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How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer Via 3rd

[3 Ways] How To Backup Android Phone To PC (Samsung Supported!) 2022

If you don’t want to choose the official apps, third-party apps are another choice. You can via these apps to solve how to transfer text messages to computer. There are two apps that will be introduced which are helpful for many people. If needed, you can download one of them to try.

Complete Backup Of Your Android Phone

Now, before you go ahead, you need to know what the term Rooted Phone means this means that the phone has access to the root of the Android system. In other words, you can run the phone as an administrator and make changes to some of the Android features.

When learning how to completely backup android devices, Titanium Android backup is probably the best solution. This is because Titanium allows you to backup everything on your phone at once. You can restore the complete backup at any time, and Titanium allows you to schedule the backup so that you have a regular copy of your phone’s data on your PC.

Titanium allows you to backup applications that you are currently using without closing them, and they can be saved as ZIP files. Titanium also allows you to transfer files from the SD card to your phone very easily.

How To Transfer Text Messages From Android To Computer For Free Via Official Apps

This second part will show you with the help of official apps, how to transfer text messages from Android to computer for free. These apps are provided by different brands of Android phones. Although they are not as convenient as the pro apps above, they still can solve the problem.

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Way 4 Backup Android Phone To Pc Using File Explorer

File Explorer is a pretty good way for backing up Android phone to computer. You are already familiar with this tool, and so using it back up your phone should be easy for you.

  • Plug your Android phone into your computer using a USB cable.
  • Go to Settings > General > Developer options and tap either USB debugging or Android debugging.
  • Check your notifications and tap the USB item for more options, then select Transfer files as the connection type on your phone.

  • You can now copy files from your phone to your computer.

Limitation Of Backing Up Android Phone With Google Account:

How to Backup Your Android Phone to a PC
  • MMS and Music Are Left Out: When you backup with a Google account, your MMS and music files are not backed up.
  • Limited Storage: Google only offers a limited amount of storage to save your backed up files. This might not be sufficient for some users.
  • Unreadable Backups: When you make a backup with Google, you cannot read or access your backup files. You can only download photos to your computer.

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Here’s 3 Efficient Ways To Backup Android Phone Data On Windows 10 Pc

Here’s three easy and effective solutions to backup Android smartphone data on Windows 10 PC.Kunal Chowdhury | | WhatsApp | Telegram |

Losing or dropping your Android phone is unfortunate, but if you have the possibility to regain your Android phone data, things wont become worst. Therefore, you need to be aware that to back up the Android phone data on the PC is vital.

Joyfully, you can learn how to back up Android phone data on Windows PC in this post, including the following 3 easy and effective solutions.

How To Backup Android Phone With Google Account

One of the best things about owning an Android phone is that you get to enjoy full access to all of Googles services. One of these services helps you sync the data of your device with your Google account and it helps create a backup of the essential data on your phone.

You can sync your contacts, calendar, and various other data with your Google to create a backup for them. All it requires you to do is select the data you want to sync and your phone will do the rest of the job for you.

  • Launch the Settings app on your phone and tap on Accounts.
  • Find and tap on the Google account that is linked to your device.
  • On the following screen, tap on the option that says Account sync to find the items that sync to your account.
  • You can now enable the toggles for the items that you want to sync to your account. Enable all the items you want to do a backup for and then tap on the three-dots at the top-right corner and choose Sync now.
  • Backup Android Phone with Google Account

    It will start syncing and backing up your data to your Google account.

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    How To Backup Android Phone With Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore

    There is an all-in-one program that enables users to backup and restore Android phone in one click. You do not have to distinguish which Android data files are supported by Google auto backup while others not. Apeaksoft Android Data Backup & Restore is the best Google alternative program. You can backup data from Android to your Mac or PC without hassle. And it is also supported to preview what you have backed up from your phone in detail. So if you are worried about the security of backing up phone to Google account, just free download it and have a try.

    • One click to backup and restore data from your phone to PC or Mac
    • Preview data before restoring from the backup in detail
    • Selectively backup and restore Android data without hassle
    • Offer easy-to-use filters and the well-designed interface
    • Support various Android phones including Samsung, HTC, Huawei, etc.

    Ways To Backup Android To Pc/mac

    How to backup and transfer your stuff to a new Android phone

    Filed to: Backup Android Proven solutions

    How to take full backup of Android phone to computer?

