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How To Decrypt Files From Android/usb

Encrypt & Hide Files, Photos, & Videos on Your Android [How-To]


I have my personal Android phone with SD card, and enabled option to connect to PC as USB stick. I often plug my phone to my work PC where some McAfee security software was installed recently. I say “some” because I don’t know exactly software name, there are so many McAfee packages, that I am completely lost in them . All I know is that software somehow encrypted my files on Android phone, so now every file extension is ended with ” *” and in the header of each file I see “Type: This file was ecnrypted with McAfee Endpoint Ecryption for Files and Folders – If you see this message you must not edit or save this file, doing so will irretrievably corrupt the file… Version 3.0.0, KeyUid…, ProviderId: McAfee ePO”

The files are not accesible, I can’t open photos, play mp3s and so on, simple rename on extension doesn’t help. So my question is how to deal with that situation? Is it possible to decrypt files at home, or should I use my work PC? What are the steps to decrypt/recover them? And how to avoid such situation in future?

Thank you.

Encryption Changes In Android 70

This problem was solved with Android 7.0 , which changed the encryption process to a file-based one and introduced direct boot, allowing certain apps to operate in a limited capacity, even without signing into the device with your password or PIN. The new file-based encryption also upped the key size to AES 256-bit, greatly improving security.

With either method, encryption is one-way, which means that once youve completed the process and encrypted your device, theres no way to turn it off again without performing a complete factory reset on the encrypted device.

Furthermore, you may experience a slight hit to performance especially if your device is old as all the files on your phone must be decrypted in real time as you attempt to access them. However, for newer and more powerful devices, this should barely be noticeable, as they should be more than capable of performing the extra computations.

If your device is rooted meaning youve gained full admin access to the Android subsystems it cant be encrypted straight away. Rather, youll first have to unroot your device and then enable encryption before subsequently rooting it again.

This is incredibly important to bear in mind, as attempting to encrypt a rooted device can have catastrophic consequences for any data you havent backed up.

Is My Device Already Encrypted

Encryption has been an optional part of the Android operating system since Gingerbread 2.3. After Lollipop 5.0, some phones had the feature turned on right out of the box. After Marshmallow 6.0 was released, many devices made encryption mandatory. Despite these measures, however, only about 10% of Android devices are fully encrypted. That leaves a lot of unprotected phones out in the wild.

If your phone or tablet is new and already has Android 6.0 or better, chances are the entire disk was encrypted before you even turned it on. To verify, simply go to Settings > Security and scroll down to the section that says Encrypt phone or Encrypt tablet. If encryption was already active, the text should say Encrypted.

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How Do Spy App Works

To use spy app on android phone is very quite easy. With simple installation on the target device, you can anonymously read messages, view gallery, email, call logs, SMS.

To install spy app on the targets phone, follow this process

  • Step 1

Unlock the targets device. download Ultimate phone spy app and install this app on the targets phone

After, installation, tick all options to give you full access to the phone

  • Step three

To install the app with ease, deactivate Google play protect to allow app work effectively

  • Step four

Open the app, and tick the first three option and also register with just email to hack his phone.

  • Step five

After registration, go-to your email, username and password will be assigned to you. You can use this login details to access our private dashboard. You can see the demo to know what you will get from this app.

This is the best guide on how to hack android phone by sending link. Its comprehensive with easy techniques. When you have the phone device for few seconds, you can easily gain access to the phone. When your husband is using android phone, you can easily hack his WhatsApp.

What Happens When You Encrypt Your Phone

How TO Encrypt Or Decrypt Files On Android

In basic terms, encryption is a process that uses a key to scramble a users data, making it unreadable to anyone without the key to unscramble it again.

Obviously theres a lot more to it behind the scenes, with different forms of encryption performing the intended task in different ways. For a more in-depth look at encryption technology, in general, check out our description of encryption.

Devices running Android 6.0.1 and earlier use full-disk encryption based on dm-crypt and are protected by an AES 128-bit key. Because nothing on the disk can be read without authentication, no apps will be able to perform their tasks if your device has rebooted and you havent yet entered your password.

For the most part, this isnt a huge problem. However, in the case of an unexpected reboot, some apps, such as alarms and reminders, will not go off until users authenticate themselves.

