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How to create Microsoft Word Document (.docx) File from your Android App?

These days you dont have to depend on your computer to write and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. With devices getting smarter, powerful and bigger, you can work on your articles or presentations or spreadsheets right on your device. You can also use various hardware enhancements like a keyboard or stylus for ease. Here are some of the popular office apps which are Best Document Editor Apps for Android devices thatll help you work.

Developer: Google Inc.Price: FreeFor a long time, Quick Office has been one of the best documents editing tool. This free app can create and edit your documents, presentations and spreadsheets and save it on standard Microsoft Office formats. The interface is simple and fairly easy to operate. The text will auto fit according to your screen size and it will appear larger too if you double tap. You can either create a new document or edit an existing one by importing it from your SD Card. Basic editing tools like bold, italic and underline, changing the fonts and size and aligning the paragraphs are included in the app. But no matter how perfect the app appears, therell still be some bugs. In case of Quick Office, some elements tend not to appear while viewing a document created on Microsoft Office. Ignore this flaw and youll find this app perfect.

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What Is Document Creation Software

Cloud-based document creation tools can be shared, viewed, and adjusted with anyone a user chooses to collaborate with. Additionally, the tools include access privilege settings so only users with permissions can view certain documents. Cloud-based tools also provide users with access to documents anytime, anywhere, provided you have internet access. In some cases, document creation tools allow offline adjustmentsalthough those edits wont save until internet access is regainedwhich is particularly helpful for workers who are traveling and cannot easily access the internet.

On top of its accessibility benefits, document creation software enables better organization. In many cases, the software provides a repository to store and manage all created documents. Such a repository generally exists on a drive that can easily be shared with a team. If an entire team has access to the documents created, they can more easily locate specific projects and better collaborate with team members.

Key Benefits of Document Creation Software

  • Provides an easy collaboration solution
  • Easily configures settings to formalize consistent formatting standards and ensure privacy
  • Eases the sharing and managing of stored documents

How To Create And Save A Word Document In Microsoft Office For Android

No matter where you work or learn, or what you do everyday, there will surely come a time, when you need to write a document. That could be an official letter, a university thesis, or maybe just a more fancy invitation to your birthday party. As one of the best word processors on the market, Microsoft Word is a great tool for all your document needs. Let’s see how you can start working with it on your Android device:

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Pdffiller: Edit And Esign Pdfs

We all know that PDF files are one of the most difficult ones to handle and edit. Especially, just by using your smartphone. However, with this app almost any PDF page will be tamed this is an excellent software that can scan PDF files properly, detect text blocks and images blocks allowing you to insert corrections where it is needed.

And as you can see from the name of this app, it gives you the possibility to quickly put your sign the documents. Write annotations to the apps, insert, resize and move images, convert formats and reorganize pages, remove all the spelling mistakes and typos that you will find in the document.

It is also needed to say that pdfFille is one of the most popular apps on the market right now and has great users reviews.

It Officers From Corporate Companies

Document Scanner

Corporate companies often prefer hiring developers for their app building purposes. However, our platform’s super efficient app building cuts costs and saves tons of time. Therefore, IT officers from these companies sometimes use our Android app maker. Most of the big companies have mobile responsive websites, so it’s easy to turn their site into a mobile app. This is the most preferred method and works in their favor if they want to create an MVP for their app project.

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My Scans Pdf Document Scanner

My Scans is a free scanner and organizer tool for Android, available in the Google Play Store. The app uses technology that detects edges of a document and scans it to PDF. The home screen is a grid of the images you have scanned. The plus sign on the upper left lets you take a photo. Afterwards, the app then detects the borders of a page for easy cropping.


  • The app manages files well. You have the option to create folders to organize files, which is useful when you have many files to work with.
  • Also, the app has high quality scans. It has an impressive algorithm that determines the borders of a page accurately.


  • The editing options are limited compared to other scanner apps. You only have the ability to rotate and crop the image. Advanced settings are not available.
  • In addition, there are watermarks in the exported document. You need to upgrade to the paid version to remove this.

Potential Issues With Document Creation Software

Potentially expensive While some computers will come with an on-premises, local document creation tool preinstalled, those that dont will have to pay for a license for an on-premises solution should they want one. On-premises solutions can be expensive without discounts like vouchers or complimentary licenses through schools, universities, or employers. While free on-premises document creation solutions are available, name-brand options that are sometimes required by schools or workplaces come with a hefty price tag.

