How Do You Restart An Android Phone


Why Do You Need Factory Reset

How To Restart Any Android Phone

There are various reasons and situations wherein you might need a factory reset. As much as possible, you must perform factory resets as your last resort during any troubleshooting scenarios. Here are some of the most common scenarios why do you need factory reset:

  • Selling your Android phone
  • Removing setting errors
  • Mobile freezing or crashing
  • If you still get the chance to backup your phone data prior to doing any factory resets then do so. Backup all the information stored both in the internal and the external memory of the phone to make sure you still have everything you needed.

    Scan Preview And Restore Android Data

    Before the scanning starts, make sure you have enough battery to support the recovery process. You must have at least 20% battery to proceed. The scanning may take a while depending on a total load of files being recovered in the Android phone. When it stops, it will display all the categories on the left side of the screen while you can preview all the recovered items on the right side. You can now restore Android after factory reset at this point. Remember you can recover all the files and download them to the computer and you can also selectively restore files you only needed. Mark them one by one if you must then set the folder destination and click the âRecoverâ button at the bottom of the screen.

    Preview and Restore Deleted Files on Android — Step4

    Turn On Android By Home Or Camera Buttons

    If your phone screen is not responsive or in a sleep mode , then you can always try to restart it using a few simple techniques. The first thing to do would be plugging it into a charger. It can break the ongoing sleep mode and turn on your device on its own. If it doesnât work, then call your device from someone elseâs phone. It would activate your device and you can get your problem fixed afterward.

    Additionally, if you have a home button on your device, then you can long-press it in order to wake it. This can also be done by long-pressing the camera button as well.

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    How To Reboot Or Force Restart Samsung Galaxy

    Forced restart or soft reset is an essential procedure because most Samsung Galaxy phones encounter issues now and then. You can use this procedure to fix minor software and hardware problems. Heres how you can reboot/force restart your Samsung Galaxy:

    1. Restart your Samsung Galaxy

    For Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8 and Note 10/Note 9/Note 8 and earlier model, long press the Power button until the Power Menu appears, tap Restart button.

    To turn off/restart the newest Samsung Galaxy S20 and Note 20, Power button and Bixby button has been integrated into the Power key and if you long press the Power Key it will wake up Bixby. You have to press and hold Power Key and Volume Down Key to Power off or Restart your phone.

    2. Force restart Samsung Galaxy

    If your Samsung Galaxy is frozen and you cant enter the Power Menu to restart your phone, you have to force restart your phone:

    Press the Volume down button and Power button together simultaneously, hold them for about 10 to 15 seconds until the device vibrates and Samsung Galaxy logo appears on the screen.

    Once the logo appears release all the keys and wait for your device to finish booting up.When your device reaches the home screen, it means its active and you can continue using it.

    Useful Tips To Protect The Power Button On Your Android Device

    How to Factory Reset an Android Phone

    Are there any precautionary measures to prevent such incidents about the Power button?

    Letâs have a brief on some of the things to take care of to protect the restart key on your Android. Avoid the installs and firmware unless you have an expert or a dealer with you. Ask for their consent before installing these features.

      Use your phone is such a way that, there is less dependency on the restart button. Use panels that have provisions to cover off your restart key from moisture and dust. Keep a backup on your phone and zip the files, if possible to recover the contents pretty easily without much hassle. There are launchers and home-screen widgets that can give an alternate option to restart. Use these to the best effect. Install Battery Management apps and utilize the power saving mode to keep your phone from Overheating.

    So next time you use your Android, please remember these tips. And always choose the wise options available on the internet.

    We are sure that these solutions will certainly come handy to you on numerous occasions. Now when you know how to restart the Android phone without the power button, you can easily make the most out of your device without facing any unwanted situation.

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    My Galaxy Smartphone Has Frozen How Do I Restart It

    If your device is frozen and unresponsive, press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button down simultaneously for more than 7 seconds to restart it.

    Please note: Depending on your device your power and volume down button may be found in different places to the image below.

    If after restarting the device you still find your device freezes sometimes or is sometimes unresponsive, follow the steps in this guide to correct this symptom.

    If your phone does not restart you should try the steps in Check your device in safe mode and Perform factory reset

    If, after trying the steps below, the problem continues to persist contact a Samsung Service Centre or book a repair.

    It could be that your device is running low on memory space required to run applications. Below are ways to check the amount of space available on your device and how to free up memory space.

    Please note: If your screen is broken or your touchscreen is unresponsive you can access your device by connecting it to a USB mouse or TV screen.

    Check the amount of storage space remaining on your device

    Go to Settings, then tap Battery and device care

    Please note: this option may look different depending on your device. On older devices you will see the option Device care. Find out more about device care and how to use it.

