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Release Date: October 25 2007

Top Game Tactics | SRPG Android & IOS 2018 Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Developer: Square Enix

Platforms: Nintendo DS

Similar to the first FFTA, a young man named Luso Clemens is transported from his everyday modern world to the magical world of Ivalice through a special book. Although a sequel, there is not much connecting the characters of the first story and second. It can be played as standalone title. The team of Yuichi Murasawa, Ryoma Ito, and Hitoshi Sakimoto all return from the first game to work on this title.

Most things like Clans, missions, learning skills though equipment, and various jobs that would fit into a Final Fantasy universe specifically that of Ivalice all come back in slightly polished form in this sequel. The gameplay is still good, the story is okay sans the ending , and music although somewhat borrowed from Final Fantasy XII albeit still great.

Release Date: January 30 2003

Developer: Nippon Ichi Software, NIS America, Engine Software, System Prisma

Platforms: PC, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Android, iOS

Since its original release for the PS2, the Disgaea franchise has subsequently become the anchor of Nippon Ichi Software spanning several sequels, a tv series, manga, and other spin-offs.

The first Disgaea is about Laharl, whose goal is to reclaim the throne or become ruler in the netherworld after the death of his father. It is filled with comedy, something called Prinnies that would later become the series de facto mascot, very high levels, and gameplay that features group attacking, multiple hits, and even launching opponents. If you like anything over the top comedic and gameplay-wise, Disgaea is definitely a series to check out.

Release Date: June 21 2001

Developer: Quest

Platforms: Game Boy Advance

Released exclusively for the GBA several years following the release of the original Tactics Ogre, this title acts as a spin-off of it. The team who made this game would later develop the Final Fantasy Tactics Advance after the company Quest was incorporated by Square Enix.

Alphonse Loeher, a soldier in the Lodis region opposes what his countrys oppression of other nearby places. He is given a big choice to make mid-game in which the outcome can lead to several possible endings of which have time prerequisites. The gameplay and other game elements albeit not the exact same as the original game but is still Tactics Ogre at heart.

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Ivalice Hasn’t Been This Hot In Years

No no no, this isn’t about global warming, though Ivalice does seem to be about half desert. We’re talking about the popularity of the fantasy world in which most of director Yasumi Matsuno’s games are set: the Tactics series, Vagrant Story, and Final Fantasy 12. Ivalice is the best setting in Final Fantasy history, and it’s getting some serious love in 2017. Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, an HD remaster, just released on PS4, and the reception has been overwhelmingly positive.

And on top of that, Square Enix brought Matsuno back on board to help design some Final Fantasy 14 raids set in the world of Ivalice. A whole new generation of Final Fantasy players are discovering this setting, and tons of classic fans are getting back into it. What better time to give them the first, best Ivalice story? Tactics, baby!

Release Date: February 4 2020

Final Fantasy Tactics Android Gamplay HD

Developer: Bonus Xp Inc.

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One

Developed by BonusXP and developed by En Masse Entertainment, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics is another game that uses many elements from FFT like turn-order, elevation, and such. The Dark Crystal also kind of sort of incorporates some XCOM elements here and there.

The story is based on a Jim Henson movie famous for the Muppets and it subsequently has a Netflix series of it. Story wise, it is basically a group called the Geflings versus another group called the Skeksis, Despite it having established story and being on Netlfix, the game itself is not high budget.

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Battle Chasers: Nightwar Best Nintendo Switch Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Battle chaser is a turn-based RPG with a very intriguing storyline. The protagonists ship gets shot down on a strange island, the characters have no choice but to fight the villains on the island. Solve puzzles, battle rare bosses, loot items and carry out other activities.

Its terrific combat system, characters, and style of gameplay will keep you hooked for much longer than you planned.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: Wotl

Released in 1997, this is another one of the top turn based strategy games Android. In 2017, another version of this game The War of Lions for PSP was released which includes new movies, scenarios, and jobs, etc.

You can play turn based strategy games android like this one which requires a sharp mind to win the complex battle. This game comprises of Touch screen control intuitive and tactical shots. So, you can take control of this strategy based game through tapping on the menus and units.

Moreover, it also involves maps for navigation which you can manipulate and move around changing the size for an effective strategy. You will find an improved loading time, once you start the game and brace yourself for your turn based game.

On the other hand, you will love the high-quality graphics in anime style with colorful landscapes throughout the Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

Almost everyone has seen one or two of the star wars movie, so if you are a star wars fan, here is a full experience for you. What makes this a similar and better game over final fantasy tactics is the RPG play and the huge amount of data you have to consume while downloading a whopping 2.4GB.