While popular cloud-based document creation solutions offer a free base product, businesses looking for storage space that can accomodate them might have to pay extra. While the ability to use the document creation software is usually free, the accompanying cloud storage space required may be expensive.

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Xodo Pdf Reader And Editor

Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is one of the most popular and full-featured PDF editor for Android. The app is filled to the brim with a ton of features to make editing, annotating, filling forms, and signing PDF documents as easy as possible. Just like Adobe app, you can scan a physical document and start editing it. Of course, you can import documents from the local storage or sync them via cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive. When using Dropbox, Xodo PDF Editor will reduce the data usage by just uploading the changes rather than the complete document.

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As I said earlier, Xodo has a ton of features. Some the best features include PDF bookmarks, multiview support for Samsung devices, reflow, annotations, ability to fill and sign documents, ability to take notes on blank PDF documents, support for MS Office files, built-in powerful organizer to properly manage the documents, ability to merge, split, and rotate PDFs, etc.

If you are looking for a no-compromise PDF editor for Android that gives you a ton of options to customize the way you work then you should definitely try Xodo. After all, the app is completely free.

Price: Xodo PDF Reader and Editor is completely free.

Install Xodo

Kdan Pdf Reader And Editor

Make a File Explorer App | Android Project | Part – 1

Kdan is a good PDF reader, annotator, and basic PDF editor. Using Kdan you can read, annotate, and edit PDF files with just a few taps. Along with the PDF documents from your local storage, Kdan can also scan physical documents. Once scanned, you can edit or annotate it like any other digital PDF. Other features of the app include fast document rendering, freehand writing, insert hyperlinks, import, and export PDF documents, bookmarking a specific page or section on the document, clipboard monitor, easy to use user interface, magnifying glass, continuous document scanning, etc.

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If you are looking for a basic PDF editor with good annotation tools then Kdan is for you.

Price: The base app is free and contains ads. You can remove ads and get access to additional features like access to desktop apps, smart crop, ability to convert and fax documents online, and night mode you can subscribe to Kdan for $19.99 per quarter.

Install Kdan

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Polaris Office Document Editor App

The name of this app might sound new to you and that is because it is. Apart from being new this app already has its rank among popular apps already. You can do a lot on this app like saving documents, editing, and more. It also supports a lot of file formats including DOC, TXT, and more. Like two other apps mentioned in this article, it also has a default cloud where you can save your documents alongside others like OneDrive, Dropbox. Polaris allows and supports more than 17 different languages to make your selection out. It is available on Android and iOS.

Handy Scanner Free Pdf Creator

Handy Scanner is a scan to PDF tool that allows you to scan documents using your Android phone or tablet. Export features are accessible in the app. You have the ability to choose whether you like PDF or JPEG format when you share it via Dropbox, Google Drive, email or Bluetooth. Plus, Optical Character Recognition is available when sharing documents to Google Docs.

Upon launching the app, you can see the home screen containing images of the documents that were previously scanned. To take a photo, just click on the camera icon on the lower left. The app allows you to take multiple scans. Settings such as flash and grid can be found on the lower right while you are scanning a document. When scanning is finished, just click on the check button. Then, the app auto-detects the borders of the page. Post-processing filters like print-ready, black and white, grayscale, color and contrast enhancement are available too.


  • After snapping a photo and saving it, you can edit the image by selecting borders and applying filters.
  • Aside from taking a photo within the app, you also have the choice to import photos directly from your gallery. The imported photos can be cropped and filters can also be applied to make the images look better. These photos can be scanned to PDF with this scanner.


  • Also, the free app only lets you take photos of up to twenty documents.

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Google Docs: Sync Edit Share

This is another great document processing app from another popular brand. It will allow you to work in real-time wherever you are. Work with your team even if you are separated by a huge distance.

You can even create documents on a plane or ship. Write down spontaneous ideas so you dont forget them. You will save time because you no longer need a computer or laptop to work in documents.

All you need is your smartphone. The app will allow you to use Google search without closing the document. Look for information and add it to your file.

You can edit various file formats. This is a multifunctional app that can read almost all document formats. Convert and export any files. You will be able to write articles when you are stuck in a traffic jam or in public transport. You can use this app as a reader.

Read your favorite book or try something new. Highlight interesting text so you can write it down or show it to friends. The app has been installed more than 500 million times. Try it and you will be able to create documents anywhere.