    Tap StorageFrom here you can view the amount of internal storage used and select different folders to choose to uninstall or delete apps, images and filesTap Optimise now

    Fix A Frozen Android Phone With Android Repair Tool

    If the frozen phone is still not responding, what you need is a powerful system repair tool to help you reset a frozen Android phone and fix the issue. Here we recommend you DroidKit, a complete Android phone solution. It can first fix various systems issues, including a frozen phone, a black screen Samsung phone, a touch screen not working, apps that keep crashing on Android, etc. Check how can DroidKit help you to fix a frozen phone as below:

    * 100% Clean & Safe

    Now, follow the steps below to revive your dead device in a few simple steps:

    Step 1. Get DroidKit on your computer and launch it. Connect your Android device and tap on the Fix System Issues panel.

    Step 2. Once DroidKit detected your device, click the Start button to continue.

    Step 3. DroidKit will match the PDA code of your Samsung Device Automatically. Then click to download the firmware.

    Start to Download Firmware Package

    If there is no matching PAD code, you need to put your device into recovery mode and get the PDA code.

    Step 4. After the firmware is downloaded, click on the Fix Now button.

    Fix Now after Firmware Downloaded

    Step 5. Put your device into download mode following the instructions on the screen.

    Get into Download Mode to Repair System

    Step 6. Once finished, it will automatically start repairing your Android system. After completing the repair process, you will get the System Fixed Successfully page as below.

    System Fixed Successfully

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    Use Adb To Reboot From Your Pc

    If the power button is broken, you might be able to plug your device into a computer and use the Android Debug Bridge tool to reboot it. This toolprovided by Googleallows several remote operations, including rebooting your smartphone or tablet.

    First, you have to install ADB with the Android SDK along with your Android device drivers. You also need to make sure USB debugging is enabled in the developer options area of your Android settings.

    Back Up Data Before You Reset Samsung

    No Reboot Option? Easy Solution to Reboot Android Phone (No App)

    If you execute a factory reset on your Samsung smartphone, tablet or note, you will be removing all the information from the device including your photos, videos, contacts, and applications. Backing up data allows the device user to get all their apps and data back after a factory reset.

    There are various ways of doing so. You can choose to back up data and information via Google account or the Samsung Manager. After setting up the device for the first time, Android always promises to automatically back up all the data in your Google account. When using the Samsung manager, you can transfer all the information on your phone to a computer.

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    Useful Tips To Protect Power Button In Future

    Well, these are certain precautions that you can take so that you dont get stuck in the loop, How Do I Restart My Phone Without The Power Button?.

    • Use fingerprint lockers to reduce the usage of Power button.
    • Remap your Power button to another key.
    • Make sure USB Debugging options are enabled on your device so that you can have access to several other settings without any issues.

    Have any suggestions? Please feel free to mention them below. Hope our guide helps you restart your phone device without Power button!

    How To Fix Frozen Or Unresponsive Android Device Using Software

    If your Android device is frozen or unresponsive, its most likely its experiencing firmware issues. Your best solution to solving firmware issues is using FORecovery Android Repair third-party toolkit.

    • This toolkit is effective at fixing all kinds of Android system issues from Android phone frozen and unresponsive, bricked, stuck in bootloop, black screen of death.
    • Support on various types of Android devices like Samsung Galaxy, Moto, LG, Google Pixel, OnePlus, etc.
    • It has received much positive feedback from trusted authoritative websites worldwide.

    Now, lets see how you can easily use Fixppo for Android to fix your frozen or unresponsive Android device.

    First, you need to download and install the toolkit on your PC, then click on the Start button.

    Next, enter the relevant device details to get the appropriate firmware for your Android device.

    Confirm the device information displayed on the screen to see if its correct. If its correct, tap Download Firmware. The toolkit will automatically download and extract the firmware.

    Connect your Android device to your PC via a USB cable. Place it in download mode to allow the firmware to fix the issues.

    Once your device is in download mode, the freezing or unresponsiveness issue will get fixed automatically. Ensure your phone remains connected to your computer throughout the process. As soon as the process is over, your Android device will restart automatically.

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    Why Did My Phone Shut Off And Wont Turn Back On

    This may sound silly, but its possible your phone is just out of battery. Try plugging your phone into a chargerif the battery is truly drained, it wont necessarily light up right away. Try leaving it plugged in for 15 to 30 minutes or so before turning it on. Try a different cable, power bank, and wall outlet.

    Solution 5 Perform A Factory Reset

    Factory Reset

    If your Android device still keeps restarting after trying all the solutions from above, you can try to do Factory Reset. But you need to remember that the factory reset will erase all your data from your phone. And heres how you can perform a factory reset.

    Step 1Firstly, go to the Settings of your Android device.

    Step 2Then, go to General Management> Reset.

    Step 3Now, tap Factory Data Reset. Finally, tap the Reset option to confirm your choice. And there you have it!

