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Games Like Fallout Shelter Dungeon Inc

Top 10 Android Games Like Fallout Shelter

Dungeon Inc. is definitely one of the best games like Fallout Shelter considering various aspects. The title called Gold Production Manager is an excellent one for a LinkedIn profile. Also, it makes a pretty fun idea for a game as well. According to the gameplay, you are the head of the honcho who works for a megacorporation. As per the gameplay, you are supposed to maximize the potential profits. To do that, you should expand the corporation called Dungeon Inc. and its office space.

On top of that, you should hire more monsters as employees so you can find protection against hero audits. The game has the reputation of an idle clicker as well. Therefore, you are supposed to manage your affairs and tap their screen. With that, you can generate more cash. However, compared to many other games in this genre, this game doesnt get expired any sooner. The game is a pretty different one when you compare it with the game called Fallout Shelter. However, the compelling mechanics of management will make it a really good option for anyone.

Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation

The Apocalypse has arrived. Who will survive Judgement Day? In Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, survivors have to deal with demons as they try to build and defend their colonies after the worlds demise. Players must strategize, scavenge, and perform occult rituals to survive this hell on Earth.

  • Available Platforms: PC
  • Game Genre: Role-Playing Game , Survival Simulator, Indie
  • IGDB Rating Score: 80
  • Judgment Steam Page

Best Games Like Fallout Shelter

The list mentioned below comprises several games like Fallout Shelter. All the games included in this list are chosen after a considerable amount of research. So, you can go through this list and pick the best one that matches your desire.

PS: here are the best Nancy drew games ranked and the top Games Similar to Far Cry for your reference.

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Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura

  • Available Platforms List: Android, IOS , Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch, PC Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Genre: Fantasy, Role-playing, Magic, Open-World, Turn-Based
  • IGDB Rating Score: 90

Story & Overview

In this fantasy world game, Magick and Technology come together your life as a player is flipped upside down when the Zeppelin gets attacked by Orc raiders flying monoplanes.

Once the Zeppelin crashes and kills everyone except for you and an old gnome, who wants you to deliver a ring to him, the fun begins. Youll find yourself on a 19th-century Victorian era, classical fantasy quest.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Fallout Shelter

10 Games Like Fallout Shelter for iOS  Games Like

When many players reached the end game of Fallout Shelter, it left them with a feeling of incompleteness. They longed for more. They wanted to continue the thrill that this game offered. While Fallout Shelter turned into a grind fest as you moved closer toward the end game, it was still one hell of a ride. And while you can keep playing it multiple times, you may want to look for games like Fallout Shelter that offers a distinctive yet still familiar vibe.

If you loved Fallout Shelter, then these games should be on your to-play list.

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Tiny Tower / Tiny Tower Vegas

Fans of Sim Tower may find themselves at home with NimbleBits Tiny Tower. The tower-building sim game was originally released as Tiny Tower back in 2011 for the iOS and Android but the version for the latter was removed in 2015. It is still playable in iOS while Android users only have Tiny Tower Vegas.

Tiny Tower focuses on building, you guessed it, a tower. Contrary to Fallout Shelters downward progression, this game builds up until you reach the blue skies. Floors are constructed to be either commercial or residential. The games inhabitants called bitizens appear on the lobby with a number that corresponds to the floor they want to go. Bitizens live on the residential floors and can be employed on the commercial floors which then produce items that are sold for coins. They individually have an expertise on a certain type of business so it is imperative to assign a bitizen to a commercial floor that fits their skill. Special bitizens sometimes pop up to provide bonuses to the floor they are assigned to. Tower Bux is the premium currency that can be purchased with real money or earned as a bonus in the game. It is used to speed up a lot of things in the game that involve waiting.

Playing Tiny Towers feels like taking a lively, pixilated vacation away from the Vault and the remains of a nuclear wasteland.

Fallout Shelter Announced For Android

The gaming world is currently all about the new Fallout 4 and at the same time there is also a new game for mobile devices with Fallout Shelter. The new title has probably already been released for iOS, but should not remain exclusive there, as the developers have revealed. Later this year, Android users will also be able to enjoy the new game, but a precise date has yet to be announced.

But dont expect a real fallout, Fallout Shelter is far from that. Nevertheless, the mobile game seems to be well received due to the classic idea and implementation, just watch the following video:

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Games Like Fallout Shelter This War Of Mine

There are plenty of games that revolve around the stories that have soldiers who charge through cities. You will have plenty of powerful guns and other weapons to beat or kill the enemies. Killing and destroying will give you a satisfying feeling. Well, the game called War of Mine is developed with the story of those who live in those buildings. On the other hand, it is about the innocent civilians who are stuck in those buildings. They are in the midst of a gunfight, and they are helpless as well. Their only aim is to survive this harsh battle.

