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Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition

Top 5 Games Like Diablo & Path Of Exile – Android iOS #2

In the world of the Heretic Kingdoms, a world where God is dead and religion heresy, you are cast as a young female inquisitor, working to stamp out the last remnants of religion. On instructions to destroy a relic which the Inquisition considers to be a significant threat, you are drawn into a war between two warring secret societies a conspiracy of mages whose goal is true power, and a shadowy cult who seeks to resurrect the Dead God.As the story progresses, you will be placed in an amoral world and left to decide your own morality. Just like the real world, your actions have consequences, and it is up to you to decide if you can live with them or not. Play as an altruistic heroine, a vicious and selfish egotist, or just a woman trying to get her job done your actions will lead you to one of six different endings depending on where you decide your loyalties lie. Will you crush religion underfoot, or become its savior? Only you can decide!div.game_top ul.labels > .lang_bubble ul.details > .lang_details An engaging story line written by a script team lead by critically acclaimed game writer and designer Chris Bateman !Features a simple but rewarding combat system that keeps the action flowing thick and fast.A vast world to explore containing around fifty locations, scores of unique monsters, and tons of loot!

Categories in common with Heretic Kingdoms: The Inquisition: Action | Role Playing

Moonshades: A Dungeon Crawler Rpg Game

Action and storytelling play an important role in this dungeon crawler game. Like Diablo, this game also has a fantasy backdrop filled with mythical beasts and creatures that players need to put an end to.

With 1 million downloads, this game has a great rating of 4.7 stars on the Google Play Store. The title can be downloaded for free and can even be enjoyed without an internet connection.

Download it from here.

Disclaimer: This list reflects the personal views of the writer. As there are many games available, it is an individual’s choice to play one or the other according to his/her preference.

The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing

Fans of pop culture vampire shows and movies know of the character of Van Helsing, and his name brings immediate clout to this particular dungeon crawler. The objective of the game was to capitalize on the eternal conflict between Van Helsing and Count Dracula, and build a solid top-down action-adventure RPG on top of it.

The mixture of magic, science, and supernatural horror makes for a solid title that scored decently enough with critics. The game’s Hollywood-inspired art style, costumes, and creature designs are a plus, as is the quirky humor that winks and nods to the audience on a consistent basis.

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Dungeon Hunter 5 Action Rpg

The easy controls and the hack-and-slash gameplay of this title is quite like Diablo. The title also has a Co-Op multiplayer mode where players can form a squad of 4 heroes and defeat enemies.

The game gives players the opportunity to wield over 900 pieces of armour and weaponry. The title also hosts Weekly Events and Legendary Hunts so that players can show off their prowess.

Download it from here.

Best 12 Action Rpg Games Like Diablo

9 Best Android Games Like Diablo

I have played Diablo II and Diablo III one too many times. Every time I revisit the franchise, I wonder: are there other games like Diablo I would enjoy like this?

The Diablo series is addictive, but its also decades-old. Diablo III premiered in 2012. Thats years worth of doing the same, and the number of builds and weapons you can try is not infinite.

Diablo II Resurrected came out in September 2021 as the latest release in the series. However, it didnt become popular due to recent controversies with Activision Blizzard, and it seems no one is talking about the remaster.

Just now, Microsoft bought Activision-Blizzard for $69 billion. Diablo Immortal is coming out in late 2022, while Diablo 4 is releasing in 2023. However, we dont know how this massive change will affect the outcome of these titles and the series.

So, theres no better time to look for alternatives. Therere other time-consuming and hooking games like Diablo.

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Metal Gear Rising: Revenge

Here is an interesting Action RPG game that you should definitely play if you haven’t already. In this game, you will play as a half-human, half-cyborg who uses his blade powerfully and wildly, swinging it against his nemesis to cut him in half.

The game has a lot of DLC that you can purchase to enjoy the game. Keep in mind that this is a single player game that was once available on the good old Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The game has a lot of positive reviews, which means that people really liked it.

  • Release date: January 9, 2014
  • Platform: PC

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Much like Baldur’s Gate, Divinity is famous for being a gigantic game filled to the brim with player freedom. With a party of four, players seek to become a god in a captivating open-world, where every action has a reaction, and only one may strive to reach true divinity. The game also has some of the best AI, battle mechanics, character creation, and storytelling of any RPG to date, in case anyone needed more coaxing.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 is one of the biggest and most impressive games to come from the CRPG genre. It’s hard not to immediately open the Steam wallet on watching the trailers and hearing players’ stories from the world, as well as browsing the long list of awards from the game’s launch.

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These Are Games Of A Similar Genre Mix To Diablo 2 Resurrected

Games like borderlands for android. Now install the game again on your system properly & it will start working properly. Tales from the borderlands ps3, ps4, xbox 360, xbox one, switch, mac, pc, android and ios. Set on the unforgiving world of pandora after the events seen in borderlands 2, this is a story full of borderlands trademark humor, following two adventurers on their quest for greatness.

