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More Accessible Healthcare With Online Booking & Video Conferencing Ofmedical Consultation

A medical appointment booking app also helps patients and doctors become morecomfortable in scenarios that are rapidly growing more commonplace, such asmedical video conferencing software development. For instance, patients might beimmobile, but they can still consult with their doctor from home if they havethe app and a smartphone or tablet.

The integration of a custom support platform can also be a significant help topatients. They usually appreciate the ability to make online payments ratherthan having to call a doctor’s office with their credit card information orsend a check through the mail. It means a higher ROI for the hospital, clinic,or whatever another medical entity is in play.

You Found 41medical Appointment Mobile App Templates From $9 All From Our Global Community Of Web Developers

  • Software Version: jQuery, PHP 7.x – 8.x, MySQL 5.x, CSS 2 – 3, HTML 5, Other, Android 8.1 – 12.0
  • Software Framework: Cordova
  • Software Version: jQuery, PHP 7.x – 8.x, MySQL 5.x, CSS 2 – 3, HTML 5, iOS 12 – 15, Other
  • Software Framework: Cordova
  • Software Version: Flutter 1.x – 2.x
  • Software Version: PHP 5.x – 7.x, CSS 3, HTML 5, Bootstrap 3, Android 5.0 – 8.1
  • Software Version: Flutter 2.x, Other
  • Software Version: Flutter 1.x, Other
  • Software Version: iOS 12 – 15, Other, Android 9.0 – 12.0
  • Software Version: iOS 12 – 15, Other, Android 8.1 – 12.0
  • Software Version: Flutter 1.x – 2.x
  • Software Version: iOS 12, Android 9.0
  • Software Framework: Cordova, Ionic
  • Software Version: iOS 4.2 – 12, Android 4.4.x – 9.0
  • Software Framework: Cordova, Ionic
  • Software Version: Flutter 1.x – 2.x
  • Software Version: iOS 12, Android 9.0
  • Software Framework: Cordova, Ionic

Online Doctor Appointment Booking System

In this digital era, its making our lives easier and better. All the industry changes in a better way with the changes in technology. Taking about the healthcare industry the medicine delivery app offers the best services. Know the healthcare industry is looking for the appointment booking for all the doctors to save timing and efficiency.

For that, the doctor appointment booking app stands true to that test. With the doctors appointment booking app, patients can easily book their bookings with some click. Also, a doctor can manage their time and efficiency to appointments. Our AppoBook app is the best to book an appointment with a doctor and makes things easier for doctors & patients. AppoBook booking app is available for both Android & iOS platforms. For more information, you can directly contact and view the application live demo.

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Why Healthcare Providers Love Doctor

Doctors have more than convenience on the line when it comes to online doctor scheduling app development. When businesses build apps for doctor appointments, they expect to cut operational costs and increase the overall number of visits.

Here are some benefits that doctor scheduling apps bring to providers:

  • Optimize the use of front-desk resources
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Increase efficiency and revenue

Online Doctor Appointment Software Development

Doctor Appointment Booking App For Android

Health is an essential factor, and it should not be compromised in any circumstances. In this hectic schedule, to focus on health is really difficult, and in this contemporary era no one has time to stand in the long queue and to visit to doctors. To save time our developers have brought the enrich featured and high functional Online Doctor Appointment App for the Android and IoS.

Synarion IT Solutions is known as the leading Doctor Appointment Software Development Company. Our certified developers offers you the robust and responsive medical appointment app for the patients and doctors. We have a melange of professional and dedicated team, who put their full efforts to deliver the painless experience app to patients, doctors and medical team.

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Doctor Appointment App Development: Benefits Features & Cost

Published on

Do you often have throngs of patients lining up in your virtual waiting room? This is a telltale sign that you havent managed your appointment booking process well.

A surefire way to rectify this situation is to implement medical appointment software. Whether you choose an app or a web-based platform, it can be a godsend for your staff and patients. No doubt, they hate the idea of being packed cheek by jowl in a tiny room when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging.

Lets start with the design and development of an online doctor appointment booking system and why patients expect you to have one. In this article, well show you how you can meet their expectations.

Develop And Test A Prototype

The next step is to develop visuals of all screens in your app. Once yourclickable prototype is ready, you can test all of its features. Based on thefeedback received from your healthcare staff and potential users, it will beeasier to navigate the design and development of online doctor appointmentsystems in the UI / UX. To do this, you can choose any option from theexisting prototyping tools, such as Invision, Adobe XD, Figma or Sketch.

