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Changing The Dns To Block Ads On Android

how to block ads on android games | play any game on mobile without ad | remove ads from android

One of the easiest ways to block ads on Android smartphones is by changing to an ad-blocking services private DNS provider. This method requires no apps, but it only works on Android phones with Android 9 Pie and above, as the Private DNS setting was introduced with this version of the OS.

To change the DNS, go to Settings > Network and Internet > Advanced > Private DNS. Choose the option Private DNS Provider Hostname, and enter or, and hit Save. Thats it. Youll no longer see any in-app ad banners, nor any advertisements on web browsers.

On some phones, the path to change the Private DNS may be different. If your phone UX has a search bar, simply search for Private DNS to land on the relevant settings page.

The Best Puzzle Games

  • Racing Games
  • The best puzzle games do their best to break your brain and yet keep you coming back for more pain. Infuriating, entertaining, and challenging, there are few things as satisfying as getting that AHA! moment when you finally find the solution. Puzzle games are especially well-suited to mobile, often maximizing their minialistic designs and execution to great effect.

    There are many free puzzle games out there, a good chunk of which are, frankly, garbage so over monetized and/or drowning with ads that they’re nearly unplayable. Thankfully, the lovely puzzlers we’ve assembled below don’t fall prey to those pitfalls. Read on to discover some of the best free puzzle games you can find in the Play Store right now.

    Create The App Backups Professionally For Patched Versions On The Cloud

    We have already discussed that X8 Speeder APK is a whole bucket of privileges related to the patches and lag killers. But We havent introduced you to one of the special exemptions delivered by our X8 Speeder APK App Backup!

    Yeah, This simplistic patchy application will also provide you with the handiest app backup tool inside. After installing this app on your phone, You can create a backup of all those apps patched with X8 Speeder APK and keep them either on the Cloud Storage or your phone storage to get back!

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    No Internet Simulator Games For Ios And Android

    Simulator games are usually labeled as slow and boring by a lot of people mainly because they require proper time and dedication. Without both, the game would not play the way it is meant to be played.

    Despite the criticism the genre often receives, it has some ardent fans all around the world. It is actually surprising to see that in the ever-evolving, and moving world of mobile gaming, simulator games have found a home on the platform.

    The list is going to have some of the best simulation games you can play on both iOS, and Android.

    Casual Games For Android And Ios

    Solitaire: Decked Out Ad Free

    Sometimes you dont want to play action games, or games that require your brain to focus on things. In a situation like that, the best way out is by playing games that are casual. There is no shortage of casual games in the market, as a matter fact, they have been around for a long time.

    Casual games are just like they sound, you dont really need a lot of brain activity to play the games. You can even play them when you are half asleep and they will still make sense.

    The list is all about the best casual games that are available on the mobile platform. Lets have a look at them.

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    Best Solitaire Games For Android:

    Price: Free / $2.99

    250+ Solitaire Collection is a collection of solitaire games. It has the basic solitaire along with FreeCell, TriPeaks, Klondike, Canfield, Golf, Spider, Scorpion, and many others. The UI isnt the best, but its highly funcitonal and reasonably easy to use. There isnt much to complain about really. The controls are decent, it has every version of solitaire Ive ever heard of, and its reasonably cheap. The free version contains ads and the full version removes them. Its also free via Google Play Pass if you have it.

    Ancient Planet Tower Defense

    Ancient Planet Tower Defense is an excellent strategy game. Users will enjoy a collection of very complex, but very interesting levels. There is also an extensive upgrade system and high-quality graphic design. This app is completely free of charge, but there is also paid content. Ignore it if you do not want to invest real money.

    Pay attention to the presence of world rankings and try to fight for leadership positions with other players. In total, there are thirty-five levels in the game. So, users should help the ancient civilization. It is massively attacked by alien invaders, and you must repel these attacks. Use special towers for this.

    Management is convenient. This is not surprising because it was adapted for touch displays. As for the menu, it is comfortable. To buy a variety of towers, as well as constantly improve them, you need gold. Thanks to a special mine, you can get the necessary gold. Try to think through your actions, correctly arrange the towers to overcome opponents. Download Ancient Planet TD for your phone right now!

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    Death City: Zombie Invasion

    Watch Gameplay

    This adventure game has a world stricken by virus and mutation accident. In P City, peace and quiet reigns until it becomes the hub of dead people and a hell for the living. You are a survival man and your gun will help you defeat enemies to guide your troop to safety. In this journey, you will have two companions to help you.

    The zombies DNA can be used in the game to upgrade your weapons and get new ones, so kill as many undead as you can. Each battle lifts your status and gives you new powers. There are varied surroundings, like rainforests, ruins, cities, highways and new areas. You will reach safety and win against the zombies only if you utilize all your strengths and intellect.