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How To Encrypt & Decrypt Files On Android

In these times, where technology is advancing at such a pace, everyone wants their data to be safe. As we all are transferring all the workload from PCs to Smartphones, we also want our data to be safe. We set up fingerprint lock, pattern lock, password lock Pin lock, Face lock for the sake of security for our devices and data stored in it. In todays time, setting up a screen lock is not enough. We can set up App locks so that no intruder can mess up with our privacy. But what to do with the content of in memory of our device. This brings up the question of How to Encrypt & Decrypt files on Android Phone?With an Android smartphone in his hand, the user can easily secure his data by encrypting it. The user can not access the encrypted data unless he enters the lock key he set up for the data. If the user forgets the lock key, that encrypted data is useless. There is no way till day to decrypt that data without a lock key. So to help you guys protect your data we are going to list some of the easy and hustle-free methods.


A Simple Guide To Encrypt Files Programmatically In Android Devices

When it comes to storing files in android , developer should first identity the sensitivity of the file verses where to store that particular file.Android devices has two storage partitions as Internal Storage and External Storage

These names come from the early days of Android, when most devices offered built-in non-volatile memory , plus a removable storage medium such as a micro SD card . Many devices now divide the permanent storage space into separate internal and external partitions. So even without a removable storage medium, these two storage spaces always exist, and the API behavior is the same regardless of whether the external storage is removable.

Next big question is , what is the difference between these storage partitions.

Internal storage: Files saved here are accessible by only your app.neither the user nor other apps can access your files

External storage: Files saved here may be read outside of your control.

So if file datais sensitive save it in Internal Storage or else, external storage.

In rooted devices, all your internal storage can be exposed as users and other apps with root permissions can access these files directly.For the testing purposes Ive tried AES and Blowfish Algorithms, seems that Blowfish Algorithm is little faster ! checkout the following code to encrypt/decrypt files in external storage.

Happy Coding !

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Is It Safe To Encrypt My Android Device

It is generally safe to encrypt your Android devices. For the older device models, encrypting your Android can result in a drop in system performance. However, this performance drop becomes unnoticeable in the newer Android models. Also, it is worth mentioning that the encryption process is irreversible. Once performed, it can only be removed by a complete factory reset of the device.

Use Folder Protection Software

How to Encrypt Files on your SD Card using your Android Phone

Except for the manual ways to password-protect your folder, there are several third-party tools you can choose from. Speaking of easy steps and safe protection, EaseUS LockMyFile sits at the pinnacle of files or folders encryption. You can download the software for quick use. If you have installed some software simultaneously, you’d better uninstall other tools because multiple software can create conflicts.

With EaseUS LockMyFile, you can encrypt and lock pictures and other data on a local disk, USB drive, and other external storage devices. Check more features of EaseUS LockMyFile:

  • Hiding your files, folders, and drives on local disk, external disk, and shared folder. Make it invisible and unreachable.
  • Locking your important files, folders, and drives with passwords on local drives and external devices.
  • Protecting files, folders, and drives on local disk. Anyone can read the write-protected files or folders, but nobody can rename, modify and delete them.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS LockMyFile, enter the valid email, and set password to register.

Step 2. Click Protecting File under the Local Disk. Select Protect File ,Folder or drive from the right panel.

A. Add file or folder from the specific location.

B. Click on the Protect Drive to add drive you want to protect. Select drive and click OK.

Step 3. Check and confirm the files, folder, and drive that you want to protect.


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Encrypt Files And Folders Instead Of The Entire Device

Some phones dont handle full disk encryption so well. Slowdown can become a serious issue, making them virtually unusable. Fortunately there are some alternatives on Google Play that let you encrypt files and folders on an individual basis, affording you some level of privacy without sacrificing ease of use.

If youve already encrypted your Android phone, most of the programs below wont be as useful to you. However, if you use cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive, downloading the apps can provide a little extra privacy when transferring files over the internet.

1. SSE Universal Encryption App A one-stop program for all of your Android encryption needs. SSE lets you encrypt individual files and folders, securely store passwords and text, lock down photos, and perform other security conscious tasks like clearing the clipboard or generating strong passwords.

2. Encdroid A full featured file manager and encryption program that lets you protect local files as well as files transferred to and from cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Viewing and editing encrypted files is seamless, so you get the comfort of strong privacy without all the hassle.

