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How Do I Become An Android Developer On A Mac

How to Make Android Apps – Ep 3 – Setup for Android Development on Mac (Android Studio 2)

The most recent version of the Android SDK tools do not work with LiveCode. If you are using LiveCode 8.1.5 or later please install Android Studio as described in this lesson.

This lesson describes the basic steps you need to follow in order to start up as an Android developer using an Apple Mac. System configuration information and screen captures are provided.

Apps Adapt To Different Devices

Android allows you to provide different resources for different devices. For example, you can create different layouts for different screen sizes. The system determines which layout to use based on the screen size of the current device.

If any of your app’s features need specific hardware, such as a camera, you can query at runtime whether the device has that hardware or not, and then disable the corresponding features if it doesn’t. You can specify that your app requires certain hardware so that Google Play won’t allow the app to be installed on devices without them.

After you build your first app, learn more about device configurations atDevice compatibility overview.

Use Xamarin To Write Ios Apps On Windows

Using Xamarin is a better choice when it comes to comparing it with Cloud Mac or other frameworks for hybrid app development. You get a cost-effective solution for iOS development on Windows.

Xamarin uses C# to code apps. Its features like native platform integration for Android and iOS and Google emulator manager helps to build, run and deploy them to an iOS device from Windows PC.

Need Guidance in Building iOS Apps on Windows?

Want to validate your app idea? Share your mobile app idea. Our expert team of iOS developers has experience in developing over 2500 iOS apps.

Do you want to know which are the top IDEs for iOS and the cost to develop iOS and Android apps? If yes, then read the FAQ section.

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How To Run Ionic App

Navigate to the project folder we just created via CLI, in this case, DemoApp by using the below command.

cd ./DemoApp

Now that we are inside the project folder, execute either of the two commands given below.

1. ionic serve2. ionic lab

The aforementioned ionic server and ionic lab commands are used to compile an application and start a local development server which will allow you to view your Ionic app in the web browser as shown below.

The above image is a result of running the ionic lab command, the ionic project has been compiled as a web app.

Monetization And Return On Investment

Parallels Access 2.0: Windows and Mac Apps Land on Android ...

Last but not least, app monetization is another matter worth consideration when choosing between Android and iOS. There are three main ways to get profit from running a mobile app – in-app purchases, a paid application and ad-based model. And here’s a brief break down of all three approaches and their performance characteristics according to Appromoters :

  • In-app purchases. Android apps lead in terms of the number of purchases with 22% against 17%. However, the average cost of a transaction is higher for iOS – $30, for Android $10.
  • Paid applications. iOS is a leader in terms of releasing paid apps straight to the application marketplace. Out of all iOS game apps, 11% are paid. For Android, the value is 7%.
  • Ad-based monetization. Most iOS apps donât use ads – the percentage of non-gaming apps that do is only 22%. Android apps, on the other hand, are ad-heavy. 63% of Android apps have implemented advertising SDKs.

Overall, iOS apps prove to have a higher return on investment than Android apps.

A few months ago, Google Play came up with a new way to drive monetization forth. Using the âRewarded Productsâ feature, developers will be able to increase the appâs revenue by having visitors watch sponsored videos in exchange for in-game currency. It takes nothing but a few clicks to add a rewarded product to an app – a developer can do it using the Google Play Billing Library.

  • flexible billing
  • ranging subscription plans
  • grace periods.

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Apps Provide Multiple Entry Points

Android apps are built as a combination of components that can be invoked individually. For example, an activity is a type of app component that provides a user interface .

The “main” activity starts when the user taps your app’s icon. You can also direct the user to an activity from elsewhere, such as from a notification or even from a different app.

Other components, such as WorkManager, allow your app to perform background tasks without a UI.

After you build your first app, you can learn more about the other app components atApplication fundamentals.

Option : Build Android And Ios Apps Using F# And Xamarin

F# supports the development of Android and iOS applications using the Xamarin tools.Both native and cross-platform app development is possible.

  • Install JetBrains Rider, or Visual Studio for Mac.

  • Select F# Language support as part of installation.

  • Fabulous is a framework for F# Functional App Development, using declarative dynamic UI.This allows you to use the ultra-simple MVU architecture to build applications for iOS, Android, Mac, WPF and more using Xamarin.Forms.

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    Create The Argument For The Navigation Action

  • In the navigation graph, click on FirstFragment, and look at the Attributes panel to the right.
  • In the Actions section, it shows what action will happen for navigation, namely going to SecondFragment.
  • Click on SecondFragment, and look at the Attributes panel.
  • The Arguments section shows Nothing to show.

