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Features Of Visitor Management Software

Despite being rather simple and modular in its functions, the visitor management system is capable of accomplishing a variety of tasks. Some of them are as follows:

Visitor Registration One of the basic features of a visitor entry tool, the system should record vital personal information about the visitor before they enter the site. Name, address, telephone number, email ID, etc. Data can be subsequently used for re-registration purposes as well.

Host Notifications Allowing a host to be informed of a visitors arrival is vital. This streamlines any preparations for meetings scheduled, while the visitor loses minimal time.

Recording a visitors photo for immediate use is critical in some multinational companies. This facilitates immediate ID verification, for security purposes.

Segmented Check-ins There exists a distinction in a variety of visitors who visit firms. Some may be job seekers, other salesmen and professionals looking to tie-up a deal and others on more personal visits. Segregating these visitors in-system allows greater data analysis.

Cloud-based Information storage Storing on a cloud provides enhanced security and ensures that it can be accessed without degradation loss, while also increasing the security of sensitive visitor information.

Data analysis and reporting dashboard Data dashboards of visitor management software provide trends and actionable insights. These can be turned into visible process improvements on the lobby floor.

Why Do You Need Visitor Management Software

With a visitor management system, companies can register & manage visitors, track their movement through office premises, restrict access & improve the visitor experience. It can be used in self-service kiosks wherein, visitors can register themselves by entering relevant information such as name, address, purpose of visit, time, etc. Visitor management software also helps ascertain the purpose of visit & in some cases, check against the watch list for enhanced security.

Additionally, the software is used to issue & manage ID cards & keys provided to visitors. Unique ID tags can be attached to such permits, which allows security personnel to track visitors & minimize theft/loss. Certain visitor management software come with the capability to inform staff members of a guests arrival.

The reasons why you should invest in visitor management software are:

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How Does Ilobby Visitor Sign

iLobbys core platform consists of 3 main components: a secure tablet-based kiosk, dashboard management portal, and a mobile app.

When a visitor arrives at the kiosk, they are prompted to fill out mandatory information, which can be customized to your organizations needs. For example, a basic screening workflow can require information such as contact details, non-disclosure agreements, and digital signatures while higher level screening can include ID/passport scanning, COVID questionnaires, body temperature scanning, and more.

Each guests photo is captured and stored during sign-in, as well as printed on an ID badge which indicates the validity date of the badge and the visitors classification as a guest.

When a guest signs-in, their host employee receives an automated notification alert using the preferred communication channel which can include text message, email, voice call, Slack, and more.

Popular Deployment Options For Visitor Management Software

Visitor Management App (Processed and authenticated more than 1 million ...
  • Cloud-Based visitor management system: This type of software is hosted on the internet and can be accessed from anywhere through the web. It allows the security staff to keep a tab on visitors entering your workplace easily. It’s useful for organizations having multiple branches, as they can manage visitors across all location through a single platform.
  • On-premises visitor management solution: You need to install on-premise visitor management solution on a server. The main benefit of using this software is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to function. This software is used when data privacy is of prime importance and the organization has a single operation location. For example, hospitals, schools, housing societies
  • Hybrid visitor management system: It is a combination of both cloud-Based and on-premise visitor management system. A private cloud is created, which can be accessed through multiple locations. It is used by organizations having multiple locations but centralized operations. For example, customer care, workshops, etc. of large corporates

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Features Of Free Visitor Management System

  • Visitor Appointments Employees can enter Visitor Appointment
  • Walk-in Visitors Security/Reception can capture walk-in Visitor details
  • Online Authorisation for walk-in visitors
  • Generate barcoded Visitor Photo-ID/Badge/Visitor Pass with your Company Logo
  • Scan Visitor badge barcode for tracking Visitor movement
  • Generate Single day single use Pass or Long duration Multi entry pass
  • MIS Control center, reports and Dashboards to monitor Visitor status waiting, over-staying, currently inside etc.
  • Email alerts on Visitor arrival, for visitor approval. visitor exit and exceptions.

Nondisclosure Agreement Acknowledgment And Signatures

The NDA is another part of the entry process that many businesses use today. After all, your worksite houses people collaborating on future plans and IT equipment with your most important intellectual property. This type of agreement goes beyond the entry process and provides more specific restrictions on what the visitor can and cannot share once they have left the premises. A visitor management system should capture electronic signatures on NDAs and store them in the cloud or push them to your servers.

