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Bonus: How To Listen To Audible Books On Any Device

Book Apps for FREE: best apps to read for free (on Android and iPhone)

Here is added information for you! Do you wish to listen to Audible books on any device? The above media players will be able to play audiobooks but those should be DRM-free. What does this mean?

Well, if an audiobook, such as those Audible audiobooks , is protected by this DRM encryption, there is no way you can play them on any unauthorized device or share and transfer them from one gadget to another unless you remove that protection. But how would that be possible?

Thatâs simple! You only need the help of professional third-party software applications like this DumpMedia Audible Converter. Apps like this can easily do the DRM removal process and at the same time offer you additional perks that you might be looking for.

To give you an idea, since we want to be generous enough, we have highlighted here the key features of DumpMedia Audible Converter that you can enjoy once installed on your PC.

We always suggest visiting the official website of DumpMedia for further details about the app. We are sure youâll love using this once installed especially if you are an avid audiobook streamer and you wish to keep them not only on your PC but on many devices that you use!

Readera Book Reader Pdf Epub And Word

Unlike most of the apps on our list, Read Era is one of the truly free apps for reading books on your smartphone. Apart from not requesting any fees, it does not block your screen with popup ads. Moreover, there is a need to register your name, email address, or device.

When you read with Read Era, it allows you to change the orientation of the book itself. Besides, it is compatible with any dictionary app on your device thereby allowing you to understand new words quickly.

Free Books Read & Listen By Digital Press Publishing Sro

Are you in love with classics? Then this is the app made just for you. Free Books comes with tons of classic book selection which are available for download. Read right off the bat. Many apps on the Google Play Store lure users with promises of free books but in the end want you to pay for them.

Thankfully this is not one of those clever ruse apps. The reader included in the app is an average one but the books are in popular PDF format. The In-app purchase, which is one time only, by the way, allows you to listen to audio books as well.


  • From Shakespeare to Austen all are there.
  • The search feature works like a charm.
  • The app comes with original covers not the first Google image of the name.

Notable Feature:

The most noticeable feature of this free book app for Android is its comprehensiveness. Sure, many classical authors are featured but it is also easy to find works of less famous writers as well.

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Best Writing Apps For Android: The Final Word

These are just a few of the top apps available on Android right now for writers of all types.

Any of these writing tools can help you with blogging, writing a book, creating an article, or editing while using a tablet or Android mobile device.

Take a look at these Android writing apps and find the one that best meets your writing needs.

Best Free Novel Reader App For Android Audible for Android: Appstore for Android

Here is a list of best free novel reader app for Android. If you like novels and want to read on your Android devices, then you can try these novel reader apps. Using these apps, you can read your favorite novels without facing any problem. All of these apps offer a great novel reading environment by using tried and tested novel reading settings. Plus, all these apps give users the ability to move across novel pages, novel chapters, and adjust reading environment. To adjust the reading environment, these apps provide two main methods namely reading modes and font & brightness settings. Using reading modes you can adjust the novel-reading environment according to the surrounding light levels. If the surrounding area has more light then users can enable light mode and when the surrounding area has less light then users can enable dark mode.

Most of these apps offer a large collection of free novels that you can browse and read. Some of these apps can also suggest novels to users based on their novel reading habits. If you like some novels, then you can save them in your private collection. Some other useful features of these apps are and which help other users to choose a novel. Go through the list to know more about these apps.

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The Best Ebook Reader Apps For Android

Price: Free / $4.99

Aldiko Book Reader is one of the older eBook reader apps. Its also a great simple option for those who need it. It features support for EPUB, PDF, and Adobe DRM encrypted eBooks as well as eBook support for library books on rental. The app also comes with a clean, if somewhat antiquated interface, customization options, phone and tablet support, and global text searches inside of books. The free version comes with ads. The paid version does not. Otherwise, theyre basically the same.

Which Of These E

Whether you have no idea what you’d like to read yet or a growing collection of e-books on your list, there’s an e-reader app out there to suit your needs.

If you’re just getting started and are looking for a wide selection of e-books, Amazon Kindle or Google Play Books are an excellent place to start.

Just finished your favorite book and looking for something different? Check out some of our favorite shows streaming on Paramount+.

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Best Ebook Reader Apps For Ios And Android In 2021

  • 3 Want to Learn More?
  • Using an eReader is much easier than carrying a bunch of your favorite novels around with you. It means you can flip between books at the press of a button and keep yourself entertained for months at a time. Plus, there are tons of free eBooks available for a bit of light reading too.

