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Animal Hunting Sniper 2017

Best Hunting Apps [FREE] | The Sticks Outfitter | EP. 2

Animal Hunting Sniper 2017 first person shooting on android, where you will travel through Safari. In this game, you take in your hands the most modern sniper rifle and will lead the hunt for wild animals. Navigate the beautiful and diverse locations of the game and slowly sneak up to the animal, so as not to frighten it away. Point your target, aim, and shoot, trying to get into the most vulnerable places of the animal. Get valuable trophies and beware of huge predators that can harm you. The game will please you with numerous locations and various weather conditions. Discover new weapons and ammunition.

Do You Travel To Hunt

If you tend to hunt outside your home range, then investing in a few different apps can be a potential boon for success once that hunting trip is in motion.

Whether youre mule deer hunting in a new unit out West or duck hunting a public land hidey-hole in the Southeast, desktop and mobile apps can aid in planning, sharing information with fellow hunters, or connecting socially with hunters in the area who are happy to help with information of their own.

Have a favorite hunting app we missed? Let us know in the comments below for future updates to this article.

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Deer Calls And Tactics

This app has one of the most complete libraries of deer calls and sounds available to help you make the most of each hunting trip.

Tactics provide tips and tactics for the 12 most effective deer sounds, including contact call, doe grunt, doe bleat, doe estrus bleat, breeding bellow, buck grunt, buck bawl, tending grunt, tending click-grunt, snort-wheeze, sparring, and rattling.

It provides descriptions and dates of rut phases, tactics, and tips for each of the phases, ratings for solunar days and a lunar calendar.

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Huntstand: Tools Maps & Gps On The App Store

HuntStand, with millions of downloads, is the #1 hunting app in the world and is the only hunting- and land-management app you will ever need. This revolutionary app is packed with invaluable mapping, weather, tracking, and social features. Using this app, you will have access to offline weather and maps of your hunt areas.

Pokemon Go And Similar Games

Free Amazon Android App of the Day for 11/05/2019 ...

Price: Free to play

This one is a bit of a mental stretch, well admit. However, it is a hunting game at its core. Pokemon Go has players going out into the real world to take gyms, battle each other, and, of course, hunt down Pokemon and catch them. We like that this game gets you out of your chair and into the real world. However, we understand if youre disappointed at the lack of stuff like guns. This is a family friendly game and there are others like it. It wont scratch that hunting sim itch or maybe it will since you do have to go out into nature.

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Deer Calls For Hunting

Deer Calls for Hunting are also both for Android and iOS. Although the iOS version is a paid one. The app has such sounds as buck grunt, doe grunt, doe bleat, lost fawn, and antler rattle. They are all used in different circumstances. The most popular one is, of course, a buck grunt.

The app can be used on the background which means you can turn a certain sound on and do other things on your smartphone. The other useful feature is supporting Bluetooth connection. There are some audio devices out there that work via Bluetooth. If you want to make it loader, you might consider getting one and using it as a sound amplifier.

The sounds introduced in the app are lifelike. They are crisp and clear which means they work. Once again, be fully prepared before using the app both mentally and technically.

Rangefinder For Deer Hunting

This is one of the upgraded paid apps on the Apple store that comes with advanced features and provides you with an accurate measurement of the distance between you and your target.

The app allows you to easily set the height of the device from the ground so that you can get more accurate and precise measurements. You can use this app for shooting range, archery, hunting, and bowhunting.

This rangefinder can measure the distance between 40 to 60 yards. For achieving maximum accuracy, you need to point the crosshairs at the base or feet of your target. Yardage is clearly indicated on the screen. You can also check the hunting rangefinders we have reviewed.


  • Doesnt work on iPhone 6 models and lower

Apple Store link

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Dont Starve: Pocket Edition

Price: $4.99

Dont Starve is a survival game with a lot of fun game mechanics. You end up stranded in some strange place and must survive at all costs. There are a lot of things here, including a crafting and farming system. However, you can absolutely hunt animals in this game. You can do so by setting traps or attacking directly. Since the premise is not starving to death, hunting for food is actually a main mechanic. There are some other survival games that dabble with this, but we like Dont Starves approach. There is a second game in the series, Dont Starve: Shipwrecked, that is also quite good.

