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Midrange Phones Are Still Affordable Thank Goodness

Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Although foldable and 5G phones are blowing buyers’ price expectations out of the water, that may not mean that the cost of every phone will rise at such sharp rates.

We continue to see fierce competition in the middle and low end where phones like the Motorola Moto G7 and Motorola One Vision, as well as phones like the Huawei Honor 20 Lite. Yes, the prices are rising by percentage, as with the Moto G6 to G7, but since the overall cost is still right about $300, Motorola’s move presents a much less drastic shift than on the high end. Even at that higher-end though, a $1,000 “premium phone” might still cost hundreds less than a cutting-edge 5G device, and possibly half the amount of a foldable phone.

Phones like the Moto G7 and G7 Plus remain firmly in the budget range.

Other brands for wallet-watchers to look for include Nokia, Xiaomi, Sony, Oppo and Asus, which help fill the gap worldwide by quietly cranking out basic, affordable phones for cost-sensitive buyers. They each make premium phones as well as midprice devices, although not every phone will be available in every market.

So while the shiniest, most powerful devices are still locked on a path to their highest prices yet, there’s still a strong demand for midrange and entry-level phones aimed at people with tighter budgets or more basic needs.

Is Android Better Than Iphone And Ios

Android’s big advantage over Apple is the wide variety of options. There’s a greater range of manufacturers, meaning many different price points and designs, but all with the familiarity of the underlying Android software, so there’s no real learning curve when it comes to using it.

Android manufacturers are often more aggressive with new technologies, pushing new camera features in advance of Apple, but often only keep a design for one year, before releasing a new model that’s different. Android also isn’t as consistent with software support.

Although most devices will get two or three versions of Android, the timescales are never as tight as they are for Apple – but prices do fall faster, so good deals on newer models are frequently available.

Mobile Screen Repair Costs

Repair times as fast as 1-hour 3


Prefer to stay at home?

Our Doorstep Repair partner will come to you and repair your mobile device on your doorstep. For this service there is an additional convenience charge4.

Repairs are operated by our trusted third party service partners.

1. The prices shown are our recommended repair prices for out of warranty screen replacement. This is a representative example of a reasonable repair cost for an out of warranty screen repair at any of our Authorised Service Centres. You may be able to find a cheaper price by shopping around.

2. Replacement battery included with a screen repair, excluding Note 4, S5, J7 , J5 , J5 and J3 models.

3. Subject to realistic repair time for the issue and parts available in-store.4. If your product is deemed to be out of warranty on engineer inspection the repair and a convenience surcharge will be chargeable.5. This is the maximum repair price you should expect to pay for an out of warranty screen repair at any of our Authorised Service Centres. Price quoted is the base screen repair price and does not include the surcharge for Doorstep Repair .6. RRP

Repairs are operated by our trusted third party service partners.

1. This is the maximum repair price you should expect to pay for an out of warranty screen repair at any of our Authorised Service Centres. Price quoted is the base screen repair price and does not include the surcharge for Doorstep Repair .

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Smartphone Repair Options From Samsung

Samsung offers a Premium Care option for those whod like to ensure their device. It costs $11.99/month for the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, and is $19.99/mo. for the Galaxy Fold. If you pay for Premium Care, you can expect coverage for hardware failures and accidental damage.

If you dont have warranty and dont want to pay for Premium Care, you can still get your Android fixed by Samsungs authorized repair partner uBreakiFix. Samsung phone repair cost varies by your Android model, the zip code youll get the repair done in, and what you need repaired. To check on how much it will cost to get your Android phone repaired outside of warranty, check out Samsungs website.

Caveats To Be Aware Of With Any Phone Repair Service

LG G5: how much it will cost to have a modular phone ...

Finding a low-cost, quality phone repair service can take time. When your phone is broken, you’ll want it fixed fast and done right. Be wary of independent contractors that promise a cheap price without supporting certifications or positive reviews.

Remember that the “convenience” of a mail order service means that you’ll likely be without your phone for 7-10 days while your phone is repaired and shipped.

Phone repairs are only as good as the warranty backing them. If your phone breaks down again, you’ll want to make sure the company will back up their service with a warranty or you’ll have to fork out more money and forego the use of your phone again.

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The Cheapest Usable Phone: Samsung Galaxy A02s

The Samsung Galaxy A02s is the best phone available right now for those on a strict budget. For $110, the A02s has good software, acceptable performance, and four years of security update support . Even some flagship phones wont get updates for that long. While the Nord and Moto G Play feel more expensive than your average budget phone, the A02s feels like something that costs $100, with its thinner plastic shell and lack of fingerprint scanner. However, were happy to see a USB-C port instead of the older Micro-USB that so many ultra-budget phones still use.

