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Learn To Develop An Android App

How to Make an Android App for Beginners

There are more than 2.5 billion Android devices in the world, all waiting for your application to be developed.

We’ve released a 15-hour comprehensive course developed by MeiCode that will teach you how to develop an Android application. The best part: You don’t even have to know how to program before you start.

In this course, you will learn how to build a real-word Android application from scratch using Java. On the way to building the app, you will learn the basics of programming in Java and object-oriented programming.

Here are some things covered in this course:

Alternatives For Building Mobile Apps

There are four major development approaches when building mobile applications

  • Native Mobile Applications
Web Frameworks

Why Choose the Hybrid/Cross-platform Approach?

One problem with native mobile application development is that it requires a highly specialized skill set. Although there are large and vibrant developer communities for C and Java — the language families that are mostly used for native development –, there are fewer developers who are knowledgeable in platform-specific versions of those languages and their respective IDEs. In fact, skilled native app developers are in such demand, that many companies are hard-pressed to hire and retain them on staff, and instead they frequently have to resort to outside 3rd party design and development houses to build their apps for them.

How Hybrid and Cross-platform Frameworks Work?

Hybrid apps allow developers to use web technologies of HTML5/CSS/JavaScript and then encapsulate those web applications in a container that allows the web application to act like a native application on the device. Since hybrid mobile apps are just web apps running on an embedded browser environment, most of the code from a web app can be used to build a mobile app. As rendering and runtime performance of mobile browsers are ever-increasing, hybrid development is a viable alternative for web developers who want to build mobile apps quickly.

Developing Mobile Apps For The Web Platform

Though not an installed app in the true sense, its important to consider the UIs that are delivered by navigating to a web URL . Delivering web sites has some value for certain use cases, such as an app for incidental or short-lived event, or for capturing small amounts of information like name and address without forcing a user to install an app. With the advent of progressive web apps the user experience for apps and websites are indistinguishable. These mobile-optimized websites are written using web technologies and typically a UI framework.

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Get Android Software Development Kit

Go to this link and select ‘Get the SDK’. On the next page, follow the link to install the Android SDK for your system.

Once the executable file has finished downloading, run the installation. When you get to the window below, make a note of the directory it’s being installed to .

When the installation is complete, open the Android SDK Manager and you’ll be presented with the screen below:

The Other Files And Folders

A Complete Beginner

There are lots more files and folders here though, so what do they all do?

In truth, you dont need to know what everything here is. But some things that are useful to know about:

The Android Manifest: This is an XML file in the res folder that defines important features of your app. That includes the orientation of the app, the activities that you want to be included in it, the version, etc.

See also: Xml: everything you need to know

Drawable: This folder is found in res. This is where you will put things like images that you want to reference later.

Values: This resource folder is a useful place to store values that will be used globally across your app. For example, this can include color codes or strings . Youll define these values in individual XML files, such as colors.xml.

Gradle: Gradle is the tool that takes all your files and bundles them into a workable APK for testing. It is also useful for generating previews etc. You wont need to worry about the files in here often, but if you want to add a dependency, this is where you will do it. Dependencies are external libraries that let you access additional functionality from within your own code.

Of course, we also have a detailed introduction to Gradle for new Android developers.

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What Are The Differences Between Native Apps Web Apps And Hybrid Apps

Native apps are apps that live on your mobile, developed for specific devices, which can be downloaded from an app store. Web apps are basically interactive websites that look and feel like mobile apps, but they are not mobile apps. Hybrid apps are a combination of the two. Like native apps, they can be downloaded from an app store, but, like a web app, they can be used on multiple platforms.

Publish Your App On The Stores

Publish your apps on the stores: Google Play and App Store

Once your app is ready, it is time to think about publishing it. Its a good idea to publish your app on as many platforms as possible as it will allow you to reach as many users as possible.

Publishing an app can be a complex and slightly overwhelming process, starting with registering as a developer

Developers’ accounts . For Apple devices you will be subscribing to the Developer Program for the App Store , costing $99 per membership year. Keep in mind that Apple requires the owner of the content in the app to match the owner of the developer account, so if you publish multiple iOS apps for different projects, each will need to have its own individual developer account. Becoming a Publisher costs $25 , and you must also own a Gmail account.

  • Google Play: Android offers different choices to distribute apps, however with over 1 billion active users, Google remains the premier platform for Android apps.
  • Store listing and mandatory info

    Dont launch all features at once, its good to hold back. It gives you room to further develop your application and launch an updated version later on.

