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Do Android Smart Phone Cleaners Really Work? Here’s The Full Truth!

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Replacement Of Android App Cleaner

Instead of using these Android app cleaners, you can directly go to the storage of your device and clear the cache memory. For thumbnails and other junk files you can go to the File Explorer, Then DCIM and there you can see the thumbnail folder, you can delete the whole folder. It will not make you lose any important data. If you do not see the thumbnail folder. Look for options which in which you can ask for “Show hidden files.” Close all the applications from the “Recent” button on the home screen.

Bottom Line

My above article is just an answer to the one simple question, “Why You Should Not Use Android App Cleaner?” One simple answer shot is- because you do not need these applications for your device. All the devices of recent times are sufficient in themselves. They can mobilize the memory of RAM and maintain the good performance of your device by itself. Talking about the fast charging then we can witness Type-C charging facility for the latest devices and for the old one adapter with higher input are available which can charge your device rapidly. All of this eliminates the need for Android App Cleaners. As an expert app development company, we won’t recommend cleaner apps.

How To Remove Cleaner Update For Android Is Recommended Pop

In the steps below, well provide general help to get rid of Cleaner Update for Android is Recommended pop-up scam. You may find some minor differences in your Android device. No matter, you should be okay if you follow the steps outlined below: remove all suspicious and unknown apps, reset web browsers settings, run free malicious software removal utilities. Certain of the steps below will require you to close this webpage. So, please read the step-by-step instructions carefully, after that bookmark it or open it on your smartphone for later reference.

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How Cleaning Apps On Android Work

We shall now have a look at smart phone cleaner and try and understand how Android cleaners actually work.

To begin with, you can navigate this phone cleaner app hassle-free. After you have installed smart phone cleaner, you can boost RAM with one click. Furthermore, you can then click on each of the items, evaluate the contents, and perform assigned actions such as deleting duplicates, deleting large files, hibernating space-hogging apps, or enabling the power saving mode.

For an even clearer picture, lets dive into the apps tools of the trade, shall we?

Why You Should Not Use Android App Cleaner

Best 5 Android Cleaner app

Manish Sharma , October 22, 2018

The most confusing topic which approximately 90% of the Android users are confused about. To use or not to use Android App Cleaner is the most common question among all the users. Here is the answer “No,” you actually need not download any application as in the name of Android app cleaner. You can find many topics and debates on the same question. Are android app cleaners are healthy for a smartphone or not? The straightaway answer goes “No.” Wondering why?

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Best Debugging Tools For Windows

One of the most significant issues in software coding that users face frequently is errors or bugs. These problems can cause programs to crash unexpectedly and harm the systems operational ability. It is better to use a Windows debugger to eradicate this issue. This software can identify and rectify bugs, defects, and errors in software

Remove Cleaner Update For Android Is Recommended Pop

We recommend using Zemana Antivirus. This is a small app that helps you to remove virus, adware and other types of malware from your Android phone. You can use it to scan your phone for viruses and remove malware completely free of charge. Zemana Antivirus for Android uses cloud-based technologies, and often finds malware that other antivirus software did not even notice.

Remove virus from Android phone using Zemana Antivirus is very simple. First of all you should download and install this app on your phone, for this use the following link.

When the installation process is complete, click Open button. Zemana Antivirus will start and you will see the main window, as shown in the figure below.

If Zemana Antivirus detects a malware, potentially unwanted app or other security threat, you will be prompted to perform a cleanup and remove the found malicious software.

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Remove Unknown And Suspicious Apps

First of all, make sure that the Android phone does not have any apps running. To do this, open the list of running applications and remove all apps from it. Another option, just restart the phone, after which do not start anything.

Now you can start removing unnecessary apps. Open Android Phone settings, select APPS here. You will be shown a list of installed applications, similar to the one shown in the following example.

Several times, very carefully review this list, most likely one of the apps listed here is a virus, adware or malware that shows ads or installs unwanted games on your phone. To remove a suspicious app from Android Phone, just click on its name and select UNINSTALL in the window that appears, as shown in the figure below.

If you can not figure out what to delete and what to leave, use the following criteria for determining adware, malware and viruses. The app is suspicious if: it consumes a lot of memory , the app name is completely unfamiliar to you , the app requires strange permissions . At this stage, you need to be even a bit suspicious than usual.

