Does Mini Cooper Have Android Auto


Mini Se: Range Battery And Charging

How to Get Apple CarPlay/Android Auto in your Mini Cooper S (R56) | Full Android Headunit Install

In a mixed driving environment of highways, urban, residential, and twisty backroads over the course of a week, the EPA estimated range of 114 miles was generally met or exceeded.

While driving a predetermined range-test route at night, the Mini SE posted a range of 120 miles. When the majority of driving was on highways at an average of 70 miles per hour, and during very aggressive driving on the backroads of the hills near Oakland, California, as expected the range suffered as expected. But it wasnt enough to create a range anxiety situation that would prevent us from getting back to our home base.

The Mini SE contains a relatively small 32.6 kWh capacity pack . When coupled with a DC fast charging rate of up to 50kW. Mini states that it can charge up to 80-percent in 36 minutes.

Because of its smaller battery and shorter range than other EVs, we had the vehicle set to accept a charge up to 100-percent. In fact, it was delivered with that option turned on. When hooked up to a DC fast charging station while picking up food or shopping, we would usually come back out to a full or nearly full battery.

The vehicle supports regular home outlet charging at 2 kW and level 2 charging speeds up to 7.4 kW. Both ended up being adequate during the week for daily drives.

Do I Need A Usb Cable

Just like in the case of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto will be wireless. This means that owners of a smartphone with the Android operating system can now access their familiar smartphone apps in the vehicle, just like users of an Apple iPhone. Of course, you can always use a USB cable to charge your phone. Unless your car comes equipped with the wireless charging tray.

Tutorial: Activating Android Auto On Your Mini Countryman

Now is the time to install Android Auto on your Mini Countryman. Thanks to this article we will detail the several steps of this method, and put you on alert on the points that can pose concerns, here we go:

  • Verify the compatibility of your smart phone with Android Auto , remember to update your smartphone if it is not up to date.
  • Start the Android Auto application, it will verify, at its first opening, that all the necessary applications are up to date.
  • Once all authorizations, and terms of use approved, you will be able to complete the activation of Android Auto on your Mini Countryman
  • Connect your phone with Bluetooth on your car, if you dont know how to do it, read our content on to connect or activate Android Auto on your Mini Countryman to find out how to do it.
  • Once your phone is connected via Bluetooth on your car, starting the application should connect Android auto to your Mini Countryman.
  • If this connection does not work, try to connect it first in USB and then activate Bluetooth afterwards

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The Mini Cooper Is Overpriced

The Mini Cooper is a bit overpriced compared to rivals. The MSRP for the base model is $23k. This price is before the dealership adds markups to try and profit off selling the vehicle. The Hyundai Kona starts around $20k, and the Nissan Kicks starts around $18k.

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We understand that the Mini Cooper is a luxury brand, but the Hyundai Kona offers a luxury feel and sporty drive for a fraction of the cost. The Buick Enclave is another luxury compact model that starts around $23k, but its an SUV instead of a car like the Mini Cooper.

However, on a positive note, the Mini Cooper does have a stellar fuel economy. It gets up to 28 mpg in the city and 36 mpg. Sources mentioned the Mini Cooper for having a lower fuel economy than rivals, but we arent finding this to be true.

Aftermarket Carplay Installation In Mini

New 2014 Mini Cooper S review

Like to take things into your own hands? MINI Cooper CarPlay install will be your test as an avid DIYer. If your MINI comes with an NBT type head unit, your job will be a straightforward plug & play. Just disassemble the upper and lower trim and the faceplate on your dash, pull the head unit out, connect it to the MMI module using the supplied harness, plug in the new cable from the MMI to the screen and thats it, job done.

On the other hand, adding MINI Cooper CarPlay retrofit to CIC type head units might be a bit more complicated and a longer process requiring expert DIY knowledge. If you feel like you’d rather pass that responsibility on to somebody thats more experienced, you can get in touch with one of our installers.

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Which Mini Models Have Apple Carplay

Those of you who own pre-2017 MINI Coopers know that they can be absolutely sufficient option wise with their 6.5 displays, Bluetooth connectivity or SiriusXM satellite radio… except for lacking original Apple CarPlay and Android Auto infotainment features.

Thankfully the strong BMW/MINI partnership leads the British brand forward, generously sharing each new BMW technology with MINI cars. Most software/hardware components first introduced by the BMW, such as head units, screens or cameras sooner or later get included in the MINI range. And so did CarPlay for that matter.

After the Bavarian brand paved the way for MINI to include the Apple technology, MINI started to offer the original Apple CarPlay activation in July 2017 on MINI Clubman models . The only trick here was in order to get the full MINI Cooper CarPlay experience, the car had to be equipped with:

  • MINI Connected and NBT Evo iDrive system with Navigation Professional or
  • MINI Connected, ENAV Evo iDrive with Navigation system and MINI Apple CarPlay preparation

All later MINI models with the aforementioned tech have Apple CarPlay activation optioned in.

You may find CarPlay in models such as MINI Countryman F60, MINI Cooper S F57, MINI Cooper S F56, MINI Cooper S F55 or MINI Clubman F54.

