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    What are the most used ad SDKs in Android apps? The following shows the 20 most widely-integrated ad network SDKs used. We at 42matters analyse millions of mobile apps available in the Google Play Store and iOS App Store including the integration of over 1,200 SDKs within these apps. The following shows a small excerpt of our full data available via our API and Explorer.

    This information is intended to assist those who are looking to monetize their mobile apps, see how their ad network SDK stack up to the competition, or merely want to investigate the ad network sdk distribution on the app market generally.

    How To Monetize Your App Using In

    We did a blog post some time ago where we told you how to make money from your mobile app and the first one we talked about there was in-app advertising! This is super-easy and the most popular way to make money with your app.

    What happens here is that you allow advertisers to put up ads on your app in exchange for money. As you are the app owner, you would be paid according to these factors below:

    • number of impressions made by the ad, or
    • the clicks they get, and
    • the type of ads you allow on your app.

    A video ad on your platform would help you earn more as compared to a banner ad.

    One thing to remember is that you must think about your app users. Would they have the patience to wait for the video ad to finish, before they can get to the real app content? You dont want to annoy them, do you?

    Best Cpm Ad Networks With High Ecpm

    Nowadays, a majority of webmasters and bloggers depend on CPM Ad Networks for generating revenue.

    They are using CPM Ad Networks along with the application of .

    If you too are interested in using CPM Ad Networks with your blog or website for increasing your revenue, let me tell you that you are at the perfect place.

    Herein, we have featured 18 Best CPM Ad Networks with high eCPM.

    Google AdSense pays you when someone clicks on Ads.

    CPA program pays you when some action is done like filling a form, etc. but to earn with CPM ad, nothing needs to be done.

    Yes, its like that with CPM Ads.

    Let me brief you.

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    Why Are App Ad Networks Important

    For publishers, networks can be an important part of their monetization strategy, as ad networks help publishers sell their inventory. And with in-application advertising emerging as a prime form of mobile advertising in the marketing world, app ad network platforms are equally growing in importance.

    One of the most profound shifts in the mobile ad industry is that mobile apps have become the major inventory for ads to be displayed in, replacing traditional mobile web. And the reason behind this transition is simply that most people spend their time browsing through their mobile devices, using apps instead of the web like they used to do.

    With the number of mobile apps that continues to increase exponentially, completely. Today, all of the highest paying mobile ad networks are laser-focused on mobile as the fastest growing digital advertising sector.

    And as the mobile advertising industry continues to grow, it becomes more apparent that moving all operations into the online programmatic area is the only way to go. This way, you will be able to accommodate far greater advertising volumes, allowing the increasing number of advertisers to manage their ad campaigns efficiently, and mobile publishers to maximize their inventory monetization.

    Better Control Of App Monetization

    Top 10 Best CPC or PPC Ad Networks For Publishers

    When it comes to making money off your app, you want to make sure youre in control of it. Before ad mediation technology came about, selling and buying ad space was extremely disorganized and hard to keep track of. Furthermore, the prices were all over the place which was also far from ideal.

    Now, with ad mediation, publishers can control how and to whom they sell their ad inventory. Even though the mediation process is usually automated, most platforms still allow you to customize the waterfall by manually giving priority to desired ad networks.

    However, its important to add that some ad mediation platforms may be biased. If an ad mediation platform has its own ad networks, it might give it priority over others which is not fully transparent. Thats why its crucial that you choose the right ad mediation platform to monetize your app. To find out which are the best ones, check out our list of top mobile ad mediation platforms for apps and games.

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    Top 3 Best Ad Networks For Gaming

    Everybody is familiar with ad networks like Google and Facebook, but there could be other networks where you can acquire high-level users for gaming apps.


    Applovin was rated #1 for ad spends on iOS and Android. Their platform attracts users on both systems for multiple types of ads. Applovin reaches 470 million mobile gamers.

    Unity Ads

    It offers a monetization solution specifically designed for gamers, enabling the integration of relevant ads in-game.


    It is a self-serve advertising platform. The platform offers tracking tools that help optimize ad spend by tracking KPIs in real-time.

    More Advertising Networks For Bloggers

    Here are 10 more advertising networks for you to increase your revenue.

    • PropellerAds: PropellerAds allows publishers to earn more with multi-channel monetization solutions and offers.
    • Skimlinks: Skimlinks is similar to VigLink. It has 20,000+ merchants.
    • Adsterra: Adsterra is popular for its various payment methods.
    • Qadabra: Qadabra is a self-serve ad platform that offers payout from $1 .
    • YesAdvertising: YesAdvertising offers CPC, CPM, CPV, CPI etc for web publishers and app developers.
    • Halal.ad: Halal.ad is an ad network for Muslim market.
    • PublicityClerks: PublicityClerks is an alternative to BuySellAds.com.
    • PopAds: As the name suggests, Popads is a high paying advertising network for popunders ads.
    • UberCPM: UberCPM is a CPM based advertising network.
    • Advertising.com: Its a premium advertising network by AOL for publishers.

