How Do I Play Podcasts On My Android Phone


Move Itunes Podcasts To Android Phone With One

How to play podcasts on an Android phone

The easiest way to directly move iTunes podcasts on Android is by using MobileTrans â Restore. This professional application can move your iTunes backup to any iOS or Android device without any compatibility issues. Therefore, you have to save your podcast and include them in your iTunes backup first. Later, you can use MobileTrans to transfer them to any Android device.

Since using MobileTrans is extremely easy, you donât need to have any technical experience to move iTunes podcast on Android. Here are some simple steps you can take to learn how to listen to iTunes podcasts on Android.

Step 1: Connect your target Android phone

At first, just connect your Android phone to the computer using a working USB cable and launch the MobileTrans application on it. From the listed options on its home, just select and click on the âRestoreâ feature.

Step 2: Select an iTunes backup to restore

In no time, the application would detect your connected Android device and will display its snapshot on the interface. From the sidebar, you will get an option to restore an iTunes backup or MobileTrans backup. Since you wish to move iTunes podcast on Android, select the option of âiTunes Backupâ.

Step 3: Move iTunes podcasts on Android

How To Listen To Podcasts On Iphone Android And Desktop

Be honest: the last time someone told you to listen to a podcast, what was your response? Did you lie and say youre too busy so you wouldnt have to admit that you dont really know how to listen to podcasts?

If thats the case, youre not alone. Edison Research has found that 48 percent of people who do not listen to a podcast dont even know how to do so.

Thats why weve created this step-by-step guide to show you how to find, subscribe, and review a podcast.

But before we get to that, lets make sure were on the same page about what a podcast is: its a digital audio show that is distributed through the Internet via something called an RSS feed. RSS stands for real simple syndication, meaning its a code that can distribute information across multiple channels.

Now that youre up to speed, heres how you can find a podcast on any popular device:

How To Listen To Podcasts On Google Home

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Google has podcasts baked into the Play Music app for Android, and it recently released a dedicated Podcast app, as well. But you also can listen to podcasts directly on your Google Home pretty easily.

There are a couple of ways to do this: by using your voice, or by casting. Well cover both.

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Podcast Friends: We Need To Talk

Its come to my attention that some of you are burning through your cell phones data plan because your podcast settings arent set up properly.

If you , you saw this post recently:

I also got a text from a friend recently, who asked if the reason she went through her data for the month was due to a podcast subscription. My answer: Probably.

But not because shes subscribed to the podcast. Its because the settings in her podcast player need to be adjusted.

I subscribe to HUNDREDS of podcasts, and I dont use data from my cell phone plan.

I also I listen to dozens of podcast episodes every week usually while Im in the car, or at the park or gym and I still dont use data. I dont use much storage on my phone with all these podcasts, either .

Over the years, Ive learned to adjust the settings in my podcast app properly, and Ive avoided all of the above mentioned problems.

Now, its time for you to learn. First, Ill tell you the big-picture stuff you should know, and then Ill drill down into tutorials for how to change your podcast settings.

Where Do Downloaded Podcasts Go On Android


If youre wondering, Where do downloaded podcasts go on my Android phone? then youre not alone. More people these days are turning to audio content. While Android phones do have built-in music and video player apps, they dont include a separate podcast section. This is because Googles podcast app is a separate player and organizer. Its also separate from the Google Play Music app.

To listen to podcasts on your Android phone, you can download episodes one at a time. You can also use the Google Podcasts streaming application or download the entire series or individual episodes. While its faster and easier to download podcast episodes directly from the podcast site, it may take time and effort to set up. Podcast apps are a great solution, because they provide a streamlined interface, a plethora of choices, and customization options.

Many Android devices support multiple storage cards. While Android provides official support for only one, each device exposes its second storage card differently. The second storage card can be mounted as read-only and not used for downloading podcast episodes. In addition, Android 4.4 KitKat appears to be making external SD cards read-only. You may want to consider this if you use an external SD card to store your podcast episodes.

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Great Tools To Help You Find Podcasts

There are a couple of novel tools out there designed to solve the problem of how to find podcasts to listen to. They’re both created by Rephonic.

Find And Subscribe To The Same Podcasts On Android

Before you take any drastic measures to move your iTunes podcasts on Android, consider checking them on other local apps. For instance, Google Podcasts is a highly resourceful application that you can download from the Play Store for free. It has tons and tons of podcasts under numerous categories that you can explore. Instead of moving iTunes podcasts to Android, try to look for the same on Google Podcasts first.

