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Can I Use 3rd Party Libraries

Google Certified Associate Android Developers at GDD India

There are no limitations on what you can use, or how implement the app.

In fact the majority of the grading is done automatically via UI testing once you submit.

The only restrictions are you must not rename the existing classes in the application, the UI needs to match the designs, and you must use Android Studio.

How To Get A Certificate And Badge For Yourself

The following steps should be followed to become a Google Certified Android Developer. You have to do registration and pay the fee for the examination first. Lets do it from the beginning and in steps.

Step 1: Check your abilities

The first step is to check the abilities of yourself. Whether you are ready to participate in the exam or not. For checking it, you can refer to the official syllabus in which the topics are mentioned, which can be asked in the exam. If you are not sure enough about those topics, we would suggest you brush up your skills for them. Cause there is only one attempt for the exam if you are not able to qualify in one attempt. In order to sit in the exam again, you have to repay the whole fee. So, please ensure that you have studied all the topics and are comfortable with those which may be told you to implement in the exam.

Step 2: Apply for the exam

Now you have to apply for the exam in this step. Go to the which is dedicated to certification. There you will see an option for the Associate Android Developer program certification. Click on learn more and signup button.

You will be redirected to a new page where you will see two options. One is for sign up with Kotlin and another is for Signup with Java.

Choose your preferred language and then on the new page you will see official instructions related to the exam with a button for purchasing the exam.

Step 3: Give the Exam

Step 4: Give the online interview

Your Journey To Pass The Associate Android Developer

Perhaps this is your first step toward the certification, or perhaps you are coming back for another round. We hope that you feel this exam challenges you, teaches you, and prepares you to pass the Associate Android Developer. If this is your first study guide, take a moment to relax. This could be the first step to a new high-paying job and an AMAZING career. If youve been around the block a few times, consider taking a moment and answering some questions from newer techies. After all, its our great community that illuminates the material and helps build something great.

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Stage : The Exit Interview

  • The exit interview is an online video call organised via wherein a member of the certification team asks you a few questions about the exam.
  • This mostly covers questions regarding your code and basics of Android.
  • The interview lasts for 15 to 30 minutes and in some cases ended within 10 minutes itself.
  • Once again, youll have to get yourself verified using the ID you had uploaded at the end of Stage 1 during this interview.

If all goes well, youll get your certification credentials via BadgeCert within 45 days from the day of your exam.

If youd like to see what the exam interface looks like, click here.

Learn Android Development Online Directly From Google

Google Certified Associate Android Developer: Exam Walkthrough

Mobile apps and smartphones are everywhere, with more people consuming media on phones than on laptops or other devices. As an Android developer, you’ll have the opportunity to reach billions of people in a meaningful way through apps on their phones and connected devices.

With an Associate Android Developer Certification, you can qualify for in-demand entry-level jobs in Android development. Take the self-paced Android Basics in Kotlin training, and when you’re ready, take the certification exam to start your journey as a professional developer.

  • 1
  • What are graduates saying? What are graduates saying?This certification program is accurate on the current topics that involve Android development in the market, it is an updated tool to test your skills on the latest stuff that Google has launched. I encourage you to try it.

    Alex Acosta, Business Intelligence Developer and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

  • Shalini Puri What are graduates saying?Android is a very, very wide space, and a very, very new world, and there are lots of new things to learn. After six years of experience, I’m still learning Android.

    Shalini Puri, Tech Lead and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

  • What are graduates saying? What are graduates saying?As a fresh graduate and working as a junior Android developer, the certification definitely made me look more mature to recruiters.

    Husayn Hakeem, Android Engineer at Google and certification graduate

    Alex Acosta

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Application User Interface And User Experience

Implementation of the visual and navigational components of an application’s design. This includes constructing layoutsusing both XML and Java codethat consist of the standard framework UI elements as well as custom views. Candidates should have a working knowledge of using view styles and theme attributes to apply a consistent look and feel across an entire application. Understanding of how to include features that expand the application’s audience through accessibility and localization may also be required.

  • Mock up the main screens and navigation flow of the application
  • Describe interactions between UI, background task, and data persistence
  • Construct a layout using XML or Java code
  • Create a custom view class and add it to a layout
  • Implement a custom application theme
  • Apply a custom style to a group of common widgets
  • Define a RecyclerView item list
  • Bind local data to a RecyclerView list
  • Implement menu-based or drawer navigation
  • Localize the application’s UI text into one other language
  • Apply content descriptions to views for accessibility
  • Add accessibility hooks to a custom view

Why Register For The Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

The Associate Android Developer Certification provides end-to-end training, culminating in an industry-recognized certification. The certification exam can be done online from wherever you’re located and is performance-basedmirroring real-world developer tasks, like adding functionality to an app and fixing bugs in existing code.After completing the Associate Android Developer Certification exam, you’ll receive a digital badge you can use to promote yourself to potential employers. You can include your digital badge in your email signature and share it on sites like LinkedIn and Twitter.Youll also be featured on the official , which is searchable by employers, and have access to free resources, including interview tips, mock interviews, resume-building workshops, career coaching sessions, and more.

