How Can I Send A Fax From My Android Phone


How To Fax A Document From An Android Phone

How To Send a Fax from your Android Device with eFax

Android apps make it convenient to fax documents directly from your Android smartphone. The Mobile Fax Free, mFax and PamFax apps are free to download and install from the Android Market. The Mobile Fax Free app allows you to fax single-page documents for free. Mobile Fax Free will convert a picture taken with your phone’s camera into a PDF document. The mFax app charges a fee for each fax, and you must have a PayPal account to use it. The PamFax app allows you to fax three pages for free, then charges a fee per fax.

Can You Fax From A Mobile Phone

Mobile faxing is all about faxing from a mobile phone. Making it work usually depends on two things: your phones operating system and Internet connection.

To fax using your phone, you need an app. Most fax apps are compatible with Android and iOS systems. For a mobile fax app to work, you need to connect your smartphone to the internet. Also, when it comes to fax apps, make sure to install one thats not only free but also secure, reliable, and user-friendly!

Efax: Send Fax From Phone

When we think about a fax app for Android, eFax should be the first name to appear in our minds because it is widely popular around the world as an app that lets you send and get fax using just your smart Android device. J2 Cloud Service developed this app very smartly, and it can work in almost all countries in the world.

This app demands no payment, and just an internet connection will be enough to send, receive, review, and edit fax from anywhere. It works very fast, and just a few taps are enough to handle your fax files. Check more details out there and be more specific about it.

Important Features

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What You Need To Fax Via Android

  • An Android smartphone or tablet with an active internet connection or data service . Ideally, your Android device will also be updated to the latest version of the OS to improve your chances of app compatibility.
  • You may need to use a computer to setup your online faxing account. Some service providers dont allow full customization options via the mobile app, which means you need to access the desktop site when youre first setting up your account.
  • A subscription with an online fax service
  • A document you wish to fax

Improve Workflow And Boost Productivity

Easy Fax

The iFax app is designed to save you time and money. Faxing from your phone means you can accomplish more of what truly matters. You dont have to spend all day doing faxing errands. You dont have to be tied to the office either!

No matter where you are in the world, the iFax fax app lets you send, receive, and sign faxes using only your smartphone! No bulky fax machines. No boring drive to the nearest fax center.

With the iFax app, you can:

  • Fax anytime, anywhere. Send, receive, and sign faxes through the fax app wherever and whenever you want!
  • Never miss a fax again, ever! Check your transmittals even while out of the office. As soon as you receive a fax, you will see a new fax notification appear on your phone screen.
  • 24/7 Assistance. Get help from customer support whenever you need it!
  • 100% Safe and Private. Faxes are encrypted in transit through iFaxs 256-bit military-grade end-to-end encryption.
  • Multi-Platform Support. Send and receive faxes through the fax app on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. It also works on your Android phone and tablet.
  • Less Stress! Get immediately notified via email and push notification as soon as your fax gets delivered.
  • Save time. With just a few taps on your iOS or Android device, you can send and receive faxes with ease.
  • Save money. Say goodbye to clunky equipment, paper, and costly maintenance fees!

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How Do I Send A Fax From My Samsung Phone

Simply find a file on your phone, upload it to Files Anywhere and choose to fax it from the remote files. Just like sending a document on a real fax machine, you fill out the recipients information, the senders contact information, type a number and press Fax. Files Anywhere even sends a traditional cover sheet.

How To Send A Fax In Minutes With Your Efax Android App

Experience the fastest and most convenient way to receive, sign and send faxes with eFax® using your Android phone or tablet.

Send a fax in minutes with a convenience that is difficult to match, save time, save cost and Fax with ease using eFax. Ditch the inconvenience of being attached to a phone cord, faxing equipment, or shared faxing facility.Go with the freedom of faxing right from your Android phone.

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Myfax App Send Fax From Phone

It doesnt matter whether you are using a phone or a tablet if it is programmed with an android system, you can now use it as a fax machine. For that, you can try MyFax app. You need a MyFax subscription to enjoy the service of this app, but you dont have to pay to download this app. Also, you can give a free trial of using this app and then choose whether to buy a subscription or not. And one thing I can assure you here, once you start using this app, you will just love it for its premium features.

Important Features

Faxplus: Send Faxes Quickly

Sending Faxes from Your Mobile Device Using HP Smart | HP Printers | @HPSupport

Scan or attach your document and fax it easily with FAX.PLUS. You can also upgrade to obtain your own fax number beginning with an area code or toll-free prefix if you plan to receive faxes.

