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So What Do I Need To Get Started

How to Build a Basic Android Game in Just 7 Minutes (Unity)

While we usually focus on app makers, youll notice that none of them are actually good for building games. What youll need instead is something called a game engine, or a dedicated software for creating games. Unlike app makers, you need to install them on your computer, which leads us to the first item in our checklist:

  • A computer: you will need to install the game engine on your PC or Mac. Note that some game engines are only PC or only Mac. They dont work on both.
  • A smartphone : you will need to test the game on your desired platform. Its worth ensuring it plays nice on both an iPhone and an Android phone if you want to reach both markets and its worth trying on low end devices too!
  • A developer account: to submit your game app. It costs $99 per year for the App Store and $25 for life with the Play Store. Unlike with app makers, youll be in charge of updates and making sure the game works on all devices. This could mean several new updates per year.
  • A way to create art: Whether you are going 2D or 3D, you will need game assets. You can find a ton of free resources online and some game companies have got their own marketplaces. But the best way to make your game stand out is to create things like the characters, background, music and menus yourself.

Tell An Intriguing Story

The central element of an enticing game is storytelling. The story in mobile game development isnât just about having a basic plot at the beginning of the game. In fact, the most successful android games have heavily relied on composing the right character and how that character evolves over the course of the game. Users love it when they have full control over the character of the game they are playing.

Itâs a good idea to map out a journey of the character so that the game player always has something to look forward to. Without a strong plot, your android game may end up with more new users but fewer long term users.

Android developers can study the storytelling elements incorporated in games like Clash of Clans and PUBG to understand what kind of plots have the maximum impact on users.

Android Game Development Tools And Options

The first thing to decide when starting out with Android game development is what type of game you want to build and what tools you are going to use to do that.

There are a plethora of different programs, languages, and approaches that can be used to build your first game. Which is right for you will depend on your goals and the type of game you want to make.

Here is what you need to know about the most popular choices.

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Creating The Game Loop

We now have the raw materials we need to make our game, but nothing is happening. This is where the game loop comes in. Basically, this is a loop of code that goes round and round and checks inputs and variables before drawing the screen. Our aim is to make this as consistent as possible, so that there are no stutters or hiccups in the framerate, which Ill explore a little later.

For now, were still in the MainThread class and were going to override a method from the superclass. This one is run.

And it goes a little something like this:

Youll see a lot of underlining, so we need to add some more variables and references. Head back to the top and add:

private SurfaceHolder surfaceHolder private GameView gameView private boolean running public static Canvas canvas 

Remember to import Canvas. Canvas is the thing we will actually be drawing on. As for lockCanvas, this is important because it is what essentially freezes the canvas to allow us to draw on it. Thats important because otherwise, you could have multiple threads attempting to draw on it at once. Just know that in order to edit the canvas, you must first lock the canvas.

Update is a method that we are going to create and this is where the fun stuff will happen later on.

The try and catch meanwhile are simply requirements of Java that show were willing to try and handle exceptions that might occur if the canvas isnt ready etc.

public void setRunning 
public void update 

Tips To Develop The Best Game Design Application

Fancade: the mobile game that lets you make your own mobile games ...

How to design a mobile game app? Here we will provide some exciting secrets and tips that will help you develop a riveting game. People wont be able to leave that game. These tips have been provided by experienced professionals. Also, customer feedback has been contemplated to develop a comprehensive plan for you.

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Other Options For Android Game Development

Together, Unity and Android Studio will be enough to handle nearly any kind of Android game development. However, there are also other options available which may appeal to some developers under specific circumstances.

For example, Unreal Engine is a powerful alternative to Unity for those interested in 2D and 3D game development. While Unreal is popular on PC thanks to its incredible graphical prowess, it is more fiddly to get to grips with than Unity and doesnt lend itself quite as well to 2D mobile development. Updates are gradually seeking to change that but, for now, Unity remains the preferred choice for Android game development.

Visual Studio with the Xamarin extension is a good alternative to Android Studio, meanwhile. If you dont want to use a game engine, but wish to port your finished product to both Android and iOS, this is a strong option. Many people find Visual Studio to be more intuitive than Android Studio too, and youll be coding in the slightly-simpler-than-Java C#. Support is slightly less comprehensive than it is for Android Studio, though you wont need to wait long for new updates to be made available.

Manage Your App And App Bundles

Google Play uses Android App Bundles to generate and deliver APKs that are optimized for each device configuration, providing users with more efficient apps. This means you only need to build, sign, and upload a single app bundle to support optimized APKs for a wide variety of device configurations. Google Play then manages and serves your app’s distribution APKs for you.

