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How To Fly a DJI Mavic Pro with an Android Phone!

Since the DJI drones were made for different purposes all of them in the field of aerial photography and cinematography DJI provides its consumers with different types of apps best suited to the features of the different drones. Lets look at which apps those are, what they are for, and which drone can be used with each app.

Why Trust Drone Rush

Ive been a fan of flight since a young age while Ive had few opportunities at the helm of manned aircraft, the hours on my fleet of drones continue to grow. I enjoy putting cameras into the sky, silky smooth aerial imagery makes me happy. My goal is to help all pilots enjoy flight legally and safely.

Please keep in mind that the DJI GO 4 app is the only app that properly and fully supports the ability to version check and update your drone and remote control from DJI. These alternative apps are designed to provide a new flight experience, not to replace DJIs software entirely.

For the most part, these new apps add in things like waypoint routed flights and easier access to some of the advanced features in these DJI drones. Mostly things that the DJI GO 4 app can do, but perhaps does not do as efficiently or hides in the settings menu.

Of course, all these new features make it easy to break some of the rules. Please be careful that you fly safe. Before we dive into the apps, allow us to remind you some of the best practices and rules, at least in the United States.

Update: 2021/12/01 2: 12 Est By Cody Toombs

DJI Fly app updated for Pixel 6

An update to version 1.5.1 of the DJI Fly app is now available directly from DJI’s website, or if you already have a recent version of the app installed, it will prompt you to download the latest when it runs next.

While the update notes are vague, but this version brings support for the Google Pixel 6, and possibly any other phone that was failing to show a live view from the drone camera. A quick test confirms that the Fly app is now working correctly on the Pixel 6.

While this update appears to resolve the live preview issue with the DJI Fly app, the DJI Mimo app is still awaiting a similar fix. This app is used to control small handheld cameras like the Pocket 2 and Action 2.

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Dji Virtual Flight App

Die DJI Virtual Flight App wurde zusammen mit der DJI FPV Drohne vorgestellt. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Simulator zum Trainieren des FPV-Fluges. Als Besonderheit lässt sich die App nicht nur direkt über den Touchscreen des Smartphones steuern, sondern kann auch mit den DJI FPV Googles V2 und dem zugehörigen DJI FPV Controller V2 gesteuert werden.

Damit erlaubt es DJI seinen Kunden sich vor dem ersten echten Flug mit dem neuen FPV-Feeling vertraut zu machen. Auch mit dem DJI Motion Controller könnt ihr die App im Übrigen verwenden.

Why Is Dji Fly Not On Google Play

DJI Mavic Pro In

This is resulting in users not getting the latest updates and features, but why is it happening? UPDATE: There is a chance that the DJI Fly app isnt updated on the Play Store. Google announced a while back that app developers will have to ensure their apps are packaged as bundles rather than the standard APK.

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How Can I Get A Free Drone From Dji 2021

National Geographic has partnered up with DJI to rent out hundreds of brand new, free DJI Mavic Pro drones. To get a free DJI Mavic Pro drone, sign up at this link. Applicants will receive a confirmation email within one week of registering. Then, show that confirmation email at your local DJI store and voila!

How To Check If Your Phone Or Tablet Is Running 32

If you are not sure if your android phone is running 64-bit or 32-bit, you can download an app on your phone to check which bit your phone is running.

One of the most popular apps to check if your phone is running 32-bit or 64-bit is CPU-Z. CPU-Z is easy to install and very easy to use to determine exactly which bit you are running. .

Below is a quick video to show you how to use CPU-Z.

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Schritt : Lade Die Dji

Um deine DJI Drohne zu steuern, benötigst du die DJI Fly App. Hast du diese App noch nicht installiert? Lade sie zuerst im App Store herunter, wenn du ein iPhone hast. Hast du ein Android-Handy? Laden dann die App von der DJI-Website herunter. Durchsuche die Website nach deinem Drohnenmodell und klicke auf die Schaltfläche . Es gibt einen Link zum Download der App. Schließe die Installation ab. Öffne die App und akzeptiere die Bedingungen.

Schritt : Stelle Eine Verbindung Zur Fernbedienung Her

DJI Mavic Pro aircraft disconnected FIXED for Android Note 8.

Lege dein Smartphone in die Halterung der Fernbedienung. Du kannst die Fernbedienung und dein Smartphone mit dem mitgelieferten RC-Kabel verbinden. Für das iPhone verwendest du das Lightning-Kabel und für Android-Telefone das USB-C-Kabel. In der App erklärt eine kurze Animation, wie dieses Kabel angeschlossen wird. Schalte dann die Fernbedienung ein, indem du die Ein-/Aus-Taste einmal kurz drückst und dann gedrückt hältst. Fernbedienung und Smartphone sind nun verbunden.