05 Avast Cleanup & Boost

Why you don’t need Android Cleaner or Flashlight Apps

Free up space you didnt know you had. Avast Cleanup is a highly effective cache and junk cleaner app for Android. Remove leftover files and unused apps with a simple tap, for a faster, more powerful phone. Avast Cleanup optimizes your phones performance and boosts its speed by removing unused junk from your mobile. No freezing, no lagging, no impatient sighs just more space for the things you really want, like your favorite photos, videos, music, apps and more.

  • Remove Junk: Avast Cleanup quickly analyzes storage space on your phone and clears all unnecessary data.
  • The smart Safe Clean feature instantly cleans up unimportant data, system caches, gallery thumbnails, installation files, residual or unused files, and APKs. With just one tap, you can easily delete accumulated data that has no purpose.
  • The Advanced Cleaning option gives you a detailed overview of all the data on your phone.
  • Uninstall applications in one tap to free up space.
  • The Cleaner identifies and clears the biggest files, media, and apps on your device.
  • Use the Ignore List to mark items on your device that you dont want to be listed.
  • Master your storage situation by optimizing your Android device and boost its speed.

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Phone Master Junk Cleaner Master Battery Cooler

If you want your Android device to function in a way you like, then you must try Phone Master. With this app installed on your device, you can easily save power with CPU tuners and can also improve your phones performance immensely.

Phone Master often requires asking you basic permissions in order to run on the phone. This app can however, turn a little perilous if you do not have much idea about the various tolerance zones of Android. It is a great app for those users who are well versed with the Android device though.

Phone Master By Shalltry Group

The first thing the app asks the user is to agree to the user agreement and privacy policy. Once agreed the app gives you a tour of the UI telling you to swipe down to see all features. To clean junk files you again need to grant the app access to all your files.

The app also has a feature to clean WhatsApp, in reality, it just scans WhatsApp files and then you have to manually select the files you want to delete. The app also has a free inbuilt antivirus scanner, its accuracy is debatable but it is available as a free feature.

The UI is very easy to use with colourful accents to denote certain features or file types. I got an ad once the cleaning process for the junk files was done. This app also has a permanent dock in the notifications and can only be removed by disabling notification access for the app, this could pose an inconvenience for some users.

When you first launch the app, it asks you to either continue with ads or upgrade to the paid version of the app. Once you continue it tells you the percentage of used space on your device as well as the free space available in GBs. Once you click Start Here it guides you through your first cleanup.

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Automatically Find Your Bad & Similar Pics

Quickly see which of your photos are bad, blurry, poorly lit, or nearly identical. Then delete as many as you’d like to tidy up your gallery and save space.

If AVG Cleaner isnt sure about some photos, it will ask you to review them. And the best part? The more you use it, the more it learns, and the better future scans will be.

Wondershare Mobilego Storage Cleaner

Power Clean

The best android cleaner apps with multiple features, on the go.

Wondershare MobileGo is another helpful and multitasking android cleaner on this list. It helps you in optimizing the memory of your device by erasing almost all kinds of .

Along with the junk removal, this best phone booster app also allows you to enhance the performance speed of your smartphone. One of the unique features of the app is that you can mirror your device to the PC with this app.

Below we have discussed the other salient features of Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner.

Features of Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner:

  • Game Booster- You can boost the gaming performance of your phone via the game booster feature of this best android phone cleaner app.
  • Wireless Transfer- It also allows you to connect to your desktop without using any cable, or we can say, wirelessly.
  • Quick Scans- The tool scans your phone and finds junk files from every corner in just a few seconds.
  • Simple UI- Another major highlight of Wondershare MobileGo Storage Cleaner is its intuitive & straightforward interface.
  • Low Battery Usage- The app uses less battery as compared to other similar applications.
  • Applock- You can use the integrated Applock feature of the app to lock apps and other important files.

The Android Cleaner App for Free Download

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Storage Analyzer & Storage Manager

Last but not least, we have Storage Analyzer & Storage manager which doesnt just let you analyze storage space but also delete unwanted files.

  • Intuitive and elegant pie chart representation of files and folders. This helps to check each folder and the storage space taken by underlying elements.
  • Deeply looks through all locations spanning across your internal and external storage. It even checks the storage space of any USB devices as well
  • Clearly shows you the details of all the big files and extensions which are taking up maximum space on your device
  • Scans through all kinds of files audio, video, images, apps and all the other files

Have A Better Picture Of Your Storage Space!

Best Free Samsung Cleaner Apps

It may be a waste of time for you to find out junk files manually. You can pick a Samsung cleaner app to help find out these files and delete them from your phone.