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Android Basics In Kotlin

The Android Basics in Kotlin training can teach you the essential steps of developing, testing, and debugging Android apps in Kotlin, and is designed for people with no prior programming experience. When you’re ready, take the Associate Android Developer Certification exam, designed to test the skills of an entry-level Android developer.

Our training resources cover:

  • Create and run a basic Android app on your computer
  • Display text and images in Android apps
  • Use numbers and functions in Kotlin
  • Unit 2: Layouts
  • Apply Material Design guidelines to add visual polish to an app
  • Represent data with lists and arrays in Kotlin
  • Display a scrollable list of text and images in an app
  • Calculate and display a result in an app based on user input
  • Use inheritance to implement a hierarchy of classes in Kotlin
  • Unit 3: Navigation
  • Launch an intent to start a new Activity
  • Navigate between Fragment destinations using the Jetpack Navigation component
  • Perform common operations on collections in Kotlin
  • Use data binding with LiveData to update your UI automatically when the underlying data changes
  • Implement Up and Back custom behavior in an app
  • Unit 4: Connect to the Internet
  • Use coroutines and threads to write non-blocking concurrent code
  • Access the main thread to safely perform UI updates while performing tasks in the background
  • Use different concurrency patterns
  • Write code that interacts with network resources
  • More units coming this summer

Learn more about the certification

How I Became An Associate Android Developer Certified By Google

Introducing Google Developer Certification: Become an Associate Android Developer – Google I/0 2016

If you already work with Android Development, or you want to start your journey in mobile development, there is a way to certify your skills and make yourself stand out. Google introduced the Associate Android Developer Certification back at 2016, and their aim was to close the gap between developers launching their careers and employers.

Structure of the exam

The exam itself is divided into two parts. The first part is a practical exam. You will get a random project and youll have to implement some new features. Youll have to add missing functionalities on existing features, and various bugs will need fixing. Finally, you will need to do some testing.

From the time you get the project, you will have 24 hours to finish everything and upload your solution in a compressed format file for review. The time limit is just enough if you are somewhat comfortable with these kinds of tasks, and if you have no other obligations during that time. It is wise to schedule the exam over a weekend.

The second part is an exit interview. After you successfully pass the practical exam, you will have to arrange this exit interview. Bring your ID or passport to prove your identity, and then youll explain your work on the project, discuss the hardest parts to implement, and so on.

The interviewer will then ask you some general questions about Android Development. You might have stumbled upon these things during your work on the project, but maybe not.

Preparing for the exam

My experience

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How To Become An Associate Android Developer

To become an Associate Android Developer, you will need to take an exam on Android Studio, the Android SDK, and either Java or Kotlin . After paying and proving your identity, you will be able to complete the exam and must submit within 8 hours.

If your submission is successful, you will then be asked to complete an exit interview, which involves recording spoken answers. If you are successful in this portion, you will be awarded your certificate. Marking can take up to 45 days.

Unlike Unity Certification, Associate Android Developer Certification is relatively inexpensive costing just $149 . However, you will need to pay again if you dont pass the exam.

Who Is This Certification For

Any previous experience in software development is a benefit, though many Android developers don’t have a traditional technical background. While there is no programming experience required to take the Android Basics in Kotlin training, the Associate Android Developer Certification exam is designed to test the skills of an entry-level Android developer. To take this exam, you should have this level of proficiency, whether that’s through education, personal projects, or work experience.

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Based On Official Syllabus Topics Of Actual Google Associate

During the preparation, you can be confused about Google exam question types, exam pattern, and allocated time to attempt questions of the Google Developers Certification certification exam. Study4Exam helps you to remove these doubts with 3 formats of its Google Associate-Android-Developer exam preparation. We ensure that you will easily pass the Google Associate Android Developer exam either by using Associate-Android-Developer PDF questions or taking the practice exam is web-based and desktop formats. You can prepare Associate-Android-Developer practice questions in PDF format at any time and from any place with smartphones, laptops, or tablets. Preparation evaluation is very helpful to remove mistakes and successfully prepare for the Google Developers Certification Associate-Android-Developer exam. The Google Developers Certification Associate-Android-Developer practice exam is one of the key steps of your exam preparation plan to identify your preparation mistakes, strengthen weaker areas of the preparation, and get familiar with the actual exam environment. Web-based and desktop practice exams are available to help you do self-assessment.