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Configure These Settings To Improve Dji Go Performance

  • Set the Image Transmission Mode setting to Regular Mode to allow the live video feed to be transmitted in lower quality .
  • Note: This setting might not be available depending on which DJI drone you’re flying.
  • Disable the Cache Locally When Recording setting. With this setting disabled, DJI GO will not save a low quality version of the recorded video on your mobile device .
  • Note: If you’re flying a DJI Spark, this setting will be named Cache to SD Card.
  • If you were previously caching the recorded video locally, then clear the video cache to free up storage space on your mobile device.
  • Disable the Calibrate Map Coordinates setting if you’re not flying in China.
  • Use the Offline Map feature to download and store the DJI GO maps locally on your mobile device for the locations where you fly. That’ll ensure the maps are always available during times when your mobile device is not connected to the Internet.
  • Note: The Offline Map feature is not available in some versions of DJI GO . If you’re using a version of DJI GO that does not include the Offline Map feature, then install an older version of DJI GO , cache the maps with the Offline Map feature, and then reinstall the newer version of DJI GO you were previously using. If you know you’re using a version of DJI GO that includes this feature and it’s not displaying in the menu shown in the above screenshot, then try restarting DJI GO.

Schritt : Die Verbindung Wurde Hergestellt

Wenn die Verbindung zwischen der Fernbedienung und der Drohne hergestellt ist, wechselt die App zur Kameraansicht. Du siehst nun das Kamerabild deiner Drohne auf dem Display deines Smartphones. Du bist bereit zu fliegen. Wenn auf deinem Handy kein Bild angezeigt wird, ist die Drohne nicht verbunden. Oben links steht die Meldung Flugzeug nicht verbunden. Verbinde dich dann erneut über den Connection Guide.

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Litchi For Dji Drones

Price: $24.99

We all know that you need the official DJI GO, DJI GO 4, and DJI Fly apps to fly your favorite DJI drones, right? Wrong! There are a few alternative apps out there that can take control of your DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Spark, DJI Phantom series drone and more, the best of these apps that weve tried to date Litchi. The full app name is long, but explain most of what it does, Litchi for DJI Mavic / Phantom / Inspire / Spark is a robust app that maintains the same feel as the DJI apps, but it does things a little differently. Basically, if you will, if you are looking for the best of the DJI application, plus a few new treats, Litchi is well worth your consideration. The waypoint flights and VR/FPV functionality built-in are the key factors that attracted me to Litchi. Rich features and functions like these are at your fingertips through the going price of $24.99 for the app, which may be beyond what many might consider.

Thats all for today, we hope youve found a new app or two to enhance your flights, or get more out of the captured aerial footage after the fact. This is an early list with plenty of room to grow and mature, just like the drone market, so please hit us up in the comments if you want to discuss any other apps that you think belong here.

Schritt : Schalte Die Drohne Ein

First look: DJI touts Mavic Pro drone

Schnapp dir deine Drohne und strecke deine Arme aus. Entferne die Schutzhülle vom Gimbal und lege den Akku in das Fach ein. Schalte dann die Drohne ein. Das geschieht auf die gleiche Weise wie bei der Fernbedienung. Die Position des Netzschalters variiert je nach Drohne. Das Anleitungsvideo in der App zeigt das für jede Drohne an. Die Drohne ist eingeschaltet, sobald du ein Startgeräusch hörst und die Lichter neben dem Netzschalter leuchten. Die Fernbedienung verbindet sich nun mit der Drohne.

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Why You Should Trust Me

As the founder of Cutofdrone, I have nearly 5 years of experience working with the worlds leading drone manufacturer DJI. During my time there, I participated in every major new product launch from Phantom 3 to Mavic 2.

I am also an experienced drone pilot, and I own a Phantom 3 Advanced, a Mavic Pro, a Mavic 2 Pro, a Mavic Mini, and a Mavic Air 2.

Connect The Drone To Your Phone Via The Dji Go 4 App

Open the DJI Go 4 app on your phone. On the app, select the correct drone model at the top left side of the screen. After selecting the model, look for the menu button on the top right corner of the screen. Choose Scan QR Code to easily connect your phone with your DJI Mavic Pro.

You can now connect to your drones Wi-Fi by pointing your phones camera to the QR code located on one of the arms of your Mavic Pro. Hold steady to capture a clear image. Once the code is scanned and the connection has been established, your phone is now connected to your DJI Mavic Pro.

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Disable App Auto Updates

By default, the Google Play Store is setup to automatically install updates for your installed apps. You can free up resources on your mobile device by disabling this background activity. Also, it’ll allow you to manually choose when and which apps you’d like to update .