The game has nine types of character and you have to choose your party from there while you travel on the Ebon Hawk to eight different planets. You can build your own lightsaber with the controllers and learn to use the force, with over 40 powers in-store. You are the Jedis last hope and only you can decide the fate of the galaxy. Do you want to become a hero or fall to the temptation of the dark side? It is up to you to choose.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Top 10 Turn Based Strategy TACTIC Games for Android & iOS | Game like Final fantasy Tactic on Mobile

When Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle was released in 2017, the game took the world by storm. Historically, Nintendo has been reluctant to hand over its IP to other developers. But in 2017, the famous publisher did just that, handing over its Mario franchise to Ubisoft Milan.

An accumulation of hard work and collaboration led to the development of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, a turn-based tactical RPG that had you control famous characters from the Mario franchise and the infamous but oddly adorable Rabbids as you defeat evil in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The game consists of similar turn-based combat on a grid to Final Fantasy Tactics but adds a unique twist of humor.

has a dynamic battle system featuring dodging, squad-based gameplay, and co-op multiplayer.

Although many games in the Mario franchise are considered easy, Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle is notably hard with challenging gameplay spread across various missions, puzzles, and bosses.

Furthermore, the game also has Amiibo functionality and support, allowing you to unlock weapons and items. Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a game like Final Fantasy Tactics in that both games feature very similar gameplay mechanics.

Both use tactical-based gameplay in an RPG-like style. Mario +Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a great game and is beloved by many fans, be sure to play this game before its sequel releases soon.

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Release Date: November 14 2019

Developer: Gumi, Square Enix

Platforms: Android, iOS

War of the Visions is a game developed and published by Square Enix. It is a spin-off of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. It draws heavy on games in the tactical RPG genre and especially FFT itself. It incorporates many of Final Fantasy trademarks. The story is about the land of Lapis and the conflict of the five nations within. The player starts out as Mont, the young prince.

A few major contributors to the Final Fantasy franchise have been involved in this game. The only downside is that it is mobile. Mobile means involving possible pay to win elements and gacha using real money. Just several months ago, Square Enix was accused of unethical manipulation of the gacha system in this game. Lets hope this game gets a port one day to consoles or PC.

Heroes Of Might And Magic Vi

The Might and Magic series of games is one of the most epic strategy/RPG PC titles to date. The first game of the series was launched on the MS-DOS platform in the mid-90s. Each successive version has been more immersive, thanks to improvements in gameplay and visuals.

The sixth game of the series offers new features, amazing 3D visuals, and satisfying turn-based combat. The revamped skills system and a brand new reputation system add more flair to the game. The reputation systems good/bad affiliation is based on your actions, such as diplomacy, violent tactics, and mercy.

Fans of strategy RPGs will find strategic battles engaging. In the tactical phase, the grid-based layout lets you place fantasy creatures and units on the battleground. Once you have placed your units in a strategic position, you can engage in a turn-based battle against the rival team. The games chessboard style layout and an overhead view make it easier to move units and attack enemy units.

Graphics in Might and Magic VI are top-notch. Everything, from the background to creature animation, is brilliantly executed. You may want to replay battles just for the cool visuals and exceptional animation.

All screenshots courtesy of their respective game developers/game publishers.

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King’s Bounty: The Legend

The King’s Bounty series has offered the best in role-playing strategy for PC. The Legend offers deep hex-based combat and plenty of character classes to choose from. Like most role-playing games, it will allow you to explore jungles, villages, interact with NPCs, battle monsters, and buy weapons and armaments from in-game shops.

Combat is the main highlight of Kings Bounty: The Legend. Turn-based battles take place on a small hexagonal grid, where units can be strategically placed and moved. While the battle system is simple, the strategy is deep and challenging. You will have an army of knights, archers, and mages as well as special characters like robbers who can teleport themselves to a chosen hex. Characters can be leveled-up by learning new skills.

The environment also plays a key part in turn-based battles. Enemies will take advantage of graves, lava-filled areas, and natural obstacles to defeat your team members. Each hex-based battlefield is full of surprises, including hidden treasure chests as well as deadly traps.

Things get more difficult if your troop members die on the battlefield. You will need to buy additional characters to complete your army. If you suffer heavy losses you can retreat, but that choice risks immense damage, as the enemy AI can be brutal at times. I would recommend playing it on the normal difficulty level only if you are a seasoned RPG player.

“Grotesque Tactics”

There’s Still A Healthy Strategy Audience On Pc

The 9 Best Role

In December a strategy game called according to SteamSpy. The new Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3 has sold nearly 200,000 copies, according to SteamSpy. And you’ve probably heard of XCOM.

Not every new strategy game is this successful, and the RTS genre isn’t as big as it once was. But there’s clearly still a big audience for serious-minded, top-down combat, and a game as well-loved as Final Fantasy Tactics could easily sell well to old fans while tapping into that PC strategy audience.