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    Plug In Your Android Phone To A Charger

    Chances are that your phone could have simply turned off due to low battery. You can just connect it to a charger and wait for it to wake up on its own. If your phoneâs battery is drained off entirely, then you got to wait for a few minutes. You can get to know about its battery status from an on-screen indicator as well. If this is the case, then it means that nothing major is wrong with your device. Additionally, it might imply that the power button is not working because your phone is not charged enough. After when your phoneâs battery gets charged, try to test your power button once again, as it might be working without any problem.

    You Might Find These Useful

  • How to Transfer Photos from Android to Mac
  • Performing A Recovery Reset

  • 1Power off your device.
  • 2Boot your phone in Recovery Mode. Press and hold the device-specific button combination while your phone is powered off. The buttons vary from device to device.XResearch source
  • Nexus devices – Volume Up, Volume Down, and Power
  • Samsung devices – Volume Up, Home, and Power
  • Moto X – Volume Down, Home, and Power
  • Other devices generally use Volume Up and Power. Some devices with physical user interfaces may use the Power and Home buttons.
  • 3Scroll to Wipe data/factory reset. Use the volume buttons to scroll through the menu options.
  • 4Press the Power button. This selects the reset option.
  • 5Scroll to Yes. This confirms your selection.
  • 6Press the Power button. This starts the reset process and reformats your Android device to its factory settings.
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    Why You Might Want To Factory Reset Your Android Phone

    Factory resetting clears all your data and accounts, making your phone return to its original state.

    You might decide to reset your Android phone for a variety of reasons. One is to give yourself a fresh start. After months or years of constant use, a refresh can boost performance if your phone has gotten bogged down. Resetting can also be your last hope in fixing persistent issues with your phone, like freezing.

    Another reason to reset is when you plan to give away or sell your phone. In this case, you dont want the other person to view your personal data or access your Google account. Finally, you might want to factory reset your phone if you can’t unlock it.

    Reset Your Android Device And Pc With The Phone Link App

    How to Factory Reset an Android Mobile Phone (Hard Reset) (42)

    Note: Weve changed the name of the Your Phone app to Microsoft Phone Link. In addition, the Your Phone Companion app for Android is now called Link to Windows. For more information, see Introducing Microsoft Phone Link and Link to Windows.

    If you’re experiencing persistent connectivity issues after trying other troubleshooting methods, doing a soft reset of your app may help get things working again.

    On your PC:

  • In Apps & features, select the Phone Link app from the list.

  • Select Advanced options> Reset.

  • Relaunch Phone Link on your PC.

  • If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to reset your apps on both devices.

    On your Android device:

  • Go to your Settings > Apps > Link to Windows.

  • Tap Force Stop and confirm when prompted.

  • On your PC:

  • Open your browser and visit . Sign in with your Microsoft account.

  • Youll be presented with a list of all your connected devices. For each, select Show details> More actions and then Unlink this phone.

  • Select Start , then select Settings> Phone> Unlink this PC.

  • Select Back to return to Windows Settings Home, and then select Apps.

  • In Apps & features, select Phone Link.

  • Select Advanced options > Reset.

  • Once these steps are completed, go to the Phone Link app on your PC and follow the setup process to establish a new link.

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    How To Restart My Phone From Computer

    Sometimes you may need to restart your Android device in other ways and using your computer is one of those ways.

    Step 1: From the Android developers site download the Android System Development Kit. Right Click the Zip Archive and then choose âExtract Allâ Then click on âBrowseâ and choose âC:Program Filesâ directory. Rename the file for easier access.

    Step 2: Right click on âComputerâ and choose âPropertiesâ Next, click on âAdvanced System Settingsâ and choose âEnvironment Variablesâ in the system properties window.

    Step 3: in the system variables window click on âPathâ and âEditâ. The path variable will be selected when the Edit System Variable Window opens. You need to press âEndâ on your keyboard to move the cursor to the end of the selection. Donât type while the path is selected, if you do this, you will delete the entire path.

    Step 4: Type C:Program FilesAndroidADTsdkplatform-tools then click OK to save the changes

    Step 5: place your cursor at the upper right corner of the screen and click âSearch.â Type in âcmdâ and then click on the program icon in the search results. This will launch the Command Prompt Window.

    Step 6: Turn on your Android device and connect it to the PC using USB cables. Type âadb shellâ and then press âEnter.â ADB will connect to the device and then type ââWipe_dataâ and press âenterâ

    Your device will restart in recovery mode and restore factory settings.

    Perform A Hard Restart/reboot

    Some Android devices have special button combinations to do a hard reboot, but theres one trick that almost always works for any device.

    All you need to do is press and hold the power button for at least 20-30 seconds. Its going to feel like a long time, but keep holding it until the device powers off.

    Samsung devices have a slightly quicker method. Press and hold the volume down key and the power/side key for seven seconds.

    Its really as simple as that! Press, hold, and wait.

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