Send a Fax With FAX.PLUS

  • To send a fax, head to the Send Fax tab at the bottom of the app.
  • Enter the recipients fax number or select one of your contacts.
  • To use a cover sheet or rich text editor, tap Add Page.
  • To scan or upload a document, tap Add File. You can upload from Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud Drive.
  • When youre ready, tap Send on the top right.
  • Check on the status of your fax using the Outbox tab at the top, and then look at your items in the Sent section. You also have options to sign, share, forward, and resend faxes.

    FAX.PLUS is available for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android. In-app purchases for paid subscriptions vary depending on the type of plan you need.

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    How To Send Fax From Phone With Free Fax Apps On Iphone And Android

    How to Send Fax from Phone? Find the best free fax apps to send a fax from iPhone and Android smartphones. Fax Burner, eFax, Tiny Fax, MobiFax, and FoxPro are the best free fax apps.

    These apps are also capable to send faxes from email, Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, PC, Internet, iCloud, Google Drive, Docs, and DropBox with free fax apps iOS and Android

    You can send Fax from your Android smartphone like Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, OnePlus, Motorola, Oppo, Realme, Nokia, Xiaomi, Infinix, QMobile, Lenovo, Sony, LG, Alcatel, HTC, Microsoft, Haier, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson, etc. using best free fax apps like Fax Burner, eFax, Tiny Fax, MobiFax, and FoxPro.

    You can also send a fax to every Apples iPhone with these apps

    Although, there is an email service available on the Internet that is being used for official documentation there are also many institutions and organizations that believe in receiving physical documents via post or fax.

    Posting documents via courier services is very expensive and time-consuming.

    So, is there a free fax app for android? if yes? then can I send a fax from my phone?

    YES! there are free fax apps for Android and iPhone on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and you can send fax from your phone.

    As with fax from the iPhone app, you can forget what office fax is, now in one click you can make fax, edit it for yourself and send it anywhere!

    Isnt it a smart tip?

    Mobifax Quickly Send Fax From Mobile Phone

    KelimeSoft comes with a fax app that will appear before you exactly how you love it to be. Because almost all the features of an ideal fax app are available here. You can send and receive fax using your Android device from anywhere if you have an internet connection. It is easy to use, and you dont need to log in or subscribe to use this app.

    The fax sending speed of this app is very fast, and you can just do it within a few seconds. Besides, you can add a cover page and attach documents, pictures, and other files with the faxes.

    Important Features

    • Lets you scan images and files with high recognition.
    • This app will provide you support with 24/7 customer care.
    • When you use multiple pages for fax, the cost will be lessened.
    • You can send multiple documents in one fax to different persons at a time.
    • It consumes less memory, and you can send a fax to people in over 50 countries.

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    What Is A Google Fax Number

    A Google fax number is the name given to an online-based fax number associated with your Gmail account. They dont get generated by Google but get assigned by the fax service provider.

    You need a fax number when sending one from your Gmail address, and the account you send from must be the same as the account associated with your Google fax number.

    How Do I Receive A Fax To My Computer

    Easy Fax

    To receive faxes via your computer:

    1. Launch the app you are using, but ensure you have a plan that allows you to receive faxes.

    2. Wait to be notified of the incoming fax, e.g., ringing fax line.

    3. Once this happens, the app will automatically answer to receive the fax.

    4. When the transmission is complete, the fax will display.

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    How Do I Fax From My Hp Printer Without A Phone Line

    Press Start and the printer feeds and scans the documents and sends them through your wireless network. Your HP printer without a phone line works just fine when it is hooked up to the wireless network. If the printer does not have a fax tray, you must scan each page of the document before sending the fax.

    How Do I Receive Faxes From My Blackberry Iphone Android Or Other Smartphones

    If you are currently able to receive emails on your smartphone, then you will be able to receive faxes directly on your smartphone.

    When you receive an incoming fax, FaxitFast automatically delivers the fax to your registered email address in PDF format as a new email message. As long as your registered FaxitFast email is linked to your smartphone, you will also receive all incoming faxes on your smartphone. If your smartphone is capable of viewing PDF files, you will be able to seamlessly view all incoming faxes on the go.

    Simply put, if you can send a fax over a cell phone, then you can receive faxes via smartphones as well.

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    Get Faxing On Your Phone

    The state of faxing on Android isn’t fantastic. You won’t find one must-have app that does it all at no cost. But these two options provide you with a solid app for document management and faxing if you do it often, or a quick one-off fax for those times when you don’t have another choice. Hopefully you don’t think about faxing more than a few minutes per year. When you have to, though, these two services should cover your needs just fine.

