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By Step Guide To Build Android Apps Using Python

How to Make an Android App for Beginners

Are you curious about developing android apps but Java is not your companion? Android universe is mainly build using Java, Kotlin, Flutter, and Corona using Lua Scripting Language but in recent times, Python has made its way into every domain and android is no different. In this series of articles, we will look at how to set-up the required environment, the basics of developing an android app, referencing the documentation, and how to move ahead with your projects.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App

The cost to create a mobile app is based on multiple factors. The type of app youre building, the features youre implementing, and the development method will have the most significant impact on the price.

You can build an app for $2,000, $20,000, $200,000, or upwards of $2 million.

In most cases, using an app development platform will be cheaper than learning how to develop an app from scratch by coding. But even within each development method, the prices will fluctuate.

For example, lets say you want to build an app with low-level coding. You can hire an experienced app developer in the US that charges $150 per hour or outsource to a first-time developer overseas for $30 per hour.

If you try to cut corners and develop your own app for as cheap as possible, your final quality will suffer. It could end up costing you more money in the long run if you try to save a few dollars now.

Dev Community Is A Community Of 766941 Amazing Developers

We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

If you have an android phone, you must have installed few apps of your need. It’s also quite possible that you also wanted to build your own app, Don’t Worry it’s not difficult as you were told , you can even build apps for phone within your phone.

Not everyone has a high-end development Computer to start developing Android Apps, but you have some world changing innovative ideas for apps, so I came up with this because I had gone through the same day.

So Without Further Talking Let’s Jump into the solutions,

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How Do You Create An App For Free

Mobile development typically comes with a significant investment. This is especially true if your app solves a major market need.

But if youre just getting started and want to create a free app, you can do this using BuildFires app builder platform. This no-code software lets you build your own apps for free without writing a single line of code. This is perfect for those of you who dont want to learn a new programming language and want to play around with the custom editor.

With BuildFire, you can take an app idea and turn it into reality faster than any other platform on the market. Youll also get to create iOS apps and Android apps simultaneously using a single build.

So, whats the catch? While you can make an app for free using BuildFire, you cant actually launch it without subscribing to a plan. But anyone can try the app builder for free with a 14-day trial.

Once youre signed up and ready to put your app on the market for real downloads and user feedback, you can launch your app for free using BuildFire. All of our plans include assistance with the launch. You just need to let our team know when youre ready, and well get your app published live on the Apple App Store and Google app store.

As a developer, anyone can access BuildFire.js for free as well. This means you can create a custom plugin and launch it on the BuildFire marketplace. BuildFires open-source code and SDK make this possible.

Fix Errors If Necessary

I Can Create A Android Application For Your WordPress Blog ...

If you edited the XML for the layout directly, you might see some errors.

The errors occur because the buttons have changed their id and now these constraints are referencing non-existent views.

If you have these errors, fix them by updating the id of the buttons in the constraints that are underlined in red.

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How To Build An App Step : Modify And Adjust

Youve taken your prototype for a spin, and youve learned that there are still a few tweaks you need to make. Now that youve seen your app in its fully functioning form, you need to call the troops back and ask they to do the same.

Ask the same people who viewed your app in its development phase to examine it in its testing phase as well. Again, open yourself up to constructive criticism, and use the feedback accordingly. Lastly, ask your developer and your designer to make any changes that you feel would be valuable to your app.

Open The Layout Editor

  • Find and open the layout folder on the left side in the Project panel.
  • Double-click fragment_first.xml.
  • Troubleshooting: If you don’t see the file fragment_first.xml, confirm you are running Android Studio 3.6 or later, which is required for this codelab.

    The panels to the right of the Project view comprise the Layout Editor. They may be arranged differently in your version of Android Studio, but the function is the same.

    On the left is a Palette of views you can add to your app.

    Below that is a Component Tree showing the views currently in this file, and how they are arranged in relation to each other.

    In the center is the Design editor , which shows a visual representation of what the contents of the file will look like when compiled into an Android app. You can view the visual representation, the XML code, or both.

  • In the upper right corner of the Design editor, above Attributes , find the three icons that look like this: These represent Code , Split , and Design views.
  • Try selecting the different modes. Depending on your screen size and work style, you may prefer switching between Code and Design, or staying in Split view. If your Component Tree disappears, hide and show the Palette.
  • Split view:

  • At the lower right of the Design editor you see + and buttons for zooming in and out. Use these buttons to adjust the size of what you see, or click the zoom-to-fit button so that both panels fit on your screen.
  • Use the device menu to view the layout on different devices.
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    Resilience Is The Key To Creating Apps

    As you may have realized from the information in this article, creating an Android app is not easy if you dont already know how to do so.