    Backing up Android regularly could be a tedious but essentional thing that you need to do in the digital life. There are lots of options existing and able to backup data from Android to computer. For example, you can auto backup Android or find 3rd party backup tools to reach the goal. But lots of users complained that they can’t find an efficient yet reliable way to backup Android phone to PC or Mac, because not all of the Android backup tools are time-saving and high efficiency. And some tools only support specific types of files on the Android phone or tablet.

    Thus, if you’re also frustrated by this problem, this article will help you get out of the trouble. Why?

    In this post, you can find 4 different ways to sync Android phone to computer or Mac. Some of them are desktop application while others can be downloaded and installed on your Android device directly. So you can choose different solutions according to your own needs.

    You might lost data on Android without backup, then following articles can help you get out of the trouble:

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    How To Back Up Android Phone Before Factory Reset Using Google Account

    You can take advantage of Android’s automatic backup system to immediately store files as new ones accumulate. But for that, you have to have this option enabled. If the routine isn’t already on, you can manually sync your Android with a Google Account and turn on the backup process.

    To back up your Android phone before factory reset using Google account, you can do as this:

    • Go to “Settings” from Apps or from the notification bar’s gear icon.
    • Find “Accounts” under “Personal” .
    • Select “Google” from the list.
    • You’ll find that under your account address, there’s a list of items like “Calendar“, “Chrome“, “Contacts“, “Docs“, “Drive“, and “Gmail“.
    • If the backup process is already on, each choice would display when it was last synced.
    • If it’s never been synced before then turn each one on manually. But do check if you actually want to back up all the available choices. There are quite a few and you might end up dragging unnecessary data to your newly formatted phone.
    • Sign in to your Gmail to check if the process has worked properly.

    Notice that you can’t use Google accounts to back up multimedia files like video. Even audio files have some limitations and it’s better to use other methods for its backup.

    How To Back Up Your Android Phone

    Your phone is the guardian of your digital life. It has that video of your childs first words, the heart-warming message from your significant other that never fails to cheer you up, and the latest save from your favorite mobile game. You have invested time in getting it just the way you want, and there are irreplaceable memories onboard. Spending a couple of minutes backing up is a small price to pay to ensure you dont lose it all.

    We will show you how to back up your Android phone in a few ways, so pick the one that appeals. We have separate guides on how to back up your iPhone and how to back up your computer.

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    The simplest and easiest backup option is , which is built into Android.

  • Go to Settings, Google, and choose Backup.
  • You can see how much storage is available for the Google account you are signed into listed at the top.
  • Below that, you will likely see an option that says Backup to Google Drive with a toggle next to it. Make sure it is toggled on.
  • The section at the bottom shows details of your backup. Tap on and make sure that Back up & sync is toggled on. You can also do this in the menu in the Google Photos app.
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    Back Up Pictures Music And Videos Automatically

    If the manual process above is too cumbersome, you can use third-party software to automate copying your smartphone data to your computer.

    One popular method is to use AirSync from DoubleTwist, which will sync data between your computer and your smartphone, similarly to the way iTunes works for iOS users. AirSync can also sync wirelessly over your network.

    Another notable piece of software is The Missing Sync for Androidan all-in-one sync and backup program that is easy to use , but has a higher price tag than other choices.

    If these options dont appeal to you, consider signing up for free services like and Picasa, which make backing up your music, photos, and videos to their Internet services easy.

    Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read ouraffiliate link policyfor more details.


    Top 1 Samsung Backup And Restore

    How to Backup &  Restore Android/Samsung App Data

    Samsung Backup and Restore is the best Android backup software for PC that I highly recommend you to use. Actually, it is a pure Android backup software for Windows computer and has just two features – backup and restore. Specifically, it supports to back up and restore overall Android data on computer in one click, like contacts, call logs, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps and documents. Most importantly, it is easy to use, fast and highly secure to the phone data, without collecting or disclosing your data and privacy.

    Supported devices:

    * Android 4.0 and later versions.

    * Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP .


    * Absolutely secure to phone data and protect users’ privacy.

    * One-click operation.

    * Fast scan out all data and back up to computer.

    * Easy to connect.

    * Wi-Fi or USB cable connection.

    * Widely compatible with almost all Android devices and Windows computers.

    * Clear and user-friendly interface.

    * Support all data types and most file formats, such as APK, CSV, HTML, VCF, BAK, XML, TEXT , MP3, M4A, WAV, JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, PEG, MP4, MOV, ePub, PDF,etc.