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Visitor Management System For Digital India

Capture visitor photos and information when they arrive at your doorstep. You can customize the documents you want to be signed by your guests according to their purpose of visit. As soon as the guest enters your workspace you get instant notifications which is itself an added layer of comfort as well as security. Welcome the latest technology and say goodbye to sign-in registers made of unreliable paperlogs. Vizitor is an innovative yet simple way to welcome your guests whether they are known or unexpected ones. It is also secure and professional way to manage and identify guests at your workspace. It is a type of access control system that can be deployed in various industrial sectors like Banking and Financial, Education institutions, Enterprise and Corporate organisations, Government offices, Healthcare industry etc. Vizitor is very helpful for your organisation as it assists access control, guest management, mobile authentication and secure visit for every type of guest. Investing in such a technology will surely boost the office security and help to improve your brand value in eyes of your customers and guests. Vizitor also ensures improvement in efficiency of your front desk whether it is an organisation or a multi national company.

More Flexibility More Power

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  • Customize.

    Tune your app to your needs. Add new features, tweak existing ones, or use it as a part of a larger work system. It’s built on a low-code platform, so you can make any change with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a few lines of guided scripting.

  • Go mobile.

    Since the app is supported on all mobile devices, work no longer needs to be confined to your office space. Update requests, scan and upload photos, view reports, and connect with your co-workers and clients on the go.

  • Integrate.

    All Zoho Creator apps are internally integrated with other Zoho products like Books, CRM, and SalesIQ to cover all your auxiliary needs. You can use Zapier to easily integrate this app with your existing software, or with third-party apps like PayPal.

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Take Your Visitor Experience To A Digital State

Automated visitor check-in

Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk so they can engage in more valuable activities.

Custom badge printing

Print customized visitor badges with name, photo, and employee host so you can easily identify whos in your building and why.

Customized visitor experience

Create a unique check-in process for different types of visitors.

Two-way communication

Send a message back to the iPad from your computer or smartphone, so visitors are never left wondering what to do next. You can use preset responses or create custom ones.

Multilingual check-in options

Give your guests the option to display the app in the language of their choice with our unique, customizable language tool.

Multi-location management

Centrally manage all your companys visitor management systems across multiple locations

Defining Visitor Management Software

Before moving to Visitor Management software, let us begin by defining visitor Management as a concept.

Be it small and medium-sized or extremely large multinational corporations, there are a plethora of visitors who call on personnel working in these firms every day for business consultations and meetings. It thus became tantamount to monitor these visitors.

This gave rise to Visitor Management. It is a system by which an organization records and tracks the walk-in visitors.

For example, a graduate student heading in for an interview at a renowned computer hardware firm may be asked to enter specific details such as name, phone number, person to visit, and reason to visit at the reception. This is Visitor Management.

In a recent survey conducted by ISC West, a security conclave, on the importance of visitor management systems, 78 percent of those surveyed rated these systems seven or higher on a scale of 1-10 in significance.

Visitor management software is digital implementations of Visitor Management using computers and networks – involving a lot more functionalities, such as photo identification and printing, automatic time stamping, etc.

In yet another survey conducted by Traction Guest, a visitor management software specialist, 94 percent of respondents cited visitor management software as a primary reason for operational efficiency and safety.

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Seamless Visitor Registration On Every Floor Of Our Building

We have visitors on multiple floors. Greetly handles everyone like a VIP. It reduces visitor confusion and frees up staff to complete their top priority tasks. Greetly also handles our deliveries. Our employees set up their own notifications by email, text message, Slack or old fashion phone call. Setting up Greetly was easy and their support was helpful and gracious. We also use their Azure Active Directory integration which automates adding, editing and deleting employees as things change. Overall a 5 star experience.

Follow Steps Before Buying Visitor Gate Pass Software Online

Best Visitor Management System for iPad, Windows, Android
  • Customized Registration Process: Different visitors will have a varying purpose of visit. Make sure to go for a solution that lets you customize the registration process according to the visitor type. Details such as name, email, address, phone number, etc. are important for visitors whove come for business reasons. Opt for a visitor management solution which lets you customize the check-in process for better visitor experience.
  • Two-Way Communication Capability: When guests arrive, your employees should not only be notified but also have the capability to respond to the same. If your employee is busy or must delay the meeting, he/she should be able to respond to the visitor using the software. Two-way communication is important to look for when buying a visitor management system software.
  • Compliance: Visitor management software in India should help you adhere to your compliance requirements. This is important for security, legal, & compliance audits in the future.
  • Generate ID Badges and Passes: The software of you choose should be capable of auto-generating ID cards, badges & passes to visitors upon successful registration. This will help you save time when a visitor checks in. The software should generate ID badges with the visitors photo.
  • Digital Visitor Data Log: Go for software that records visitor information and can store it for the future use. You can use this information to check visitor data & assess the volume of people coming & leaving regularly.