    The only problem?

    You have to buy an eReader and find space for it in your bag or pocket when youre on the move. Why not keep things simple by using a device you already have?

    Thanks to eBook apps, you can access all your favorite tales in seconds from your smartphone. Plus, many of the best eBook reader apps dont cost anything to download either! Its a win-win.

    Dont wait for someone else to do it. Hire yourself and start calling the shots.

    Best Book Apps For Reading On The Go

    5 Best Book summary Apps for android and IOS | book summary apps free and paid

    If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

    With advances in mobile technology, we now have a powerful tech in the palm of our hands. With it, we can browse through social media, take photos, listen to music, shop, check the news or weather, and even access some productivity tools. Among these is the ability to read electronic books commonly known as eBooks on the go whether you are on the subway, plane, or anywhere else. With eBooks, you have the advantage to access several books on your smartphone to sharpen your skills and learn more with the only limitation being the available memory. Besides this, Book apps give you the option to read aloud, are easy on the eyes, and easily share the books with colleagues.

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    Main Features Of Alreader:

  • The software supports files in zip-archives and also provides the reading of various file formats, such as txt-DOS and txt-Windows, doc, fb2, e-pub, regular htm, and others.
  • The property of stopping reading is that if a call is received to the mobile device, the reader is automatically disconnected, and upon completion of the conversation it is turned on at the stoppage of reading in the text of the book.
  • The AlReader tool is equipped with its own library, where any fiction, works that are publicly available can be chosen and read by name, by release date, by the author, by quotation, by content.
  • The reader system can access network libraries.
  • The text element of the book can show both on one page and two pages on the screen, according to the type of the opened book.
  • A very convenient feature is an automatic scrolling of the file for the user in the sampling of the enhanced type of adjustments: in auto-scrolling, there are various options from smooth to wave.
  • There is a change in the status bar for the windowed and full-screen mode.
  • Footnotes are displayed in the pages of the doc and fb2 formats.
  • The text is displayed at choice, horizontally or vertically, with the opportunity to turn off the screen rotation.
  • Transition, search, scrolling in the text of the document can be carried out: by percent, forward or at the end of the book, previous or next chapter, by the specified number of pages back and forth.
  • An alternative to synchronize the application on the network.
  • Inkitt One Of The Best Android Apps For Readers And Book Lovers

    Available platforms: Android, iOS

    Top choice for people who love reading and writing

    Interesting feature: Has a huge library of free books in different genres

    Inkitt is an app from a publishing house that allows accessing numerous books online for free and keeps them in your offline digital library. Besides, it encourages the self-promotion of new authors. The great design and usability make Inkitt one of the best Android book apps.

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    Instaread Insights From Books In Audio & Text

    This program is a real find, which is based on the amount of content that is in it. Indeed, it is the app that is considered to be the richest in terms of choosing various works, as well as a huge number of professionally written books on various topics.

    The most important advantage of the utility is the ability to choose in which format you will familiarize yourself with the material: text or audio.

    Regardless of when you want to read: on the bus, on a break from work, at home, at a corporate party just turn on the audio format and listen comfortably to what you think is interesting.

    Thanks to the amazing authors language, you will educate yourself and become erudite in various fields of activity in just half an hour of daily reading or listening to various books. This knowledge can help you bring some interesting ideas to life or simply develop your horizons many times wider.An important aspect is that you can upload your favorite works to your device so as not to lose them when you may need them. In addition, the ability to read or listen to your favorite books without an Internet connection will only improve the process of obtaining new knowledge and skills.

    Rediscover Your Inner Bookworm With Ebook Apps

    The 5 Best Book Reading Apps for Android (Free)

    With the best eBook reader app, its easier than ever to uncover the joy of reading in a new, digital age. You dont have to carry clunky books and magazines with you when youre traveling to and from work each day. You wont even need your own eReader device. Instead, the best eBook reader app gives you quick access to all the novels you want to read on your smartphone.

    eBook apps are one of the best ways to upgrade your reading experience instantly. Why buy yet another device when you can have your books right there on your phone? With the app recommendations on this list, you can expect to have a good time reading your favorite titles on your iPhone or Android device.

    Which eBook reader app is your favorite and why? Let us know in the comments below.

