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How to Build a Basic Android Game in Just 7 Minutes (Unity)

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Install Android Studio Ide

To get started with Android development, you need to install the Android Studio IDE. This user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface is the official IDE development environment. It is purpose-built for high-quality Android apps. This IDE will speed up your development time and make your apps far more reliable and easier to update when new features are released.

For Linux or Chrome OS installation, visit the documentation here.

To install Android Studio on Windows, follow these steps.

  • Visit this link to get the latest version of Android Studio.

  • You can either download the IDE as a .exe file or a .zip file. For the .exe file, double click the file to launch it. For the .zip file, unpack the ZIP and copy the android-studio folder to your Program files.

  • This will prompt you to open and launch the android-studio > bin folder.

  • Once prompted, follow the Android Studio setup wizard, where you can select your SDK packages.

  • To install Android Studio on Mac, follow these steps.

  • Visit this link to get the latest version of Android Studio.

  • Once downloaded, launch the DMG file and drag it to your Applications folder.

  • Launch Android Studio. From here, you can either start a new project or import previous settings.

  • Follow the setup wizard prompts to select your SDK components.

  • Learn Your Programming Language

    No matter which game development software you choose, its still extremely important to learn a programming language. A great place to start is C#. This object-oriented programming language is simple and relatively easy to grasp. It is also the most widely-used programming language among Unity developers.

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    Create The Argument For The Navigation Action

  • In the navigation graph, click on FirstFragment, and look at the Attributes panel to the right.
  • In the Actions section, it shows what action will happen for navigation, namely going to SecondFragment.
  • Click on SecondFragment, and look at the Attributes panel.
  • The Arguments section shows Nothing to show.

  • Click on the + in the Arguments section.
  • In the Add Argument dialog, enter myArg for the name and set the type to Integer, then click the Add button.
  • Create A Virtual Device


    In this task, you will use the Android Virtual Device manager to create a virtual device that simulates the configuration for a particular type of Android device.

    The first step is to create a configuration that describes the virtual device.

  • In Android Studio, select Tools> AVD Manager, or click the AVD Manager icon in the toolbar.
  • Click +Create Virtual Device. The Select Hardware window shows a list of pre-configured hardware device definitions.
  • Choose a device definition, such as Pixel 2, and click Next. .
  • In the System Image dialog, from the Recommended tab, choose the latest release.
  • If a link is visible next to a latest release, it is not installed yet, and you need to download it first. If necessary, click the link to start the download, and click Next when it’s done. This may take a while depending on your connection speed.
  • Note: System images can take up a large amount of disk space, so just download what you need.

  • In the next dialog box, accept the defaults, and click Finish.
  • The AVD Manager now shows the virtual device you added.

  • If the Your Virtual Devices AVD Manager window is still open, go ahead and close it.
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    To Delete A Constraint:

    • In the design view or blueprint view, hold the Ctrl key and move the cursor over the circle for the constraint until the circle highlights, then click the circle.
    • Or click on one of the constrained views, then right-click on the constraint and select Delete from the menu.
    • Or in the Attributes panel, move the cursor over the circle for the constraint until it shows an x, then click it.

    If you delete a constraint and want it back, either undo the action, or create a new constraint.

    Practice Skills And Build Your Portfolio

    Mobile app developers can hone their programming skills on coding websites, join online communities of developers to brainstorm app ideas, take free courses, and practice building their own apps.

    Projects you’ve created yourself, along with those completed in bootcamps, degree programs, and internships count when assembling your portfolio.

    In your portfolio, highlight projects that showcase your design skills, mastery of programming languages, and ability to create user-friendly apps. You can view examples of portfolios on project sites like Github.

    If you’re planning a career as an Android developer and have mastered Java or Kotlin, consider testing for an associate Android developer certification. This credential, designed for beginning developers, demonstrates your skill to potential employers.

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    And A Game Engine Too

    Yup. Thatll be your main tool. And now that youre going down the rabbit hole of game making, youll see that there are a number of solutions, from the very very basic to the extremely sophisticated. Roughly speaking, you can categorize game engines with the following features:

    • Game templates: the easiest way to get started and also the most limiting. You wont be able to change anything about the game except the characters, backgrounds, music, that kind of thing. In short, the mechanics of the game cannot be tweaked at all. For example, AppyPie or ChupaMobile offer templates .

    GameSalad is a drag and drop editor that also offers game templates

    How To Make An Android Game With Android Studio And Why You Shouldnt Try

    How to Create a Simple Android Game – Lesson 1

    Once you know what you want to make, you need to decide how to make it. There are a few different options depending on your skill level and the nature of the project.