Samsung Smart Manager

Samsung developed a Smart Manager app to run the Samsung Galaxy in the best form. It scans and optimizes data usage to prevent over-consumption of battery. It manages storage and RAM as well. You can close the apps in the background with it when a malware is running.

Please go to official website to learn how to use it.

Clean Master

Clean Master is a hot Samsung cleaner app on the Google Play store. More than one billion users download it from Google Play and it ranks 4.7/ 5. As a normal Android cleaner app, it can speed up your Samsung by removing junk files, including residual files and cache files, to free up the space of your phone.

What’s more, it prevents your Samsung from virus attacks, malware and other threats. If you are a mobile game lover, this app is suit for you, because it can improve the speed of your Samsung while running a mobile game app and it also cools down the CPU of your phone.

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Files By Google: Clean Up Space On Your Phone

A safe-to-use Android cleaner app, available for free download on different devices.

Files by Google is one of the prominent file manager apps for Android smartphones. However, some of you might be wondering why we have listed it on this list of best android phone cleaner apps.

Along with being a file manager, the app also offers several other functions to its users, including. Hence, one can easily consider it among some best memory cleaner apps for android.

The app provides multiple filters to make the process of file finding easier than ever. Below are the main specifications of this storage optimizer app for your android smartphone.

Features of Files by Google:

  • Helpful Suggestions- It gives you cleaning suggestions to remove junk from your smartphones memory.

The Best Android Phone Cleaning App

Other Benefits Of Using An Android Cache Cleaner App

Top 5 cleaning apps for your android phone

There are several other benefits of using a phone cleaner app, apart from removing junk files from your device. Here they are:

  • It boosts your Android phones battery life
  • It generates a lot of free space for your device
  • It acts as a RAM booster and increases your phones performance and speed
  • It helps to organize and declutter your smartphone

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Duplicate Contact & Utilities

Simple and easy to use its an free app is responsible for making a search in our contact list and delete those repeated names and phone numbers. Even empty names and email contacts that are added several times other routes.

It is also possible to use it to import the phone contact list Excel extension CSV , or export the list of our file to a PDF or Excel .

It Then Relinquishes That Ram

Why this does not work, is the same reason why squeezing a sponge while it is on a wet surface doesnt make it dry in the long run. The apps that have been dropped from memory do come back in again once the free memory is relinquished and you are back to square one. Moreover, your CPU and battery have been taxed for the same. In fact, with current versions of Android, it is good to let apps stay in your memory so that they launch faster the next time you launch them. And relaunching them again and again actually consumes more battery and resources.

Operating Systems like Android and iOS come with in-built support for memory management, and if you navigate to Settings-> Apps-> Running you can actually see whatever information the cleaning apps show you in an Android system interface.

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Check To See What Other Types Of Apps And Files Are Taking Up A Lot Of Space

The storage manager also shows how much space various categories of apps take up compared with others. Do you have a ton of games, music apps or movie/TV apps? If so, tap on the category and run your eye down the list. Are many apps performing similar functions? If so, you could delete some of them. If you know which apps you want to delete, head into Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps for Android 8 , then tap the apps in question and hit uninstall.

If you need a little more inspiration for deletion, you can see which apps are getting the least playtime and are therefore the ripest candidates for deletion by heading to Play Store > top-left menu > My apps & games. Sort by Alphabetical in the top-right to filter by Last used, and head to the bottom of the list to check for underused apps, especially if they eat up more MBs than their neighbors. To delete an app, tap to open, then hit uninstall.

Canva: Diy Graphics And Design

10 Phone Cleaner App for Android

Available on iOS and Android

Canva lets you create stunning marketing materials without prior design experience or having to invest loads of money .

You get access to free cleaning stock photos and ready-to-go templates to create simple, yet beautiful designs for email campaigns, social media, flyers, or cleaning ads.

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Avast Software Booster Storage & Memory Cleaner

This is one of the best Android cleanup apps for Android as it cleans your phone in no time and makes it run faster.

All you need is just a single click to clean extra junk and trash from your Android smartphone.

One of the biggest advantages with Avast Cleanup and boost app is that you can organize your phones picture library in no time. Furthermore, you can also analyze your images and apps.

You can improve your battery life by removing the junk of those programs in the phone that eats away your battery more. With Avast Cleanup you can actually make the high energy demanding apps dormant thus saving more of your battery.

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