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    Wattpad One Of The Best Iphone Apps For Book Lovers And Storytellers

    Available platforms: iOS, Android, web

    Subscription price: Free

    Top choice for amateur writers

    Interesting feature: You can join a niche to connect with your special interest club

    Wattpad is much more than just an app thats the entire community. On this platform, you can share your talent in writing and make friends with other people interested in reading and storytelling. Besides, its one of the best iPhone apps for book lovers.

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    The Best Apps To Read Free Books And Novels On Android Phones

    These apps can be found on Google Playstore. You can use them to download and read free books and novels at any time.

    On the Google Playstore, the Light Reader is one of the popular apps for getting literature from the internet. Since its launch, the reader has gathered millions of downloads. Besides, it has gathered tons of positive reviews from users.

    So whats special about this tool? For starters, it offers a huge collection of novels from different genres. Since it has a powerful search engine, you can browse through millions of books and pick one within seconds.

    If you are confused about choosing a book to read, the Light Reader will recommend one for you. Also, the app offers a Night Mode feature for easy reading.

    What Is The Best App For Free Books

    Best and free book reading app for Android

    is the best app for reading free books. This app offers millions of ebooks, textbooks, audiobooks, comics, and even manga. You can read or listen on android, iOS, or your web browser, even when youre offline using this app. You can tweak the size and color of the font and easily lookup words through the dictionary feature as well. With this app, you are able to take notes that sync with your Google Drive and share them with colleagues and friends for easy collaboration. Though some ebooks are designated for sale you can also preview some of the sample pages. It also offers you email notifications about new releases from your favorite authors and when your wish-listed books go on sale.

    Image: Depositphotos

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    Best For The Features: Moon+ Reader Pro

    The Moon+ Reader Pro is a comprehensive eBook reader, supporting almost all known digital formats. Its efficient and fast too while providing plenty of features.

    One is the shake-the-phone-to-speak feature, where, as you may guess, shaking the phone will prompt the Read feature. Shaking the device again will stop the feature.

    There are plenty of other features, too, including multi-joint touch controls, Bluetooth key controls, auto-scrolling, and more. Read statistics will keep you in the loop of how much reading is left, which can be handy for some.

    The interface is customizable, too so you can set up the best reading experience for yourself. The pro version comes with a price, but theres a free version, too, if you dont mind dealing with ads between reading.

    Epic The Amazing Solution For Parents And One Of The Best Book Apps For Young Readers

    Available platforms: iOS, Android

    Subscription price: $7.99/month and Free for educators

    Top choice for young readers

    Interesting feature: Quizzes at the end of each book for better learning and entertainment

    Epic! positions itself as the top digital library for readers younger than 12 years old. It has everything to become one of the best apps for book lovers in this category: the age-based library range, books for learning languages, materials in audio and video format. Its a great choice for parents who want to get their children into reading!

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    Best For Translating: Fbreader

    Fbreader is another reading app with a bit of an old-school feel. That doesnt make it any less efficient, though. The app supports EPUB up to UPUB3, AZW3, fb2, RTF, and HTML formats. It also supports comic books, MS Word, and plain text formats.

    Fbreader relies on the Google Drive cloud service, so you can also sync your e-books across devices. While the interface may look a little retro and dated, you’ll have no problems once you get the hang of using it.

    A stand-out feature of the FBreader app is Google Translate, which it comes integrated with. This feature allows you to read content in foreign languages.

    To help you expand your knowledge even further, theres a built-in dictionary that allows you to search for unknown words and phrases. Havent we all wanted to do this while sitting down with a book?

    Another win is that theres plenty of customization options too.

    Nook: Read Ebooks & Magazines

    10 Best eBook reader apps for Free on Android

    While Amazon has always been an online-only store, Barnes & Noble has been one of the largest bookstores still hanging around. To try and keep up with the times, the company unveiled a series of e-readers, but has since largely pivoted to the Nook app. Like the Kindle app, you can browse a vast library of titles, genres, and much more right from your phone.

    After finding a new book to settle down with, you are able to customize different aspects of the reading experience. This includes adjusting the font style, changing the margin sizes, and even switching up the page animations. As you might expect, you can make notes and add bookmarks that can then be shared with your friends if you come across an inspiring quote or just something funny. The Nook app is free to use, and includes more than 75,000 free eBooks, or you can start building your digital library by purchasing eBooks.

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