    With the GoodBarber Takes Care service, you let our experts do all the work for you. They will take care of the publication process of your app on Google Play and the App Store, so you can focus your Marketing Strategy.

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    To Delete A Constraint:

    • In the design view or blueprint view, hold the Ctrl key and move the cursor over the circle for the constraint until the circle highlights, then click the circle.
    • Or click on one of the constrained views, then right-click on the constraint and select Delete from the menu.
    • Or in the Attributes panel, move the cursor over the circle for the constraint until it shows an x, then click it.

    If you delete a constraint and want it back, either undo the action, or create a new constraint.

    Javascript And React Native

    Creating Your First Simple Android App

    Get started with React Native in this IBM Developer article, Dissecting React Native.

    React Native was released in 2015 by Facebook.

    React Native uses JavaScript as a programming language for writing mobile apps. There is no HTML used in writing React Native apps. This code is then interpreted at runtime and executed using a bridge for accessing the devices native SDK capabilities. React Native apps use the platform native UI library to render the UI components, which makes the UI truly native.

    React Native has become very popular because the learning curve for JavaScript is very low.

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    Decide Android App Features

    Features can make or break an app. After all, its the features with which your target audience will download the app and interact.

    While you can choose to add as many or as few features as you like, Tekrevols Android developers suggest you strike the right balance between usability and user experience.

    Also, there is one more consideration when you start to build your android app and decide on app features.

    If you are initially launching an MVP for your app, you need to only offer basic features that complete the core functionality of the app.

    Here are 10 most common types of app features youll usually find in domestic and business apps.

    • Email sign-up, guest sign up and social sign up
    • Push notifications and custom notification settings
    • App analytics, screentime
    • Multiple online payment options
    • Data security and privacy

    Your app and your target audience may or may not need some of these, depending on the category of the app. For example, a basic calculator app doesnt need screentime ratios, but a social networking app like Instagram does.

    Add A Constraint To The New Button

    You will now constrain the top of the button to the bottom of the TextView.

  • Move the cursor over the circle at the top of the Button.
  • The Button moves up to sit just below the TextView because the top of the button is now constrained to the bottom of the TextView.

  • Take a look at the Constraint Widget in the Layout pane of the Attributes panel. It shows some constraints for the Button, including Top -> BottomOf textView.
  • Take a look at the XML code for the button. It now includes the attribute that constrains the top of the button to the bottom of the TextView.
  • You may see a warning, “Not Horizontally Constrained“. To fix this, add a constraint from the left side of the button to the left side of the screen.
  • Also add a constraint to constrain the bottom of the button to the bottom of the screen.
  • Before adding another button, relabel this button so things are a little clearer about which button is which.

  • Look at the Attributes panel on the right, and notice the id field.
  • Change the id from button to toast_button.
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    Development Period And Time Duration: How Long Does It Take To Develop An Android App

    An average Android app can take 6 months to develop. Basic apps can be built in 3 months, while multi-featured, intermediate apps take between 4 to 8 months.

    Advanced apps can take anywhere between 10 to 15 months, or even more if it has functionalities of artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things, AR and VR.

    How To Build An App: Conclusion And Key Takeaways

    Why hiring Android app development company is a boon for every business ...

    Building apps isnt always easy. Whether its your first app or youve built multiple apps, theres always room for improvement. Its always a great idea to educate yourself instead of blindly picking an app development company and just hoping for the best.

    Take advantage of new technology and tools at your disposal. Today, you can make an app without any coding skills. Platforms like BuildFire will even help you get published on both app stores for Apple and Google Play.

    This in-depth guide on how to develop an app is just one of the many resources that we offer at BuildFire. Its broad enough to give you valuable insights on how to make an app in nearly every category. But some of you might have some more use-case specific questions about how to build an app for your business.

    For example, you might want to learn how to make an app for your ecommerce site. Or maybe you want to figure out how to build an app for internal employee communication. We have guides for both of these.

    We even have resources that show show you how to develop an app for schools, universities, and religious organizations. Our tutorials can teach you how to develop an app for events, podcasts, and so much more.

    Need help figuring out how to build an app for your small business? We have you covered.

    Contact our team of experts here at BuildFire if you have any additional questions. Were happy to help and guide you in the right direction.