Apart from Google Podcasts, you can also do a quick search on Spotify. Since Spotify is a cross-platform app, a lot of people upload their podcasts on it. You can go to its desktop web application or use its mobile app to look for podcasts. There is a dedicated section for Podcasts that you can find on Spotifyâs home to search for the podcast of your choice.

There you go! Now when you know how to listen to iTunes podcasts on Android in 3 different ways, you can easily meet your requirements. Firstly, try to find the same podcast on Google Podcasts or Spotify. If you canât find iTunes podcasts on Android, then consider using MobileTrans â Restore. With just a single click, it can move your iTunes backup directly to your Android device. The application is super-easy to use and will not erase the existing data on your Android while transferring iTunes backup on it. Feel free to give it a try and share this guide with your friends to teach them how to get iTunes podcasts on Android.

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Podcast Player & Podcast App Tunevu

While TuneVu may not be the fully-featured podcast app for Android, you can count on it to enhance your podcast listening experience. The app has got a decent library of podcasts that can comfortably cater to different tastes. You can explore the entire library and subscribe to the ones that you find interesting. With a simple and clean interface, it ensures navigation remains a breeze.

What I love about this podcast app is the super handy media player that lets you fine-tune the speed and go forward/backward with ease. With several easy-to-use tools, it offers hassle-free management of podcasts. Another feature worth taking note of is the inclusion of trivia which brings plenty of fun into the mix. Not just that, polls and ratings are equally appreciable from a users perspective. Whats more, TuneVu also offers timely reminders so that you wont miss out on any episodes.


What Is The Best App For Podcasts On Android

How To Download A Podcast Using Your Android Smartphone

If you want to listen to podcasts on Android, you should consider installing the podcast app Podcast Addict. It has an easy-to-use interface and lets you browse multiple podcast networks to find what youre looking for. Users also love that it has in-built audio effects, works as a standalone MP3 player, and supports Chromecast. Another plus to this podcast player is that it has a feature that lets you import your favorite podcasts from other services.

Podcast apps can vary greatly, but there are some common features that almost all of them have in common. They should allow you to subscribe to podcasts and control how much content is downloaded. Some of them let you set storage limits for each episode and automatically enrich human voices. There are also dead air-reduction features in many podcast apps. Its a good idea to test each podcast app to determine which one suits you best.

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Use The Best Podcast Apps For Android

Well, those were the best podcast apps for Android. Considering the number of podcast apps available on the Play Store, its understandable if you have been confused on which one to use. The good news, you just found out the top 10 picks of Beebom. Depending on your requirements, you can select any one of them. So, which podcast app are you going to use? Do let me know in the comments section below.

Way : How To Download And Transfer Itunes Podcasts From Pc/mac To Android

Of course, you can also transfer the downloaded iTunes podcasts to Android from your computer. It is easy to transfer podcasts from PC to Android. You can drag and drop podcasts from the Music folder directly. As for Mac users, you can run MobieTrans to get iTunes podcasts on Android.

Step 1Download and install iTunes on your computer. Head to the iTunes store to find the podcast you like.

Step 2Click “Subscribe” to subscribe to the iTunes podcast first. You can also upload your own Podcasts into iTunes for sharing on Android phone.

Step 3In the “Library” section, click “Download” to download an iTunes podcast episode.

Step 4Find the downloaded iTunes podcast. Transfer iTunes podcasts from computer to Android via USB connection or Android transfer software.

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How To Listen To Podcasts Using Google Podcasts On Android

Google Podcasts app is easy to access on Android devices. This podcasts app lets you browse trending shows in comedy, news, music, business, education, health, fitness, etc. Using the Google Podcasts app, you can play the latest show of your choice, explore and manage listening to music. To listen to Google Podcasts on an Android device, go through the below-given steps:

  • Download and install the on your Android smartphone from Google Play Store.
  • After installation, open the app and tap on the Explore icon at the center bottom of the menu.
  • There is also an option to search for your favorite TV show and other programs you want to watch. You can also select from various categories, such as News, Culture, Education, Arts, Comedy, Business, etc. of your choice. There is also a recommendation section for you based on your listening interest.
  • There is an alternate option to browse specific podcasts to listen to. For this, tap on the Search bar, type the name you wish to listen to, and search for it.
  • When you find the podcast of your choice, tap on it to listen to it.
  • On the home page of your selected podcasts, click on the button next to the plus “+” icon.
  • You can auto-download new episodes and get new episode notifications on your subscribed podcast by enabling the toggle button.
  • Tap on the Home screen icon and choose the podcast you wish to listen to at the top of the device’s screen.
  • Tap on the small Play symbol to play your podcast.
  • How Do I Get My Podcast To Play In My Car

    #TBT: The First Five Apps We Installed on Android

    Your car can automatically connect to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts if theyre already installed. You wont need to charge your phone while listening to music. For users of Apple Music and Apple Podcasts, it is very simple to sign in. Just look at your cars display panel, right next to Apple Music, and scroll down.