    Looking to get even more out of your Android device? Check out our list of the best Android apps.

    Do you send faxes anymore? When you do, have you ever sent faxes from your Android phone? Let us know if faxing is still important to you down in the comments, especially if you prefer another app!

    How To Send A Fax With Your Android Phone

    How to Send Free Faxes From Your Phone – EasyFax App Tutorial and Review

    Using your Android phone to fax your documents makes it easy for you to communicate with your clients as soon as you need to, it is also fast easy and convenient not to mention less stressful. Using the eFax app to send your documents will not only deliver your fax within minutes right from your palms but with the flexibility that is difficult to match.

    Steps to Sending a Fax Using the eFax Android App

    To send an eFax from your android phone here are the steps you need to follow:

    • Fill in your details your names and email and be assigned an instant fax number.
    • Add your credit card details, you will only be charged when your trial period expires, trials are usually one month long.

    Once you have created your eFax account as the steps above details, you are ready to send your fax- To send your fax, here is what you need to do:

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    Say Goodbye To Fax Machinesfax From Your Phone

    While faxes in different shapes and forms are still used today, fax machines are becoming a thing of the past. At the time of its invention, the fax machine was a novel and brilliant idea that transformed how businesses worked.

    From todays perspective, all the bells and whistles that go with the fax machine are too much trouble:

    • You need a phone line for the fax machine to work
    • The machine takes up a lot of room
    • The quality of images is bad
    • It may take a lot of time to send a fax
    • You cant check whether you received a fax in an instant on your phone
    • The machine may need troubleshooting or replacing over time

    To Send From Your Desktop Using Your Gmail Or Email Account:

  • Sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Select Compose.
  • In the To field enter the recipients fax number, then after the symbol, type e.g. .
  • Enter your content for Subject and Message as you normally would when sending an email. This step becomes your cover page.
  • Select the paper clip icon on the bottom, then choose the documents you wish to fax.
  • Press Send.
  • Note: The above steps apply to any email account, not just Gmail.

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    Mobile Fax Vs Traditional Fax

    When it comes to accessibility and convenience, faxing using a phone is way more convenient compared to using a fax machine. Apart from this, mobile faxing also speeds up the faxing time since theres no need to print documents or wait until the phone line is clear. Besides, all it takes is less than a minute for faxes to get sent or delivered.

    Economically speaking, traditional faxing typically cost more, especially when you factor in the additional expenses like maintenance costs, ink replacements, paper refills, etc. With mobile faxing, you can look for a free fax app to install and pay based on your need.

    There are also fax apps that offer affordable subscription plans that you can cancel or upgrade anytime. If you dont want to pay for a subscription, you can use a fax app with pay-per-fax or pay-per-page options.

    How Fax With An Android Phone Or Tablet

    Send a Fax from Your Phone with an Android Fax App

    The only current way to send and receive faxes with an Android phone or tablet is through an online fax service.

    These services operate as a virtual fax machine located accessed through the internet. While apps are available for online fax services, they are not always necessary.

    At this moment, there is no software that lets a user physically connect a fax machine or printer to their Android phone so that the phone can act as the modem. As well, there is no option for an Android to use the same existing phone number to double as a fax line.

    While there are applications that let a user print to a printer through their phone, there are none we are aware of that let a person fax through the same printer.

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    Features Of The Efax Android App

    The eFax Android app is designed to help you overcome the limitation of today’s fax machine and make faxing much easier than you can imagine. It combines the security of faxing with the flexibility of being able to fax on the go. The eFax Android app is specially designed to enable you to send your fax from your Android phone or from your tablet. Here are the various features of the eFax Android app.

    Fax Through Cell Phones Web Browser

    Step 1: Open the web browser of your phone and . Fill in the required information and choose a fax number according to your preference.

    Step 2: When you are done with this, you will be taken over to your dashboard. Select the option that says +New Fax, to send a fax.

    Step 3: Enter the fax number of the receiver, you can also add multiple fax numbers if you wish to share the fax with multiple people at once. It is optional to add a cover page and text to your fax. Next, you need to add files to your fax. The supported format of the fax document is Doc, Docx, Xls, Xlsx, Png, Jpg.

    Step 4: Hit the ” Send” button. You will receive an email notification once the transmission is successful or not successful.

    You can also watch the video below:

    Receiving faxes through the CocoFax web app is way easier than the sending process. Once you have registered with CocoFax and get a fax number, people can send faxes to the fax number you have. All the received faxes will be forwarded to CocoFaxs inbox. You just need to log in to your CocoFax account to check the faxes you received.

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