Samsung equipped this phone with a 6.5-inch 720p LCD. Its sharp enough, but its not as good as the similar screen on the Moto G Play. The A02s LCD doesnt get as bright, and the viewing angles are narrower, meaning that it starts to appear washed out if youre not looking at it head-onboth of these things can make it hard to use outdoors. It also lacks an oil-resistant coating, making it more susceptible to fingerprints and smudges. The 1080p screens on the Nord and Pixel are better in every way, which youd expect from products that cost two to three times as much.

How We Test Cheap Phones

We evaluate budget-priced phones the same way we do flagships. We perform real-world testing and synthetic benchmarks over several days to evaluate it’s performance and value. This includes our own battery test, which involves continuous web surfing over cellular at 150 nits of screen brightness. The devices that make our best phone battery life list tend to last over 11 hours.

In terms of performance, we use Geekbench 5 to measure overall speed and compare versus phones in the same price range. And the same thing goes for GFXBench for graphics testing. We also perform our own video editing/transcoding testing using the Adobe Premiere Rush app to gauge real-world speed.

For evaluating cameras on cheap phones, we will take multiple photos in different conditions and will use other affordably priced phones in the same scenarios in order to make side-by-side comparisons.

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When Is Battery Replacement Not Worth It

If youve grown attached to your smartphone and just cant stand current devices, it makes sense to try to prolong its lifespan, but whether replacing the battery is worth can depend. If you have an older flagship device you would like to continue using for a while, it can be a good investment. If you have a lower-end device, the price and hassle might outweigh the benefits. Most battery replacements at authorized service centers are relatively cheap, but so are new budget phones with updated specs and software.

The Moto G Play, for example, costs only $199. This is why the better and more convenient option for some is to simply buy a new smartphone, but at the end of the day its down to personal preference.

Cell phone battery replacement is not nearly as easy as it used to be, but hopefully now you know theres hope for your expensive flagship even after years of use.

What is your opinion on smartphone batteries nowadays? Have you attempted a DIY battery replacement before? Share your experiences with us in the comment

Third Party Repair Services For Iphones

How Much Does it COST to CHARGE your Phone EVERYDAY for a YEAR!?

If you need your iPhone repaired, Puls can help. We provide transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Repair prices start at $79, and you also get a free lifetime guarantee on parts and service and a one-year guarantee on batteries.

Book an online appointment at a time that works best for your schedule. Our tech-savvy specialist will meet you wherever is convenient for youyour apartment, favorite coffee shop, or even the gymon your timetable so you can get back to more important things. We even offer same-day repair.

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Does Verizon Offer Any Promotions For Switching

Yes, Verizon will help cover the cost of early termination fees from your existing ISP. That is up to $500 in credits for early termination fees. Basically, youd still need to pay those fees to your current ISP. But after you have done so, submit your bill to Verizon, and they will issue you a bill credit for that amount up to $500.

But be careful here, because if you or Verizon decides to cancel your Verizon 5G Home Internet plan within 90 days, the credit will be charged back to your final bill. This is not crazy, as most carriers and ISPs will do this, as they dont want you to switch and get the credit then leave right away.

Verizon is also offering a few other perks right now. On the 5G Home plan, you will get Disney+ on us for 6 months, One month of 5G Home on us, a Verizon Stream TV device on us, and Sling TV for two months on us. On the 5G Home Plus plan, those perks are a bit better. Giving you Disney+ for 12 months on us, $300 off Stream TV Soundbar , One month of 5G Home Plus on Us, Verizon Stream TV device on us, and two months of Sling TV on us.

Complexity Features And Functionality

The complexity of the application you set out to develop is very telling of the time and cost it takes to build the app.

The more complex an app gets, the more expensive it becomes and vice versa.

According to Entrepreneur, the following table divides apps into 3 categories based on their complexity and estimates the time and cost it takes to build them:

Table-based Apps

  • Time to finish: 10 weeks
  • Cost: $1,000 $4,000

These apps display content in a table view. Users can choose from a list of options and then be redirected to a different list of content.

Examples of tablet-based apps are Google+, Airbnb and TED.

Some famous table-based apps include Product Hunt, TED and VSCO


  • Time to finish: 16 weeks
  • Cost: $8,000 $50,000

These apps allow users to look for and organise information from a large database. They need to connect to an online server and work alongside other software via APIs.

Examples of database apps are Facebook, Amazon, Wikipedia and Youtube.


