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Can Live Streaming Be Monetized

How to Make Video Streaming App in Android Studio

Why indulge in live video streaming app development? Can people make money by live streaming? Absolutely!!

Studies show that crowds invest 3x more energy observing live video and that 47% of individuals are streaming more live video than last year.

Its a goldmine! So how do people benefit from it?


There are five principal ways you can earn money from live streaming.

  • Dispatch your foundation

The Technologies & Functionalities That Turns Live Streaming App Into A Niche Platform

Media Storage: Most of the live streaming application providers utilize the comfort of reliable cloud storage platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud Services to hold the scalability for storing the Media data.

Content Delivery Network: A System of distributed servers to deliver the video content to users based on their geographical locations at the right time to the right user without the regard of buffering.

User Interface: An intuitive platform must possess embedded Flash functionality to deliver high-pixel rate streaming content across the platform regardless of the size of the device.

Video Player: An adaptive bitrate HLS player streams live streaming videos on any platform and browser to enhance the quality of users viewing experience.

Streaming Media System A real-time data compression technology is used to deliver high-quality video content which lowers the amount of bandwidth used on both the connections.

Custom User Profile A personalized user profile enhances the chances of managing your entire streaming platform under one custom dashboard.

Search Functionality A quick and effective search result assist in delivering the exact content to the user which relatively magnifies the user experience and captivates more users.

Is it Really an Easy Task??


Top 6 Platforms To Develop A Video Streaming App For Android & Ios

Creating a video streaming app for Android or iOS can seem like a challenge when you cant find the right solution for your needs.

Here are the 7 best video streaming solution providers that might help end your search for How to make a video streaming android app or How to make an iOS video streaming app.

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How To Build A Scalable Video Streaming App Architecture

There has been enormous progress in digital video processing and communication technology in recent years. These technologies have enabled the dream of high-quality and real-time video streaming over various networks. The amount of data required for streaming is enormous. Even the bandwidth of communication channels is limited.

Data: Company filings

Note: HBO Max numbers include only the number of paid subscribers that have activated their HBO Max app subscriptions. Many more people pay for HBO via their cable subscriptions but have yet to activate the HBO Max app that comes with their cable subscription

Fortunately, file compression technologies have overcome these limitations. Wired and wireless communication channels provide a platform for video streaming applications. However, even with all these video streaming technology stack advancements, you can build a video streaming app but still, there are some challenges in video streaming app architecture.

Fig: Video streaming app architecture

How To Earn From App Like Tiktok

How To Create An Android Video Streaming App

On an honest note, there are multiple features even for an MVP, that can help you trigger your revenue model. However, to create an app like TikTok, youll have to make serious investments into its functionality. Therefore, we recommend planning monetization options even before you tap into development. Heres what works perfectly for successful social-sharing apps:


Freemium model

Here, you can build a video editor app with free basic functionality and paid additional features.



Fundraising is an engaging monetization model that can be done by collecting money from individuals and businesses. You must know that Fundraising is one of the earning premium modes for TikTok.


In-app purchases

TikTok is getting benefited through in-app purchases. Users can purchase coin and gift to their friends or favorite creators and can exchange into digital gifts.



With this you can promote small or big brands through in-feed video ads by displaying in-between user-generated content. You can set your pricing model based on click, views, and action.

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What Is Needed To Develop A Mobile Broadcasting App

1. Bambuser Broadcast SDK To allow your app users to broadcast live video within your app from their devices camera.

2. Bambuser Player SDK to play the streams within your app, a website or a mobile device.

3. An account on Bambuser is required. You can sign up for a free trial right here

Once you are all signed up and ready to go, check out the documentation to get up and running. Specifically how to create a broadcaster app may be of interest to you.

The documentation covers creating a broadcast app for different environments:

What Is Their Pricing Structure

There are some development agencies that charge clients on an hourly basis, while some charge their clients with a fixed rate. And before you go into any deal with the development agency, you need to figure out what kind of pricing structure they employ.

If the agency charges with a fixed rate, you need to ask a few questions, mainly about how many rounds of revisions you can get during the entire design process, and if they would also maintain the application upkeep after the launch.

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Why Build Your Video Streaming App Now Facts Stats And Trends

Ten years ago, Netflix spent just $0 on its own content creation. The amount reached impressive $17.3 billion in 2020, and the figure is expected to exceed $19 billion by 2021. Moreover, there are many other players in this market like HBO Max, Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and new services like these are appearing on a regular basis.

  • 43% of Americans have a subscription to TV and streaming services.
  • 80% of consumers prefer watching a live video to reading an article.
  • The global video streaming market size is expected to reach USD 223.98 billion by 2028. The market is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 21.0% from 2021 to 2028.

Image: Research and Markets

The video content distribution cost gets lower, and the market entry threshold becomes more accessible. If you have a sufficient budget and a good team of developers, you can develop a streaming service in just a few months. At the same time, the potential audience is growing, especially due to developing countries. The available entertainment time is also becoming longer for consumers.

