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# Drive For Speed: Simulator

Top 6 freeride driving games for Android/iOS in 2017/2018

Start your engines and get ready to play drive for speed simulator. Drive across a city full of obstacles, complete missions before time runs out, and earn as much money as you can.

You can use the earnings to buy a brand new car and complete missions in less time. You can choose from over 20 cars to play with. Drive around the city and enjoy this simulation game for android.

Features Of The Game:

  • Free Ride mode in a sandbox city
  • 4 different types of missions to choose from
  • Customize your cars with different accessories like spoilers, trims, paint, etc.
  • Stunning graphical visuals

Ratings: 4.3 stars on Google play store

120 MB

Price: Free with In-App purchases

Free Taxi Rides Coupons For Uber

Do you want to get a free ride or a great discount for your next ride on Uber and Lyft? This app offers different value coupons for taxi rides in the United States and other countries worldwide. The has a list of promo codes that you can use for free. The app weighs almost nothing and costs nothing. So you wont bother your self of anything trying this app.

If you are lucky you can catch a real bargain. For example, 50% off a price for one ride or even a free one. There are also different coupons of different amounts like $5 or $25. The developers warn that this app is unofficial and not comes from Uber itself.

If to looks deeper the app is just collecting coupons and vouchers for free and discounted rides from the internet. This is a good idea because it saves time avoiding, manual searching through the internet. You can get the app from the Android Market and Apple Store.

Forza Street: Tap Racing Game

Forza Street: Tap Racing Game is being published by Microsoft Corporation and was released on 8 May 2018. This game is free to download and you can see the purchasable items in the game.

In this game, you will be able to see some extraordinary cars and you need to race with them and if you beat them then you can get those iconic cars. You can see some in-game events that will make the game more exciting.

In this game, you will see more than 50 cars that you can customize as your requirement and use in the race. This game includes different cars from famous companies like Lamborghini, McLaren, Chevrolet, Dodge, BMW, Porsche, Nissan, and Ford.

In the story mode, you have to beat the bosses to unlock new cars.

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All Free Games All The Time

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at Free Ride Games is that the games are described as “full-version premium PC games.” Game genres here include hidden object games, matching games and time management games. If you’re not really sure what you’re looking for, just click on “All Games” or “New Games” and you’ll see just how much Free Ride Games has to offer.

Just glancing through the titles on the main page – including popular games, new games and editor’s picks – it becomes apparent that this isn’t just some online game site like Miniclip or Pogo. Here, when you click “Play for free“, you actually download a full version of the game. They aren’t quite the level of high-end premium games you’d buy for retail at the game store, but they are not some cheesy flash game with pathetic graphics either.

To describe the level of “premium” you get with these free downloads, I would say that they are the sort of games you’d find at the game store on the “bargain” rack at maybe a quarter or half of the full-fledged PC games like Sims or Starcraft. In fact, we once paid ten bucks for a full version of Diner Dash a few years ago, and after a quick search I found it available as a free download on Free Ride Games.

In fact, not only was the original available, but so was every sequel to the game since then. Impressed, I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. You don’t get anything for free these days, unless it’s open source or it’s only a partially functioning game demo.

Carx Drift Racing Game

" Traffic Rider"  Best Game for Android Play Now

Android CarX Drift Racing

CarX is the most downloaded Android racing game when its about drift racing! Its the game that you want to play because its so addictive. It gives you a unique experience in the handling of sports cars by the simple and the intuitive way. It lets you drive your favorite car on different surfaces asphalt, grass, sand where you can use separate handbrake button to start drifting. And, the animation of the deep smoke will blow your mind while drifting.

It also offers other great features to enjoy the race much more. Such as, it lets you customize your handling scheme and select different setups for every car Stock, Racing, Turbo, Drift. You can even change the color of your car and disks. As well as, with different gameplays like Career Mode, Ghost Mode, Online World Time Attack Championship, and very true engine and turbo sounds, this is the best drift racing game for Android Smartphone and Tablet.

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Best Bus Simulator Games For Android

Hi, hope you are doing well. Today in this article, we will list you the best bus simulator games for android available in the Google Play Store. These are great games that offer you a practical experience of actually driving a Bus. Due to its experience, the game have become most popular games among the simulator games players.

Day/night Cycle And Dynamic Weather

Enjoy an unprecedented journey along the most beautiful tracks of the world and feel every moment of this experience. Racing in the daylight is one thing,riding under the rain at night, guided only by your instinct is another. Youll need all your talent to face your rivals and unpredictable weather conditions. And dont forget to turn on the headlights!