    Understanding Java will be a big help, but even then youll still have a lot to get to grips with. If you have never coded before, your journey to create an app will be even longer.

    Depending on how long you can dedicate to study, you can learn the basics of Android app creation in a few weeks and create your own app within a few months.

    Even if you have a full-time job or other commitments, by sticking at it you can learn all you need to know to get started with the app creation process in a relatively short period of time.

    The key is that you need to keep going. Coursera estimates that you can complete its Android App Development Specialization course in around five months by putting in just four hours per week. This is a manageable amount of time for many people.

    Android App Distribution Platforms To Release Your App

    Create an App for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows – in 30 MINUTES!

    Play Store, Googleâs official Android app distribution platform for mobile apps running on Android OS, is usually the go-to place for Android Apps, but itâs not the only place. Hereâs the list of some of the cool alternatives to Play Store where you can release and market your android app.

    Google Play Store: Google Play, formerly Android Market, comes first in the list where you can release and market your Android app. Google Play is an official Android app distribution platform hosting nearly 3 million apps under various categories. Google Play should be your first choice when it comes to testing your app idea in the market.

    Amazon Appstore: It’s the second biggest Android app distribution platform after Google Play Store. This is the biggest rival to Google Play and offers free app release under various categories. Go, get your app listed on the Amazon AppStore to further boost your app downloads.

    APKPure: One of the fastest-growing mobile apps distribution platforms. The APKPure platform allows you to list both Android and iOS apps. The website receives nearly 500,000 daily visitors that shows you the huge potential to grow your app audience. â

    Aptoide: Another popular app marketplace to launch your application. The app distribution platform claims to have more than 1 million apps available to be downloaded which generated 7 billion app downloads so far. Numbers clearly show the popularity of the app store and the potential for your app project.

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    Introduction: How To Create An Android App With Android Studio

    This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to build an Android app using the Android Studio development environment. As Android devices become increasingly more common, demand for new apps will only increase. Android Studio is an easy to use development environment to learn on. It’s best if one has a working knowledge of the Java programming language for this tutorial because it is the language used by Android. There won’t be much code used in this tutorial, so I will assume that you know enough Java to understand or are willing to look up what you don’t know. This will take roughly 30-60 minutes, depending on how quickly you are able to download and install Android Studio. After using this tutorial to create your first Android app, you’ll be well on your way to a fun new hobby or possibly even a promising career in mobile development.

    Note: This Version Of The Codelab Requires Android Studio 36 Or Higher

    You can download Android Studio 3.6 from the Android Studio page.

    Android Studio provides a complete IDE, including an advanced code editor and app templates. It also contains tools for development, debugging, testing, and performance that make it faster and easier to develop apps. You can use Android Studio to test your apps with a large range of preconfigured emulators, or on your own mobile device. You can also build production apps and publish apps on the Google Play store.

    Note: Android Studio is continually being improved. For the latest information on system requirements and installation instructions, see the .

    Android Studio is available for computers running Windows or Linux, and for Macs running macOS. The OpenJDK is bundled with Android Studio.

    The installation is similar for all platforms. Any differences are noted below.

    Troubleshooting: If you run into problems with your installation, see the Android Studio release notes or Troubleshoot Android Studio.

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    The Other Files And Folders

    There are lots more files and folders here though, so what do they all do?

    In truth, you dont need to know what everything here is. But some things that are useful to know about:

    The Android Manifest: This is an XML file in the res folder that defines important features of your app. That includes the orientation of the app, the activities that you want to be included in it, the version, etc.

    See also: Xml: everything you need to know

    Drawable: This folder is found in res. This is where you will put things like images that you want to reference later.

    Values: This resource folder is a useful place to store values that will be used globally across your app. For example, this can include color codes or strings . Youll define these values in individual XML files, such as colors.xml.

    Gradle: Gradle is the tool that takes all your files and bundles them into a workable APK for testing. It is also useful for generating previews etc. You wont need to worry about the files in here often, but if you want to add a dependency, this is where you will do it. Dependencies are external libraries that let you access additional functionality from within your own code.

    Of course, we also have a detailed introduction to Gradle for new Android developers.

    Get Your Ui Ready For The Next Task

    Can I develop a mobile app from my Android phone?

