How Do You Listen To Podcast On Android


Great Tools To Help You Find Podcasts

How to Listen to Podcasts on Android

There are a couple of novel tools out there designed to solve the problem of how to find podcasts to listen to. They’re both created by Rephonic.

How To Use A Podcatcher

A podcatcher is a podcast app that allows you to download and sort episodes. You want to look for one that will let you access a large and comprehensive library of podcasts. You also want it to be a simple process to listen once you find the podcast you want.

The nice thing about podcatchers is you can subscribe to a podcast instead of downloading individual episodes . Subscribing ensures you dont miss an episode, because the podcast app will alert you whenever there is a new one.

At that point, you can easily download new episodes with the tap of a button in your podcatcher. In some podcatchers, you can choose the option to have each new episode automatically downloaded.

How To Use The Google Podcasts App On Ios And Android

If you’re looking to keep track of your podcasts, the Google Podcasts app is now available for both iPhone and Android devices.

There are many podcast apps available for download, but iPhone users get one more now that Google Podcasts is available for iOS devices, in addition to Android. With Googles podcast player, you can browse categories or search among all podcasts to find ones you like. You can then subscribe to your favorite podcasts and listen to individual episodes online or download them for offline listening. Podcasts can be sent to different devices via Apples AirPlay or Googles Cast features.

Grab Google Podcasts from Apples App Store to listen on iPhone, or from for any Android device, and read on to learn how to listen.

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Free Apps You Can Use To Listen To Your Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts are a popular source of entertainment and information. If you want to get into the hype, here are a few ways to listen to them.

Podcasts seem to be taking the world by storm. Everyone’s either a listener, a creator, or both, and that’s hardly a surprise. It’s because they are pretty consumableyou can play them in the background while you do other things or actively listen to them.

It’s only natural that many have recognized the sensation of podcasts and have begun offering a way to consume that content on their platforms. So, let’s look at some of the best places to find and consume podcasts for free.

What Are The Best Podcasts

How to listen to Apple Podcasts on Android in 2 ways

The best podcasts for you to listen to will depend heavily on what youre interested in. Nowadays, there are millions of shows to choose from, with tens of millions of episodes already published. No matter what niche interest you have, theres probably one for it if you do a little searching.

If you just want to test the waters, weve put together a variety of lists based on genre or network. Most podcast apps and streaming services also have a list of the most downloaded shows, which can also be a good source of recommendations. Pick your favorites from one of the articles in the list below, and start listening right away!

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What Are The Objectively Best Podcasts On Earth

Im glad you asked! Have a seat Ive got opinions.

My current favorite podcast is Reply All, which is a delightful weekly look at all sorts of weird corners of the Internet. A recent episode featured a host trying to get to know a tech support scammer over the phone, and then actually traveling to India to meet that scammer in person. But sometimes, that host just tortures their boss by asking if he understands esoteric Twitter nonsense. Its wonderful you guys, check it out.

The most boring recommendation I could possibly make is This American Life, because everyone recommends that show. But theres a reason for that: its not really boring at all. Rather, its consistently one of the most engaging hours you can listen to, regardless of what subject they take on.

As a huge media nerd, I cant go a week without listening to On The Media, an essential podcast for anyone trying to make sense of our age of information overload. Every episode makes me question some narrative the media is pushing, which is a useful impulse to have in 2018.

Im not just a media nerd: Im a hockey fan. Thats why, for me, 31 Thoughts is cant miss. Its Elliot Friedman from Sportsnet talking shop with Jeff Marek, and if youre not Canadian I just lost your attention but whatever this podcast is excellent and every hockey fan should give it a shot.

And if youre a gamer, youll find all kinds of podcasts that cover gaming in general, as well as podcasts devoted to specific games.

How To Listen To A Podcast Offline On Android

The idea of listening to a podcast on Android is essentially the same. Find your podcast, download it on a solid data connection, and listen to it offline.

To download a podcast for offline listening on Android:

  • Launch the on your phone or tablet.
  • Find the podcast episode you want to download and press the down arrow icon to download it.
  • You can also tap into the podcast for more info and tap the next to the podcast listing.
  • Wait as the podcast episode download. The amount of time it takes will vary.
  • After the shows download to your device, tap the Library button from the navigation bar at the bottom.
  • Select from the menuyou can play the show while youre offline.
  • Youll see the list of your downloaded podcast episodes.
  • To delete podcasts, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner and choose the option to delete podcasts.
  • Its important to note theres a different green down arrow next to shows in the section. Its a bit confusing, but that button will prompt you to remove a download.
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    How To Get Started Listening To Podcasts

    Justin Pot has been writing about technology for over a decade, with work appearing in Digital Trends, The Next Web, Lifehacker, MakeUseOf, and the Zapier Blog. He also runs the Hillsboro Signal, a volunteer-driven local news outlet he founded. Read more…

    You keep hearing about podcastsfrom friends, online, even on TV. But what are podcasts, and how do you get started listening to them?