Submit The Project And Give An Exit Interview:

Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

When you are done implementing all the exam task to your project. Then click the submit button. Make sure to revise everything before you hit the submit button if you have enough time. And trust me guys 8 hour is enough to complete the exam if you do not stuck at any point in the exam.

Now is the time to give Exit Interview

I recommend giving the exit interview the next day after you submit the exam. You need to record the answer of 5 questions in the specified time. These are the question related to your project. They just have to make sure that you gave the exam on your own. Trust me if you gave the exam on your own you can easily answer them.

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If Offered Read The Exam Objectives

The exam objectives are different for every single exam and usually provided by the certification provider. These normally tell the test taker what subjects are relevant, what they need to know, and why the exam seeks to cover these topics. Its important to find them out for your specific exam. This can be found on nearly every vendor website and greatly informs the way youll study! Dont worry though, we have taken those objectives into account and seek to create a testing experience comparable to an actual exam.

All About Certification Exams Preparation

Google developer certification is one of the most demanding and career-oriented certifications in the market that is inspiring developers all over the world. The Google developer certification is designed for developers who have a plan to demonstrate their skills and proficiency as developers. With Google developer certification you can easily recognize your expertise and knowledge. After successful completion of , you can easily accelerate your career and stand out in the highly competitive android developer job market. You can get the attention of enterprises and projects that are very important to go ahead in the fast mode. The Google developers certifications are classified into professional and associate-level certifications.

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Understand The Actual Associate

Get official information about the syllabus and format of the exam to set an effective study plan. This information helps you to know what type of questions and topics will appear in the Google Associate-Android-Developer exam. Dont waste your time and concentrate on such learning content which is expected in the actual exam.

Benefits Of Google Certification Training

Google Associate Android Developer Certification – My Journey & Suggestions
  • Working professionals can save time and boost their learning to help them use the necessary tools in a more efficient manner.
  • Broaden your skillset
  • Pad up a resume by becoming Google Certified
  • Improve the quality of job opportunities and overall earning capabilities
  • Understand the brand and end-users better
  • Improve the overall performance of an organization

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Lets See The Certification

The first and most important thing is, this certification is for an Entry Level Android Developer. If you are a student who is looking for an internship/job or someone who is changing career and coming to Android. This certification shows that you can develop and understand the fundamentals of Android and ready to work in the industry to face challenges.

This is an eight hours exam. You will get codebase which you had to complete with all the given tasks. After submitting your exam, if you get cleared then you will have an exit interview to get a better understanding of your knowledge and work you did in your exam. Clearing this makes you a Certified Developer.

If in case you didnt clear the exam, you can retake the exam after 14 days. Failing this will provide you with the 2 months of duration to learn and after that, you can retake the exam. For the last attempt, you had to wait a year to retake the exam.

All the very best wishes for your certification exam. You can check more about this certification here on the official website.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this story, please buttonand share it to help others find it! Feel free to leave a comment below.

Install A Custom Plugin:

After you paid for the exam you will get to see the instruction on how you can install Google Developer Certification plugin to your android studio. After you have finished installing the plugin you can see the Take the certification exam.

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection throughout the entire 8-hour exam.

Now the android studio loads the exam project into your android studio successfully. You can see the timer in your android studios top left corner.

I recommend you to take at least 4050 minutes of your time before you start writing code and first look at each package, classes, interfaces just to understand the app structure. You can get to see lots of helper classes and method. You just have to connect those dots. Dont do the mistake of deleting any classes or method. Everything has its own usage.

YOU CAN OPEN MULTIPLE PROJECT WHILE TAKING THE EXAM. Just make sure dont copy and paste exact code.

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How You Get Success In The Associate Android Developer Certification Exam

Do you have a plan to validate your skills and knowledge with the Associate Android Developer Certification Exam? Looking for the perfect way to recognize android developer certification? If your answer is yes, then you do not need to worry about it. But be ready for consistent efforts with the help of PremiumDumps Associate Android Developer Certification practice questions. PremiumDumps is a reputed company that has been offering Google Associate Android Developer Certification practice questions for many years. Now PremiumDumps exam practice questions have become the first choice for Google developer exam seeking candidates. The PremiumDumps Associate Android Developer Certification exam questions are designed by experienced and certified professionals. So you rest assured with the PremiumDumps Associate Android Developer Certification questions you will get everything that you need to learn, prepare and pass the challenging beginner-level Google developer certification.

Lets check out the PremiumDumps Google Developer Certification questions that are designed into the following formats.

  • PremiumDumps Google Associate Android Developers Certification questions in PDF file
  • PremiumDumps Google Associate Android Developers questions in practice exam software
  • PremiumDumps Google Associate Android Developers in web-based practice exam software
  • Best of Luck in the beginner-level Google developer certification exam!!!!

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