    Modern Strike Online: Pro Fps

    Play Free Online Games On Android/ios without Downloadind / /No Ads/ /One Tap Play/

    Modern Strike Online offers a pure online FPS experience packed with many great quick match options. You earn experience as you play, which levels you up to unlock new game modes. There are six in total, including most of the standard fare you’d expect free-for-all, team deathmatch, seek and destroy, and a hardcore mode.

    In-game currency can be bought via in-app purchases or earned via daily rewards, crates, and generally kicking ass, which can then be spent on new weapons, armor, and accessories for your character. There’s a decent amount of customization available for kitting, with over 30 types of weapons available to rent or buy.

    If Call of Duty: Mobile isn’t to your liking, but you’re still wanting some awesome shooting action, then be sure to check out Modern Strike Online.

    Modern Strike Online: PRO FPS

    This is another great shooter. Modern Strike Online packs a ton of content, customization, and excellent progression for a free title.

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      The Ninja In The Dark

      The Ninja in the Dark is at its core not far removed from Fruit Ninja. Youre tasked with quickly slicing up a bunch of stuff on the screen, while avoiding getting all stabby with hero-obliterating bombs. Only in this game, you do this in the dark.

      Its something of a memory test, then. You get a few seconds to study the screen layout then your finger becomes a virtual sword, zipping about and hopefully not scything through anything deadly.

      The core gameplay is, perhaps inevitably, a little repetitive. But The Ninja in the Dark is fun in short sessions. Stick around for the long term and youll end up battling increasingly ferocious monsters, along with unlocking new worlds and power-ups.

      League Of Legends: Wild Rift

      Named as one of the best competitive Android games of the year by the Google Play Store, League of Legends: Wild Rift is a 5v5 MOBA where you team up with friends to take on the enemy. This games totally free to play, and you can earn every champion without paying or watching ads. Speaking of champions, there are a wide range of them to suit your gameplay style, whether you prefer freezing your enemies with an ice arrow or hacking and slashing with a giant sword. Theres plenty of longevity in this game and youll quickly find it becomes a time sink as your team progresses and its built for mobile too, so the controls feel great.

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      Quizoid: Trivia Quiz 2018

      Are you looking for a game that will test your knowledge regarding different aspects around you? You are at the right place Quizoid: Trivia Quiz 2018 tests a players knowledge by offering 7,000 questions belonging to all sorts of different categories.

      The game offers three playing modes for added fun, and you also get lifelines if you want the game to go easy on you. The interface is not as modernized as I would have preferred, but the core functionality is there, and works brilliantly.

      Yes, the game stores all the data offline, so for anyone in search of games without internet this is definitely a great game to go for. The game is available on both Android and iOS.

      Kidloland: Kids Nursery Rhymes

      5 Awesome Free Android Games without Ads or in

      Please your child with an exciting game of KidloLand. The application is one of the best in its category. It is already used by over one million happy families all over the world. Hundreds of funny poems, funny songs, funny videos, and stories will allow children to interact with the characters on the screen as if they are playing together.

      Learning the alphabet has never been such a simple activity, sing together and remember. Listening to the original childrens songs, kids have the opportunity to learn a lot of new things: words, numbers, fruits, cars. Children meet unusual animals and birds, get acquainted with the shapes of objects and their various colors, study the months of the year, the days of the week and much more.

      The application does not require a connection to Wi-Fi, so the game is an ideal pastime, not only for a home lesson but for road trips, long flights. The application was successfully created for both Android, iPhone, and iPad. A wonderful musical accompaniment, colorful and bright design will certainly be to the taste of children!

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      Into The Dead : Zombie Survival

      In this endless runner, your goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse and save your family. The sequel to the original Into the Dead game, Into the Dead 2 features seven chapters and 60 stages, with a huge arsenal of weapons, from shotguns to machetes. Youll fight hordes of the undead across a wide variety of detailed locations, from abandoned farms to oil fields and military bases, and encounter different types of zombies along the way, like armored zombies and runners. Best of all, you can have a canine companion on your adventures and there are special story events like the Ghostbusters one or a prequel to Night of the Living Dead. Into the Dead 2 is free to play, with optional in-app purchases, and you can even play offline.

      Lego Juniors Create & Cruise

      Price: Free

      This is a great virtual building experience for kids, and its nice to see an official Lego game thats entirely free to play. Their imaginations can run wild as they make simple Lego vehicles and Minifigures, such as a police officer or princess, and they can also collect coins to unlock further Lego sets. Theyll see exciting and vibrant 3D scenery to drive through while the soundtrack adds to the fun.

      The game is aimed at 4 to 7-year-olds but we found that even toddlers could play quite happily with it. It might also inspire them with different ideas for their existing Lego sets at home.