Best Gps Hunting Apps In 2021

4 absolutely free android apps that actually work for ghost hunting

The best GPS Hunting Apps are simple to use, reliable, maximize hunting efficiency, and keep you safe in the woods. The 6 GPS Hunting Apps discussed in this post I have personally field-tested for years. Youll learn the pros and cons for all of them so you can determine which is right for you. You may also like my OnX Hunt App Review:

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Zello Ptt Walkie Talkie

Price: Free

Zello PTT Walkie Talkie is arguably the best walkie talkie app on mobile phones right now. You can keep in contact with your hunting group, even if youre not right next to each other. The app features both public and private chats with both PTT and text functionality. It works over even spotty data connections and it also features push notifications in case you are otherwise occupied. Of course, phone calls and texts work too, but a good old-fashioned walkie-talkie can certainly help communication within your hunting party. Plus, the app is free.

Powderhook Best Social App

Powderhook doesnt do a lot but what it does do, it does very well! Though there is a mapping component to Powderhook it is so far behind the other mapping tools available that it isnt worth discussing. You dont get Powderhook for the maps, you get it to get it for the amazing people and places it can help you find.

If you are a first time or novice hunter, Powderhook has the best feature to help you: Mentorship. You can get on Powderhook and ask questions that will be answered by experts in the field and even find someone to take you under their wing and teach you the ropes. Of course, if you are a more experienced hunter you can sign up to be a mentor.

A lot of the brands we love as hunters are also Powderhook users and share a lot of content about their stores including sales and special events to keep you up to date on the hunting community in your area.

I wouldnt call this a necessary app but I will say that there are no group of people out there trying to do more for the hunting community. Powderhook is currently trying to introduce young people to hunting and grow the number of our future hunters. Its a lofty goal and one that you should be a part of.


  • Maps Arent that Useful
  • No Other Functionality

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Best Deer Hunting Apps For 2019

The onX app has become a go-to tool for serious hunters. It’s excellent for property line identification, but it has countless other features, too, including highlights of public land areas, hunting zones, topographical lines and multiple layers. Learn More Here: onX Hunt Image 4 of 10 5 | HuntStand

A Cool App For Deer Hunting


The app also gives advice based on your shot, and tells you some basics on color of blood, smell, etc. to help you determine your shot and the time you need to wait to try and recover your deer. People have been deer hunting for hundreds of years without this. However, I think its really an interesting tool to have on your phone.

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Deer Hunting : Hunting Games Free

Deer Hunting 2021: Hunting Games Free. Deer Hunt: hunting games free lets you embark on a guns slinging adventure where you are the predator and you have to find out the prey. Pack on the bullets and shoot down every single target to complete all your missions. Aim for the head shot, lung shot, brain shot or the heart shot for the maximum score.

What Kind Of Maps Do You Need

If you spend a lot of time hunting public land, property boundaries are a serious concern for hunting legality. Its beyond important not only to know where you stand but also where your quarry is standing. If youre holding special tags or permits, you also need to be able to follow lines of hunting units or hunting zones while knowing legalities across these lines.

Another consideration: If your hunting area is a familiar parcel of private land perhaps your family farm property lines arent necessarily as important. But custom waypoints that show food plots, hunting stands, livestock pastures, and more can be extremely helpful, especially if theyre easily shareable with members of your hunting crew.

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Do You Need To Be In The Range Of Your Data Provider

Technically, you can use some features of some apps while being completely offline.

You dont have to be hooked up to your data provider and absolutely tank your data bill.

For GPS systems, think about those old Tom Toms on your dashboard: those werent hooked up to the internet.

They come with preloaded maps that use positioning software, without the aid of a satellite, so you can track your position in real-time.

Its why you might have gone down a road with an old, outdated map, but your GPS system said: Get back on a road. Theyre working off preloaded maps.

Most GPS apps give you the option to preload your maps, but it has a hefty file size.

Considering that the average smartphone only has between 8GB and 16GB of total memory , you might need to dump some other apps or photos.

It could be a hefty file.

Apps that require input from the user, such as range-finding apps, dont necessarily need data or the internet to operate.

However, if you wanted to take advantage of some apps that allow other hunters to rate spots, describe their hunt, and use a community-driven content system, youre not going to get that in offline mode.

If you plan on logging your hunts, then it depends on what app youre using.

Find out in the description if it has an offline mode, and what that offline mode supports.

It may log the information you submit locally , and then upload it when you connect to data or Wi-Fi again. This is subject to the individual app.

Apply Yourself To The Hunt

DEER HUNTER 2014 Android App Review (Gameplay) (Walkthrough)

Data is glorious, and when you log your hunts and figure out how to utilize that data to plan your next trip, theres nothing you cant do.