  • Time to finish: 28 weeks
  • Cost: $10,000 $250,000

Popular game such as Angry Birds costs about $2.25 million to develop

These are the most technically complex to build and are arguably the most expensive. The timeframe and price can vary based on the scope of the project. Once you have determined the basic functionality of your app, additional features will need to be included, all of which will amount to the total cost.

The table below estimates the costs of some additional app features:

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How Much To Remove Frp Lock And Screen Lock

If you want to know how much does it cost to get your phone unlocked, and the phone lock in question is Google account FRP lock or screen lock , then well explain the cost of unlocking a locked Android device using the best Android phone unlocker called iMyFone LockWiper .

iMyFone LockWiper is the best tool for removing FRP locks and screen locks from Android devices. If you need help bypassing Google Account Verification page or removing your Android device PIN, pattern, password, fingerprint, or Face ID, then use LockWiper to regain access to your phone.

Check here to know more details about how to use iMyFone LockWiper to remove FRP lock and screen lock without password. Let the program help you remove all the locks on your device.

Best For Gaming And Audio

Used Android phones drop in price twice as much as iPhones ...

If you spend a lot of time on your phone playing mobile games, then you might benefit from using Asus’ latest gaming phone . It has two touch-sensitive buttons on the edges you can use to map to any game, so you don’t need to tap the screen and block it with your fingers. Alternatively, use Asus’ Kunai 3 Gamepador an Xbox, PlayStation, or Stadia controllerto map physical buttons to all your games. It makes for a much more ergonomic mobile gaming experience.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s one of the most powerful Android phones around, especially when you toggle on X Mode, which enhances performance. It has excellent speakers, not to mention a Quad DAC for the audio jack so you can get high-quality audio with your favorite corded headphones. It also does a great job of dissipating heat and keeping the phone cool if you buy Asus’Aeroactive Cooler 5, you can comfortably game for even longer. And the 6,000-mAh battery allows the phone to keep up.

It has the usual gaming phone flaws, like a camera system that won’t knock your socks off. It also lacks wireless charging, is bulky and heavy, and is not supported on Verizon. It’s also often out of stock. But if you’re a veritable mobile gamer and you wish more phones had headphone jacks, the ROG Phone 5 is for you.

Works on AT& T and T-Mobile

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Do Android Phones Have Hotspots

The mobile hotspot feature allows your Android phone to share its cellular data connection by creating a Wi-Fi network. Other Wi-Fi devices computers, laptops, other mobile devices can then access that Wi-Fi network and use the phones cellular data network. The mobile hotspot feature can draw a lot of power.

How Much It Costs To Get Your Iphone Repaired By Apple

Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash

If you have AppleCare+, either through the iPhone upgrade program or because you pay for an AppleCare+ plan, replacing a broken iPhone screen will typically cost $29.

However, if the limited warranty that has expired, you dont pay for AppleCare+, and you just need a one-time screen repair, Apple charges between $129 and $329.

Battery repair is free for iPhone users who have AppleCare+, and ranges from $49 to $69 for customers out of warranty. Other repairs cost $99 under AppleCare+ and range from $149 to $599 without AppleCare+.

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Should I Switch To Verizon

If you dont need a solid gigabit connection, then Verizons 5G Home Internet service is a really good, and cheap option. If you work from home, you may want to try it out first, instead of just up and switching. Depending on the work you do from home, it may not be fast enough for you yet.

Luckily, Verizon does give you the first month free. So you can try it out for no money out of your pocket.

Common Signs You Need To Replace Your Smartphone Battery

How much does Google Pixel Phone cost?

Of course, the most obvious sign you might need a cell phone battery replacement is drastically reduced battery life. If your phone barely makes it past the 10-hour mark, and you dont do anything too intensive like streaming or playing games, consider replacement.

Random shut offs are also a common symptom. If your smartphone turns off at 30 percent or even 50 percent, the health of your battery has likely deteriorated significantly. Boot loops are also a common sign. If you have an older smartphone that restarts constantly after hitting a certain battery threshold, this is usually due to an aging lithium-ion battery.

The easiest way to recognize the source of the issue is to note when the problem occurs. If you have a newer device and it boot loops after an update or when closing apps, it is most likely a software issue.

If your case is not that extreme, you still might want to check your batterys health. We recommend using AccuBattery. It compares the design capacity of your battery to its estimated current capacity, showing you how much has been lost overtime. Just charge your phone after installing it and the app will do the rest.

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Is It Worth Replacing Smartphone Battery

If your phone is less than two years old, replacing the battery is still worth the cost. If the phone is older than that, it may not run some apps, as code updates are designed for newer operating systems. Samsung: Like Apple, Samsung has many loyal followers and a sleek, modern design to their phones.

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