  • Click on the + in the Arguments section.
  • In the Add Argument dialog, enter myArg for the name and set the type to Integer, then click the Add button.
  • Using The Library On Android

    Building Your First iOS & Android App in Visual Studio for Mac

    Changes needed on an Android app are very similar to those needed on iOS. Modify the MainActivity.cs file to match the following:

    using Android.App using Android.Widget using Android.OS namespace testshared.Droid         }        public void doneCallback        )         }    }}

    Note:The system architecture of both platforms, Android and iOS, requires that all UI interaction happen on the main application thread. This means that any change to UI elements should happen from within the main thread as well. That is where RunOnUiThread and InvokeOnMainThread come in. Since HTTP requests were executed in a separate thread and doneCallback was called outside the main thread, we had to use these methods to be able to access the buttons and change the label.

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    Editing Android Code In Intellij Idea

    To enable editing of Android code in IntelliJ IDEA, you need to configure thelocation of the Android SDK:

  • In Preferences > Plugins, enable Android Support if youhavent already.
  • Right-click the android folder in the Project view, and select OpenModule Settings.
  • In the tab, locate the Language level field, andselect level 8 or later.
  • In the Dependencies tab, locate the Module SDK field,and select an Android SDK. If no SDK is listed, click Newand specify the location of the Android SDK.Make sure to select an Android SDK matching the one used byFlutter .
  • Click OK.
  • Set Up Your Android Device

    To prepare to run and test your Flutter app on an Android device,you need an Android device running Android 4.1 or higher.

  • Enable Developer options and USB debugging on your device.Detailed instructions are available in theAndroid documentation.
  • Windows-only: Install the .
  • Using a USB cable, plug your phone into your computer. If prompted on yourdevice, authorize your computer to access your device.
  • In the terminal, run the flutter devices command to verify thatFlutter recognizes your connected Android device. By default,Flutter uses the version of the Android SDK where your adbtool is based. If you want Flutter to use a different installationof the Android SDK, you must set the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT environmentvariable to that installation directory.
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    Agree To Android Licenses

    Before you can use Flutter, you must agree to thelicenses of the Android SDK platform. This step should be done afteryou have installed the tools listed above.

  • Make sure that you have a version of Java 8 installed and that your JAVA_HOME environment variable is set to the JDKs folder.

    Android Studio versions 2.2 and higher come with a JDK, so this shouldalready be done.

  • Open an elevated console window and run the following command to beginsigning licenses.
    $flutter doctor --android-licenses
  • Review the terms of each license carefully before agreeing to them.
  • Once you are done agreeing with licenses, run flutter doctor againto confirm that you are ready to use Flutter.
  • Virtualbox Best For More Control

    [Udemy 100% Free]

    At the core, Android is also a Linux-based operating system. As it happens, you can install Android on Mac using a tool like VirtualBox. In order to do this, you have to create a virtual machine and install Android in it. Compared to the other options weve listed, this VirtualBox method offers better control over the Android device and the apps you install.

    Once the installation is done, VirtualBox gives you a pure Android experience. This is because were installing the basic Android Operating System on the virtual machine. However, you should not expect an optimized environment for running apps or games. Chances are, there are some bugs too. On the bright side, you can deploy Android v8 Oreo in the virtual machine.

    We would not say that Android on VirtualBox is easy to set up. There are some downsides that you will have to tolerate in the long run. In order to do this, you need to , a project that ports the popular OS to PCs. Then, as we always do, you can create a virtual machine based on Linux, Android. Once the installation is done, youll have a full-screen Android experience.

    While apps like WhatsApp and Instagram work fine, the performance isnt the best. We would not suggest this method if youre into gaming either.


    • Offers more control over the virtual Android device
    • You can run the latest version of Android
    • It offers a fully-fledged Android OS experience


    • Lacks performance optimization or customization options
    • Chances of bugs

    Who Is It For

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    Using Maps And Location Services

    Have in mind that VS for Mac is still in Preview and there is not much help and documentation you will find on using it. The best place for references on how to do things is still official Xamarin documentation.

    Visual Studio For Mac does not use the same solution and application structure as Xamarin tools that you might have seen on the PC. In most cases, you will need to experiment and work around few hurdles to get their examples to work. Lets hope that Microsoft will stay on top of their game and provide an awesome collection of MSDN resources once the final version of VS for Mac is released.

    Build Or Build And Run

    The Build Settings window offers two options: Build and Build and Run. Using either option saves the output packages to the path that you select. You can publish these packages to the Google Play Store, or install them on your device manually with the help of Android Debug Bridge . For further information about installing apps manually, see the Run your app section of the Android Developer documentation. For information on ADBAn Android Debug Bridge . You can use an ADB to deploy an Android package manually after building. More infoSee in Glossary commands, see the Android Debug Bridge section of the Android Developer documentation.

    Selecting Build and Run saves the output packages to the file path you specify, while also installing your app on the Android device connected to your computer.