You can control your character more or less freely, solving simple puzzles and choosing your responses in conversations. But, the devs have not updated this game in a year. Android seems to be running some dolphin wii and gc games like the galaxy 2, melee, wind waker and the simpsons:

But it is the closest thing to. Hit and run way better than lakka . Only available on ps4, xbox one and switch through the handsome collection, called the legendary collection on switch, which collects both this game and borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 furthers the distinct blending of first person shooter and role playing genres to create the true evolution of the role playing shooter. The gameplay in tales from the borderlands is identical to that of other games like the walking dead or the wolf among us. Ps4, xbox one, pc, mac, android, ios.

Pubg mobile vn x arcane apk It takes place in a fictional world that is full of bloodthirsty zombies, and the players aim is to use unique arms and eliminate all the zombie creatures while rescuing survivors. So much potential for this game:

Pin Op Apk

Best Games Like Diablo

How to Play Diablo II LOD on Android Multiplayer Online with ExaGear Windows Emulator
  • Release Date: September 2012
  • Platform: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

Blizzard North co-founders Max Schaefer and Erich Shaefer, alongside other developers, created Runic Games in 2008. Because they wanted to create Diablo IIs spiritual successor, they released Torchlight and then Torchlight II. Theres also Torchlight III, but we dont recommend the 2020 version because its full of bugs.

Torchlight II is the highlight of the series, a beloved game by RPG fans. And its, in fact, so similar to Diablo that it features the same composer, Matt Uelmen, for Tristam-sounding music. And aside from the OST, the setting, the lore, the plot, and the maps are very similar to Blizzard Norths old-school RPG.

Torchlight 2 is also a dark fantasy where you play as one of the four classes . You, as the hero, must stop The Alchemist, a mad scientist, before its too late. That said, this is an open-world map, a vast overworld full of optional paths, hub towns, and landscapes. The randomization of maps ensures you see a new layout every time you log in.

Then, theres the gameplay. Players defeat hordes of monsters for loot and XP through randomly generated dungeons and maps. Combat is incredibly smooth, with a lighter tone and cartoony isometric graphics. There are also day/night cycles, weather, a New Game+, co-op, and more. Lastly, it has vast mod support through Steam Workshop to make the game last forever.

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The 10 Best Mobile Games Like Diablo In 2021

You cant play Diablo on your phone. At least, you cant yet. Diablo Immortal is on the way, but until it lands youre going to have to do some digging if you want to scratch your Diablo itch while youre on the move.

Not that much digging, though, since youre already reading our list of the best mobile games like Diablo in 2021. All of these games capture parts of the spirit of Diablo, whether its the dungeon crawling, the massive battles or the general sense of being up against it.

We reckon theres going to be something for everyone here, so here are what we think are the ten best mobile games like Diablo in 2021. Theres even download links so you can get playing ASAP.

Titan Quest: Legendary Edition

Probably the closest youre going to get to Diablo on your phone until Diablo Immortal lands. This is a huge ARPG set across various ancient myths. Theres plenty of violence, even more loot, and a story thats going to keep you hooked throughout. And this Legendary Edition features all of the DLC too.

Download from the App Store or Play Store

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Rise As A Champion Of Sanctuary


A savage wanderer. Survivors of the disaster that struck Mount Arreat, Barbarians use brutal attacks to crush any opposition.


A wrathful zealot. Armed with their faith, Crusaders vanquish evil wherever they go, dominating the battlefield through sheer purpose.

Demon Hunter

A vengeful stalker.Relentless vigilantes that assault from afar, Demon Hunters strike undeterred until their prey is at their mercy.


A master of martial arts.Lightning-fast strikes that pummel enemies with a dizzying array of blows and mobility are the Monks specialty.


A manipulator of life and death.The priests of Rathma use their powers over life and death to preserve balance in Sanctuary.


A living conduit of arcane power.Wizards manipulate arcane forces to strike from a distance, disintegrating their enemies to oblivion.


A savage wanderer. Survivors of the disaster that struck Mount Arreat, Barbarians use brutal attacks to crush any opposition.


A wrathful zealot. Armed with their faith, Crusaders vanquish evil wherever they go, dominating the battlefield through sheer purpose.

Demon Hunter

A vengeful stalker.Relentless vigilantes that assault from afar, Demon Hunters strike undeterred until their prey is at their mercy.


A master of martial arts.Lightning-fast strikes that pummel enemies with a dizzying array of blows and mobility are the Monks specialty.



Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

2 Games Like Diablo: Hellfire for Android  Games Like

Debuting in 2006, Titan Quest is a traditional RPG with a unique setting. The game’s world is based on ancient civilizations, particularly Greece and Egypt. Consequently, Titan Quest takes inspiration from these mythologies, something that is reflected in its monsters, environments, and presentation.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition includes the base game and Immortal Throne, providing the most complete experience. The console versions launched in pretty rough states, so this is a game best experienced on PC.