Why Android Auto Mmi Prime Is Better Than Other Retrofits

Apart from integration with the native BMW system and providing Android Auto functionality, the retrofit also has:

  • Full-screen Android Auto mode on all BMW display sizes
  • Android screen mirroring

Can Android Auto mirror the screen of my phone? is a frequently asked question, and unfortunately, Android Auto doesnt support screen casting. But Android Auto MMI Prime has a custom solution – the Android Autolink app. You just need to plug your mobile device into a USB socket, choose the app in the menu and your phones screen will be mirrored onto the iDrive display. It means that youll be able to stream YouTube for your passengers or other apps not available in Android Auto mode. You likely wont be able to cast Netflix though, because the service blocks mirroring.

  • USB socket that can be used to play videos from a USB stick

A USB cable with a user-facing female socket is used to connect the smartphone to the iDrive and use Android Auto while also charging the device. But it can also be used to play videos from a USB stick in a full-screen mode.

  • The possibility to add front & rear view cameras for a lower price

Android Auto MMI Prime is based on an original BimmerTech multimedia module that ensures the connection between the external software and the native BMW system. It also has inputs for either front, or rear, or both cameras, which means that you dont need to buy cameras with a separate MMI. Because you already have it in your Android Auto retrofit.

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Mini Cooper Se Specs And Tech

  • Outdated infotainment system
  • Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa no Android Auto
  • Basic driver assistance

Most EVs are brimming with tech, but that’s not the case here. Other than gaining the ability to remotely monitor charging, the Mini Cooper SE offers the exact same technology package as the gas-powered Mini Cooper S.

This includes basic LTE connectivity for navigation updates and real-time traffic in maps, plus phone remote control and Amazon Alexa functionality both enabled by the Mini Connected phone app.

You also get a basic set of driver assistance and safety features consisting of forward collision warning, pedestrian warning, and automatic emergency braking. But the Mini Cooper SE lacks blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, and lane keeping assist.

And while adaptive cruise control is optional, there’s no level 2 ADAS , 360 degree view, Wi-Fi hotspot, or support for OTA updates.

Some tech is only available on some trims, like self parking and the color heads-up display. The Qi wireless phone charger is also optional, and is located inside the center armrest.

Strangely, it’s too small for most modern handsets. Perhaps Mini just expects you to buy an iPhone 13 mini? At least there’s a pair of USB ports in front of the center console for charging and connectivity.

The Harman-Kardon audio system sounds decent and features Bluetooth connectivity, AM / FM terrestrial radio, and SiriusXM satellite radio.

How To Use Android Auto In Bmw

Mini Cooper – Add on Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto fully integrated with the factory controls

Android Auto MMI Prime operates the same way as the original software is intended to, but its integrated with the BMW iDrive system, which doesn’t have any native support for Android Auto, so it works differently than in other cars with Android Auto.

There are 3 ways to navigate the menu on the iDrive native screen:

  • iDrive controller
  • Google Assistant
  • Steering wheel buttons . NOTE: Android Auto for CIC lacks the steering wheel buttons control feature.
  • You can use Google Assistant to do a lot of things without you taking your eyes off the road. Using simple commands like Start Spotify or Take me home, you can easily operate Android Auto while safely driving your car. You can give even more specific tasks, like asking Google Assistant to turn on a specific song or find restaurants around your area. Just make sure you have steady Internet connection for the Google Assistant to work properly.

    To toggle back and forth between your BMW’s iDrive menu and the MMI/Android Auto view, press and hold the iDrive controller Menu button.

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    Mini Apple Carplay Features

    Having Apple CarPlay in your MINI Cooper means youll be able to:

    • Use a range of navigation apps, including Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze, instead of relying on your MINI’s native navigation system.
    • Stream music, radio, podcasts and audiobooks from apps such as Spotify, Stitcher, Tidal, Pandora and Audible.
    • Send text messages using WhatsApp.
    • Enjoy the comfort of Siri voice control to send messages, find directions and more, without taking your eyes off the road.

    Conveniently access all your content using your MINI’s native iDrive controls, no matter which app you’re using.

    The Mini Cooper Doesnt Feel Luxurious

    For a luxurious crossover, the 2021 Mini Cooper is lacking. The interior is stiff instead of offering comforts that those with money can afford. The ride is also bumpy and harsh on rough roads, so the suspension could use some upgrading.

    This shouldnt come as a surprise, but the Mini Cooper is tiny. The back seat is very cramped, and there is only up to 47.1 cubic feet of cargo space with the seats folded flat. Plus, in the convertible, the soft top takes up most of the truck room.

    Technology is limited in the Mini Cooper as well. It just got Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in 2020, and you have to upgrade to get those features. Aside from optional wireless charging, thats about all the tech the Mini Cooper has to offer.

    While it does have adaptive cruise control and automatic emergency braking, the Mini Cooper is missing standard safety features. Where is the blind-spot detection, rear-cross traffic alert, and more?

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    Mini Lineup Arrives Early With Fresh New Looks

    The Mini Hardtop and Convertible range gets a bold new facelift.