    Powerful app builder

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    Change The Background Color Of The Layout

    Give your new activity a different background color than the first activity:

  • In colors.xml, add a new color resource:
  • < color name="screenBackground2"> #26C6DA< /color> 
  • In the layout for the second activity, fragment_second.xml, set the background of the ConstraintLayout to the new color.
  • In the Attributes panel:

    Or in XML:

    Your app now has a completed layout for the second fragment. But if you run your app and press the Random button, it may crash. The click handler that Android Studio set up for that button needs some changes. In the next task, you will explore and fix this error.

    How To Develop A Hybrid App For Android And Ios

    Many businesses choose to develop an app which works on both platforms in order to reach a wider audience. However, its quite expensive to develop two apps for both different platforms. Therefore, we prefer to choose Hybrid app development services that run on both platforms.

    • Cross-platform apps are faster and easier to make.
    • A Hybrid app means a compromise between the technical requirements of the two platforms. This means an adoption to different screens.
    • A Hybrid app will never work as well as a native app.
    • A cross-platform app seamlessly if all the components are programmed separately for iOS and Android and coupled in one system.
    • The development costs of a Hybrid app would be lesser than for two separate apps.

    How are you going to find a compromise? You should be aware of the fact that its difficult to find a professional and experienced developer who develops a cross-platform app.

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    Issues In Creating Android App With Python

    Though Android app development using Python is possible, it wont be as effective and reliable as Android app development using Java. As we all know that Java is the official language for Android, as Google declared it. Java for Android is like the Standard of Android, and other languages that we use might not be as up to the mark as Java. Let us see some of the issues that might occur:

    • Other frameworks might not support every feature of the Android operating system.
    • Own tools can not always be used.
    • These codes might not run very fast as they first generate the native code and then optimize using native compilers.
    • Sometimes the High-level graphics might not be supported.
    • The app you will develop will work perfectly fine on your local machine, but the animations are not smooth when running it on Android. Also, as it still runs as an instance of Python, it is slow.

    Python has achieved greater heights and is overgrowing in recent years and thus can be used to develop applications in the coming years on both enterprise and product basis. Moreover, Python has proven itself as a competent language approachable for newcomers but powerful in the hands of experts.

    For The Ios Dev Account

    How to Develop Android Mobile Apps Instantly with Adobe XD

    Please note that this will work only with business-based accounts.

  • Log in to App Store Connect with your credentials at
  • Fill in the user details as follows:
    • First name: Viktor

    It should look like this:

  • Click Invite.
  • Once we accept the invitation, your app will be submitted to the Apple App Store.

    Off the topic, but fun fact Apple App Store was always a little bit stricter when it comes to the regulations and publishing your apps, but lately, you can publish a Cannabis App without any special demands. There are some rules, of course, but how cool is that?

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    Appsgeyser: A Free Android App Builder

    If you’re looking for a tool that’s free, AppsGeyser is definitely worth a try. It’s an online app development platform that offers over 70 unique app templates and a simple, forms-based interface to customize them. There are templates for quiz apps, coloring apps, browsers, messengers, and several different types of games too.

    Note that the free version of AppsGeyser works on a revenue share system. In other words, it expects you to have ads in your apps and share 50% of your revenue. If you’re not okay with that, you’ll have to switch to the premium version, which allows you to turn the ads off.

    Add Buttons And Constrain Their Positions

    To learn how to use constraints to connect the positions of views to each other, you will add buttons to the layout. Your first goal is to add a button and some constraints, and change the constraints on the Next button.

  • Notice the Palette at the top left of the layout editor. Move the sides if you need to, so that you can see many of the items in the palette.
  • Select Button, which is near the top, and drag and drop it onto the design view, placing it underneath the TextView near the other button.
  • Notice that a Button has been added to the Component Tree under ConstraintLayout.

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    How To Validate Your App Ideas

    Listed here are some effective tips and tricks that can help you validate your app ideas

  • A thorough research
  • Analyze the app store charts
  • Validate the need
  • Get an idea of your target market size
  • Develop an understanding of your apps product market fit
  • Exhibit the feasibility
  • Align the idea with other useful apps
  • USP
  • Garner feedback from potential users
  • Keep in mind the technical challenges and scope
  • Prototyping
  • Promote your app
  • Learn A Programming Language

    Benefits of choosing Android app development

    Well, if you are planning to develop an Android app, you have two choices to learn programming languages – JavaScript or Kotlin.

    When we talk about JavaScript, it has been in the market for longer and plenty of libraries and frameworks. On the other hand, Kotlin is a new one but might overtake it in the future.

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