    Over to You

    So these are some high paying advertising networks. All of them might not generate revenue for you. But some of them will generate.

    Id recommend you to do some a/b testings to find the best one for you. And another important thing is, you need to have a good amount of traffic to generate revenue from advertising. If you dont have a good amount of traffic, dont waste your time by trying different ad networks. Try to generate traffic first.

    Hope this post will help you to find a best-paying ad network for your blog. If you found this post useful, help me by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

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      Best Mobile Ad Networks For Publishers 2022


      Signing up with a mobile ad network is a great way for publishers, including app developers, to make passive income from their website and benefit from app monetization by selling ad space to advertisers.

      On some occasions, companies register with an ad network as both advertiser and publisher.

      Such double registration allows these companies to account for traffic it generates as a publisher to cover fees it needs to pay for traffic it acquires as an advertiser.

      The next tier, that has survived competition with the aforementioned companies and continues to compete for mobile advertisers budgets, consists of Applovin, UnityAds, ironSource and Vungle.

      The Technology Behind The Ad Network

      TOP 10 Best Ad Networks for Mobile Apps 2020?

      Look for a network that offers the best technology you can find. Publishers should look for features that not only maximize your yield but make your ad management easier. Features like a centralized ad management system, automated reporting tools, real-time updates, contextual targeting are some of the functions you may look for.

      Switching from a legacy ad network to a network based on artificial intelligence and machine learning can help you reach higher-paying advertisers while enhancing your user experience.

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      Final Thoughts On Mobile Ad Networks & App Monetization

      In this article, we listed some of the most important ad mobile network platforms that will help you get more . We also gave you the most important features of each one of them so now you have to set your goals, set your budget and choose your platform.

      User Acquisition is one of the most difficult parts when launching a new product and working with ad networks to get users can definitely make this task a lot easier. On the other hand, ad networks can become a vital part of your app monetization strategy and help you earn some extra bucks.

      Remember once again, that before starting to think of possible ways to either boost installs volume by acquiring new customers or making money with your app, you have to make sure your product is worth it so that it would be appealing for your users.

      We hope you found this article useful. What Mobile Ad Networks are you working with?

      Help us with some feedback and feel free to share this post.

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      Mobile Ad Networks Faq

      What are mobile ad networks?

      Mobile advertising networks are nothing but an advertising platform that allows advertisers to connect with app developers looking to monetize their apps. There are various best mobile ad networks available in the market that publishers can use to monetize their apps.

      Which mobile advertising platforms pay the most?

      All the above mobile advertising platforms pay the most. But at the same time, it eventually depends upon geography, niche, traffic quality, audience type, etc. To decide which mobile ad platforms pay most, it becomes crucial to test all the ad networks. Check the above list of top mobile ad networks to get started.

      How effective is mobile advertising?

      The Czech Republic shows that mobile advertising is very effective as compared to internet advertising. The important thing is why mobile advertising platforms are powerful because mobile advertising delivers highly interactive ad formats. When any users interact with your ad formats such as quizzes, hit a tab, Q/A, etc., they are more likely to remember your ad or brand.

      Which is the best mobile ad network?

      It is very challenging for us to say which mobile ad network is best for you. Various top mobile advertising networks are there in the market that offer different ad units, setups, advertising demand, etc. However, here in this article, we have reviewed 17+ best mobile advertising platforms that you can start using them.

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      Closing Thoughts On The Best Mobile Ad Networks

      Finding the best ad network could turn out to be overwhelming when theres so much data to consider. But ultimately it comes down to what best suits your mobile app or personal brand.

      Firstly figure out what type of marketing campaign you want to run and see which of these ad networks support it. Whether you want to monetize your mobile appor promote it, theres a mobile ad network that fits your needs.

      Mobile advertising is an accessible and affordable method to create a stable source of passive income and now you know how to reap the benefits of an ad network.

      All you need is a mobile app to start generating passive income and heres the best part Eventyas intuitive app builder helps you launch your custom mobile app at a fraction of the cost.

      Building your custom app with Eventya and choosing the best ad network will guarantee the best odds for generating passive income.

      The Size Of The Network

      Best Ad Network For Android Earning App 2021

      Theoretically, an ad network with tens of thousands of advertisers can give you better performance than one with a thousand. A more extensive inventory means more options to match an ad to your website via contextual targeting.

      A large pool of advertisers also means you can target a wider geographical area, increasing the chances for your inventory to be sold. Using a large ad network may also increase your profits. Since ad networks sell inventory to the highest bidder, you have more chances for high bidders when you have more advertisers.