Package names for app files are unique and permanent, so please name them carefully. Package names can’t be deleted or re-used in the future.

Your release can have one of three statuses:

  • Draft: APKs that have not been served to users yet
  • Active: APKs currently being served to users
  • Archived: APKs that were once active but are no longer being served to users

Apps on Google Play have a size limit, which is based on the maximum compressed size of your APKs at the time of download across all supported devices.

After you upload an app bundle, Play Console uses gzip to estimate what your apps download size will be. Google Play uses the best possible advanced compression tools meaning a users actual download size will often be smaller than the estimate you see in Play Console.

The maximum size limits are:

  • 150MB: Maximum compressed download size of APKs for one device generated from app bundles. The app bundle itself can be many times larger than this size.
  • 100MB: Maximum compressed download size of APK for apps published with APKs .

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Setting Up The Environment

Before you start coding, there are a few things you should know about AndEngine:

  • OpenGL ES 2.0: The currently developed version of AndEngine is the GLES 2.0 version. This version requires OpenGL ES 2.0 support in order to function. So you need to make sure that your device supports OpenGL ES 2.0. If you are using the emulator to test, then you need graphics acceleration support and this is there only in the latest SDK Tools version. As of this tutorial, the latest SDK Tools version available is revision 19. Make sure that you have at least this version installed. To upgrade, please follow the instructions given here.
  • Android 4.0.3: You also need Android SDK Platform API 15, Revision 3 or higher in order to test OpenGL ES 2.0 based code on the emulator. So make sure that youve upgraded to at least Android 4.0.3, which is API 15. You emulator used for testing AndEngine code should be using Android 4.0.3.
  • Emulator: If you are using the emulator to test AndEngine code, you need a virtual device which has GPU emulation enabled and is running at least Android 4.0.3. So check your virtual device configuration and edit it if your device is not set up appropriately.

With that done, its time to start Eclipse, the IDE usually used for Android development. So go ahead an start Eclipse.

The version of AndEngine that you downloaded from GitHub already contains an Eclipse project file. You can simply import that by going to File-> Import That should open the following dialog:

Make The Count Button Update The Number On The Screen

How To Make an Android Game With Unity – Complete Tutorial

The method that shows the toast is very simple it does not interact with any other views in the layout. In the next step, you add behavior to your layout to find and update other views.

Update the Count button so that when it is pressed, the number on the screen increases by 1.

  • In the fragment_first.xml layout file, notice the id for the TextView:
  • In, add a click listener for the count_button below the other click listeners in onViewCreated. Because it has a little more work to do, have it call a new method, countMe.
  • view.findViewById.setOnClickListener }) 
  • In the FirstFragment class, add the method countMe that takes a single View argument. This method will be invoked when the Count button is clicked and the click listener called.
  • private void countMe 
  • Get the value of the showCountTextView. You will define that in the next step.
  •    ...    // Get the value of the text view    String countString = showCountTextView.getText.toString 
  • Convert the value to a number, and increment it.
  •    ...    // Convert value to a number and increment it    Integer count = Integer.parseInt     count++ 
  • Display the new value in the TextView by programmatically setting the text property of the TextView.
  •    ...   // Display the new value in the text view.   showCountTextView.setText) 

    Here is the whole method:

    private void countMe 

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    How To Create An Android App Without Coding

    Alternative approaches to Android application developmentthose that involve writing no code at all or writing only minimal amounts of codeare becoming increasingly feasible today. They are, of course, ideal for non-programmers, but experienced programmers too can use them to save time and effort. In this tutorial, I’m going to talk about two such approaches and introduce you to several tools and templates that enable them.

    CodeCanyon Is a Marketplace for App Templates and Builders

    CodeCanyon is an online marketplace that has hundreds of additional professional Android app templates and builder tools. Some of these are incredibly feature-rich and well-designed. You can sometimes save days, even months, of effort by using one of them.

    Game Builders The Easy Way Out

    If you really want to keep your coding to an absolute minimum when you make an Android game, you might prefer a game builder. These tools let you build games by dragging and dropping various different elements into place, and potentially doing just the smallest amount of coding.

    GameMaker: Studio is one such tool and its simpler than even Unity or Unreal 4, relying on a watered-down code called GML or GameMaker Language for basic scripts. While its not free, it wont cost much for a basic license.