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What Should Be The Features Of The Doctor Appointment Mobile App

The must-have features in the online doctor booking app considering both patients/users and doctors requirements are given below:

Features for Patients/Users
  • Signup/Registration or Login- Allow easy and quick registration or signup through email, mobile number, or OTP. Similarly, ensure password protects logins to keep their information confidential.
  • Check Doctors details Allow patients to check doctors details like qualifications, consultation fees, feedback and reviews as it will help gain trust towards that doctor.
  • Document Upload Allow patients to submit their health data such as test reports, X-rays, etc.
  • Access to blogs and information- Add a blog section where users can read exclusive blogs or information shared by doctors on health-related topics.
  • Payment options Provide the option to pay for a consultation right through the app. Try to add multiple payment options to give more flexibility to users.
Features for Doctors/Clinics
  • Signup/Registration or Login- Ensure doctors or clinics get registered with mobile numbers and email. It is advisable to add password-protected login.
  • Profile Setting- Allow doctors to create their profiles and add professional and personal information such as name, location, qualifications, year of experience, etc.
  • Patient History Patient history helps doctors recall the past prescription and give treatment accordingly if the patient or user consults again for the same problem.

Doctor Scheduling Software Market Overview

According to a forecast published byStatista, the mobile health app market is expected to surpass US $ 50 billion in2025. No doubt these numbers indicate a steady increase in the development ofsolutions for the delivery of health services. Whats more, according toa recent survey, 43% of patients prefer to book appointments online, and 57% of consumers goonline when searching for a new healthcare provider.

Zocdoc-like app development is the option to book a doctor’s appointment onlineplays an important role when choosing medical services. It should not beunreasonable to assume that all of these numbers will continue to growexponentially in the future, considering the popularity of this feature in thepost-COVID-19 times.

It works simply: when you have the opportunity to make an appointment with adoctor online, you know that you will receive effective and fast medical care.Not to mention the other benefits that can be obtained for both the patientand the doctor. Lets explore them in detail.

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Best Appointment Scheduling App For Managing Your Entire Business In One Place

With features to build a “mini website,” allowing clients to create an account and log in, plus the option to sell products and create a rewards program, Timely is much more than an appointment booking app. So if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to run your business online, it’s a great option.

The mini website option makes it easy to upload all the details your customers may needâsimply hover over Setup in the main menu, look under the Promote section, and select Mini website. Then you can edit each page to enable and customize it. The app then transforms it into a simple website, complete with navigation, a booking button, and even a contact form. Clients can schedule appointments there or right from Facebook or Instagram via a booking button.

Timely makes it easy to earn more money with the option to let customers buy products and packages, and it offers marketing features like a rewards program, vouchers, discounts, and promo codes. Then the app’s analytics and dashboard help you keep a pulse on the business by tracking appointments, sales, clients, average appointment value, and client retention. You can view analytics overall or by staff member and even set targets to keep your staff motivated.

Plus, Timely integrates with Zapier, so you can connect all your apps and automate even more business tasks.

Supported Payment Systems: PayPal, Windcave, Stripe, Eway, Pin Payments,, Square, TimelyPay

Supported Calendars: Google Calendar

Mfine Consult Doctors Online & Book Health Tests

Mfine novocura has made this doctor consult app. You can consult experienced and skilled doctors online through this app without even the need of stepping outside of your home. It features doctors and specialists of versatile fields and you are almost sure to find the right doctor for you. The first consultation you make through this app will cost you only 99 rupees, and not only this afterwards you will also get frequent discounts and offers and believe me that overall it is going to cost you much less compared to going outside and visiting a doctor.

mfine Consult Doctors Online app

Now, if a doctor suggests you some blood test, then you can book them right through it and then the samples will be collected from your home and after examining them a specialist will also give you an analysed report free of cost and then you can also order all the medicines suggested by the doctor through it and all of them will be delivered to you at your doorstep.

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Pain Points And Use Cases:

Use Cases

Comprehensive EMS Data Collection With the guidance of the Clinical Data Management system, EMS providers can compare a hospitals diagnosis in real-time, and take necessary measures accordingly. It digitally stores data, thus substantially improving the workflow of the healthcare marketplace.

Innovation in mHealthcare Several apps available on the online marketplace help women relax and soothe their pain during pregnancy. With a doctor appointment booking app, women can e-consult doctors, especially during odd-hours or in regions where medical services are not as effective.

Patient Management Doctors, nurses, and other caregivers within a healthcare marketplace can use their smartphones to manage patients. In a doctor appointment booking app, its main features include managing patient rounding, patient information, room allocation, diagnosis, e-Prescriptions, billing records, among other things. It results in better staff optimization and improved productivity.

Timely Medications and Systemized Processes For a doctor appointment booking app, the core function of this feature is to send out push notifications as per the medication schedule. This feature also makes it easier for physicians to keep track of their patients health.

With doctor appointment booking apps, accessibility in rural areas has increased that enabled them to get medical care which wasnt possible earlier.

Best Appointment Scheduling App For Managing Customer Relationships

Doctor Appointment Booking App For Android by Apphpcom ...

vcita is a whole suite of cloud-based tools for businesses, and it includes two that are for booking and managing appointments: Client Portal and Scheduling. It’s very easy to get started with vcita, though slightly more difficult to customize the app deeply to your needs. In addition, it offers billing and invoicing, lead generation, and marketing campaign tools for email and SMS.