    The next task is to make the buttons do something when they are pressed. First, you need to get the UI ready.

  • Change the text of the TextView to show 0 .
  • Change the id of the last button you added, button2, to count_button in the Attributes panel in the design editor.
  • In the XML, extract the string resource to count_button_text and set the value to Count.
  • The buttons should now have the following text and ids:


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    How To Make An Iphone App

    This video tutorial from Devslopes shows you how to make an iPhone app, using Xcode 9 and Swift 4. It’s aimed at beginners with no coding experience, so is a great introduction to follow if you’ve never created an app before. You’ll end up with a working iPhone app, including animations and sound effects.

    What Are The Benefits Of Android Apps

    A dedicated Android app can benefit in numerous ways as follows:

    For Businesses

    • Increased productivity

      Help employees be more productive by providing them with the information they need at their fingertips.

    • Improved customer service

      Gives customers access to important company information and allows them to contact you directly from within the Android app itself.

    • Enhanced revenues

      Leads to increased sales or leads for your business, which is always good news!

    • Increased brand awareness

      Easier to promote and market the company as well as reach out to customers and potential clients.

    • Efficient data collection

      Collects data more efficiently by allowing employees access information at all times without having to go back and forth between different programs.

    For Personal Use

    • Easy to download and install

      Easily download and install Android apps on your smartphone or tablet by visiting Google Play Store.

    • Customizable

      Customize your phone with Android apps like changing themes, wallpapers etc., according to your choice or taste.

    • Free support

    Follow the steps below to easily download Android APK file and install your android app on your Android device:

  • Login to your Appy Pie account
  • Go to My Apps area and click on Test app on device
  • Scan the QR code, or send app installation link via email or SMS to your Android device
  • A popup will appear redirecting you to your default browsers page
  • Once the Android APK file is downloaded, tap open it
  • Your Android app will start installing
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    Explore The Project Structure And Layout

    The upper left of the Android Studio window should look similar to the following diagram:

    Based on you selecting the Basic Activity template for your project, Android Studio has set up a number of files for you. You can look at the hierarchy of the files for your app in multiple ways, one is in Project view. Project view shows your files and folders structured in a way that is convenient for working with an Android project. .)

  • Double-click the app folder to expand the hierarchy of app files. in the screenshot.)
  • If you click Project , you can hide or show the Project view. You might need to select View > Tool Windows to see this option.
  • The current Project view selection is Project > Android.
  • In the Project > Android view you see three or four top-level folders below your app folder: manifests, java, java and res. You may not see java right away.

  • Expand the manifests folder.
  • This folder contains AndroidManifest.xml. This file describes all the components of your Android app and is read by the Android runtime system when your app is executed. 2. Expand the java folder. All your Java language files are organized here. The java folder contains three subfolders:

    com.example.myfirstapp: This folder contains the Java source code files for your app.

    com.example.myfirstapp : This folder is where you would put your instrumented tests, which are tests that run on an Android device. It starts out with a skeleton test file.

    drawable: All your app’s images will be stored in this folder.

    What Are Subscription In

    How To Learn Android App Development (Works in 2021)

    Subscription based In-App Purchases are described as: A product that allows users to purchase dynamic content for a set period. This type of subscription renews automatically unless cancelled by the user. This means that there is a recurring charge that will allow the user to access that specific in-app section, though only while they continue to pay to keep their subscription active.

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    How To Make An App: A Step

    Mobile app development can be segmented into three categoriespre-development, development, and post-launch.

    This guide reads best from start to finish, but feel free to click around to the sections that are most relevant to your needs. Some of you might be starting from scratch, while others might be further along in the process.

  • How to Build an App: Conclusion and Key Takeaways
  • Technique #: Improve An Existing App

    Have you used an app and thought, It would be so much better if this could do X? If so, thats the creative spark of a really good potential app idea!

    Theres always room for improvement so if you thought that an app was sorely lacking a useful feature, chances are that you werent the only one to think that.

    If the original app author isnt constantly updating and improving the app, then theres an opportunity for you to create an even better app.

    One way to figure out whether or not youre right about this is to check the reviews and ratings for the original app.

    Are people complaining about the same thing? Are they complaining about something different? Is the app author listening to the feedback?

    As youre going to see, listening to user feedback and improving your app based on that feedback is probably the singular driving force to the success of an app.

    An absent app author is sentencing his or her app to a slow death of user attrition.

    The next step is to validate your idea to make sure that it has a chance to thrive in the app store.

    STEP 2

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