    While GameMaker: Studio has been used to build some commercially successful titles, devs might encounter some performance bottlenecks and limitations in what can be accomplished. Other GameMakers will limit your options further, forcing you to adhere to templates, or use generic predefined graphics.

    I think its better to stick with Unity for most Android game projects. The only exceptions are if you want to learn Android Studio with a basic puzzle game project, or you want to make something cross-platform with top-tier graphics via Unreal 4.

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    Want To Create An Android App Without Learning To Code Appinstitute Can Help

    AppInstitute can help you create an Android app without the need to learn how to code.

    Our app builder lets you add prebuilt features to your app and then customize them to your liking. Once you are finished youll have a bespoke Android app.

    Rather than spending months learning how to code, you can start building your mobile app straight away and it can be ready to publish within days.

    This makes it an excellent choice for business owners who want to quickly release an Android app.

    Image: The Average Tech Guy/Unsplash

    This is how our drag and drop app maker works:

  • First, choose a layout template. We have plenty of options for different types of businesses, and each template contains all the features youll need to create an app.
  • Next, its time to personalize the Android app. You can adjust the color scheme and add information and images. If you already have a Facebook page or website, our API will grab all the essential information and add it to your app automatically.
  • The next stage is to add details to your app. If you want to add any features that arent included in the template, now is your opportunity.
  • Now youre ready to publish your app. Our app maker will show you how to do this on Google Play. You can also publish on the App Store for customers who use Apple devices.
  • If you want to try out the app builder, you can do so for free by clicking the link below. You only need to pay when youre ready to publish.

    Developing A Mobile Game

    Android Studio
  • 1Hire the right team. Hiring is a lengthy process. You’ll need to post the job, filter applicants, interview candidates, have them sign your NDA and explain your idea all this before you commence the coding. But making great hires is a future investment, which helps you avoid unnecessary delays. In this process, you need to give post job listings that specify what type of candidate you are looking for a general description of the project that doesn’t reveal too many details.
  • Make each potential candidate sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to their hiring as you must protect your idea.
  • 2Build your game assets. The game assets include all the individual pieces that make up a game. This includes 2D graphics, animated sprites, 3D models, background images, level design, music, sound clips, more. Basically anything the player can see or hear during the game needs to be created.
  • 3Code your game. Coding and scripting are what makes a game interactive. Scripting is used to dictate what happens when the player interacts with the game as well as what happens when objects on-screen interact with each other. Scripting is used to dictate the flow of the game and the order in which things happen. The assets are the individual pieces of a game. The coding is the glue that binds it all together.
  • Check user review and comments. Reply to them and take constructive criticism to heart. This shows that you care about making a good product.
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    Creating The Main Menu & Hud

    Creating a Menu/HUD for your app is actually rather crucial. The Main Menu gives the player information about your app and usually allows them to control certain aspects of the app. For this tutorial, we will not be learning how to program the Menu so that the player can change the settings because there actually isnt anything for the player to change I am contemplating adding some sound effects and possibly music, but those will come in a later tutorial. The Main Menu we will be creating will be rather basic but still aesthetically pleasing. We will have a Title & three buttons The Play button will just take you to the Main Scene, the Help button will take you to a Panel with the Help File on it and the Exit button will simply quit the game. Ill show you two ways to implement the Exit button, the first method will be a bit simpler.

    You can use any font, background image etc. that you want, provided it fits the theme of the game. Also ensure that your assets for your game are copyright free or can be used commercially if you plan to release it on an app store otherwise you could run in to some legal issues. For this tutorial, I will be using this image of the Galactic Centre Region:

    The fonts are attached to the bottom of this step and the image is at the top if you want to use these assets for your app.

    Introduction: How To Make An Android App Using Unity

    Before I start, I should probably mention that this will be a lengthy tutorial. So prepare yourselves. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll be able to take on the world

    Approximately two years ago, I delved into new territory and took a course in Game Design. I’d never attempted to make a game properly before this. I tried to get into programming but couldn’t commit to it. I wrote maybe a couple of very basic command-line programs that were a few lines long and then just gave up as I couldn’t get my head around it.

    So when I started my course, I was not used to it. Over the two years, I learned a lot and made excellent progress and even designed and programmed a few games and apps, 2 of which are for Android.

    Going into a bit more detail. As this was a course, I was required to learn everything related to game design and development. I learnt how to generate game ideas, how to write a story for the game, how to conceptualise characters , how to create a game design document , how to use Unity Game Engine to create the game, how to test the game correctly and how to build a game for different platforms.

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