How To Clean Up Android Storage


How To Clean Up Gmail Storage

How to Clean Storage in Huawei Y6 2019 – Remove Junk Files from Android

Why is my Gmail out of storage?

Your Gmail may be out of storage for three different reasons: 1. You have too many emails in your inbox. 2. You have too many files in Google Drive. 3. You have too many photos and videos in Google Photos.

How can I free up Gmail space?

To clean Gmail space, you should first get rid of unwanted and unnecessary email messages using a bulk email organizer like Clean Email. Then, go through Google Drive and Google Photos and delete all files, photos, and videos that you dont need.

What do I do when my Gmail storage is full?

The first thing you should do when you run out of storage is to learn how to clean up Gmail space by familiarizing yourself with the techniques described in this article. Unless youre okay with wasting hours of your time, dont clean Gmail storage space manually and use a bulk email organizer instead.

Will deleting emails free up storage?

Yes, deleting email will free up your Gmail storage. You can also delete files stored in Drive and photos and videos stored in Google Photos.

How much storage do I have in Gmail?

All users get to enjoy 15 GB of free space. Users can purchase additional storage by subscribing to one of several available Google One plans.

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A Warning On Android Task Killers

A lot of cleaner apps for Android offer RAM boosting and task killing as a featureeven some on this list, like CCleaner. However, these are counterproductive, as task killers actually harm your device performance.

On Android, full RAM usage is not necessarily a problem. In fact, Android purposely keeps its RAM usage high to maximize performance. The Android OS is smart enough to know how to juggle open apps for optimal performance. Interfering with that process can cause Android to work harder than it needs to, which ultimately slows down your deviceespecially if you’re closing background system apps.

Most modern Android apps shouldn’t impact your battery performance that much either. If they do, Android should alert you to the problem . You might need to look at how to extend your Android battery life if that’s the case. You can do that by limiting background usage using Android itself, not with a task killer or apps with task-killing features.

These apps are useful for removing old files and wiping cache data, but you should be wary about letting them control apps or services running on your device. The Android landscape has moved past these “all in one” optimization solutions. Devices are faster and Android is better at managing system resources.

To learn more, see what actually makes Android run faster and why you shouldn’t constantly close Android apps on your phone.

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Use Your Phones Storage Tools

If youre lucky enough to have a phone thats been updated to Oreo, Google has built in some great tools for tracking and managing your storage limits. Head over to the Setting app and tap the Storage tab. Inside youll find a handy rundown of everything thats taking up space on your phone, just like on Nougat. But in Oreo, you have more control over your files. Tap on any of the sections and youll see a list of related apps and how much space theyre using. Tap again, and youll be able to clear anything inside by selecting the Free Storage button. Just keep in mind that this will clear any files being help inside the app.

Michael Simon/IDG

The storage manager in Android Oreo will help you see exactly whats eating your phones free space.

Youll also find a new Free up space button at the top of Oreos storage manager. Tap it and youll see a list of your downloads and infrequently used apps, as well as an option to clear any photos and videos that have already been backed up to the cloud. Its essentially a shortcut, but its a handy one.

Check Android/obb & Android/data Directories

Android için Clean Memory

Deleted apps are often leftover in your filesystem due to certain glitches of incompatible updates. These leftover app files are also caused due to third party launchers that have not been optimized for your device.

If you are unable to clear your other storage using the above-stated methods then you should resort to this method. There might be leftover app files from your deleted apps in your local storage which you might need to clean manually.

  • Open your desired File Manager.
  • Navigate to settings and enable Show System Files & Folders.
  • Now Navigate to /Android/obb in your file manager.
  • Most files in this section of your local storage will be named in the following format com.ABC.XYZ. ABC being the developer name and XYZ being the App name.
  • Scan this section for names of deleted apps and delete the ones that you find.
  • Once you are done in /Android/obb navigate to /Android/data.
  • Follow the same steps as the previous folder to identify left-over data from deleted apps. Delete the ones that you find and then check your Other storage.
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    Free Up Space And Lock In Better Performance

    There are plenty of good reasons to free up space on an Android phone, and many of them boil down to optimizing your performance. But the bottom line is that the more room you have on your device for apps, photos, music, and other types of data, the better experience youre going to have. Youre able to install more apps with less hassle, which is not only important when the app has a vital purpose, but it will also significantly reduce load times in games.

