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How Do I Fax From My Android Phone With Fax Pro

MaxEmail Fax App for Android

There is an easy way to send faxes from your android mobile phone. Just follow the step by step guide to sending faxes to any location in the world:

  • Go to your android mobile phones Google Play Store
  • Type Fax Pro in the search bar of the play store
  • Install this app on your mobile by tapping on the Install button
  • To accept its terms and conditions tap on the Accept button
  • After installation, click on the Open button
  • Next, youll see a Registration page of Fax Pro Go direct to the Registration button and tap on it for making your own account over there.
  • Provide your active email address and then verify yourself from your provided email account. After verification, you have to type your email address again and password to continue the process.
  • After receiving a successful message press OK
  • Now, youll see the main page of Fax Pro, tap on the SENDFAX button to send a fax from my phone.
  • You can choose images from your phones gallery, you can take a fresh photo using your mobile camera or you can write a document.
  • After selecting a document, you have to put the address of the recipients name, subject, and priority. And then press on the SENDFAX Your fax will be sent if not, then it will send you a failure message.

Try these also:

Faxplus Free Online Fax

You can also give it a try on FAX.PLUS, an easy and fast app for sending faxes from android. Once you ensure a good internet connection, this app will send and get a fax from anywhere. Using this app is super easy, and it takes a few taps to send and view the fax. Besides, it lets you send a fax using your mail address. This cross-platform fax program will let you send a fax to the people listed in your contact list. Want more to get impressed? Have a look below for more info.

Important Features

Tiny Fax Best Free Fax App For Iphone And Android

  • Free
  • In-App Purchases: Buy 24 Fax Credits From $0.99 to $3.99

However, there are tons of fax apps available on the play store, but MobiFax is the more favorable easy, and the best free fax app for iPhone and Android to send faxes over distances.

You can send a fax from iPhone and Android smartphone to more than 50 countries with Mobifax.

I found it the best-performing app for smartphones. No registration or account is needed to send faxes. Just install and type the recipient number and send the fax. It is very simple to use at a very low cost.

More Features:

  • Send fax from email Gmail
  • Combine multiple documents into a single fax
  • Send fax via cell phone
  • Cost-effective and is less than 27 cents per page

I found it cheaper and cost-effective low range users. It costs 20% less than other fax sending apps.

How do I fax from my android phone with MobiFax?

Follow the guidelines to install this best free fax app for android and iPhone and iPad and send free fax from the phone:

  • Head to your phones play store and search for the MobiFax
  • Tap on the selected app icon to install the app
  • Next, tap on the Install button to go-ahead
  • Now, wait for the completion of the installation procedure
  • After installation, press the Open button to continue the further process
  • The app will ask to access your mobile info
  • Now tap on the Send Fax button to send your fax anywhere

Well, you have learned how to send a fax from my phone for free using a MobiFax app

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How To Send A Fax From Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Never miss important faxes again. With our easy-to-use fax app, you can send faxes from your Android device in 5 easy steps:

1. Download and install our fax app on your Android device.2. Sign up and activate the 7-day free trial.3. Click New Fax and fill in the necessary details.4. Scan or attach your documents.5. Click Send

When you sign up with iFax, you will get your own local or toll-free fax number so you can start receiving faxes instantly.

What Contributes To The Best Free Fax App For Android

Best apps for Sending Fax using Android and iOS Device

Without telling you which fax app should be selected, what you should know is all the elements used to evaluate a free fax app. The best free fax app for Android must fulfill the following requirement:

Fax on the go from anywhere

One advantage of the online fax service is its ease of use. You dont have to purchase and install a fax machine if you prefer not to. All actions are done on the Website, and the service is thus available from any computer connected to the Internet, everywhere in the world. One small device can make you send fax freely.

No need to look for a fax machine

Even when youre busy vacationing, you can still send or receive a document that will directly be stored in your email. You wont have to go and find a fax machine to check what your client or team has sent. Thus, online fax services allow you to respond quickly since you can access the documents anytime.

Cost-saving and easy to use

You wont have to buy paper, ink, and machines. Though you may have to spend on an online fax service plan or subscription, the fee for this is much smaller than what youll pay for a traditional fax machine.

Compatible with multiple operating systems and devices

The best free fax app should be compatible with different operating systems like iOS and Android and it should be used on different devices like smartphones and tablets.

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How Much Does Sending Online Faxes Cost

Most of the fax services we’ve reviewed charge a monthly fee. What you get in return is an allotment of pages to use for that month. Some companies distinguish between how many pages you can receive and how many you can send, which seems needlessly restrictive to us. Other services offer a pool of pagesa more flexible approach. With a pool of fax pages, you don’t end up paying for, say, received pages you never use. Pooled-page plans also make it easier to avoid paying overage fees, which are per-page fees assessed when you exceed your monthly allocation. These fees ranges are between 3 and 12 cents per page, depending on the service.