You do not have to aim at entertainment and a wide audience, striving to develop an app like Hulu or Netflix. The matter is that the video streaming platform can be a hot ticket in different niches like healthcare, education, corporate training, or e-commerce.

If you build a startup focused on a specific niche, you will increase your chances of success.

Want to start a project?

Live Streaming Applications Like Twitch

Video Streaming Android App With Rest API | Part-1|Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners

Twitch is the king of live streaming in the video games niche. Technologically, apps like Twitch do not differ much from such services as Netflix or Hulu. Its still about sending videos over the internet connection, live or on-demand. The only thing is they offer user-generated content to a global target audience instead of licensing or producing their own content.

Monetization options: ads, subscriptions, partnerships

Live/on-demand: live and on-demand

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Build A Live Video Streaming App Using Brightcove: Option 5

This is another approach where you will utilize a development team for live streaming app development. Brightcove is a highly reputed live streaming provider with an impressive portfolio. Like other prominent players in this space, they also cater to publishers and broadcasters, marketers, and enterprises.

You can bring your best live video streaming ideas to life using their SDKs. Brightcove offers you the following features:

  • A robust HTML5 video player.
  • Ability to design and build an interactive UI for your users.
  • Brightcove provides cloud hosting for your live streaming app, and you can check their pricing plans here.
  • You can use their platform as is or build your custom solution.
  • Brightcove supports all prominent platforms like Android or iPhone.
  • You can easily integrate with marketing automation platforms , content management systems , and ad serving services.
  • Brightcove has a robust analytics suite.
  • There are good social integrations available.
  • Network optimization, single sign-on , video portals, and domain restrictions are especially helpful features for enterprises.
  • Transcoding and adaptive Bitrate video streaming help a better user experience.
  • Brightcove has an extensive array of SDKs and Application Programming Interfaces for multiple platforms, for e.g.:

    • JavaScript APIs for Brightcove Player
    • RESTful APIs for Video Cloud, Zencoder, etc.

    Native Android Streaming App

    Muvi builds your Android streaming apps right from the ground up, absolutely Native, taking into account all of Googles defined programming standards. Since your Android app is build from scratch, it takes care of all your custom needs and is personalized according to your specific business model. Your app is deployed to the Android store just in under 2 working days, and in an instant it is live. Muvi works round the clock to launch your app quickly and provide you constant support and also the latest updates on any new Google / Android releases.

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    Ibm Cloud Media Best Platform For Creating A Online Streaming App

    The IBM Cloud Media can easily help you create an iOS or Android video platform and broadcast content for a global audience.

    Features like third-party devices and encoders help to provide you with much-needed flexibility when it comes to offering an online video streaming solution.

    The multi-CDN infrastructure aids in delivering a buffer-free video streaming experience to your users.

    If you are looking for a reliable solution provider that can help you build a highly-secure and customizable online video streaming application, you can choose one from the above-mentioned brands based on your needs and budget.

    You can assess the features offered and match them with your requirements to shortlist the most suitable service provider. CONTUS VPlayed offers one of the easiest ways for you to build an online video streaming app that is also highly scalable and feature-packed!

    Getting Started With Building A Video Streaming App With Flutter And Mux

    How to create your own movie streaming android application ...

    Mux is an API-based video streaming service that handles the encoding and of a video, distributing it to users. On top of that, it also provides a lot of additional features, like subtitles, thumbnails, GIFs, watermarking, etc. It has a data tracking API, which helps to monitor the video streaming performance as well.

    Though Mux helps in streaming the video, it doesnt provide any storage. So, you have to provide the URL where you have stored the video.

    To get started using Mux, create an accounthere.

    When you log in to Mux, it will take you to the Dashboard.

    You can try adding a video by going to the Add a video file section and running the POST request with the URL of the video file.

    The videos are stored in the Assets section of Mux.

    In order to use the Mux API, you will need to generate an API Access Token from here.

    Fill in the details properly, and click on Generate Token.

    This will generate a Token ID and Token Secret for API authentication.

    Copy these files and store them in a private folder.

    Now, lets dive into the main part, integrating the Mux API with a Flutter app.

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    How To Build A Video Streaming App With React Native And Mux

    This article is written by Kolawole Mangabo

    In this tutorial, youâll learn how to use React Native, the mobile framework, the Mux Video API, and Codemagic for better CI/CD pipelines to build a video streaming application.

    If you are familiar with applications such as Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, you already know about video streaming.

    Such applications can be quite complex to make. Thatâs why weâll be using the Mux Video API to abstract the complexities of video streaming and write the logic of the API directly.

    Key Features For Video Streaming App

    Your streaming video apps success depends on multiple aspects like the quality and variety of content offered to consumers, its user interface friendliness, and available features. Let us recollect the main ones that you have to include in your streaming platform.