    Have you tried to free up space on your Android phone using any of the methods or tools discussed in this guide? How did it go?

    Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Add An Sd Card To Your Device

    If you have a lot of data on your device and dont want it to take up all the space, an SD card can be used as an extra storage unit. A high-capacity SD card will allow you to store hundreds or thousands of songs, photos, videos, and other files on your phone without having to worry about running out of local storage space. Whats more, SD cards are good alternatives if you want additional protection from personal privacy or security concerns that might arise from storing information in the cloud.

    SD cards typically dont cost much and can be bought in a variety of sizes.

    Free Up Space On A Pixel Phone

    Clean Up Storage File / Delete Cache – MOTOROLA Moto E7 Power

    To download more apps and media, or help your phone run better, you can clear space on your phone.

    • Storage is where you keep data, like music and photos.
    • Memory is where you run programs, like apps and the Android system.

    Important: Some of these steps work only on Android 11 and up. Learn how to check your Android version.

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    Spring Cleaning All Year Round

    These steps should be performed on a regular basis, not once a year . If you go through this checklist again and again, you can prevent your phone from getting clogged up and becoming unstable.

    If you want to automate these things and just be done with it, get Avast Cleanup for Android to help you identify apps you no longer need, remove junk files, spot and remove unused photos, and more.

    How To Free Up Space On Samsung Mobile Phone When It Is Full

    We use our mobile device everyday for communication, entertainment, engagement and storage. However, it doesn’t take long for the device to get cluttered up with pictures, redundant apps and cached files, which will affect its speed.

    There are several ways to free up space for your Samsung Mobile Device.

    Please note: The navigation path mentioned below may be slightly different for some models

    Apps can come in various sizes, with some that take up a lot of storage space. It is normal to try out new Apps but how many Apps do you have sitting in your device, that are no longer in use?

    Removing Apps is a quick-and-simple way to free up space. To uninstall Apps, you can tap and hold an App icon in the App mode and select Uninstall. Alternatively, you can also select Settings > Apps > Tap on the App to remove > Uninstall

    Just like temporary internet files stored in computer, Apps store temporary files in device’s internal memory which can pile up eventually and take up a considerable amount of space.

    To remove Apps Cache and Apps Data, follow these steps:

    Tap SettingsSelect the desired AppTap StorageTo clear App Data, tap CLEAR DATATo clear App Cache, tap CLEAR CACHE

    Please note: To access Samsung Cloud, you will need to sign in your Samsung Account

    Tap Settings

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    Clean Up Google Drive And Google Photos

    As weve already explained, your storage is shared across several services. As such, you dont necessarily have to clean Gmail space by deleting old emails. You can also delete files from Google Drive and Google Photos.

    Go to the for a detailed breakdown of how much space each of the three services occupies.

    To delete photos and videos in Google Photos:

  • Go to or open the Google Photos app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Select any photo or video you want to delete.
  • Open the Bin.
  • Empty it to permanently delete your photos and videos.
  • To delete a file in Google Drive:

  • Go to or open the Google Drive app on your Android or iOS device.
  • Select any file you want to delete.
  • Open the Bin.
  • Empty it to permanently delete your files.
  • When youre done cleaning up, go to the Google Account storage page again to see how much space youve managed to free up. If not enough, then continue reading this article for more tips on how to clean Gmail storage.

    Move Some Files To The Cloud

    Clean Memory for Android

    Some Android users prefer keeping most of their files in their local storage for security purposes, and thats just fine. However, this can quickly eat up the available space and slow down your phone. Luckily, you can move most of your files to the cloud without having to worry about the safety and security of your data. Some of the safest cloud services include Google Photos and Google Drive.

    Google Photos is not only free and unlimited at the basic level, but it also has an incredible backup system that ensures your photos are always safe. It can automatically scan your phones storage for new photos and upload them to your account, so they will be readily accessible anytime you want. It also features quick sharing abilities, so you can easily send someone an album to download or share with their own family or friends. Best of all? The service never limits how many photos and videos you store.

    Google Drive is excellent for string PDFs, videos, and images that you dont need to access too frequently.