One of the selling points of using vcita for appointment scheduling is that it helps you develop relationships with customers. Some of the tools aren’t strictly unique to vcita, as other appointment scheduling apps allow you to keep notes on your customers. But vcita lets you upload attachments, view your history with the client, and even import your client list from another app. vcita also gives you an inbox where you can interact with customers about rescheduling appointments, cancellations, and other details. You can write emails and text messages to go out as a campaign to your client list to promote new services, offer existing special deals, or simply nudge them to schedule their next appointment.

vcita works with QuickBooks, Weebly, Wix, WordPress, Zoom, and other tools, but if there are other business apps you’d like to integrate, you can do that by connecting vcita to Zapier. Here are a couple examples of how you can automate your booking workflows, but Zapier supports thousands of apps, so you can customize your automation.

Supported Payment Systems: PayPal, Stripe, Square

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Doctor Appointment Booking App Development: Features Tech Stack And Cost

With the advent of worldwide influence and shifting societal values,technological development is accelerating the transformation of the healthcareindustry. Today we can clearly see which parts of health care delivery havefailed and shown to be vulnerable.

Making an appointment with a doctor in a few clicks online is one of thesolutions that, in our opinion, can make a difference in the interactionbetween a doctor and a patient.

We believe medtech’s innovation is a giant leap forward in healthcare reformthat can improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare services.

At Softermii, we have in-depth expertise indeveloping mHealth applications,telemedicine software to help healthcare organizations reveal their fullpotential. Led by our domain experience, we prepared a useful guide on designand development of an online doctor appointment system.

So, let’s discuss why it is necessary and how to develop a custom doctorappointment app.

34.3% of appointmentsbooked through online platforms were scheduled when the office was closed, at atime when there would have been no one there to accept a phone call.

Best Android Apps For Doctor Appointments In India

We all have to visit doctors either frequently or within small to big gaps for every small and big health-related issue. So, technology is here again to make this task very easy for you, as with the help of technology you can book and secure your appointments with the doctors using these wonderful apps to be used during COVID-19. Therefore, without any further talk, let me quickly start the discussion.

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Advantages Of Doctor Appointment Mobile App For Patients

  • Schedule or reschedule appointments from anywhere
  • Access healthcare 24/7.
  • Connect with doctors in real-time.
  • Pay bills online no need to carry cash

From a Doctors perspective

A mobile application computerised the arrangement booking measures, which your staff might experience difficulty handling manually . Along with these arrangements, an app additionally helps to improve clinic-patient communication. It can bring about fewer issues while affirming, dropping, or rescheduling arrangements.

Final Words Of Advice

As you can see, to make your application competitive, you will have to put a lot of effort in planning, development and QA. Though healthcare is a business industry and you create this software for profits, try not to forget that you make it mainly for patients who want to find a doctor via your app. This being said, focus on making your application user-friendly and responsive in order to gain trust and gratitude of people and convert them into your loyal clients. This is no easy task, thats why you may decide to leave this task to the professionals. Contact us and our team will discuss all the details with you, estimate the budget and time, as well as provide you with a reliable doctor booking solution.


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Fewer Empty Appointment Slots

Between 16 March and 1 May 2020, a primary care clinic in Columbus, Ohio, was confronted with a 36.1% in-office no-show rate. Given the physicians ability to take on an average of 20 patients a day, a 35-working-day interval, and $200 in average revenue from one patient visit, that clinic lost around $50,540 on missed appointments.

To protect your clinic from tens of thousands of dollars in losses, you need to somehow reduce the number of appointments your patients dont show up to. An appointment booking app can help you fill empty appointment slots by:

  • Sending reminders to your patients about the time left before a visit to the doctor
  • Allowing patients to see empty appointment slots and book them on the same day or in the next few days
  • Enabling patients to book appointments outside normal business hours
  • Offering patients a quick and easy way to change, reschedule, and cancel appointments on the go

By providing an appointment booking app, the primary care clinic in Columbus could have reduced the number of missed appointments and recovered up to $16,800 out of the $50,540 in lost potential revenue by sending text reminders to their patients.

How Does A Doctor Appointment Online Application Work

However, each healthcare mobile application has its own functioning almost all online doctor appointment applications follow the given below pattern

  • Step 1Book Appointment: In order to get treatment from a specific specialist, the patient is required to sign in to the app, create an account, and give detailed information of their symptoms
  • Step 2-Finding Consultant: The software now tracks the symptoms mentioned by the patient. Based on these symptoms, the application finds the most appropriate doctor that lies close to them.
  • Step 3Connect or Confirm Appointment: After discovering a specialist that coordinates with the patients prerequisites, they can contact the doctor via video call or set up an appointment utilizing the in-application calendar.
  • Step 4Consulting the Doctor: In the video discussion that follows, the specialist speaks with the patient to understand the patients health issue and accordingly suggests the essential treatment, lab tests, and the wide range of various related stuff.
  • Step 5-Make the Payment: As soon as the video discussion is done, the patient pays the specialist for the medical care administrations he received through a built-in payment gateway. After payment is made for treatment, the patient will get the receipt and prescription from the doctor.

Standard monetization methods used by mobile healthcare applications are:

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