Polaris Office Docs Wordsheets Slide Pdf

Text Animation Maker for Android

This app is the Best Document editor app Android 2022, and it is the latest and free-of-cost office App for android users. With this app, you can easily read and edit any of the documents or PDF files on your smartphone device. You can use this app to view word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF reader and converter. This app will also improve your skill and will enhance your creativity with different handwriting input on this app.

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Scanner App To Pdf Tap Scanner

Scanner App to PDF is one of the most popular documents Scanner Apps for Android. It is an app that uses your phone camera or any other camera app and lets you scan documents, business cards, money receipts, images, and so on. People mainly use this app for its high-quality PDF output. The thing you can use this essential app will automatically be saved into PDF format. So, you dont need to worry about the letters use of those files.

Important Features

Document Scanner Apps For Android

Though there are a lot of documents Scanner Apps available in the PlayStore, it is tough to find out the best one. Because there are tons of apps that dont work correctly. However, you dont have to worry about that because I am here to provide you with a list of the best document scanner apps for your Android device. Just have a look over the features and find out the best one for you.

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List Documents In The Provider

Your implementation ofmust return a Cursor that points to all the files inthe specified directory, using columns defined inDocumentsContract.Document.

This method gets called when the user chooses your root in the picker UI. The method retrieves the children of the document ID specified byCOLUMN_DOCUMENT_ID. The system then calls this method any time the user selects a subdirectory within your documents provider.

This snippet makes a new cursor with the requested columns, then adds information about every immediate child in the parent directory to the cursor. A child can be an image, another directoryâany file:

Recommended Desktop Video Editing Software For Android Videos

Microsoft Office App for Android and iOS How to create surveys or other forms

On an Android phone, editing videos can be a bit difficult. Editing your video with the applications running on your Android devices are certainly rather convenient, but cons are that they are usually quite limited when it comes to functions and features. It is highly recommended you to try Wondershare Filmora, a desktop-based software which supports directly importing videos from your Android phone. All you need is to plug in a USB and let the program detects video files located in your Android phone, and then import it to the program for editing.

Check our video tutorial guide to learn the detailed tricks of editing video with Filmora.

Filmoraâs reign as the king of Android video editors for beginners could be the abundant editing features it offers. With all basic video editing functions such as trimming, splitting, adding music, texts and voice overs etc. Filmora also comes with many advanced editing functions such as video overlay, transition, mosaic, tilt-shift, jump cut and dozens more.

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Officesuite & Pdf Editor

OfficeSuite & PDF editor is arguably one of the best document creation apps for your iOS devices. With more than five million downloads, the app claims to be a leader in this category. You can trust its five years experience in serving countless users of iPhone and iPad. You can quickly create, view, and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents on your iOS device. A step further, you can perform advanced PDF operations on this app.

A Cloud storage manager allows you to access your documents anywhere in the world. You can edit those documents and upload in the cloud. MobySystems Drive offers you 5GB free cloud space once you sign in. You get cloud support of Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, Yandex Drive and Box.

Price: Free

Genius Scan Pdf Scanner

My last suggestion for you is Genius Scan, another fast and useful document Scanner app for your Android device. To scan any kind of business or study documents or images, you will need a few seconds to tap a few times only. Just place the paper or whatever you want to scan in front of the camera of your device. And Genius Scan will be there to do the rest. It will recognize the paper automatically against the background and other factors.

Important Features

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Smartoffice View & Edit Ms Office Files & Pdfs

This is an easy-to-use app for creating and editing documents. All you need is your smartphone. The app is free. You can work with documents anywhere and anytime. Are you stuck in traffic? Its not a problem.

Open this app and start working on your documents. You will save a ton of time. The app is fast. The app has many tools for editing documents.

Create a document using a blank page or ready-made templates. You can also create a presentation. The app has all the necessary tools for this. Add slides and transition effects. You can watch the slide show to see if everything is in order. Preview your documents to see how they will look at the printout. It is a useful app for creating and editing documents.

You can print your documents wirelessly. Connect your smartphone to the printer and it will start its work. This app will save you a lot of time. You can spend your free time on yourself. Delete, paste, cut, and modify texts. The app has an intuitive interface. You can highlight or add italics to important text. You can make the text bold.

Save your document in the original format or convert it to PDF. The app supports multi-touch. It adapts perfectly to the screen of your smartphone or tablet. The graphics of the app is excellent. You can add password protection to your important documents. No one can view or delete them. The app has been used by more than 1 million people.

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