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How to connect to WiFi on Your Android Phone

Imagine its Sunday afternoon and your family is looking forward to watching a movie with you. You have the perfect movie downloaded at your phone, but too many people cannot watch a movie from a 6 phone screen. When you have a giant TV screen where you can project your favorite movie, why will you compromise to a smaller screen?

Hanging out with friends? Once you figure out how to connect Android phone to TV wireless, you can play Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, YouTube, HBO, anything you want. All you are asked to do is connect your Android to TV, and you are ready to go!

Facing difficulty to connect a projector in an important meeting? Time is precious, so without wasting a moment cast your presentation on a giant LED screen with the backup from your Android phone. You can browse pictures, view files, perform any action on your phone and it will be projected on the TV smoothly.

Why Do I Need To Use A Vpn On My Phone Anyway

Are all of the internet-connected apps on your phone up to date and running versions that were published later than, say, 2017? How about your operating system — is it the latest version from Android or iOS? If the answer to any of those questions is, “I don’t know,” then you should use a phone VPN if possible. It may be hard for malicious actors to take advantage of everyday users on public Wi-Fi, but outdated software can give them the opening they need to steal the passwords to your most sensitive accounts.

If you’re concerned about the risks of using public Wi-Fi to check sensitive work email accounts, bank account balances or airline ticket and passport information, a VPN can offer some peace of mind. Some of our top-rated options include ExpressVPN, Surfshark and NordVPN.

Choosing a VPN for your iPhone or Android doesn’t have to be difficult.

Solution : Toggle Your Wi

Whether you cannot connect at all or your Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping, toggling the Wi-Fi connection is known to be effective in many cases. Pull down the notifications area of your phone, look for the Wi-Fi icon, tap on it to switch it Off, wait for five seconds, and turn it On again. Allow the phone to look for the available Wi-Fi connections and check if your problem is fixed. This simple trick is effective no matter which model you have. It fixed Samsung Galaxy S2 Wi-Fi issues, but it also solved a few usersSamsung Galaxy S7 Edge Wi-Fi problems.

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How Does It Works

You might be wondering that how does an app can combine two different internet connections and use them together to improve the internet speed on your device. The answer is the Channel Bonding Technology.

The Channel Bonding Technology allows a user to access multiple internet connections simultaneously on a mobile device. It offers you with improved throughput and redundancy. Some software relies on a client-side app and some on a cloud server component to transfer the data evenly. It is a bit complicated procedure, but you can do it with one tap on your device.

You can See:

Many applications are designed as a VPN service, but these tools work to offer better speed, security, and a reliable internet connection. They simply combine your 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection and use them together to generate a better internet speed.

Reset Your Phone’s Network And Os Settings

How to connect to wifi on an Android phone

If all else fails, the issue might be with your phone, not your internet.

Restarting your phone can clear glitches and help it reconnect to Wi-Fi.

If your phone still won’t connect, then it’s time to do some resetting. In the Settings app, go to “General Management.” There, tap “Reset.”

First, we’ll try the “Reset Network Settings” option, which clears away your network and Bluetooth settings. Your phone will restart try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

If that didn’t work, next try the “Reset Settings” option, which will erase all your custom settings, as well as any ringtones you’ve changed your apps, pictures, and other personal data are safe, though.

Finally, you can try a “Factory Data Reset.” This will erase everything on the phone, and return it to its default factory conditions, as if you’d never used it before. This will delete all your data, so be careful here.

If nothing else has worked, you should contact your phone’s manufacturer.

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How To Connect Beats Wireless To Android Iphone Windows Mac

Beats Wireless series of headphones makes long tangled wires a bit of a past. If you want to pair your Beats Wireless with Android or any other device , then you can do this easily. In addition, you can connect Beats wireless headphones to any other device that has an in-built Bluetooth function.

This article will explain how to connect Beats wireless headphones to different devices, including Android, iOS, and Windows, with just a few steps. The process of connecting your Android and other devices with Beats wireless consists of mainly three steps. In the first step, you need to turn on your headphones. Next, you have to turn on the Bluetooth of your device. The last step is to connect both of your devices.

To Prioritize Data Usage

A lot of people face troubles when they rely totally on mobile data for entertainment, communication, and gaming. It happens especially when WiFi does not offer great internet speed.

You can use the channel bonding apps to prioritize data usage and save extra data for later usage. Thats another amazing benefit of this app.

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Make Sure Wifi Is Set To On

It is quite possible that you may have accidentally disabled the WiFi option on your Android Phone. Hence, follow the steps below to take a look and Enable WiFi on your Android Phone .