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Need For Speed No Limits

Need for Speed No Limit

Do you have hunger for speed with no limits while youre playing a racing game on your favorite Android Smartphone or Tablet? Here it is, the game, Need for Speed No Limits a fantastic free racing game for Android devices from the same developer of Real Racing 3. In this gaming, youve to race for dominance in the first white-knuckle edition of mobile racing.

With customized extreme rides, an unbelievable range of cars including Subaru BRZ, BMW M4, McLaren 650s, Porsche 911, and much more. It also offers over 2.5 million custom combos from spots like the Mod Shop and the Black Market. There is much more you can get with the in-app purchase. Overall, this fast-paced racing game is a great option to launch yourself between the chaos of underworld car culture. So, gear it up, control the Steer, drive reckless onto the streets, feel the speed, win the races, and show everybody who is the king.

Free Ride Games Player Adware Removal:

Police Sim 2022 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Free Ride (Android,iOS)

Windows 11 users:

Right-click on the Start icon, select Apps and Features. In the opened window search for the application you want to uninstall, after locating it, click on the three vertical dots and select Uninstall.

Windows 10 users:

Right-click in the lower left corner of the screen, in the Quick Access Menu select Control Panel. In the opened window choose Programs and Features.

Windows 7 users:

Click Start , choose Control Panel. Locate Programs and click Uninstall a program.

macOS users:

Click Finder, in the opened screen select Applications. Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash , then right click the Trash icon and select Empty Trash.

In the uninstall programs window, look for “Free Ride Games Player“, select this entry and click “Uninstall” or “Remove”.

After uninstalling the potentially unwanted program that causes Free Ride Games Player ads, scan your computer for any remaining unwanted components or possible malware infections. To scan your computer, use recommended malware removal software.

Combo Cleaner checks if your computer is infected with malware. To use full-featured product, you have to purchase a license for Combo Cleaner. 7 days free trial available. Combo Cleaner is owned and operated by Rcs Lt, the parent company of read more.

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Need For Speed: No Limits

Need for Speed: No Limits is the game that is published by Electronic Arts and was released on September 30, 2015. This is one of the most famous racing games and thats why it is on the 1st number in the list of top 10 racing games for android.

This game is available in single-player and multiplayer mode. It is free to download.

You will see that Need for Speed: No Limits main focus is street racing and avoiding being caught by the police. In this game, you will see Campaign races, Car Series races, and Rival races.

You will also get some special events in which you can unlock new cars.

In this game, you can also customize your vehicles and the cars include the upgrades in wheels, paint, and especially the performance of the car.

Best Offline Racing Games For Android In 2022

Racing games and driving games have always been in trend. With technology, you can now choose offline racing games, if you have poor connectivity issues. Earlier these games were played online on PC, but a poor internet connection can spoil your entire gaming experience. Not anymore! These offline racing games not only save internet costs but also reduce dependency.

Moreover, playing racing games offline on Android devices can help you save tons of device batteries.

For your ease, we have curated a list of the best racing games to play offline on Android devices for a distinctive gaming experience.

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Horizon Chase World Tour

Horizon Chase World Tour is a racing game published by Aquiris Game Studio. The 3D racing simulation has textures and tracks that give players the feeling of reliving 16-bit games. It has over 40 tracks, with dynamic weather conditions such as sandstorms and rain, to test players’ skills. Death Valley, Los Angeles, Easter Island, Santiago, Salvador, Cape Town, and Taj Mahal are a few of the tracks included.

This racing game has a charming soundtrack that compliments the game’s pace. With more than 30 cars to choose from, players can perform a variety of stunts while competing against drivers to win races.

Best Racing Games For Android In 2020

Highway Rider 3D Free Android Game download

If you enjoy playing games on your Android device, you should also check out our articles best online multiplayer games, action games, football games, and RPG games among others. You will find excellent games there and they will help you create a gaming library so you always have one game to play. With that said, lets get to our list, shall we?

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Top Speed: Drag And Fast Racing

OS: Android | iOS

In this top-rated racing game, youll play as a mafia underdog racing against 20 criminal overlords. You can choose to race in any of the 69 cars, from classic stock cars to heavily modified dragsters and even police vehicles. The setting, storyline, and sharp graphics of this game make it a great addition to your racing game apps.

You can purchase upgrades for the game, but the app itself is free. Make sure to download the correct Top Speed app from the developer T-Bull.

Asphalt Xtreme: Offroad Racing

Asphalt Xtreme Offroad Racing

If you want to play the racing game with no road and no rule, then Asphalt Xtreme is the best for you. This is one of the best off-road racing games for Android devices with realistic graphics and extreme driving locations. It lets you rip around dunes, drift across the mud, charge through canyons, or fly past your opponents to reach the finish line! With unique flavors of game-play, it allows you to constantly discover fresh and challenging experiences.