    * 7 * 24hrs technical support.

    * Cannot preview data before backup.

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    How To Backup Phone To Google

    So what kind of data does Google backup from your Android phone? The situation is that Google can back up some Android files automatically including contacts, emails and calendars. You can sign into Gmail account and then receive the phone backup online. Moreover, Chrome browsing data and some purchased apps are also supported to sync to your Google account automatically. As a result, the left data types need to be backed up to Google within the Settings app.

    Back Up Via Usb By Copying Manually

    Use this way to drag and drop the files from your Android phone to your computer. The details steps are as the following.

    If you have a Windows PC or Laptop:

    • Step 1. Turn on the Android device. Using the USB cable that came with your phone, plug the USB end into your computer and the other end into your phone.
    • Step 2. To enable USB Debugging on the device, go to Settings > General > Developer options and tap either USB debugging or Android debugging.
    • Step 3. Check your notifications and tap the USB item for more options, then tap “USB for file transfer”.
    • Step 4. You’ll see your Android appear as an available device to browse in Windows File Explorer, allowing you to copy files from your Android phone to your PC.

    If you have a Mac Desktop or Laptop:

    First and foremost you need to install the “Android File Transfer” app. Its an official Google application that works on Macs running with Mac OS X 10.5 or the following upgraded versions. You also need to ensure that your Android device is running on either 3.0 version or up. Further to this, the process for file transfer from Android to Mac is pretty similar to that of an Android to Windows. So once setup heres what you need to do:

    Note: Manually backing up only can copy images, videos, and files from your Android phone to the computer, but it won’t save contacts, text messages, and other items you may want to back up as well.

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    Two: Sync Android Contacts With Google Account

    Google account is widely used in backing up Android data. Contacts are one of its businesses. Before you continue the following steps, you must make sure you have a Google account or Gmail address. Steps are as the following,

    Step 1 Find Google account

    Tab “Settings” on your Android phone, find “Account” > “Google account”.

    Step 2 Sync Android contacts to Google account

    Sigh in your Google account , tick “Sync Contacts”. Wait several minutes to back up Android contacts to Google.

    Step 3 Transfer Android contacts from Gmail to PC

    Land Gmail in your browser on your PC. Click “Contacts” > “More” > “Export”. Here you could export Android contacts to PC in the formats of Google CSV/Outlook CSV/vCard file.

    Kindly note that, if you make Android contacts backup to Google CSV, then you are allowed to import Google contacts on your Android phone. If you sync Android contacts to PC with Outlook CSV, then you are able to transfer contacts to your Android with Outlook CSV. If you choose the last one, then you are capable of restoring Android contacts from VCF file.

    In this way, when you restoring the contacts backup on your Android phone, you may get some repeated contacts, and it is not a good idea for you to manage contacts on your Android phone.

    Limitation Of Backing Up Android Phone With File Explorer:

    How to Easily Back Up Your Android Smartphone
    • File Type Restrictions: With this method, you can only copy music, photos, and videos from your Android device. You cannot copy your messages, call logs, and other data from your device.
    • Driver Issues: Sometimes, your PC might not recognize your device and this is due to the driver problems. This can get messy if you are not sure how to download and install the drivers.

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    How Backup Handles Your Data

    Important: The data that backup collects is encrypted in transit.

    Backup sends your data to Googles backup servers and helps you transfer data between devices. Backup collects certain information to perform services on your device. Some of this functionality uses Google Play services. For example, backup collects:

    • Messages, contacts, app settings, and preferences are collected as part of your personal backup.
    • Personal identifiers are collected to ensure that your backups are associated with you and your account.
    • Crash logs and diagnostics are collected for analytics and troubleshooting purposes.

    How To Back Up Your Iphone To Icloud

    Backing up your iPhone keeps personal data and information safe in case of device damage, loss, or replacement. Before you get started, make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and that you have your Apple® ID and password to sign into iCloud®âif you need help, check out our guide on how to set up iCloud.

  • Tap Settings, then tap on your name.
  • Tap iCloud.
  • Tap iCloud Backup.
  • Tap Back Up Now.
  • Be sure to stay connected to your Wi-Fi network until the process completes. To make sure that the backup finished, go to Settings> > iCloud> iCloud Backup. The time of the last successful backup should appear on the screen.

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