    The traditional route as it were, is to make an Android game using Android Studio. Android Studio is the official tool for Android development, which comes directly from Google and supports a huge range of projects.

    To use Android Studio, you will need to learn either Java or Kotlin the two officially supported languages. Either way, youll also need to download the JDK , and familiarize yourself with the Android SDK , and probably a little XML.

    The SDK is a set of libraries and tools from Google that allows Java to interface with the Android OS, and that helps Android Studio to turn your code into a working APK file. Android Studio will provide the interface where youll type all of this whats known as an IDE or integrated development environment.

    The SDK is a set of libraries and tools from Google that allows Java to interface with the Android OS

    Its a lot to learn, and if you want to make a platform game or something else graphically intensive, youll have a lot you need to create from the ground up. This tutorial will provide you with a starting point and show you how to set up a canvas and a thread to handle the graphics.

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    Best Tools For Android Game Development

    Games are one of the best ways to entertain and relax our minds after a hectic schedule. Every age group has some of their favorite games which they like to play during their free time. Developing android games can make you start your venture, and you may earn a lot from one game itself. So, through this article, we will try to cover some of the well-known and popular tools used for Game Development in Android.

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    Update The Appearance Of The Textview

  • Remove the background color of the TextView, either by clearing the value in the Attributes panel or by removing the android:background attribute from the XML code.
  • When you remove the background, the view background becomes transparent. 2. Increase the text size of the TextView to 72sp.

  • Change the font-family of the TextView to sans-serif .
  • Add an app:layout_constraintVertical_bias property to the TextView, to bias the position of the view upwards a little so that it is more evenly spaced vertically in the screen. Feel free to adjust the value of this constraint as you like.
  • app:layout_constraintVertical_bias="0.3"
  • You can also set the vertical bias using the Constraint Widget. Click and drag the number 50 that appears on the left side, and slide it upwards until it says 30.
  • Tip: Using the bias attribute instead of margins or padding results in a more pleasing layout on different screen sizes and orientations.

    • If a view is constrained to other views on both its top and bottom edges, use vertical bias to tweak its vertical position.
    • If a view is constrained on both its left and right edges, use horizontal bias to tweak its horizontal position.
  • Make sure the layout_width is wrap_content, and the horizontal bias is 50 .
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    Decide Android App Features

    Features can make or break an app. After all, its the features with which your target audience will download the app and interact.

    While you can choose to add as many or as few features as you like, Tekrevols Android developers suggest you strike the right balance between usability and user experience.

    Also, there is one more consideration when you start to build your android app and decide on app features.

    If you are initially launching an MVP for your app, you need to only offer basic features that complete the core functionality of the app.

    Here are 10 most common types of app features youll usually find in domestic and business apps.

    • Email sign-up, guest sign up and social sign up
    • Push notifications and custom notification settings
    • App analytics, screentime
    • Multiple online payment options
    • Data security and privacy

    Your app and your target audience may or may not need some of these, depending on the category of the app. For example, a basic calculator app doesnt need screentime ratios, but a social networking app like Instagram does.

    Create A Second Activity

    What is AI and How Will AI Help in Android Game App Development?
  • At the top of the project’s file system tree, right click on “app.”
  • Navigate through to New > Activity > Blank Activity.
  • Change the name of this activity to “SecondActivity”.
  • Make sure you are in the Design view of activity_second.xml.
  • Drag the text box in the upper left of the phone display down to the center as you did on the Main Activity.
  • With the text box still selected, find the “id” field in the Properties menu on the right, and set it to “text2”.
  • Open strings.xml again.
  • Add a new line under “Hello world! Welcome to my app!” that reads “Welcome to the second page!”.
  • Navigate back to activity_second.xml.
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    Take Advantage Of Android Development Tools

    Android Studio includes tools you can use to:

    • Configure your project
    • Build, debug, and package your game
    • Examine the performance of your game using system, CPU, and memory profilers
    • Inspect the contents of your games package or application bundle
    • Integrate additional features of the Android SDK and NDK

    Android Graphics Inspector can characterize the rendering performanceof your game and help you investigate the details of rendered frames using frameprofiling.

    If you’re primarily using Microsoft Visual Studio, you can usethe Android Game Development Extension to add an Androidtarget to existing projects. AGDE supports native debugging in Visual Studio andincludes standalone versions of many of the Android Studio profiling tools.