It includes 35 monster machines like Buggy, Pickup, Rally Car, SUV or Truck, and more from the biggest brands like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Predator, Dodge, and Chevrolet. Just grab the wheel, gear it up, utilize the Nitro, and release your inner beast on the track! With 5 game modes, over than 400 Career events, 500+ Mastery challenges, Limited-Time Events, and an impressive collection of custom setups and upgrades, it gives you the full off-road racing experience. As well as, you can race head-to-head online in 8-player simultaneous to face some really tight competition.

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More About Ride: Game

Since the game has been added to our selection of programs and apps in 2016, it has managed to reach 18 downloads, and last week it had 2 downloads.

The details about the install size of RIDE: Game are currently not available. It’s a game very heavily used in India and Uganda.

This game for Windows is available for users with the operating system Windows Vista and prior versions, and you can get it in English, Spanish, and German. The game version is 2016 and was updated on 1/04/2017.

Best Rally Racing Game: Asphalt Xtreme

3D Driving Class Kia Free Ride in Airport! – Car Games Best Android Gameplay #4

Wish to have an off-road gaming experience? Get this amazing driving game for your Android device and let rolling begin. Enjoy playing Asphalt Xtreme with its excellent graphics, online PvP actions, solid mechanics, and much more. This fastest racing game consists of tons of off-road racing tracks and lets you experience the best of gaming by climbing and drifting across mountains and dirt.


  • Unleash your style and pick from various off-road vehicle types that discover fresh, challenging experiences.
  • Customize your rides with an impressive collection of custom setups and upgrades to make your personal speed machine.
  • Try all its game modes to try and experience new obstacles while climbing and drifting across mountains.
  • Hosts 300 Career events and more than 1100 Mystery challenges.

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Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

There are not many rally racing games out there, but what you get from Asphalt Xtreme is simply the best and more than you can ask for. Rich visuals? Check. Smooth steering? check. Challenging obstacle-ridden tracks? Check. Sheer mayhem? Check. The game takes the rally racing concept to an extreme level. And the best part is that if you have played an Asphalt series game before, you will find yourself at home with the controls and the raw gameplay experience in Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing.

What I particularly loved about Asphalt Xtreme is that its not a rally game on just a superficial level. One look at the design of the cars, track design, and the upgrades are more than enough to showcase the amount of work and the attention to detail paid in making the game a true rally racing title, and the results speak for themselves. An engaging career mode, multi-player mode and time-limited events, as well as daily missions, will give you enough opportunities to flex your rally racing muscles and buy some dirt track monsters.

Best Driving Simulation Games For Android In 2021

Isnt it true that you seek the thrill of driving on narrow roads virtually and are obsessed with games that provide a realistic experience. Since you and I both know its true, make sure that go through the list below and enjoy these games while they are available for free.

Also, Read| Best driving Simulation Games For PC In 2022!

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Highway Getaway: Police Chase

OS: Android | iOS

Play as a runaway driver and outrun police cars with Highway Getaway. If youre looking for a unique adrenaline rush without getting into real trouble with the cops, this game is for you. This game has over 200 missions to complete. Plus, you dont always have to be the bad guy you can be the one chasing criminals and putting them behind bars too.

This action-packed game is free for both Android and iOS users. It is developed by Vivid Games S.A.

OS: Android | iOS

Experience a true-to-life drag racing game with Drag Battle. Aside from the beautiful graphics of this game, what makes it great is the attention to detail that the developers put in. It factors in aerodynamics, tire composition, weight distribution, power-to-weight ratio, and more. This game incorporated the real driving physics involved in automobiles, which makes it more awesome.

This is one of the best mobile phone car games for both Android and iOS. It is developed by Ice Storm.

OS: Android | iOS

Tired of offline, first-person racing games? Race Kings lets you play with live players in real time, all the time. Youll get to race with another driver live through dozens of tracks and stunning racecars. You can even place bets on yourself if youre 100% confident about your racing skills.

This exciting game is developed by Hutch Games. Its free and offers in-app purchases if you wish to upgrade.

OS: Android | iOS

OS: Android | iOS

Turbo Driving Racing 3d Light Bike Racer Highway Rider Traffic Racing ...

Turbo Driving Racing 3D is a racing game for Android. Players can perform glorious stunts across locations such as the Plain, City, Country, Coastal, and Endless. Hit max speeds, collect bags of cash, and mount trucks on the streets in Turbo Driving Racing 3D.

The game offers eight colorful cars to drive and race across towns. The braking system is tight, leaving behind skid marks on the street. The acceleration is smooth with a few cars being able to reach speeds up to 150 mph within a few seconds.

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