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Top Android Games Like Diablo

  • Crashlands
  • Diablo is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, not only in the hack-and-slash or RPG genre but overall as well. And there is a good reason for this. Before Diablo, internet multi-player gaming was limited, and most companies were not willing to gamble their money away on an untested idea, in uncharted territory. Modems and LAN were the go-to back then, in the mid to late 90s, when the first Diablo game was released, and it was only after Diablo was released that companies realized how successful the concept of multiplayer play over the internet could be and how vast the market was for such games. Diablo came with a multiplayer option just like any of the games being released back then, but it also came with an in-built matchmaking service called, which allowed players to join forces with anyone else that may be playing the game and is also logged into This service led to the skyrocketing of Diablos sales, with 2.5 million copies selling in a short amount of time.

    Remnant: From The Ashes

    • Release Date: August 2019
    • Platform: Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5

    Remnants: From the Ashes is the game I personally recommend. Its not an a-RPG, though. Instead, its a third-person action shooter looter with souls-like and Diablo elements. Its also a dungeon-crawler with a single hub world.

    This means you can dodge enemy attacks, which is a primary feature. And it also means you get increasingly better loot and fight across randomized maps and instances. Then you learn skills by doing specific actions and finding specific skill books. Finally, you earn skill points and invest them into any of the passives you have unlocked.

    These elements deliver stellar combat. You carry two weapons at a time, plus an active skill that you sock into a weapon. Therere no hordes of enemies, but theres a great variety of mobs with varying powers, skills, and behaviors. You shoot, dodge, run, use your skills, swap weapons, take cover, loot, and repeat. As for bosses, you mostly try to outrun their damage while finding the perfect timing to damage them. Overall, the gameplay is satisfying, memorable, and highly challenging.

    The story, though, is not as memorable. Youre the hero of struggling humanity, and the journey takes you to alternate realities to find the source of evil. Thats not important, though: you can replay it multiple times with one of the three classes and play the campaign in co-op.

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    Games To Play If You Like Diablo Ii

    Diablo II is an icon, but there are plenty of other dungeon crawler games out there for fans to explore new adventures.

    Diablo II is fondly remembered for being one of the single-best dungeon-crawling video games ever released. It built on the dark and foreboding atmosphere and gameplay of the original while taking its cues from the earliest games in the genre. In the process, it became a titan that influenced quite a few peers.

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    There’s always enough Diablo II to go around, but for gamers who want a break from the norm, there are alternatives to try out. Whether new or old, these dungeon-crawling hits are sure to satisfy the adventure RPG itch in players who can’t get enough of what Diablo II and others like it have to offer.

    Ys: Memories Of Celceta

    How to Play Diablo 2 LOD on Android with ExaGear RPG(Easy Way)
    • Fully Enjoy the Land of Celceta with a Host of PC EnhancementsThis remaster comes with a wide range of HD resolutions, fixed framerates up to 120 fps with the option to unlock the framerate altogether, fully customizable control bindings, fully integrated mouse support, and more!
    • Explore One of the Most Expansive Locales in the Series HistoryThe overworld of Celceta metes out battle and exploration in equal measure, accompanied by a robust mapping system with customizable waypoints and clear, detailed icons that aid the journey of Adol and company through this mysterious new land where enigmas and obstacles wait around every bend.
    • Experience a Crucial Cornerstone of Ys LoreThe events that occur over the course of Ys: Memories of Celcetas lengthy campaign serve as some of the most important and far-reaching in the franchise, yet remain entirely self-contained so even series newcomers can fully enjoy the story.
    • Throw Down the Gauntlet in Time Attack and Boss Rush ModesFan-favorite Time Attack mode returns, complete with its ultimate Boss Rush challenge, pitting Adol alone against implacable foes or allowing for full-on party combat to keep the battle going well after the main story has been completed. Steam leaderboards have been implemented as well, accessible and viewable even in-game to see how you stack up against other Celcetan boss-slayers around the world!

    Categories in common with Ys: Memories of Celceta: Action | Role Playing

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    Best Games Like Diablo For Ios And Android

    Diablo has been a game that I really enjoyed in the past but has gained quite a lot of backlash and booingfor their Diablo: Immortal launch . However, Diablo is not the only ARPG out there.

    There are tons of other great games, that are specifically intended for the mobile platform, and which do a great job of immersing you into that reality. Ive compiled a list of the best games like Diablo for Mobile so that you can enjoy some fun alternatives.

    Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest

    Dark Nemesis is a fantasy world MMORPG from Nuverse. Battle your way through the multiverse as you choose from four unique classes, fight legendary bosses, join and defend your guild, unlock unique skills, weapons, wings and companions. This MMOARPG guarantees epic real time player vs. player battles. Just from the teaser, one can safely assume that the game has excellent graphics. You can download Dark Nemesis: Infinite Quest from the Google Play Store now!

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