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The Ivalice Alliance Games: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Final Fantasy Tactics A: Grimoire Of The Rift And Final Fantasy Xii: Revenant Wings Are All Good Picks

Top Game Tactics | SRPG Android & IOS 2018 Like Final Fantasy Tactics

The most obvious recommendations are the other games in the Final Fantasy series that play similarly to Final Fantasy Tactics. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is available on the Gameboy Advance, as well as digitally on the Wii U Virtual Console. Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings were both released on the Nintendo DS.

While Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and its sequel Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift are turn-based strategy RPGs like the original Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is actually a real-time strategy RPG title, or RTS for short, making it the most different out of the three games to play despite its similarities.

Langrisser: The Descendants Of Light Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics On Nintendo Switch

Langrisser is also known as Warsong in Northern America. In the game, Prince Gareth of Bartia is on a quest to deliver his country from the rule of an evil force.

As you progress, youll get tasks like destroying a particular enemy or protecting someone. You can also get other commanders to fight for you So youll have back up when you need it. Trust me, Langrisser is another amazing game like final fantasy tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo switch.

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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Is A Tactical Turn

While surprising to some, this Mario and Rabbids crossover game is a great tactical turn-based RPG. It’s got loads of humor thanks to the inclusion of the wacky Rabbids, and the bright and colorful aesthetics of the Mario universe are present, but there’s also depth to the gameplay that genre fans will appreciate.

For players who mainly play on modern consoles, is recommended because of its unique style and charm. It even features local co-op play with a friend, which is rarely possible for games in this genre. A sequel, was announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 2021.

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Lord Of The Rings Tactics

Lord of The Rings Tactics is a tactical role-playing game set in the Lord of The Rings universe. The game was released in 2005 on the PlayStation Portable and followed Frodo and Sam as they sought to destroy the One Ring before it got in the hands of the Dark Lord Sauron.

The game follows the same classic story beats of the Lord of the Rings movies and books, taking players to traditional locations such as the Mines of Moria, Rohan, and Helms deep.

Lord of The Rings Tactics is very different, unlike other games in the series, such as the Lego Lord of the Rings games and other third-person Lord of the Rings games.

The game features a grid-style battle system accustomed to tactical RPGs, allowing you to control your favorite Lord of the Rings characters across the battlefield. The game also lets you take control of Saurons armies.

Furthermore, Lord of The Rings Tactics features gameplay elements not found in other games, such as the zone of control, allowing you to trap enemies essentially.

Thus, the game is heavily strategic and can be complex. Likewise, the game also functions like an RPG allowing you to upgrade your characters, stats, powerups, and more.

Lord of The Rings Tactics is a game like Final Fantasy Tactics due to unique strategic gameplay and dynamic combat.

If you are a Lord of the Ring fan and happen to have a spare PlayStation Portable laying around, I strongly suggest buying this game.

Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics For Pc Ps4 Ps5 And Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy Tactics Android Gamplay HD

Do you like strategic games with awesome tactics? If you do, Im guessing youre a huge fan of Final fantasy tactics. And if youre not, you better go try it out. While battling your enemies, you could gain Experience Points and Job points which you can use to purchase cool in-game items. As popular as this game is, there are other awesome games like Final fantasy tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo Switch.

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New Final Fantasy Tactics Game

Described as the latest work in the Brave Exvius series, this new title is a lot like one of the top-rated Final Fantasy Tactics titles. Featuring the familiar grid-like combat with a strategic turn-based battle system, Final Fantasy Tactics players will be right at home here for the most part. But instead of those smaller blocky character models, we get a more life-like, cross-hatched visual style in War of the Visions.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a great Tactical-RPG from Square Enix and provides with a similar game-play experience to its predecessors. The game focuses on an ongoing conflict known as The War of the Lions between the kingdom of Ivalice and Ordalia. The Death of Ivalician Monarch, King Ondoria leaves the Prince Orinus in charge but he is an infant so a poll occurs between the Duke Larg and Duke Goltanna, Duke Goltanna gets elected as the king Regent and an internal conflict starts up between the two sides. Final Fantasy Tactics: The War lets you be on a side of your choice and act accordingly by engaging yourself into the political matters, class warfare, murders, and a number of quests throughout the game. Being a loyalist and a warrior, political advisor, etc. at the same time makes this game a bit more complex but quite engaging and addictive as well. With a wonderful setting, great visuals, a well-written storyline and an immersive game-play, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is a great Tactical and RPG game to play and enjoy.