    If the Split Application Binary option is enabled, the OBB file is pushed to the correct location on your device. If Development BuildA development build includes debug symbols and enables the Profiler. More infoSee in Glossary is checked, Unity also sets up a Profiler tunnel and enables CheckJNI. After that, the app is launched. The Split Application Binary setting is located in the Publishing Settings section of the Player settings.

    Tip: Specify the output path for the packages and then use the Ctrl+B or Cmd+B keyboard shortcut to Build and Run using the saved output path.

    • 20181119 Page amended

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    Google Play Market Vs App Store

    The interfaces of Google Play Market and App Store are similar – both have a home page with application listings, filters that help users to navigate and search for apps. The app description page has similar layouts – there’s a text description, a gallery, a block with app ratings and user reviews, and a download button that allows users to download an application.

    Configuring A Physical Device

    Android app Development : Installing the SDK tools on a Mac for Android app Development

    In addition to setting up virtual devices, it is possible to set up physical devices. These devices can be accessed after they have been appropriately configured for debugging.

    Install the appropriate device drivers for the devices you would like to use. Details of how to do this can be found at the Android Developer Website here:

    The relevant device must be set to debug mode, once the necessary drivers are installed. To enable debug mode, please see your manufactures recommend instructions for doing so. An example for a Galaxy S3 running Android 4.1.1 is-

    1) Go to Settings> About> Software Information> More

    2. Now Scroll onto Build Number and tap it 7 times repeatedly. After tapping the build number 5 times youâll see a message âPress it two more times to be a developer!â and after tapping 7 times youâll see message âYou are now a developerâ or âDeveloper mode has been enabledâ

    3) Navigate to Settings> Developer options

    4) Check option for Android Debugging

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    Using Shared Libraries For Ios And Android

    One of the greatest features of VS for Mac is the possibility of having shared code between iOS and Android apps. Ideally, we could have all the business logic of the app in a shared library, limiting any iOS and Android specific code to being part of the UI.

    Lets create a shared Class that will asynchronously perform an HTTP request and show the content in a Debug console.

    Create a new class file in your shared library named RestClient.cs with the following code:

    using System using System.Net namespace testshared        public HttpWebRequest request         public callback callback     }    public class RestClient            public void FetchPage                private void FinishWebRequest                }    }}

    Release Channels And Updates

    Chrome OS uses the same release system as Google Chrome: there are three distinct channels: Stable, Beta, and Developer preview . The stable channel is updated with features and fixes that have been thoroughly tested in the Beta channel, and the Beta channel is updated approximately once a month with stable and complete features from the Developer channel. New ideas get tested in the Developer channel, which can be very unstable at times. A fourth channel was confirmed to exist by Google Developer Francois Beaufort and hacker Kenny Strawn, by entering the Chrome OS shell in developer mode, typing the command shell to access the bash shell, and finally entering the command update_engine_client -channel canary-channel -update. It is possible to return to the verified boot mode after entering the canary channel, but the channel updater disappears and the only way to return to another channel is using the “powerwash” factory reset.

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    How To Develop An Ebook App Like Kindle

    Business Development Consultant

    Love for reading is a virtue, and to promote it, lets talk about how to make an ebook reader app.

    Books are a uniquely portable magic, Stephen King writes in his book On Writing. This statement is made even truer with todays technology, which has made it possible to carry a whole library in your pocket, i.e. in a smartphone, tablet, or eReader. The emergence of ebooks is said to be one of the reasons todays young people Millenials and younger generations read more than their parents and grandparents used to.

    And the universal truth is that where theres demand, there will be supply. People crave more reading on the go therefore, the market for reading apps is flourishing. Lets talk about what this market has to offer and how to build an ebook app of your own. In the end, well calculate a rough estimate of the cost to make an eReader app like Kindle.

    Business Analysis: The Difference In Development Between The Two Types Of Reading Apps

    How To Develop An App For Android And Ios : Google And ...

    When you contact a mobile app development company or research how to make an ebook reader app, youll find that the first stage is always business analysis. Before you decide on the features to include in your app, you first need to determine your apps focus.

    Development-wise, the focus is where the biggest difference between the two types of reading apps lies.

    If you wish to create your own ebook app thats just that a reader app, with no ebook store attached your focus will need to be on the functionality. Is there a feature or a set of features users would like to have in a reading app that no one has implemented yet? Or maybe theres an issue with the user experience that all major eReaders have that you can offer a solution to?

    If you decide to outsource your app development, a professional project manager can help you conduct a thorough business analysis and discover the answers to the most important questions:

    • What is lacking in most existing ebook reading apps?
    • Can you offer these things?
    • Who are your biggest competitors on the market?
    • What should your unique value proposition be?
    • Should you start by creating an ebook app for iPhone or Android?

    You can put all the most vital information in a Lean Canvas, a tool for entrepreneurs to organize information and build a workable business plan for your mobile app.

    The focus of developing a Kindle-like app is less on the reading features and more on the store content.

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