As the player, you are supposed to join that group of survivors who are looking for a safer shelter. They always live with higher risk, and they are supposed to scour dangerous areas of the town. As a result, the group can find food for them. Also, they can perform the essential repairs and treat those who are wounded and sick. Well, you can consider this as one of the best games like Fallout Shelter.

Endzone A World Apart

Top 10 Android/IOS Games Like Fallout Shelter

If Fallout Shelter and Project Highrise had a game child, it would look a lot like Endzone A World Apart. Its post-apocalyptic urban planning. Citizens have to rebuild a city from the rubble following a nuclear disaster.

City planning and construction are challenging under the best circumstances, but this group of civilians contends with setbacks from toxic rain, radiation, droughts, and sandstorms.

  • Available Platforms: PC
  • Game Genre: Survival and City-Planning Simulator, Indie
  • IGDB Rating Score: 71
  • Enzone Steam Page

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Top 5 Games Like Fallout Shelter

While the Fallout series have numerous games, we are not going to mention them here as they are a lot different in terms of storyline, game mechanics, and genre. Some similar games that you must consider if you enjoyed Fallout Shelters are:

1) Frostpunk

Frostpunk is another city-building survival game that was developed and published by 11-bit studios back in 2018. The game is pretty interesting and is available on multiple platforms including PlayStation4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. The reason for this game to be on the list is that it lets you build cities instead of just a wall and maintain them effectively as you have done in Fallout shelter but with more control and a better storyline with enhanced graphics. Being a game just two years old, you can expect it to have a pretty decent gaming mechanism that does not only include clicking on characters, players, and items but a lot more.

You get to assume the role of a leader who holds the responsibility to maintain the city and the survival of residents depends on the decisions you make. You can also build the establishments like living quarters, a hospital, and mess around the generator but the generator will always be the center as that is the only source of heat and power you can get and the key to your survival.

2) Project Highrise

3) Assassin√Ęs Creed Rebellion

4) Rimworld

5) The Sims 4

Shelter War: Last City In Apocalypse

Shelter War is one of the best-looking Fallout Shelter clones. The game graphics are superb. Cel-shaded characters are extremely well designed. The underground bunker in this game is so MASSIVE, you can build a city in it!

Just like Bethesdas hit simulation game, Shelter War lets you construct rooms, including training rooms, supply rooms, research rooms and a lot more! Each room are divided into categories – production, training, support etc. In the production category, you can build rooms such farm, generator, water filter, water tank etc. Under Training you will get to construct breeding room, electric shop and the training room.

The game does not stop at just managing an underworld stronghold. You will also have to wage a war against raiders who would want to invade your bunker and steal resources. Battles are in real-time, but you wont have any control over your faction. Just make sure you train survivors in the training room and equip them with weapons and armor to prepare them for the final battle against deadly wasteland dwellers.

Shelter War is still in early access with new features coming soon. There will be a multilevel crafting system that will let you craft various items, new locations to explore in the map, powerful leaders to help your faction win battles and new events.

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Games Like Fallout Shelter Sheltered

As per the gameplay, you will be in charge of a family that has four members. You are supposed to try to survive, and you are in a post-apocalyptic bunker. The game systems are pretty similar to Fallout Shelter. But you can build better utilities, give an upgrade to the existing equipment and even maintain good living standards.

The main difference between the games called Sheltered and Fallout Shelter is the way you play them. Fallout Shelter can be played completely free, and it is supported by external aspects like microtransaction. When it comes to the Sheltered, however, it requires you to ask for a fiver straight up. After that, you dont have to pay for anything else. With that said, if you dont want to experience constant purchases, Sheltered is the option to go. Go ahead and give this game a try to experience its true excitement.

American Dad Apocalypse Soon

Fallout Shelter Online (Offical Launch) Strategy Game ...

Based on the superhit animated sitcom, American Dad: Apocalypse Soon lets you convert the Smith basement into a huge underground shelter to fight aliens to save Earth and the Smith family. Extraterrestrials have invaded Langley Falls and its all up to Stan and his team of Roger clones to battle deadly ETs.

You will be building various rooms in the secret bunker and assign rogers to each room to produce resources. There will be several rooms, including production rooms, raining room and a special breeding room where you can clone rogers for your ultimate roger squad.

The game also has a battle mode that lets you fight aliens in real-time automated battles. And if you are a big fan of the sitcom, then you wont be missing the funny one-liners and dialogues as Apocalypse Soon has plenty of those! This new chapter in the American Dad Universe is written in collaboration with the series writers! Isnt that awesome?