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Advance Wars: Dual Strike

Advance Wars: Dual Strike, first of all, is a modern game offered on the Nintendo DS. Its made the list of top games time and again. You move constantly throughout the game as its storylines take place within numerous different locations, so you are never stagnant or bored altogether. Does that alone not just remind you of Final Fantasy Tactics or of other games in its lineup? I think it will. You can learn more about it HERE

Release Date: October 25 1996

Developer: Konami, System Sacom

Platforms: PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn

Vandal Hearts has been likened by critics somewhat reminiscent of the Shining Force strategy games at the time of release although it is not quite in my opinion. There are split movements, several classes of which have a rock-paper-scissors paradigm, but there is no exploration. The gameplay overall was solid for any SPRG. It had good graphics for its time, and the music was well-done.

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Release Date: February 8 2007

Developer: Imageepoch

Platforms: Nintendo DS, PSP Vita

Developed by the now unfortunately defunct Imageepoch which has rebranded into Mikage LLC, the Luminous Arc series began on the DS and spanned several sequels all the way to the PS Vita.

The first Luminous Arc focuses on the Luminous Church which worships their God Zehaal. The player controls the young Alf Erwin as he and his little brother Tio. Gamplay is solid for a SRPG where characters can fill their Flash Gauge and even combine them into one big attack. There is plenty of dialogue, a slew of characters, and various cutscenes many of which are voiced.

Xcom 2 Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics For 3ds

5 Best Final Fantasy Games On Android 2019 | Best Fantasy Games For Android !

XCOM 2 is a member of the award-winning XCOM series. The storyline is quite interesting. The earth has been overrun by alien invaders who have an ominous plan to wipe out the entire human race. XCOM forces must rise to the challenge and save their race from extinction.

You can upgrade your team of fighters with headgears, armors, and bonus costumes. Acquire new combat abilities, meet new enemies as you progress in the game. This game is one strategic game you dont want to miss.

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Spectral Souls: Resurrection Of The Ethereal Empires

Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires is a full scale Tactical Strategy, RPG and Action Adventure video game developed by HyperDevbox Studio. The core game-play and other mechanics of Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires deeply resembles to the one in Final Fantasy Tactics. The story of the game tells about the two most prominent races Humans and Demons who have been fighting against each other from a very long time. The battles kept writing and removing the fate of Neverlands and it kept going into the hands of devils and humans in different eras. The resent possession of the Neverlands left the humans in ruins and they started to battle against the demons. This is where you get into the play and stand against the demons with all the might and power combined. Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires provides with you a chance to fight against the most brutal and cold enemy ever, build your own guilds, gather up armies of warriors and fight against the demons, monsters etc, loot their resources and free Neverlands from the unlawful and dishonest reign of demons. With hundreds of hours of fun filled game-play, a lot of character customization options, countless quests and adventures, easy controls, Spectral Souls: Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires is a super exciting game to play and enjoy. Do try it out.

Release Date: December 17 2020

Developer: Little Orbit

Platforms: PC

Unsung Story began as a Kickstarter campaign way back in 2014. It went through some tribulations as the initial developer Playdek abandoned the project due to a lack of resources. Thankfully all development was handed to Little Orbit who is in charge of it now. The game is in early access.

Allow me to directly quote from their page:

Unsung Story is a spiritual successor to Final Fantasy Tactics that takes place in a world where spells are cast as songs and a 77-year war has damaged the foundations of magic. Build a team to work backward in time from the final battle to find a way to save Lasfaria.

Our list of games like Final Fantasy Tactics ends here, let us know what you think about them, let us know if we missed something, and be sure to come back here from time to time because well keep the list updated. Also, take a look at this article with 10 forthcoming indie games inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics.

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The Vandal Hearts Games Are Older But They Still Have Merit

Vandal Hearts is a series of turn-based strategy RPGs from Konami. The first and second games were both released on the original Playstation console and may be hard to find nowadays, especially Vandal Hearts II. The first Vandal Hearts had some charm for its time, but Vandal Hearts II has a unique feature where player characters and enemy characters both take their turns simultaneously, forcing players to try and predict their opponent’s actions during their turn.

A little over a decade ago, Konami released the third game in the series called Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. You can still find this third game relatively easily on the digital storefronts for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

Release Date: 21 Oct 2020

Critically Acclaimed Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The ...

Developer: Isa Hutchinson, Madison Pathe, Michael Bell, Badru, Taylor Thomas, Zoe Vartanian

Platforms: PC

Developed by Badru, Michael Bell, Isa Hutchinson, Taylor Thomas, Zoe Vartanian, and Madison Pathe with development by Ice Water Games, Tenderfoot Tactics takes a different style from most SRPGs, as this game has a focus on open-world exploration. Several Goblins who were granted the power of magic fight back against the Fog.

The tactical rules in this game are not too complicated as there is no random damage and there is no missing. To add a wrinkle in gameplay, you can take advantage of and utilize terrain to create more damage. Choose wisely as the terrain created might backfire later. The art style of the game is of its own which may or may not deter players.

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