      However, the size of the network is not the only factor that matters. Thats what brings us to our second point.

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      What Is An Ad Network And Why Do You Need One

      Ad networks are an excellent choice for those who need to sell ad inventory that doesnt get bought up by advertisers fast enough. For instance, if youre producing video content and your publisher isnt getting as much interest from buyers then it could be worth scanning through other networks such a Googles YouTube unit or Twitter Video Ads platform!

      Ad networks are a great way to sell any impressions that dont get used by advertisers. For instance, if you have monthly deal with an advertiser for 700k clicks but generate 900K total traffic -you can offer them up as ad network ads and make some money off the difference!

      Set Up Your Waterfall Optimally

      My next ad mediation tip is about setting up your waterfall. In general, ad mediation platforms have three different ways to set it up. Automatic, manual, and mixed.

      If you choose the automatic mode, the ad mediation platform will automatically rank ad networks in the waterfall.

      Heres how it works.

      Every day, the ad mediation platform will check which ad networks had the highest eCPM. Then the ad networks will be prioritized based on that. However, since it is done based on the data from the previous day, it might not be optimal.

      You can also choose to set up your waterfall manually. This gives you full control over which ad networks get priority. However, it does require a lot of experience and knowledge from your side. You need to know what youre doing.

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      How To Choose The Best Ad Network

      A successful ad network strategy looks different to individual publishers and advertisers. It will depend on the unique factors of a business needs, including the type of inventory, audience location and business size.

      But one thing remains the same amongst all publishers looking to partner with a mobile ad network: The best network should serve quality and relevant ads to audiences within your mobile app business. And publishers and advertisers will usually use an ad network together with other digital advertising components, such as DSPs and ad exchanges.

      With a sea full of different mobile ad platforms, it can be a challenge to find one that will give your in-app advertising the boost it needs. So when deciding on a top mobile ad network for your app, there are some factors to consider to ensure you pick the best one that offers good rates, a variety of ad formats, high eCPMs as well as efficient audience targeting.

      While there are many things you need to consider when partnering with an ad network, there are a few key points to prioritize when making your decision:

      • Targeting capabilities
      • Price model, including compensation & payment terms
      • Ad formats
      • Ratings of advertiser network

      Revcontent High Cpm Ad Network

      Best Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization and Mediation to Earn a Lot | Best AdMob Alternatives

      Revcontent is a supply-side platform that helps publishers monetize their inventory. The ad network serves ads from its inventory directly to participating ad exchanges and other demand sources such as social media, native platforms, and affiliate networks. Revcontent recently launched a self-service display marketplace for its publishers. The new platform enables verified partners to sell their digital display inventory via the publishers UI, or feed their unsold display space to Revcontents ad network. The company claims to offer 30% -50% higher eCPMs than other platforms such as Google AdSense, Hulu Ad Exchange, and Amazon. The US-based ad network is also planning to grow its presence in Europe later this year with a rollout of localized websites and services

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      Top 13 Mobile Ad Mediation Platforms For Mobile Apps & Games

      Imagine this scenario. You have developed a great app and want tomonetize it with ads. So you start working with ad networks. However, as the number of ad networks you work with starts growing, it gets increasingly hard to manage them. Not only that, youre also not getting the maximum ad revenue.

      The solution?

      Ad mediation platforms. They allow you to work with multiple ad networks by integrating only one SDK. Moreover, ad mediation platforms help you increase eCPMs and maximize your ad revenue.

      To get you started, we have put together a list of the top 13 mobile ad mediation platforms for apps and games. We go through the main features of each one, as well as list all the supported ad networks and platforms. Furthermore, we talk about the benefits of ad mediation and tips for developers.

      Also, you can find an ad mediation glossary at the end of the article that will help you master all the basic terms.

      What Is Ad Mediation And How Does It Work

      Ad mediation is one of the best ways to monetize your app and grow your business. It allows you to get more revenue from ads by working with multiple ad networks simultaneously. Thats why more and more app developers use ad mediation platforms.

      Heres how it works.

      An ad mediation platform has the role of a mediator between the publisher and ad networks. When it gets ad requests from your app, it passes it on to multiple ad networks. That makes them compete for the ad slot and the highest bidder wins. Whats interesting is that the whole process is automated and happens in milliseconds.

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      Use An Ad Mediation Platform

      The first step to successful ad mediation is partnering up with a mediation platform.

      You might think that you can handle multiple ad networks by yourself, but trust me, its near impossible. Its hard keeping track of all those ad networks and their performance. Plus, you would need to integrate SDKs for each network, which takes a lot of time and effort.

      An ad mediation platform solves all those problems. It allows you to get higher eCPMs, a better fill rate, and ultimately, higher revenue. Plus, you have better control and overview of all the ad networks youre working with, all in one place.

      To get more info on the benefits of using an ad mediation platform, click here.

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