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Final Fantasy Xv Universe

Platinum Demo â Final Fantasy XVOriginal release date:
  • Free-to-play prologue to Final Fantasy XV
  • Delisted from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store on March 31, 2017
Justice Monsters Five
  • Mobile pinball game based on a minigame from Final Fantasy XV
  • Ended its service on March 27, 2017

  • Mobile remake of the 1986 King’s Knight and a tie-in to Final Fantasy XV
  • Referenced in Final Fantasy XV, as a game enjoyed by Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends
  • Ended its service on June 26, 2018
2017 â PlayStation 4
Release years by system:2018 â iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows 2018 â Nintendo Switch , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One
2005 â Mobile phones

  • Brand name for mobile phone ports of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II, which were released separately for two different mobile phone models
  • Final Fantasy port is also called Final Fantasy i and Final Fantasy EZ, depending on the phone
Finest Fantasy for Advance seriesRelease years by system:2005 â Game Boy Advance 2006 â Game Boy Advance 2006 â Game Boy Advance

  • Brand name for the Game Boy Advance ports of Final Fantasy IV, V and VI, with bonus quests and dungeons
  • Brand name only used in Japan

Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch

Top 10 Turn Based Strategy TACTIC Games for Android & iOS | Game like Final fantasy Tactic on Mobile
  • Released: 2013
  • Developer: Level-5
  • Platform: PC, PS3, PS4, and the Switch

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is probably up there as one of the greatest JRPGs ever made. It was originally released for the DS under the name Ni no Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn, but a significantly enhanced similar version with nearly the same plot was made for PS3.

What sets the Ni no Kuni games apart from other RPGs is the Studio Ghibli animated sequences and character designs that nodded to past Studio Ghibli animated features. Not only did Studio Ghibli create the look of the game, but their past features inspired the complexity and relatability of the game’s characters and story, as well.

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The Banner Saga Best Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics On Ps4 And Ps5

In this game, the players caravan battles a human-hating race called the Dredge. The game involves two distinct characters each with their own unique stories. Both stories merge to form one great story. Remember to be strategic with your choices as they directly affect your journey throughout the game. The game setting is a fantasy world motivated by Vikings myths. Youll have to protect everyone with you. As I said, your choices and your interaction with others are very crucial in this game as they can change the entire story.

The aforementioned games are going to blow your mind and keep you busy for quite a while. So when next you need games like final fantasy tactics for PC, PS4, PS5, and Nintendo, you know where to go.

Release Date: October 25 1996

Developer: Konami, System Sacom

Platforms: PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn

Vandal Hearts has been likened by critics somewhat reminiscent of the Shining Force strategy games at the time of release although it is not quite in my opinion. There are split movements, several classes of which have a rock-paper-scissors paradigm, but there is no exploration. The gameplay overall was solid for any SPRG. It had good graphics for its time, and the music was well-done.

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Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade

This game totally looks like it dropped in the early to mid-90s for the 16-bit console you still look back on fondly. But in actuality, Tactics V: Obsidian Brigade dropped in 2019 and is a loving homage to those types of games. This games combat system is as deep as youd expect – theres a huge offering of gear, character classes, skills, magic powers, etc. to wrap your head around during your time spent with it. A training mode is a part of the package, so you can get a thorough understanding of Tactics V: Obsidian Brigades many mechanics before you participate in battles with huge ramifications.

Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Fantasy War Tactics Trailer HD

And here we are with a continuously updated list of games like Final Fantasy tactics. It was back in 1997 that Final Fantasy Tactics was released in Japan. The first Final Fantasy game in the series opted for a tactical combat system. A year later it will also be distributed in the United States.

Directed by Yasumi Matsuno, already famous for being the creator of Tactics Ogre in 1993, and accompanied by a staff who had already worked with him during the creation of the aforementioned title and supported by Square legends like Hironobu Sakaguchi and Hiroyuki Ito

The basic idea of Yasumi Matsuno was to focus on an innovative and complex system of classes and a deep story full of unexpected twists. It goes without saying that Final Fantasy Tactics was critically acclaimed and quickly became a classic and over the years has produced countless series of imitations maybe imitations sound bad, lets say games inspired by it.

The story of Final Fantasy Tactics takes us to the world of Ivalice and puts us in the shoes of Ramza Beoulve, a cadet who will find herself in the middle of the conflict called The Lion War. During the story, our protagonist will meet other characters who will accompany him on the journey, each with unique classes to complement those of hired mercenaries.