1. From the Home Screen of your Android Phone, tap on Settings.

2. On the Settings screen, tap on WiFi.

3. On the WiFi screen, make sure that WiFi is set to ON position and your WiFi Network shows as being connected .

What To Do When Your Samsung Galaxy Phone Cannot Scan A Wi

how to connect your android smartphone to WIFI

It is commonly noticed on many Android phones. When you try to scan a hidden network, you will not be able to connect to it. To solve this problem, you can either unhide the network if you have access to the network settings or add the network manually to connect to it. To add the network manually, you must know the network name and password, and encryption type.

  • Switch On your Wi-Fi by going into the Settings menu of your phone and tapping on Wi-Fi.
  • Now tap on the button next to the icon to switch on Wi-Fi to begin scanning the networks.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will notice the option to add a Wi-Fi network. Tap on it.
  • Enter the correct network name and password and tap on Connect.

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Make Sure Your Mobile Data Is On And Its Working

This solution works only when you have an active mobile data connection. You wont experience any change in the internet speed or quality of the service if your daily data limit is over.

Swipe down the notification bar on your phone and then check that mobile data toggle is turned on. Switch it on immediately, if you had turned off mobile data.

You can also go to Settings> Connections> Data Usage to ensure the mobile data is working. The best way to check that you are connected to internet via mobile data is testing it. Open YouTube or any other app and play some songs or videos to ensure your mobile data connection is working fine.

What If I Am Connected To Wi

Simply rebooting your device 1-3 times can solve this issue. If not, read WIFIButNoInternet or attempt to do a complete reboot phase.

Turn off your android device by

  • Hold the power button for 7 seconds- To turn the phone off
  • Remove the battery
  • Hold the power button for 1-2 minutes
  • Replace the battery and turn on the device
  • After 2 minutes, attempt to connect to Wi-Fi. Make sure airplane mode is off.

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Solution 1: Remove The Cache And Data Of Wi

If your Samsung Galaxy cannot connect to the Wi-Fi network, then one of the steps to resolve the problem is to delete the cache and data of Wi-Fi Direct. This solution works for all Samsung Galaxy phones right up to the most recent Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Deleting this data will not cause any problems because the phone automatically created new cache files if the old one has been deleted. However, you may end up losing any passwords that may have been saved on it. So make sure you know the network name and password for the network you usually connect to.

  • Navigate to the Settings menu of your phone
  • Go into applications
  • Tap on Clear Data and confirm it
  • Tap on Clear Cache and confirm it

Now restart your phone and try using your Wi-Fi. Check if the problem has been fixed.

Connect Beats Wireless Headphones To Iphone

How to connect to wifi on an Android phone

The steps to connect Beats wireless to iPhone are similar to Android. Here are the steps to connect Beats wireless headphones with iPhone or other iOS devices.

  • Turn on the power button by pressing and holding your Beats wireless device.
  • On your iPhone device, launch the Settings
  • Tap on the Bluetooth and toggle it to enable it.
  • Once Bluetooth is enabled, your Beats will appear under the My devices or other devices section. Choose Beats Wireless from the list of devices.
  • After successfully paring the device, the Beat wireless shows as connected with your iPhone.
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    Forget Wifi Network And Rejoin

    Follow the steps below to make your Android Phone forget the WiFi Network and then connect back to your WiFi Network again.

    1. Tap on Settings> WiFi

    2. On the WiFi screen, Tap and Hold on the WiFi Network that you are currently connected to .

    3. On the pop-up, tap on the Forget Network Option.

    After forgetting WiFi Network, rejoin your WiFi Network by following the steps below.

    1. Tap on your WiFi Network Name.

    2. On the pop-up, Enter your WiFi Network Password and then tap on Connect to Join your WiFi Network.

    Sync Samsung Phone And Tablet In 2 Ways

    Weve covered syncing your Samsung phone with your Mac, but what about if you need to sync your phone with your tablet? Perhaps you need to sync a movie from your phone to your tablet to watch on holiday or sync important work documents to your tablet for a conference. In this guide, well reveal some best practices to sync your Samsung phone and tablet.

    Sync a Samsung Phone to a Tablet using SideSync

    SideSync is a free app for syncing data across Samsung phones and tablets.

    Heres how to use SideSync:

  • Open the app on both devices. .
  • You should see your tablet appear on your phone screen – tap it to connect. The first time this happens, you may get a prompt on your tablet – tap OK.
  • Once connected, youll see a small menu. A single tap will take you to your files. You can drag and drop files from your phone to your tablet and vice versa.
  • SideSync can also be used to sync your Samsung phone or tablet with your PC.

    How to sync Samsung Phone with Tablet using SyncMate

    One of the best ways to sync your Samsung phone with your tablet is to use a powerful tool like SyncMate.