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    How To Stop Apps From Running At Startup On Mac And Windows

    After switching on the PC system or laptop, multiple programs begin operating. Like the Norton Antivirus software, some should auto-start when the system turns on for non-stop protection. However, sometimes, the programs that open when users log in are not apps that they use regularly or intentionally. This causes performance issues and speed problems with

    Check To See What Other Types Of Apps And Files Are Taking Up A Lot Of Space

    The storage manager also shows how much space various categories of apps take up compared with others. Do you have a ton of games, music apps or movie/TV apps? If so, tap on the category and run your eye down the list. Are many apps performing similar functions? If so, you could delete some of them. If you know which apps you want to delete, head into Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps for Android 8 , then tap the apps in question and hit uninstall.

    If you need a little more inspiration for deletion, you can see which apps are getting the least playtime and are therefore the ripest candidates for deletion by heading to Play Store > top-left menu > My apps & games. Sort by Alphabetical in the top-right to filter by Last used, and head to the bottom of the list to check for underused apps, especially if they eat up more MBs than their neighbors. To delete an app, tap to open, then hit uninstall.

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    Clear Your Phone Cache

    Phone cache is informationâlike files, scripts or imagesâthat is saved on your device after visiting a website or opening an app for the first time that speeds up your experience when returning to them in the future.

    If you’re like most people, you use your phone for just about everything, which means over time your phone will collect a large amount of cached data that you just don’t need and that will put a strain on your phone’s memory. Clearing out your phone’s cache occasionally will help to free up a little storage space on your device and will likely improve your device’s overall performance.

    Take Advantage Of Google Photos

    How to Clean Storage of Huawei Y6 2019 â Free Up Memory

    Actually, Google Photos app is a good cloud storage tool that allows users to backup unlimited photos over the air. Thus, you can move all pictures from Android to Google Photos to free up more space on Android.

    Step 1. Turn on Google Photos backup feature

    Run Google Photos app on your Android phone. Make sure you have turned on “Back up & sync” feature under “Settings” already.

    Step 2. Backup Android photos to Google Photos

    You can set whether to backup Android photos at high quality resolution or original size. Well, Google Photos only offers unlimited storage space for high quality photos at present.

    Step 3. Clear phone storage space on Android

    Then go back to Settings app and choose “Free up device storage”. Click “Remove” to delete Android pictures that have been backed up.

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    How To Free Up Storage Space On Your Android Phone

    Joe Fedewa is a Staff Writer at How-To Geek. He has been covering consumer technology for over a decade and previously worked as a News Editor at XDA Developers. Joe loves all things technology and is also an avid DIYer at heart. He has written thousands of articles, hundreds of tutorials, and dozens of reviews. Read more…

    Storage space on smartphones and tablets can be easy to fill up, especially if you use a phone or tablet for a long time. Well show you how to take back some of that space on your Android device.

    Its possible to get Android phones and tablets with 128GB or 256GB of storage, but theres a chance that you still have a device with 64GB or even 32GB. If you dont keep all of your files in cloud storage, it can be easy to run out of storage space.

    The good news is you can clear out some extra space whenever you need it, and Android phones have tools built in to do the job. Plus, there are third-party apps that you can download to make it even easier.

    How To Remove Unused Apps From Smartphones

  • Open Play Store on your device.
  • Now open the menu from the top left corner and go to My apps and games.
  • Tap on Installed from the top menu line.
  • Here on the top line, look for On this device, on the right side, which gives you the option to filter the list.
  • Select Last Used here.
  • The apps that you have used the most will be shown above. The apps shown below in the list can be removed as per the need.
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    Delete Unwanted Apps Photos Or Files

    This is probably the most obvious solution.

    Many Android devices come pre-packaged with loads of apps you’ll probably never use. And that picture of last night’s dinner doesn’t really have a purpose after you’ve uploaded it to Instagram, does it?

    Consider it an act of digital decluttering. Does this app bring you joy? If not, move it into the trash.

    Transfer Your Apps To Your Android’s Micro

    5 Free Apps To Clean Up Android And Free Up Storage Space

    Some Android devices are compatible with micro-SD cards, which allow you to save additional data without taking up too much memory on your actual device.

    If your Android device can use a micro-SD card and you’ve installed it into your device, you can select which apps you’d like to transfer via the Applications Manager in your device’s Settings.

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    How To Free Up Storage On Your Smartphone

  • Go to your smartphones setting
  • Select Storage
  • You will see a list of file categories and how much space left
  • You will get the option to select the Google Files app or the Remove Items feature.
  • The remove Items feature gives you the option to delete photos and videos that you have backed up.
  • Additionally, you can also remove downloaded files and less-used apps.
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