Depending on your service, your plan likely does not include international faxing, though faxes to Canada and the UK sometimes do not incur extra costs. Most companies have users pay an additional feesometimes on a graduated scale depending on the recipient’s location, and usually per page. We prefer services that deduct an equivalent number of pages from your monthly allotment, rather than those that charge you an extra fee per page.

Setup fees are annoying, and thankfully they are a rarity in the world of online fax services. Only one of the services we tested, eFax, charges one .

Send & Receive Faxes From Your Mobile

Though there are more modern ways of communication, many businesses still use faxes. That’s because it is a straightforward and secure method of sending important documents. However, increasingly more people work remotely, which means that they might not have access to a fax machine. However, there’s no need to worry, as thanks to FaxBurner, you’ll be able to send a fax from anywhere using only your phone.

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Fax App: Fax From Phone

You can relate the name with its function. FAX App is a very quick and easy fax sending and handling app that can be used in any smart device. This excellent fax app for Android will just simplify your life by letting you send any documents through fax, and the format of those documents doesnt matter at all. You can use your email to send a fax to anyone. But it requires an internet connection. And this app is not free, and you may have to pay for its premium service.

Important Features

Is There A Free Fax App For Android

eFax Android App for Faxing Online from your Phone

While there are a number of ways to send a fax these days, using a fax app on your Android device is often the most convenient option. Unfortunately, finding a free fax app can be a bit of a challenge.

There are a number of paid options available, but if youre looking for a free fax app, your choices are somewhat limited. However, there are still a few good options out there.

One of the best free fax apps for Android is iFax. The app allows you to send and receive faxes right from your Android smartphone or tablet. Faxes are sent over an internet connection, so youll need to have a Wi-Fi or data connection to use this app.

Using the iFax app for Android for free is easy. The only thing you need to do is sign up for a 7-day free trial and you can send as much as faxes as you can as the plan you chose permits.

So, how do you get free fax account on Android using iFax?

Here are the few steps you need to do:

  • On Google Play Store, click the free trial option of iFax to get started. Choose an account you want to use. We recommend the Professional plan so you can send free faxes within the trial period.
  • iFax will notify you before the trial ends. You may cancel the subscription before the trial to avoid getting your Google Play account from being charged.
  • To send a fax, tap the New Fax button and fill in the fax details like the recipients name, fax number, subject line, comments, etc.
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    How To Send Fax From Phone With Free Fax Apps On Iphone And Android

    How to Send Fax from Phone? Find the best free fax apps to send a fax from iPhone and Android smartphones. Fax Burner, eFax, Tiny Fax, MobiFax, and FoxPro are the best free fax apps.

    These apps are also capable to send faxes from email, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, PC, Internet, iCloud, Google Drive, Docs, and DropBox with free fax apps iOS and Android

    You can send Fax from your Android smartphone like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, OnePlus, Motorola, Oppo, Realme, Nokia, Xiaomi, Infinix, QMobile, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Alcatel, HTC, Microsoft, Haier, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson, etc. using best free fax apps like Fax Burner, eFax, Tiny Fax, MobiFax, and FoxPro.

    You can also send a fax to every Apples iPhone with these apps

    Although, there is an email service available on the Internet that is being used for official documentation there are also many institutions and organizations that believe in receiving physical documents via post or fax.

    Posting documents via courier services is very expensive and time-consuming.

    So, is there a free fax app for android? if yes? then can I send a fax from my phone?

    YES! there are free fax apps for Android and iPhone on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and you can send fax from your phone.

    As with fax from the iPhone app, you can forget what office fax is, now in one click you can make fax, edit it for yourself and send it anywhere!

    Isnt it a smart tip?

    Best Fax Apps For Android Device

    Today, our talks will cover the fact of the best fax apps for Android, and we will get introduced with 20 of them. Though the number of fax apps in PlayStore is quite high, we have to work so much to find the good ones. Most of the time, we found apps that cannot even send a fax and still introduced as a fax app. Again, some of them ask too much to pay. So, we try one after another and end up finding the following apps. Most of them here are completely free, and the paid apps come with premium features. Lets see which one you will love to use.

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    If You Need To Send A Fax From Your Android Phone Just Install Wisefax App

    WiseFax is the best fax app for Android. It is free and you will be charged only for successfully sent faxes. There are no regular monthly costs and no hidden fees. WiseFax will calculate the price and present it to you before sending. So, you will always know the total cost before you approve it. Price calculation is based only on number of pages and receiver geographic location. After successful delivery you will get fax confirmation to your email address.

