to all Android P users and is in beta even for Pixel users. So I decided to check out my own statistics with the data available at hand.

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Time Planner Schedule To

The next suggestion for you to enjoy the service of the best to-do list apps for Android is here. It is Time Planner. It is quite like a multifunctional to-do list app that will always help you to manage all your time management-related tasks within a minute. You dont have to pay for a personal assistant or ask someone to remember your tasks for you. Just make a list of your tasks using a few minutes. The rest will be done by this essential app. To learn about the other functions of this app, you can go through the features.

Important Features

  • It includes a very quick and supportive time management tool.
  • Cute bubbles are there for easy and fast time management.
  • Reminder and note-taking facilities.
  • Moon calendar and the process of restoring and backup are also there for you.
  • Quick and initiative to do list-taking approach.

Map My Fitness Workout Trainer

Price: Free / $5.99 per month / $29.99 per year

MapMyFitness allows you to track and map every workout and get feedback and stats to improve your performance. It covers over 600 different types of tracking activities, such as running, cycling, walking, gym workouts, cross-training, yoga, etc.

You can also get audio feedback on every GPS-tracked workout, along with customizable voice feedback. Also, there is calorie counting, nutrition, diet planning, and weight tracking.

You can use routes to find nearby places to work out and save your favorite paths. You can also share the info with others. The app is free with ads and in-app purchases. To avoid ads, you can opt to be a premium member, which will also unlock additional useful features within the app.

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Perfectly Simple Time Tracking

This app is the best. Exactly what I wanted. I filled in a million types of tasks and then just click between the millions of options I put in to track my time. Im not sure if I just havent figured it out yet but it looks like I cant track two things at the same time if I am multi-tasking. But it is a good reminder that I cant actually do two things at once and I can see what one thing I am actually doing more than the other. I used this obsessively for a few days and kind of burned out. If I can remember to use it its great. I think I need to find a balance with it. Maybe delete or simplify the amount of tasks I have . It wont be as specific but itll be easier to use. Im going to see if there is an iwatch version of it. Having to constantly take out my phone to switch what Im tracking is a little weird/annoying because I do a million things a day and taking it out in front of other people feels a bit rude. But its still amazing. It also helps keep me motivated. Really. Im super grateful for the other reviews. They describe it really well. Thanks guys!

Jefit Workout Tracker Weight Lifting Gym Log App

Save 60 Minutes Everyday With the Improved Construction Daily Log App 3.0

If you are a fitness-conscious person and you want to be consistent in your daily workout routine, then you can try JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App for your convenience. Following the users reviews, it is one of the best fitness apps for Android. This app is a very reliable and supportive fitness partner on the play store that you can have for free. Lets have a glance at its main features.

Important Features

Provides workout plans such as 3×3 5by5 and many more. No matter which stage you are in, this app will give you all the guidelines you need. Includes Workout tracking and all customizable. Provides more than 1300+ workout demonstrations performed by experts. Includes useful tools such as a timer, body measurement log, notes, etc. Includes social integration as you can track and compare it with your friends. Equipped with Swift and easy to use interface.

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Keep Walking And Let Your Phone Count The Steps

  • University of Maine
  • Tweet

Using a pedometer app on your phone is the most convenient way to track your exercise no matter where you are. Here are 10 of the best pedometer and step counter apps for Android phones that’ll help you keep track of your daily steps all day.

  • Requires sync with third party pedometer app.

  • Updates aren’t always instant.

  • Occasional nuisance messages.

The Walker Tracker app is a fun social community of competitive walkers. The goal of the app is simply to get people to walk as much as possible. There are regular competitions, and you can even put together a team to compete with other walking teams in overall steps. The one downside is you need to sync with a third-party pedometer app to actually track your steps. Supported apps include Google Fit, MapMyFitness, and many more.

  • Tracks your location on a map.

  • Step tracking isn’t easy to find.

  • Nuisance ads.

  • Compatible with multiple fitness devices.

MapMyWalk is one of the family of fitness apps created by Under Armour. It’s a somewhat more advanced pedometer app because instead of just tracking steps, it also tracks the distance you’ve walked. Because it uses GPS to track your walk, it’ll also keep track of the path you’ve walked displayed on top of a map. The log lets you scroll back through your past workouts. You can see your step count in the web-based profile.

  • Limited features.

  • No web based interface.

  • Many tracking tools in addition to steps.

  • No ads.

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