  • You can use different authorization methods starting from the classic one by email and finishing with social network account authorization. A well-thought-out onboarding in your mobile product allows you to help users quickly understand how your app works.
  • User profile. That is a crucial element if you are planning to create a streaming video platform able to effectively win the competition for audience retention and monetization. This section displays user activity, recommends content based on it, provides the possibility to edit personal information, allows users to change payment credentials, etc.
  • Playlists. As it is with YouTube, playlists allow users to easily organize the content, add videos to favorites, schedule what they would like to see in the future, etc. All these features help you increase audience retention rates.
  • Smart search. When you provide a huge amount of content, you should make sure users have a handy tool to help them find what they need. In case they cannot see what they are looking for, they will just leave.
  • Feedback and ratings. That is the basic feature necessary to get user ratings and involve users in the interaction with your service.
  • Want to start a project?

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    Build An Apk From Live Tv And Video Streams In 7 Simple Steps

    • 1Open the Mobile TV App TemplateClick the “Create App Now” button. Or visit and open the “Mobile App” app template on the “Create App” page.
    • 2Set Video CategoriesEdit video categories for your video and tv streams. You can create more than 10 categories. For example, if you make a TV app, you can split your tv channels by genres or countries of origin.
    • 3Add Streaming Links Insert live links to tv channels and video streams. Make sure you copied direct links. In each category you can add up to 20 streaming links. Add covers and names for each tv channel or video stream.
    • 4Edit LayoutCustomize the app layout: add a background image, choose a color scheme, edit menu. You can skip this part and keep default settings.
    • 5Name your AppSubmit the name of your app. It should be relevant to your video content. If you make an app with tv channels about nature and animals, then the name should contain appropriate keywords.
    • 6Upload the IconUpload your app icon or choose the default one. You can use online editors on the Internet to generate an icon. Keep it clean and simple.
    • 7Publish the App It’s done! Share your TV app with Android users all over the world. Download the APK and publish it on Google Play and other app markets for Android.

    Setup Local Video Canvas

    Android Tutorial – How to create Radio Streaming app (multiple stations) – MIT App Inventor 2

    To start a local video , you need to call two functions: enableVideo and setupLocalVideo on a RtcEngine instance. In function setupLocalVideo, a surfaceView created by calling RtcEngine.CreateRenderView is passed as a parameter.

    mRtcEngine.enableVideo SurfaceView surfaceView = RtcEngine.CreateRendererView) mRtcEngine.setupLocalVideo) 

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    D Businesses Are Looking For An Exceptional Marketing Tool

    Live streaming videos are being used as marketing tools since they came to being. According to 96% of people, they would rather watch a live video explaining how a product works.

    Around 74% of millennials rely on videos when shopping online. No wonder brands today are using this as a marketing tool for their products and services.

    So what does all these reasons for popularity mean for you? Well, as it turns out,

    Live streaming is getting ridiculously popular day by day, and that means all the live streaming apps are making more money.

    The live video streaming app segment is one of the most attractive markets today, and you should also work on capitalizing this golden opportunity.

    Important Things To Consider When Creating A Video Streaming App

    To create your own video streaming service requires you to consider a few points:

    • Discover And Realize Your Niche

    With the availability of various types of content ranging from entertainment to education to fitness, it becomes essential to create a differentiator with a specific niche. You can build a platform for documentaries or indie videos.

    • Monetizing The App

    Along with this, you also need to look into the multi-currency requirements too if you want to build your own streaming platform to run worldwide.

    • Improve Experience

    You should optimize the apps performance for border cases like low internet speed or for people with limited access.

    • Netflix Is Not Just Video streaming

    Netflixs success is not just streaming videos but the user engineering and recommendations that make the user hooked to the app. When planning to netflix like app development, and focus on data analytics and user personalization aspects.

    • Managing Different Roles In The App

    User view is just one user role in the Netflix app. One needs to plan for different users and their access, such as admin, video owner, partners, moderators, etc.

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    How To Build A Live Streaming App Like Periscope Using Appy Pie: Option 2

    If you are in a hurry to launch your high-quality live streaming app for different mobile devices, Appy Pie is an excellent option. They have a live TV & video streaming app builder. You can use this drag-and-drop app builder to easily get your app up and running.

    Appy Pie is feature-rich! You can include all the following features in your app:

  • Video sharing ability.
  • Integration with social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Easy integration of live video streaming.
  • Monetizing features like an ad.
  • Update your users regularly with push notifications.
  • Your users can play or pause live video streams.
  • Users can have chat rooms.
  • Integration of photo gallery with Instagram, Flickr, etc.
  • Your app will be able to support multiple video formats, as well as all key streaming protocols.
  • You can grow your business using a robust analytics suite.
  • You dont need to hire an experienced development team to create a live video streaming app in this way. Your team needs to only configure the app builder, and provide your branding, hence development skills are not needed. This could be an advantage if you dont have an in-house development team or dont have the time to hire one.

    Appy Pie also provides cloud hosting hence you dont need to find separate MBaaS or Infrastructure as a Service providers. It supports all key mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

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