    Dont be embarrassed to ask: podcasts are one of the least accessible forms of online media. Anyone can click a link to a YouTube video, and even people without a Twitter account can scroll through threads on Twitter. Links to podcasts, however, tend to be links to website or iTunes pages where you cant listen.

    So whats going on here, and how can a non-geek start listening to these shows? Heres everything you need to know.

    How Do You Listen To Podcasts

    How To Listen To Podcasts on Android Devices

    There are many ways to listen to podcasts on your computer, smartphone, or smart home device. You can even listen on modern gaming consoles and smart TVs. Odds are, if the device has a speaker or headphone jack, you can listen to podcasts on it.

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    We recommend listening on your phone, since youre more likely to have it with you, but if you prefer watching episodes with video, you might want to watch it on your computer on YouTube. Regardless, make sure youre on Wi-Fi when you stream or download episodes as they can chew through your data!

    How to listen to podcasts on Android:

    How to listen to podcasts on iPhone:

    • Open the pre-installed Podcasts app.
    • Open Siri and say Play or similar.

    How to listen on your computer:

    • Navigate to the podcasts website and click play.
    • Listen on Spotify, , TuneIn, or any number of streaming services.

    How to listen on a smart home device:

    • Activate your device and say Play or similar.

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    Best Podcast Apps For Android Only

    Price: Free


    • Highly customizable settings. Customize your playback settings for every individual podcast you listen to. You can toggle the skip intervals and adjust the playback speed.
    • Search by language. Discover international podcast offerings in different languages. Broaden your horizons and linguistic abilities all in one!

    Price: Free, in-app one time purchase of $1.99 for ad-free listening


    • Podcasts, Audio Books and RSS news/blog feeds. Podcast Republic brings podcasts, audiobooks, and radio together in one place.
    • Customize skip intervals and cut out irrelevant intros and outros. Customize your listening experience and save yourself time. Toggle your skip intervals and cut to the chase by giving the intros and outros a miss.
    • In-audio bookmarking. Bookmark your favorite segments or save some listening for later with Podcast Republicâs audio bookmarking function.

    Android Podcast Apps Worth A Listen And A Look

    We’ve gathered up some of the best podcast apps available for Google’s mobile platform.

    Scott Webster

    Scott Webster has spent the better part of his adult life playing with cell phones and gadgets. When not looking for the latest Android news and rumors, he relaxes with his wife and son. Scott also is the senior editor for AndroidGuys. .

    Podcasts are the perfect way to enjoy radio shows, news, and other broadcasts. And, in an age where a majority of us have smartphones, there’s no shortage of apps to deliver our on-demand audio.

    I’ve gathered a small handful of my favorite podcast apps for Android. While most of them are strictly dedicated to the cause, a couple of them also branch out beyond strict podcast delivery. Enjoy! And share your own favorites in the comments below.

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    How To Listen To A Podcast Offline

    Want to listen to a podcast offline? Youll to download the podcast ahead of time and use the right app for the job. This guide will explain how.

    Podcasts are the perfect audio experience when youre on-the-go. The only problem is the internet, because how can you stream to a podcast without a stable connection?

    Podcasts can buffer, skip, or stop playing altogether in those situations. Luckily, most podcast apps on iPhone or Android offer the ability to download and listen to a podcast offline.

    Having podcasts available for offline listening comes in handy if you travel a lot, go jogging, or you drive in areas with no data. If youre unsure, heres how to listen to a podcast offline.

    Podcast Friends: We Need To Talk

    Podcast Go Apk Mod Unlock All

    Its come to my attention that some of you are burning through your cell phones data plan because your podcast settings arent set up properly.

    If you , you saw this post recently:

    I also got a text from a friend recently, who asked if the reason she went through her data for the month was due to a podcast subscription. My answer: Probably.

    But not because shes subscribed to the podcast. Its because the settings in her podcast player need to be adjusted.

    I subscribe to HUNDREDS of podcasts, and I dont use data from my cell phone plan.

    I also I listen to dozens of podcast episodes every week usually while Im in the car, or at the park or gym and I still dont use data. I dont use much storage on my phone with all these podcasts, either .

    Over the years, Ive learned to adjust the settings in my podcast app properly, and Ive avoided all of the above mentioned problems.

    Now, its time for you to learn. First, Ill tell you the big-picture stuff you should know, and then Ill drill down into tutorials for how to change your podcast settings.