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      The Best Free Android Games With No In

      Price: Free / Varies

      AI Factory Limited is a developer on Google Play. They make a variety of simple free Android games. That includes Chess, Checkers, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Euchre, Go, Reversi, Sudoku, and many others. Each one is free with no in-app purchases. Some of them have paid versions that remove advertising. However, the ads really arent that bad. A few of them, especially the Chess game, are actually fairly in-depth. You cant go wrong when it comes to simple, free Android games.

      Play Games Without Ads: Turning On Airplane Mode

      Play Android Games Without Downloading and installing || Free/No Ads

      No jailbreak required, no need to install any tweaks or apps, its just simple turning on airplane mode then most of the ads will be gone from your games. Make sure when you are turning on airplane mode, you are not connected to WiFi. In case your WiFi is turned on, turn it off, so you are completely off from the internet.

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      Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff

      Pocket Cowboys: Wild West Standoff invites you to endless high-noon standoffs, with four gunslingers ready to fill their enemies full of lead. But instead of being a free-for-all brawl, this game is more like rock/paper/scissors, with a smattering of chess.

      During each round, you choose to move, shoot, or reload. Depending on which character youre controlling, shooting may unleash leaden death on a wide area, or just on the space next to you. Success relies on correctly anticipating what your opponents will do, and making the right move yourself.

      This straightforward slice of strategy affords Pocket Cowboys great immediacy but stick around for the long haul and you can upgrade your team, and partake in events, all while formulating strategies to avoid your gang too often being sent to Boot Hill.

      Best Android Games For Toddlers With No Ads Or In

      Ty Arthur

      As soon as your toddler realizes you’re interested in what’s on your tablet screen, you better believe they’re suddenly going to be very interested in what’s happening on your tablet screen, too.

      There’s a bigger problem waiting for parents than just smudgy fingerprints or dropped phones, though. Once your toddler figures out how to open and play apps on your Android device, get ready for a flood of in-app purchases to destroy your bank account .

      Luckily, there are Android apps out there specifically designed for the little ones that don’t have any third-party ads — or the pitfall of buying extra content — making them perfect for keeping the toddlers occupied for an afternoon. Here we’re rounding up 10 of the best Android apps for toddlers that can’t rack up your bill through sneaky purchases or sear their eyeballs with pesky ads.

      Not only are these apps fun, but many of them are educational as well, and best of all, 9 out of 10 of these Android apps are totally free!

      If you’ve got your own little toddler-monster who’s obsessed with the residents of a certain famous street, then this app is destined to become a favorite. Expect to have to show them how it works a few times before they take off on their own, however.

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      Awesome Free Android Games Without Ads Or In

      | Android Apps/ Reviews

      Some of the best Android games are paid ones. Its true that you have to spend some money to get quality products. Here are 5 awesome free Android games without ads or in-app purchase option.

      Everybody enjoys playing video games. You dont have to be a hardcore gamer, casual gaming counts too. The Google play store has millions of games. Some of them are free & some of them are paid.

      While its easy to find amazing games which are free to play, they do show ads & are created in a way that you will have to buy some in-game items if you want to proceed to higher levels. A good example is all kind of racing games. Now, its completely all right to spend a few dollars on the games that will entertain you for months. Plus, the ads & In-App Purchases provide monetary support to the developers. Were not against spending money on quality games. The problem, these days, is that this freemium & pay to win strategy is getting out of hands. Thats why I mostly prefer paid games as they dont have any form of ads or In-App Purchases.

      Worry not, if you dont want to pay for a mobile game, we got you covered.

      Race The Sun Challenge Edition

      A great way to find free Android games without ads ...

      Race the Sun Challenge Edition finds you piloting a solar-powered craft at breakneck speed for some reason. Its never explained why you feel the need to dice with death , nor, for that matter, why youre flying a craft that fails the instant the sun sets.

      Anyway, were in arcade territory here, so nothings really meant to make sense. What this kind of game is supposed to do is ramp up the adrenaline and in that, Race the Sun succeeds. Youll squee as you escape death by a whisker, and grab a power-up to gain the extra seconds required to complete a stage. Daily challenges should also keep you playing long after the sun has set on this games contemporaries.

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      Final Fantasy Vii The First Soldier

      Square Enix has done the unthinkable, it has released a battle royale game, and it’s pretty good. This game is known as Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, and it offers graphics that looks close to the style of FF XIV, with gameplay that any PUBG fan should be familiar with. What’s cool is that you drop with a functioning blade, and you can even use this blade to take on enemy NPCs spread across the map. These NPCs offer rewards, such as in-game currency, that can be used to upgrade your gear in the very session you’re playing, much like a MOBA. So despite what you’re thinking, Square’s PUBG clone isn’t half bad, and it offers a few unique features that even sets it apart. So if you’re a fan of battle royale games, you should probably check out Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, especially if you’re a fan of Square’s long-running RPG series.

      Monetization: free / no ads / IAPs from $1.99 – $79.99

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