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    On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    If you have an iPhone you can use the Apple podcasts app to listen to podcasts.

    • The Podcasts app should already be downloaded on your phone so search your apps for Podcasts. If its not, go to the app store and download it.
    • Open the Podcast app and go to the search page .
    • A search box should appear at the top, next to another magnifying glass icon. Tap on this and type in the name of the podcast you want to find eg: Guardian Books. Hit enter on your keyboard.
    • Choose the podcast you want from the search results and tap on it. This should take you to the podcasts homepage.
    • Once youre on the podcast homepage youll see a list of recent episodes. Tap on one to play it.
    • If you like what you hear, a subscribe button at the top of the page lets you subscribe for free. This means the app will automatically download the latest episodes to your library.

    Samsung Adds Its Own Podcast Player To Galaxy Phones

    Samsung Free, the app that used to be known as Samsung Daily, has added a podcast player so that Galaxy users can access their favorite audio shows in the same app they use to browse news and more. This is the first time Samsung has offered a pre-installed podcast app on its phone, though it’s not surprising it decided to add this functionality given podcasts’ wild popularity at the moment.

    If you have a Galaxy smartphone, you can swipe right on the home screen to open the Samsung Free app. After accepting the privacy policy prompt, you’ll have three tab options to choose from: Watch, Play, and Read. The Watch category provides access to Samsung TV Plus, while the Read category is for news and the Play category is for apps.

    If you have one of the latest Samsung flagship Galaxy devices, including the Note 10/20, S10, S20, and S21, you’ll get a Samsung Free update in the near future that adds a podcast player, too. Once it arrives, you’ll see ‘Listen’ added to the aforementioned menu.

    Once you’re logged into your Samsung account, you’ll be able to listen to supported podcasts, including a selection of comedy, true crime, news, and sports offerings. It’s unclear how many shows will be available through the new feature initially and whether Samsung plans to expand this product in any significant way.

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    Play And Delete Podcasts In The Podcasts App

    After you subscribe to a few podcasts or add episodes to your Library, its time to start listening to them.

    Tap the Listen Now tab. Here, you see all the latest episodes from podcasts youve subscribed to. Tap a podcast to play the latest episode or tap the Episodes button below a podcast to see all available episodes in the queue.

    After a podcast begins, you can tap the Now Playing bar to open the playback screen.

    Here, you can skip around, change the speed of the podcast, and more.

    The Podcasts app also has a Queue feature. If you know which episode you want to play next, tap the Menu button, and then tap Play Next or Play Later in the Share sheet.

    On the Now Playing screen, you can swipe up to reveal the sleep timer, show notes, chapters, and the Playing Next section. This is where you can manage the queue. Use the Handle icons to change the order of upcoming episodes.

    To manage the episodes youve downloaded, go to the Library tab, and then tap Downloaded Episodes.

    To delete an episode, swipe left on it, and then tap Remove.

    To unsubscribe to a podcast, open the podcast page, and tap the Menu button.

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    Play And Delete Podcasts In Pocket Casts

    How to Find & Subscribe to Podcasts in Google Play (Android Smart Phone)

    After you set up your subscriptions, go to the Podcasts tab. Here, you see a grid of the podcasts to which youre subscribed. Tap a podcast to see all of the available episodes.

    Tap the Play button to start playback.

    The Now Playing bar appears at the bottom of the screen tap it to expand the playback controls.

    Here, you can manage playback effects, set a timer, view show notes, and more.

    Pocket Casts also has a stellar queue feature. When you see the episode you want to play next, tap it to go to the detailed view, and then tap Up Next. You can do this for multiple episodes.

    Return to the Now Playing screen, and then swipe up to see the Up Next queue. Here, you can use the Handle icons to rearrange the queue or tap Clear Queue to remove all upcoming episodes. Swipe left to remove an individual episode from the queue.

    To manage your downloaded episodes, tap the Profile tab, and then tap Downloads.

    Swipe left on a downloaded episode, and then tap the Delete button to erase it.

    You can also tap the Menu button and go to the Manage Downloaded Files section to delete all unplayed, playing, or played episodes.

    After you select the episodes you want to delete, scroll down and tap Delete X Episodes, where X is the number of episodes youve selected.

    To unsubscribe from a podcast, open its page and tap the green check mark. In the popup that appears, tap Unsubscribe to confirm.

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