    Heres how you can sync your phone and tablet using SyncMate:

  • and install it on your Mac. Open the app.
  • In SyncMate’s main window click Add New on the left. Choose the Android device options in and connect your phone and tablet to your Mac.
  • Select the device to sync with your Mac first and choose the sync parameters. Dont forget to set the sync direction from phone to Mac.
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    Heres How To Do It On A D

  • Go to the routers control panel and enter your password and username
  • Find your cameras IP. Select your cameras IP address from the dropdown menu and click the Clone button.
  • Select the Enabled radio button. Give your camera a name. Click Apply.
  • This IP address is now reserved for the camera.
  • Next, if you want to be able to access your camera from outside of your LAN, you should set up port forwarding.

    On D-Link routers, it looks like this:

  • Log in to your routers control panel and click the Advanced tab.
  • In the Virtual Servers List, tick the box on the left side.
  • Enter a name and the IP address of your camera in the fields next to the ticked box.
  • Then, enter the numbers for the public and private ports.
  • Choose TCP as the protocol.
  • In the Schedule section, pick Always.
  • Inbound Filter should be set to Allow All.
  • Setting port forwarding on a Linksys router looks like this:

  • Log in to the control panel.
  • After that, click on DHCP Clients Table.
  • Write down the IP address of your camera.
  • Next, click on Applications and Gaming and then Port Range Forward.
  • Write the cameras name in the Application field.
  • Next up is the default port. Enter its number into the Start and End boxes.
  • The protocol should be set to Both.
  • Enter your cameras IP address in the IP Address column and tick the Enable checkbox. Save your settings and youre done.
  • In case your router has a dynamic IP, you can set up a dynamic DNS server

  • Select DDNS button.
  • Reconnect To Your Network

    Connect your Android device to your wireless network

    If your phone is still having trouble connecting, make sure that you’re trying to connect to the right Wi-Fi network, and that you have the correct password. You can use either a Mac or PC to check your Wi-Fi password, which is a good way to find the correct information.

    If your phone has connected but nothing will load, you can try refreshing your connection to the network. In that Connections menu, tap the name of the Wi-Fi you’re connected to, and then tap “Forget” in the menu that appears.

    Once you’ve forgotten the network, try connecting again.

    If none of this works, you might need to restart your Wi-Fi router. You can usually do this by simply unplugging it for ten seconds and then plugging it back in. It’ll take a moment to restart, then will begin broadcasting its signal again.

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    How To Sync Samsung Phone

    So when might you need to perform Android phone sync and backup your Samsung phone to your Mac? You might want to create a full backup of your Galaxy S20 in case its lost or stolen. Or perhaps you just want to backup your most precious photos from the holidays. You might even have music or movies on your phone that you want to watch or listen to on your Mac, or important calendar appointments that youll need both on your Mac and your smartphone.

    How To Connect To A Hidden Wi

    Hidden Wi-Fi networks aren’t visible to your Android phone, but you can still connect to them. Here’s how to do it.

    You cant connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network the usual way. Hidden Wi-Fi networks require a different approach since the network is not visible on your device. So, how can you connect to such a network?

    In this article, well show you how to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network on Android.

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    Solution 1: Update Your Modems Firmware

    Specific Android phone Wi-Fi problems dont arise from the phone at all. Instead, they emerge from the router, which is being used to connect to the wireless network. The router can be causing the problem, and it may require a firmware update so that your problem is fixed. Check if any firmware updates are pending for your router and update it. You may have to follow the steps for updating your router by using a manual, or you can get help online for your router.

    Once you have updated your router, try connecting your phone to the Wi-Fi network again and check if the problem is fixed.

    Setup Google Cloud Printer To Print From Android Phone To Wireless Printer

    How to connect to wifi on an Android phone

    Google Cloud Printer is the true remote printing service that is provided by the Internet giant. First of all, you need to set up a Google Cloud Wireless printer on any of your active PCs that has an active internet connection.

    Steps to add a cloud printer to PC:

  • Open Google Chrome from your PC and go to to enter the Cloud Print dashboard. You must log in with the Google account that you use on your smartphone.
  • Click on Add a Cloud-Ready Printer to add a cloud-enabled printer on to your PC. You can find if your printer model is a cloud-ready one.
  • If not, click on Add a Classic Printer and connect both the PC and printer to the same wi-fi network and connect as a standard wireless printer.
  • Print using Google Cloud Print from Android:

  • Open Google Play Store and download the Cloud print app on your Android smartphone.
  • Open a document on the device and tap on the print button .
  • Choose the cloud printer which you did set up with your computer. Your file will be automatically synced with the PC over the internet, and you can remotely print the document.
  • It is now easier to print from Android Phone to Wireless Printer than dealing with wired printers on the PC. You can quickly take the prints out of the device. How do you print documents that are on your smartphones? Do you often transfer them to the PC and copy, or make a direct hardcopy over the network? Share your thoughts.

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