    Introduction: How To Create An Android App With Android Studio

    This tutorial will teach you the basics of how to build an Android app using the Android Studio development environment. As Android devices become increasingly more common, demand for new apps will only increase. Android Studio is an easy to use development environment to learn on. It’s best if one has a working knowledge of the Java programming language for this tutorial because it is the language used by Android. There won’t be much code used in this tutorial, so I will assume that you know enough Java to understand or are willing to look up what you don’t know. This will take roughly 30-60 minutes, depending on how quickly you are able to download and install Android Studio. After using this tutorial to create your first Android app, you’ll be well on your way to a fun new hobby or possibly even a promising career in mobile development.

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    Adjust The Next Button

    You will adjust the button labeled Next, which Android Studio created for you when you created the project. The constraint between it and the TextView looks a little different, a wavy line instead of a jagged one, with no arrow. This indicates a chain, where the constraints link two or more objects to each other, instead of just one to another. For now, you’ll delete the chained constraints and replace them with regular constraints.

    Run Your App On Your New Emulator

    Game Development Tutorial in Android Studio | Android Game App Tutorials | Android with Java
  • In Android Studio, select Run > Run âapp’ or click the Run icon in the toolbar. The icon will change when your app is already running.
  • If you get a dialog box stating “Instant Run requires that the platform corresponding to your target device is installed” go ahead and click Install and continue.

  • In Run > Select Device, under Available devices, select the virtual device that you just configured. This menu also appears in the toolbar.
  • The emulator starts and boots just like a physical device. Depending on the speed of your computer, this may take a while. You can look in the small horizontal status bar at the very bottom of Android Studio for messages to see the progress.

    Messages that might appear briefly in the status bar

    Gradle build running

    Waiting for target device to come on line

    Installing APK

    Launching activity

    Once your app builds and the emulator is ready, Android Studio uploads the app to the emulator and runs it. You should see your app as shown in the following screenshot.

    Note: It is a good practice to start the emulator at the beginning of your session. Don’t close the emulator until you are done testing your app, so that you don’t have to wait for the emulator to boot again. Also, don’t have more than one emulator running at once, to reduce memory usage.

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    Preparing To Develop A Game

  • 1Understand your skills and limitations. There is a lot that goes into designing a game. There’s research, programming, graphic design, sound design, music composition, marketing, and much more. Understanding what skills you have will help you to come up with ideas based on your strengths.
  • Perhaps you’re an excellent programmer, but not such a great artist. You can focus on the game mechanics but rely on a minimalist art style. Perhaps you’re a great graphic designer, but not so good at programming. You can find a game engine that takes care of most of the coding for you while you concentrate on the art design.
  • 2Do market research. The first thing to do is to get the feel of the market. Studying about the successful apps and playing them as they will tell you volumes about the market. The more time you can spend studying successful apps the better image you retrieve about their common traits and the desirability of users. Maintain notes for an appâs success are its ranking and consistency.
  • Gaming demographics have changed. The average gamer is no longer the stereotypical adolescent male. Today, games are played by almost every demographic in society. The average mobile gamer is about 36 years old. 51% are female, and 49% are male. One-third of all mobile gamers are between the ages of 35-50.XResearch source
  • Always trust expert advice. Be willing to keep improvising and reworking your own ideas until they are at the point they are at their best.
  • Why Should You Build Mobile Games Right Now

    • Revenue generated from the gaming industry is on par with the movie business.
    • Playing games on mobile devices is increasing in popularity compared to gaming consoles.
    • More than half of Americas population plays games regularly.
    • More than 70% of gamers play at least 1 hour a week.
    • The number of gamers in China and other Asian countries is already huge, and is growing rapidly. That’s a market with billions of people.
    • More than 90% of the worlds population owns a mobile phone.
    • People spend more time on their mobile phones than watching TV or on their PCs.

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    Make The Count Button Update The Number On The Screen

    The method that shows the toast is very simple it does not interact with any other views in the layout. In the next step, you add behavior to your layout to find and update other views.

    Update the Count button so that when it is pressed, the number on the screen increases by 1.

  • In the fragment_first.xml layout file, notice the id for the TextView:
  • In, add a click listener for the count_button below the other click listeners in onViewCreated. Because it has a little more work to do, have it call a new method, countMe.
  • view.findViewById.setOnClickListener }) 
  • In the FirstFragment class, add the method countMe that takes a single View argument. This method will be invoked when the Count button is clicked and the click listener called.
  • private void countMe 
  • Get the value of the showCountTextView. You will define that in the next step.
  •    ...    // Get the value of the text view    String countString = showCountTextView.getText.toString 
  • Convert the value to a number, and increment it.
  •    ...    // Convert value to a number and increment it    Integer count = Integer.parseInt     count++ 
  • Display the new value in the TextView by programmatically setting the text property of the TextView.
  •    ...   // Display the new value in the text view.   showCountTextView.setText) 

    Here is the whole method:

    private void countMe 

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