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Why You Should Be Playing ‘fallout Shelter’ On Android Right Now

    Rest easy, ye without iPhones . Fallout Shelter is finally released on Android, meaning that millions of people around the world now have access to one of the best time wasters I’ve encountered in a long time. Here’s my recommendation: go play it. There’s something about this game that can be simply mesmerizing: building up your strange little world, watching your dwellers go about their business, maximizing their efficiency, playing God with what seem to be pretty affable subjects. A game like this revolves around its art style: you find your rewards in new animations, new outfits, and new little worlds to put your people in. And the art style here is second to none. Like Fallout itself, Fallout Shelter delights in the absurd world it builds, meaning that I do things like ensure my bar is always full of dwellers, even though it serves no real function. They seem to like it in there.

    Elsewhere at Forbes, Paul Tassi disagrees, citing the lack of in-game progression as a mortal sin: “After youve done everything on that list, the cycle just repeats itself. In my original review, I said that Fallout Shelter, for all its pretty aesthetics and association with one of gamings best franchises, is a game that perfectly encapsulates the shallowness of mobile. Theres just no substance here, none at all. Its just a few steps above Cookie Clicker, tapping the screen to make numbers go up.”

    Of The Best Games Like Fallout Shelter To Keep You Trundling

    Wondering what is the Best Games like Fallout Shelter to Keep you Trundling? No worries because thats exactly what Im going to show you today.

    Lets get started.

    During the E3 2015 conference, many heads went sideways when Bethesda removed the cloak of their newfound game, Fallout Shelter. The reason being, nobody expected a smartphone game.

    It was a complete surprise indeed for everybody present in the room as well as globally. However, there was more surprise in store for professional experts, who predicted an abysmal reception for this game, when more than 100 million users registered on it.

    This community management sim game gave a new meaning to the smartphone game. Bethesda Game Studios designed fallout Shelter in partnership with Behaviour Interactive. However, the game could be played only on iOS devices.

    Following its success, the game was released on Windows, Xbox One, and eventually on Playstation 4, and Nintendo Switch in 2018. As of today, the game has more than 10 million downloads from the play store and as a high rating of 4.6.

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    New World: Helpful Tips For Better Play

    Sheltered will test your instincts and strategic mind at every stage. It will keep you in the hunt to protect the family and stay safe to keep enemies away. Sheltered contains in-app purchases in its initial stages. Once you make a payment, you may play the game smoothly without any interruptions, which keeps Sheltered slightly ahead of Fallout Shelter.

    Games Like Fallout Shelter

    Top 5 Android Shelter Games|Survival, Raid, Like Fallout Shelter|Free at Play Store

    Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Fallout Shelter is a fascinating, extremely addicting game, where you control the lives of a group of survivors. What did they survive? A nuclear apocalypse that devastated the world.

    A game that is still popular despite being out since 2015, Fallout Shelter is the descendant of Fallout, an exhilarating RPG series from the same studios. There are multiple nodes to Fallout in this post-apocalyptic simulation game, that maintains the theme of its predecessor, and games like Fallout Shelter, like the ones below, are very entertaining.

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    Underworld : The Shelter

    Underworld: The Shelter borrows the main concept of Fallout Shelter and adds a few interesting features. This post-apocalyptic game not only lets you manage an underground vault but also venture out in the wastelands. The top-down exploration game mode in this game lets you scavenge for materials, with which you can build rooms in your underground shelter.

    Besides searching items in the wastelands, you will also be fighting monsters, collecting treasures, money and rescuing mutants. You will also be tasked to decontaminate barren lands exposed to the deadly plague as you keep searching for resources and battling enemies for survival. While exploring, collect items that can later be equipped to your character, which will make him stronger in his battle against enemies.

    Back home, you will have a huge underground shelter to manage, where you be treating mutants in the infirmary. You will also be constructing various production facilities assign rescued mutants to each room and create your own world in the underground shelter. Worthy mutants will stay in your bunker. The undeserving will be thrown out of the shelter.

    Games Like Fallout Shelter The Sims 4

    The core loop of a game like Fallout Shelter is expanding what the inhabitants require. In this game, however, things have taken a step further by adding lots of babies to every individual. When it comes to The Sims 4, you are supposed to build plenty of houses. Also, it requires providing all the essentials your Sims require. With that, you will have to make their dwellings more homely and comfortable to live in. Because of that, you will see that The Sims is using a considerable amount of customization. Because of that, you can call it an ultimate life simulator. If youre a fan of games like Fallout Shelter, this could be one of the best options to try. The freedom to play with characters and the storyline in the game is amazing. Any individual will definitely love this game because of its amazing characteristics.

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