    Effortlessly Send And Receive Faxes From Your Phone

    iFax: Fax &  Receive Faxes FREE

    The free eFax mobile apps are the perfect complement to your eFax service. Our fax app for iPhone and iPad and the fax app for Android put all the functionality of eFax right on your mobile device.

    • Choose a local, toll-free or international fax number
    • Send faxes from your phone to 200+ countries
    • Receive faxes wherever you are
    • Electronically sign or edit faxes with the swipe of a finger
    • Scan documents to fax using your phones camera
    • Organize faxes by tagging and searching with ease
    • Upload files directly from Google Drive, Box or Dropbox to fax
    • And more!

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    The Benefits Of The Myfax Mobile App

    Stay Mobile

    You won’t be chained to your fax machine to send or receivetime-sensitive business faxes. With the MyFax® Mobile App, you can faxright from your phone.

    Never Miss a Fax

    The MyFax Mobile App alerts you immediately when you receive afax. You can leave your office to do business without worrying that you won’t see atime-sensitive fax until you’re back at work.

    Save Money

    Adding faxing capability to your mobile device means you nolonger have to pay for your old fax setup including a fax machine, landline, ink, paper,and maintenance fees.

    Keep it Simple

    The MyFax Mobile App lets you fax from anywhere. All you need isyour phone.

    Save Time

    Fax machines mean waiting around for incoming faxes, and rushingback to the office when you have to send an important fax. With the ability to fax fromyour mobile phone, you won’t have to deal with those hassles anymore.

    Faxing from the MyFax Mobile App Gives Kevin the Edge

    Kevin’s contracting business is hired by big construction firms, which have to fax himcontracts, order requests, and other documents. To keep these companies happy, Kevin mustrespond quickly. Now with the MyFax®Mobile App, he doesn’thave to run back to his office from the job site several times a day to send or receive afax.

    Fax Burner: Send & Receive Fax

    Fax Burner is another trusted and efficient fax app for the iPhone because of its robust features. Turning your iPhone into a fax machine, you can efficiently sign and send documents over the air. This fax app also has a fast scanning feature that lets you send faxes urgently. Fax Burner is the only app where you can get started completely free. Every time you want to get a fax, push one button, and TechNinjaPro will provide you with a toll-free fax number that you can use for up to 24 hours.

    The app offers a free package at 25 fax pages per month and sends five total pages with the free version. Its professional package is at $10 with 500 outbound and inbound pages, while the premier packages cost around $20 with 2000 outbound and inbound pages.

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    Best For Low Overage Charges


    • Good fax quality for simpler, text-based documents in testing


    • Cannot choose or send to international numbers
    • No mobile apps or digital signature tools
    • Poor password security, no two-factor authentication
    • Cancellation is unnecessarily difficult

    Sometimes, you need to send a fax. The odds are good, though, that you don’t have a fax machine. Even if you do have access to one at your workplace, chances are good that you’re working from home and can’t get to it during the pandemic. You could always pay to use a physical fax machine at your local office supply store, but they’re not cheap to use and are generally a pain to figure out. Plus, you have to make sure that your intended recipient actually receives a legible copy of your fax, which involves waiting around to get a confirmation, too.

    Although all-in-one printers have largely replaced standalone fax machines, online fax services let you break free from the machine altogether. These services provide a fax number you can use to send or receive faxes through a web portal, by email, or even via mobile and desktop apps. Faxing is still a pain, but these services help modernize the experience.

    Keep All Your Faxes On Your Mobile

    MyFax Mobile App for Android

    Even though fax machines are convenient, at times, finding the faxed documents in the office or in your apartment that you need might be problematic. If you decide to use a fax on your smartphone, you won’t face similar troubles, as you’ll be able to access all of your received faxes on your mobile or email.

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    Simple Scan Free Pdf Scanner App

    Let me introduce you with the simplest Fax app for Android that will work even more than just a fax machine. However, I am talking about Simple Scan. Though the name suggests being a scanner app, this app works as a fax app ever better. Sending and receiving a fax with this app is a matter of a few taps and a few seconds. You can send a fax without being registered and for free. Besides, it works as a great scanner and email app. Lets see whats more it offers.

    Important Features

    • All your fax will be stored as either JPG and PDF files in the cloud storage
    • You can send emails, fax, documents, and files using this app and print them using a printer too.
    • A search bar will instantly search the fax and files you are looking for.
    • You can export texts using this app, and it supports OCR text recognition.
    • This app is integrated with Dropbox, Facebook, Evernote, Google Drive, WhatsApp, etc.

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