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    Find And Subscribe To The Same Podcasts On Android

    Before you take any drastic measures to move your iTunes podcasts on Android, consider checking them on other local apps. For instance, Google Podcasts is a highly resourceful application that you can download from the Play Store for free. It has tons and tons of podcasts under numerous categories that you can explore. Instead of moving iTunes podcasts to Android, try to look for the same on Google Podcasts first.

    Apart from Google Podcasts, you can also do a quick search on Spotify. Since Spotify is a cross-platform app, a lot of people upload their podcasts on it. You can go to its desktop web application or use its mobile app to look for podcasts. There is a dedicated section for Podcasts that you can find on Spotifyâs home to search for the podcast of your choice.

    There you go! Now when you know how to listen to iTunes podcasts on Android in 3 different ways, you can easily meet your requirements. Firstly, try to find the same podcast on Google Podcasts or Spotify. If you canât find iTunes podcasts on Android, then consider using MobileTrans â Restore. With just a single click, it can move your iTunes backup directly to your Android device. The application is super-easy to use and will not erase the existing data on your Android while transferring iTunes backup on it. Feel free to give it a try and share this guide with your friends to teach them how to get iTunes podcasts on Android.

    How Do You Find Podcasts

    1: How to Find Podcasts by Performing a Discovery Google Search. The quickest and easiest way to find podcasts is Google. Just choose your niche, and type in business podcasts, health podcasts, relationship podcasts, or whichever topic interests you the most. Google isnt your only choice, though.

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    What Is The Best Podcast App For Android

    These are the Best Podcast Apps currently available in 2021: Spotify, Pocket Casts, and more! Spotify: Music and Podcasts. Anchor Make your own podcast. Google Podcasts. Pocket Casts Podcast Player. Podcast Player & Podcast App Castbox. Stitcher Podcast Player. Spreaker Studio Start your Podcast for Free.

    How To Find Podcasts On Google Podcasts

    How To Listen To A Podcast On Android

    If you want to use a dedicated Android app to listen to your favorite podcasts, . If you find a podcast on iTunes, chances are you’ll also find it on Google Podcasts. You can get the on Google Play.

    To find podcasts:

  • Open the Google Podcasts app and tap the magnifying glass in the upper-left corner to search for podcasts.

  • Select the podcast you want and tap to add the podcast to your list of favorites.

  • Tap Play beside an episode to start listening.

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    Play And Delete Podcasts In The Podcasts App

    After you subscribe to a few podcasts or add episodes to your Library, its time to start listening to them.

    Tap the Listen Now tab. Here, you see all the latest episodes from podcasts youve subscribed to. Tap a podcast to play the latest episode or tap the Episodes button below a podcast to see all available episodes in the queue.

    After a podcast begins, you can tap the Now Playing bar to open the playback screen.

    Here, you can skip around, change the speed of the podcast, and more.

    The Podcasts app also has a Queue feature. If you know which episode you want to play next, tap the Menu button, and then tap Play Next or Play Later in the Share sheet.

    On the Now Playing screen, you can swipe up to reveal the sleep timer, show notes, chapters, and the Playing Next section. This is where you can manage the queue. Use the Handle icons to change the order of upcoming episodes.

    To manage the episodes youve downloaded, go to the Library tab, and then tap Downloaded Episodes.

    To delete an episode, swipe left on it, and then tap Remove.

    To unsubscribe to a podcast, open the podcast page, and tap the Menu button.

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    What Is The Most Popular Podcast On Youtube

    The podcasting space is highly saturated with quality podcasts. Podcast preferences are subjective and sometimes rather niche, so your favorites may not align with someone elseâs. That being said, The Joe Rogan Experience is still an all-time favorite. If you havenât before, you should give it a watch on Youtube.


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    How To Find Podcasts To Listen To

    There are over a million podcasts out there today. So where do you even start when you’re looking for something new?

    We ran a survey recently about podcast discovery. We wanted to find out more about how people found new podcasts to listen to.

    It turns out, the most common way of browsing for new content is to search your listening app of choice. We’re going to talk more about these apps in a minute. The bottom line though, is that some of them have charts or featured sections, but the easiest way to find podcasts to listen to is to type in a keyword or two. For example how to build muscle, learn Spanish, or gardening.

    You can also find podcasts to listen to by asking others people who you know have similar tastes or interests. This might be friends you know in real life, or people in online communities.

    Or, you can use a little-known online search tool called Google to find your next podcasting binge. A lot of your results here are likely to come in the form of roundups and recommendations. This can be great for downloading a few episodes of established podcasts with decent-sized back catalogues.

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