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The Cost Of Visitor Management Software

Most visitor management system vendors in the market are priced on a “per user, per month” basis, and can be divided into three pricing tiers based on the starting price.

Price ranges*:

  • $19 – $117
  • $117+

*The pricing included is for the entry-level/lowest-priced offering that was found on vendor websites on November 27, 2018. These ranges correspond to the 25th, 75th, and 100th percentile of the pricing information gathered from the vendor websites of sample products.

The above list summarizes pricing for the base plans of most products. An enterprise, or premium product, which is priced higher, may include additional features such as real-time dashboards, visitor analytics, facial recognition, mobile access, and report generation.

Digital Visitor Sign In

Want a simple solution to a complicated problem?

The current market offerings only take care of the visitor check in, but an end-to-end digital visitor sign in system will benefit your organisation from both employees and visitors’ point of view.

Digital visitor sign-in systems take care of the entire visitor journey from receiving the meeting invite before arriving at the building, to the touchless sign-in process. It has the ability to integrate with meeting room/desk booking, Microsoft Outlook, buildings’ access control system, and indoor way-finding maps.

The visitor signing-in book and the reactive receptionist, signal anything but the above. Compared to electronic visitor management systems, digital visitor sign-in systems ensure a first-class visitor experience, at the lowest cost in the most efficient manner thats both safe and ensures people are not late for their meetings.

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Why Is Visitor Management Important

The traditional, paper-based visitor management systems that were used in the past are no longer an effective means of keeping track of guests. Besides not being private, they were impersonal, required manual data entry to digitize, and generally were time-consuming and difficult to manage. What a waste.

Using a modern and comprehensive visitor management software, such as our solution at Greetly, can provide organizations with numerous benefits. Here are several major advantages why all businesses today should replace their legacy processes and use a digital sign in app.

What Is The Ilobby Visitor Management System

Adding data (Android)

iLobby enables organizations to efficiently track, manage, and monitor everything that moves through their facilitys doors to streamline safety, security, and compliance processes. The platform ensures that all individuals are registered and screened upon arrival at your businesss front lobby, and prior to being granted access to your premises.

iLobby uses a self-serve kiosk that allows individuals to complete the sign-in process in a matter of seconds, while capturing critical information for management. The platform guides individuals through a step-by-step workflow depending on their visit type whether an employee, visitor, contractor, interviewee, or delivery person.

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Advantages Of A Visitor Management Software

  • Safety and Security Visitor management software help security systems in monitoring users and providing authorities with clear timestamps and identities on arrival. Quick and accurate resolution of threats is thus attained.
  • Prevention of visitor information loss With the advancements in processing capabilities of Visitor systems, its possible to store important information, locally or remotely, for any specified duration of time – much more efficiently that predecessor systems.
  • Resource-saving specialties Visitor management systems reduce the load on human personnel on the frontlines , especially in terms of visitor registry and checks, thereby increasing their efficiency.
  • Functionality Be it data analysis and display or notification management to even visitor assessment , modern visitor management software have significantly more to offer than their predecessors.
  • Cost of operations Implementing one quick solution in visitor management tools reduces hassles of the visitor lifecycle and increases operational feasibility – all at a far lower cost in the budget.
  • Scalability Once implemented in a system, then visitor management tools can be implemented across multiple sites or locations of the same organization. This ensures a seamless central recording of data for the organization.
  • Access control – Only the administrator can access the most sensitive parts of the visitor data and this stringent control makes it easy for companies to preserve information.
  • Electronic Visitor Management System For Faster And Simpler Tracking Of Human On

    Monitoring visitors is highly crucial today especially, in a world that is increasingly becoming unsafe to live in. From corporate offices to business complexes, airports to hotels, residential estates to flats in high-rise buildings the need to have the right visitor tracking system has become critical in modern times which is why there is a growing demand for iPad-based electronic visitor management system. Manual visitor management systems have been used for ages ever since the security of a premise started to become an important aspect. However, it has its own failure points that did not offer much in terms of output and productivity.

    The electronic visitor management system with a digitized sign-in feature was designed to cover the flaws of the manual system. Automating the system gave it all the benefits that a typical digitized system is blessed with.

    An electronic visitor management system consists of

    For the security department, the App is a great blessing. Through the use of the iPad they can keep a watch in the real-time on all visitors entering and leaving their premises. The App can also generate customized reports at the end of the day or month or any other duration of time for the management to take crucial decisions related to visitor and employee meetings.

    The iPad-based electronic visitor management system with digitized sign-in facility helps the human resources department too to cut down on redundancy of work.

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