From wind speed and direction to range finding, previously recorded hunting spots , and more, theres no reason not to have a hunting app on your phone.

Youre going to have it on you anyway, why not turn it into a tool?

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Arthur Anderson

Arthur Anderson grew up in rural Indiana, where he spent much of his time going on hunting trips with friends from a young age, and braving the outdoors to get the most authentic hunting experience possible. Now, a family man and dedicated man of God, Arthur shows his children how to live off the land while simultaneously hunting with his brothers and friends whenever the opportunity presents itself. Today, he spends time writing critical hunting-related information and advice right here on Best Hunting Advice for his faithful audience.

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Terrastride Inc / Huntstand

Overall Score: 84

HuntStands robust and useful feature set alone could have put it in a serious battle with onXmaps Hunt for the title of Editors Choice, but the fact that it includes free parcel boundaries gave it the decisive edge.

Lets start with the mapping. HuntStands system allows you to choose an array of map views, ranging from satellite aerial imagery to topographic to standard views with road names. The maps function as expected, and image quality is excellent . The parcel boundaries can be turned on or off, and they provide property lines. You will encounter some areas that do not offer parcel details , and the boundary lines are all you get. No landowner information is provided on the app, though the desktop version does include those details, and you cant tell which property is public versus privately owned, which is definitely a disappointment. Still, its the only app Ive found that offers parcel boundaries at no charge.

Unfortunately, a recent update to the app limits the number of parcels you can tap for details to 10 per month, and it appears HuntStand may soon charge for additional parcel details.

The desktop version has even more features, and you can sync data from the field to the desktop.

Range Finder For Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

This app allows you to measure the distance between you and your target. The application is very easy and simple to use and provides you with an estimated distance that helps you in making a calculated shot to the target.

This rangefinder easily estimates the range to your target for easy shot placement. The app also advises you to point the crosshairs at the foot of the target, e.g. deer for maximum accuracy.

The app also requires you to follow specific instructions for it to work perfectly. You have to adjust the height slider correctly on the screen so that the app can measure distance with accuracy.

If done right, you can use the app to measure distance up to 40 yards with this app. Above 40, you may face an accuracy issue. You can also check out some of the best hunting rangefinders under $200.


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Best Deer Hunting Apps For Android And Iphone

As an affiliate, I may earn a commission from purchases made through the links on this page.

Like it or not, smartphones are now considered by many deer hunters to be an essential item for your hunting pack. The smartphone is, at its worst, a time waster, a dangerous source of distraction, and can steal your attention from what really matters the deer movement around you!

At their best, however, the smartphone can help you discover new things about your land, teach you survival skills, find new places to hunt, call in a big buck, and even help you find your way home with the GPS. With that in mind, here is a massive list of the 35 best deer hunting apps available for you to download onto your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Quick Navigation:

  • 36. Whitetail+
  • Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game

    Deer Hunter 2017 for PC â Free Download

    Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game is another exciting simulation of the hunt for the Android devices. In this game, you will hunt in a variety of places, and your prey can be anyone. Developers of the Ten Square Games realized excellent graphics, high-quality drawing of all locations. Despite the boring process of hunting, the gameplay turned out very, very dynamic.

    Go to your first hunt in any place that is accessible to you. Of course, not all maps will be available at the very beginning, they will have to be opened during the game. The weapons will also be opened, you can buy it in specialized gaming stores. This requires money, and you can get game currency for your booty. In the described novelty, there is a rich choice of weapons.

    Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game for Android:

    • different tournaments
    • comfortable control
    • a large selection of hunting rifles.

    If you consider yourself an excellent hunter, then its time for you to various competitions between hunters. Of course, there will be prizes, but for this, you need to bring the maximum amount of production. On some rifles, special sights are installed, through which you can see in what place you need to shoot in order to kill an animal for felling. In addition, you can improve the skills of your character do not forget to use this opportunity. If you download Wild Hunt: Sport Hunting Game on Android phone and tablet now, you will have more time to prepare for tournaments with prize-winning places.

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    Deer Hunting Apps For Computer

    On this page, you can find Deer hunting apps for computer pages. This list is build manually with all the relevant results available on the web. You can click on any of the link and it will take you directly to the page you’re looking for.

    You can also use the search option if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Our database has millions of web pages and the most relevant links according to your query. You can also request to remove any not working or irrelevant links on our website. You can use the contact us page to request a web page that is not uploaded on our website.

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