    The Mini has become a beloved fixture in the automotive world. It’s a reminder to all that the world is better off for having small, uniquely styled cars with go-kart-like handling, something the 2001 redesign of an icon embraced wholly. The Mini Hardtop and Mini Convertible are in their third generation after launching in 2014, and the styling has evolved smoothly and without losing its identity.

    For the 2022 model year, the Mini Hardtop and Convertible models are getting their most significant makeovers yet. There aren’t any significant performance updates for the refresh, barring the new option of “Frequency Selective Dampers” on the Cooper S, but we’re still not complaining a lot of the love for the Mini models is tied up in its styling.

    All the models have their own distinctive takes on the new design elements, and new paint colors are available for the refresh. The interior also gets an upgrade and features a new steering wheel, an upgraded touchscreen, a digital instrument cluster as standard, and a newly available upholstery choice. What’s going to grab everyone’s attention, though, is the new front end. So let’s start there.

    The nominal price increase means the base two-door Cooper Hardtop model starts at $22,900 in Classic the Signature trim starts at $26,900, and the Iconic starts at $30,900.

    A Quick Overview Of The Mini System

    2022 Mini Cooper Refresh Adds More Features, New Look

    Mini’s in-car infotainment system is loosely based on BMW’s iDrive – as hinted by that similar controller. The system also has a similar click-through hierarchy of pages, divided into major segments – My Mini , Mini Connected, Notifications, Communication, Media, Navigation – although what you get might depend on the packs you have .

    Beyond the main icons, Mini applies colour themes across the system and it’s fairly click heavy, asking you to rotate the dial and click to confirm before moving to the next level. Mini has always liked to add some graphical flair and you don’t have to dig too deep to find a Mini wearing a pair of sunglasses.

    Things can be a little hard to find, so it’s often easiest to hit the buttons on the controller to start in the right place, before clicking through – and knocking the “iDrive” controller back to move back up to the previous menu.

    There’s also a “recent” section which is a drop-down bar at the top. This can save a lot of navigation as it means you can open it up and scroll across to something you were recently looking at.

    We suspect that with BMW moving to a new interface in BMW Operating System 7, that Mini might change the user experience in its cars for parity across brands.

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    Is Android Auto Wireless

    BimmerTech’s Android Auto MMI Prime supports wireless connection just like the original software, but the list of officially compatible phones covers only Google’s Pixel and Nexus lines, and Samsung Galaxy phones with Android 8.0 or higher, plus other phones running Android 11.0. Check out the full list below:

    Phone Make and Model
    Other phonesAndroid 11.0 or higher

    Keep in mind that other phones may work too, even though they are not officially compatible.

    It is also recommended to install or update the Android Auto app to version 4.7, as well as using a high-quality original USB cable for the initial setup.

    Mini Cooper Android Auto

    The original Android Auto is included as an option only in MGU head units, and since MINI Cooper is yet to be equipped with iDrive 7.0, for now you wont find this feature on any car from the MINI range. Luckily, thanks to the MINI Cooper Android Auto retrofit for 2011+ vehicles, dedicated Android users dont have to wait for the upcoming manufacturing decisions or save up for a new iPhone. Getting your hands on the Android Auto retrofit means youll get to enjoy your favourite phone apps like Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, WhatsApp or Messenger, and control them all with Google Assistant voice commands. No better way to stay focused on the road!

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    What Is Apple Carplay In Mini

    Although it wasnt until 2014 that Apple introduced CarPlay to the automotive realm, the technology itself was based on the pre-existing “iPod Out” functionality, co-developed by Apple and BMW several years earlier. In a BMW, iPod Out allowed connecting an iPod to the iDrive system to listen to music via the car’s stereo system. Meanwhile, the current track or playlist could be shown on the iDrive screen, and controlled with the vehicle’s native multimedia controls.

    As the years went on and iPods got replaced by far more capable iPhones, Apple rebuilt its iPod Out technology, expanding it with considerably more features. The new system, called CarPlay, became a bridge between the smartphone and the iDrive system that was made to leverage much more than solely music playback. It could run a variety of apps, including music, messaging and navigation, suited to use behind the wheel. Or to be clearer it was optimized to be easily controlled via buttons, knobs, voice assistants or touchscreens .

    Why Choose Unavi’s Mini Carplay Retrofit Product

    Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto-Mini Cooper- Countryman F60 – MMI Smart Box Install and Tips.

    First, we are a Nissan/Infiniti KoreaTier-1 grade Certified Manufacturer. This means we have supplied our Navigation, Android Auto and CarPlay, Side Mirror Auto Fold Retrofit Module directly to Nissan/Infiniti Korea.In addition, we supplied our Android Auto and CarPlay, and Navigation to Infiniti Singapore and Infiniti New Zealand, etc. request by Infiniti Global.Second, we have U.S. based support for customer and technical needs. Our orders ship out from California via UPS and USPS, and also we have US-wide installation partner stores. Our technicians are here standing by to assist with any technical difficulties customers or installers may encounter.Finally, we offer standard 2-year warranty on our Unavi products. We stand by our product and offer double the industrys average warranty period. And also free returns quaranteed within 30 Days, whether you use the product or not.

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