Follow these steps to disable Google Play Store auto updates:

  • Tap the launcher button on the home screen and tap Play Store to open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap the menu at the top, left of the Google Play Store app
  • Tap Settings
  • Tap Auto-update apps and select Do not auto-update apps

Dji Go : Neue App Statt Update

DJI is NOT COMPATIBLE with ANDROID mobile phones? (ft. Samsung Galaxy S10)

Die DJI GO 4-App ist kein Update, sondern eine völlig eigenständige und neue Smartphone-Applikation. Auf den ersten Blick gleicht die DJI GO 4-App dennoch der bisherigen DJI GO-App lediglich kleinere Designanpassungen und ein neuer Startbildschirm und eine insgesamt leicht überarbeitete Benutzeroberfläche mit neuen Grafiken sind bislang zu erwähnen. Außerdem soll die neue App eine bessere Performance im Bereich der Bildübertragung bieten und für die neuen Datenübertragungssysteme des DJI Phantom 4 Pro, DJI Inspire 2sowie DJI Mavic Pro optimiert sein. Abseits davon wartet die DJI GO 4-App mit neuen Tools bei der Videobearbeitung auf mit neuen Templates und Designvorlagen sowie neuen lizenzfreien Songs soll die App hinsichtlich Bearbeitung und Bereitstellung von Luftvideos noch mehr kreativen Freiraum bieten. Derzeit kann man nur mutmaßen, warum sich DJI für eine neue App, statt ein Update der bisherigen DJI GO-App entschieden hat.

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Bonus: Googles Wing Aviation Opensky

The folks at Google are getting in on the fun. OpenSky is a simple app to discover airspace limitations, and acquire LAANC authorization to fly in controlled airspace. The first launch of this app has very few features, as we could not see other flights in our area, drone or manned aircraft, nor could we confirm that our non-LAANC registered flights in OpenSky were reporting for other apps and maps to see our flight location.

If you dont care about the extras that apps like Airmap can provide, OpenSky is a quick tool to get you authorized to fly.

Dji Fly App 1412 Update Bringt Live

DJI hat – wie immer eher still und heimlich und ohne offizielle Angaben zu den Neuerungen per Changelog oder Release Notes auf der Website – eine neue Version 1.4.12 seiner DJI Fly App für Android veröffentlicht für seine DJI Mini SE, Mavic Air 2 Drohnen.

DJI Fly App mit Live-Streaming

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Power On Your Dji Mavic Mini

After linking your phone to your controller, you should now power on your DJI Mavic Mini. Simply hold the power button on the drone until you see the LED lights blinking. Your phone wont be able to see the feed from the drone just yet until you have established the connection between it and the drone via the controller.

Schritt : Ffne Die Dji Fly App

DJI Mavic Pro unboxing and setup: before you fly

Die App fordert dich dann zur Anmeldung auf. Wenn du bereits ein DJI-Konto hast, melden dich mit deinen Daten an. Hast du noch kein Konto? Dann erstelle eins. Nach der Anmeldung gelangst du zum Startbildschirm. Stelle sicher, dass Bluetooth und WLAN auf deinem Smartphone aktiviert sind. Klicke unten rechts auf Connection Guide, um eine Verbindung zu deiner Drohne herzustellen. Auf deinem Bildschirm werden verschiedene Drohnenmodelle angezeigt. Scrolle, bis du deinen Drohnentyp gefunden hast. Klicke dann auf das Bild, um mit der Installation fortzufahren.

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Polar Pro Android App Issue

“Thanks for reaching out to PolarPro Support, and our apologies for the trouble you are encountering with the weather service in our app. We have received other reports of this as well, and it looks like there is currently some back-end trouble which is causing this error to appear. Our development team is aware of the error, and for now they have requested some patience. We do not have any further updates on this specific issue just yet, though we do know an update for the app has been in the works, and more information about that should become available soon. If you have any additional questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’ll keep an eye out for your response.”

Best Drone Apps For Android To Enhance Your Flight

This article originally appeared on our partner site

Excited to fly your new drone? Of course you are, but first, youll want to make sure you have all the tools you need to fly safely. That includes the latest software not only for the drone app to control your drone, but for additional tools to enhance your flight experience as well.

Today is all about the extra apps you can install to get more out of your flight experience, these are some of the best drone apps.

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Connect The Phone To The Controller

After downloading the DJI Fly app on your phone, the next thing to do is to connect your phone to the controller included in the box when you purchased your DJI Mini 2. This should be easy to do as the controller comes with connection cables that are compatible with most phones. Simply use the appropriate cable, connect it to the port of your phone, mount your phone onto the controller, and then turn the controller on.

How To Install The Dji App

How to Connect your DJI MAVIC Pro to ANDROID – M13

DJI provides its users and consumers with a whole set of apps to control every inch of the drones. These can be found on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and the DJI website.

When any of these apps need to be downloaded directly on the smartphone or tablet, just look for the name of the app in the search bar, and tap on Install. Once the app is fully downloaded it is ready to be used.

If the app is download directly from the DJI apps, follow the next simple steps:

  • Move the app to the device
  • Look for it among your phone files, and tap on it.
  • The OS will ask to grant permission to install the app on the device. Accept it!
  • The app will start the installation process.
  • Once downloaded, the apps are ready to be used.
  • Make sure that the app is available and compatible with your device, otherwise, it wont work properly. Definitely dont waste time trying to download it from the DJI website to install it on the device. If the App Store says it is not compatible with the device, then it is not! However, this can be checked on the DJI Website, in the Download Center there you can find very detailed information about device compatibility for each of their apps.

    Also, make sure to double-check which app you need before downloading, as not all the apps are compatible with all the drones! This is explained in detail above.

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