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Final Fantasy Iv: The After Years

Ten Playable TalesActive Time BattleLunar PhasesBand AbilitiesMinimap

  • Reactive cutscenes featuring Pathfinder’s iconic characters.
  • Explore towns, cities, dungeons, and landscapes of the Rise of the Runelords campaign maps for places like Sandpoint and Thistletop.
  • Beautifully enchanced and animated location backdrops.
  • Multiple Adventure profiles so players can experience the campaign using every character.
  • Play through a tutorial that distills the rulebook down into a small mini-adventure.

Other Games To Try If You Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics who are new to the genre may be surprised to discover how many other games exist with a similar style of gameplay.

The originalFinal Fantasy Tactics and its remastered edition, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, are considered by many fans to be the pinnacle of tactical turn-based strategy RPGs. But they’re not the only noteworthy titles in the genre. In fact, they’re not even the only Final Fantasy Tactics games.

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There are a plethora of other strategy RPG titles both old and new that have gained impressive followings of their own. Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics who are new to the genre may be surprised to discover how many other games exist with a similar style of gameplay.

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Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy

Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy

  • JP: October 27, 2011
  • WW: March 17, 2015
Release years by system:

  • PAL: February 3, 2012
Release years by system:
  • Part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy subseries
  • Announced under the provisional title Final Fantasy Type-0 Online
  • Terminated, English version closed in 2019 and all other versions shut down in May 2020

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Best Nintendo Switch Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics (Android) Review

Battle chaser is a turn-based RPG with a very intriguing storyline. The protagonists ship gets shot down on a strange island, the characters have no choice but to fight the villains on the island. Solve puzzles, battle rare bosses, loot items and carry out other activities.

Its terrific combat system, characters, and style of gameplay will keep you hooked for much longer than you planned.

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Wasteland Best Pc Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

In the year 2087, after a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and the US, some parts of the earth is in ruin and survival is the order of the day. You get to control the members of a paramilitary group called the Desert Rangers. The game begins with 4 characters but as you proceed, you can manage as many as 7 characters.

Each character has different special advantages such as intelligence, strength, and even dumb luck. As a result, they use different weapons and skills. Its combat, gameplay, and storyline work in perfect harmony with one another, giving you one of the best gaming experiences ever.

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The Advance Wars Series Brings Bright And Colorful Wars To Your Pocket

Another strategy RPG series from Nintendo, the Advance Wars series premiered primarily on handheld consoles. They featured a bright and colorful aesthetic, but despite the stylized look and feel, the games have a more modern set of weaponry and battles between militaristic armies rather than the more magical flair of Final Fantasy Tactics.

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Advance Wars and Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising released on the Gameboy Advance and digitally on the Wii U e-shop. Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp, a remastered edition of both games, was announced for Nintendo Switch at E3 2021. The third game, Advance Wars: Dual Strike released for the Nintendo DS and the Wii U e-shop. Finally, the fourth game, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, was released on the Nintendo DS and digitally on the Nintendo 3DS e-shop.

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Price: Free to play

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is the definition of fan service. The game lets you recruit characters from various Final Fantasy games. You then play through scenarios from the older games. The premise is that you have to reset history to make sure everything happened as it was supposed to. The game also includes weekly events, various abilities and equipment to collect, and more. Its another free to play Final Fantasy game. Its a little more aggressive in its microtransaction strategy than Brave Exvius. That said, reliving those old game memories can be fun for many. We do wish they would optimize the UI a little more, though. The menu system isnt great.

If we missed any great Final Fantasy games for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here to check out our latest Android app and game lists!

Thank you for reading! Try these out too:

Baldurs Gate: Enhanced Edition

Final Fantasy Tactics Android New Game Plus glitch? : finalfantasytactics

Baldurs Gate is a Final Fantasy-like game where the whole action takes place in dungeons. The game is available for Android and iOS devices for around $12. The scenario is typical for such games. Firstly, a player creates his character setting abilities and strengths. Then gathering a team of fighters that will take part in battles on the way.

The game has a large number of mystical fantastic creatures that appear on the way of a player while he is exploring the area. Since the game was released there have been many updates and improvements. In the end, the game has developed significantly. The mobile version of this game is a great alternative to a PC version that anyone can have in a pocket to be able to play at any time. The game is really modern with a good graphic effect. As a good alternative to Final Fantasy, it deserves to be downloaded.

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