3. Cryptomator Cryptomator offers transparent encryption for files stored on cloud sync services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. It supports Android devices with a simple downloadable app and also included software for desktop PCs. Easy, free, secure, and completely open source.

How To Decrypt Files

You do not need to decrypt your files when working with Boxcryptor.

If there is a scenario in which you want to decrypt a file, here are some possibilities:

  • If you want a file or folder to be decrypted but synced to your cloud provider, please use Boxcryptor for Windows, Boxcryptor for macOS or Boxcryptor Portable.
  • If you want to copy or move your files to another location or app in decrypted mode, the file browser allows you to view an unecrypted version and export this version to other apps.

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How To Encrypt And Decrypt Files On An Android Device

Encrypting files on your Android device allows you to keep those files from being stolen, and even if they get stolen they would be unreadable as long as they are not decrypted using a proper key. What it does is present the file as garbled information, usually to an AES 128 or AES 256 standard that essentially makes the information impossible to decipher.

Heres how to encrypt files on your Android device whether you want to encrypt everything on your phone or just specified files.

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What Is Encryption

How TO Encrypt Or Decrypt Files On Android

The idea is to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands, should someone get ahold of a mobile device. Full disk encryption encrypts all the data on your storage device.

Full disk encryption is basically encryption on a hardware level. It automatically converts data on a hard drive into something that cant be deciphered without the key. Without the right authentication key, the data is inaccessible, even if a hard drive is removed and placed in another machine.

Whats nice about FDE is its automatic, so it requires no special action from the user other than providing a key. As data is written, its automatically encrypted, and as its read, its automatically decrypted.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have encryption options that will also provide protection of storage. In this case, its not typically a disk but is still just storage thats encrypted and accessed using some key. Its usually just a matter of enabling the appropriate options and an extra step to provide a key.

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Why Use A Zip File

There are several reasons to want to use a Zip archive versus just storing the files in a folder, but what they all have in common is ease of use.

Zip files organize data into one single folder that acts just like a file, meaning that you can store hundreds of files and folders in one location without fear that you might accidentally delete some of the content. This is common for file backups.

You can also share Zip files online to send someone multiple files simultaneously. The alternative is to share several emails, one after the other, with attachments strung all over the place. This is usually hard to deal with as a recipient and definitely unprofessional.

A Zip file can be compressed too to save disk space, which is something you should think about if youre planning on encrypting a ZIP file that has lots of items in it, or one that contains sensitive files.

Tip: Encrypting ZIP files is limited to just those files. Learn how to encrypt your entire hard drive for even more protection.

What Type Of Encryption Should I Get

There are many different types of encryption software and tools. Some come with other security elements included. Many computers and software already come with options like full disk encryption. But the problem is this software is usually available on most devices, but many businesses dont realize it hasnt been implemented. Fortunately, its fairly easy to activate encryption on devices.

Check if your current software offers storage encryption. If not, there are plenty of tools that offer encryption.

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Why Would You Hack An Android Phone

Many people assume that hacker applies to certain self-taught guys or unauthorized programmers trained to alter computer systems so that it may be utilized in ways beyond the purpose of the actual creators. However, this is a limited definition of why anyone wants to hack an android phone. Some reasons are as follows:

  • As a parent, you may want to look at the activity of your child on his phone. By hacking your sons/daughters phone, you could easily look into their phone.
  • You may want to hack your spouses phone because you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. Hacking their phone would let you know the truth.
  • You may forget your phones password. By hacking your phone, you can easily get access to your password.
  • You may want to prank your husband or friends by hacking their android phones.
  • So, there are many reasons why you would want to hack an android phone, apart from just stealing passwords or looking into someones personal information.

    Creating A New Volume

    How to Encrypt & Decrpyt data on Android[2017]

    Among the two options that you get, tap on Create new container to get started creating a new container or volume.

    Create a new container

    Now, change the Container format to VeraCrypt, set a path of the container, by tapping on the Select path button, Container password, by tapping on the Change button, Container size, Encryption and Hashing algorithm, and so on. You should also enter the name of the file or the virtual volume that you are creating. Finally, tap on the tick mark. Here, vera is the name of the volume.

    Select Container format

    Now, tap on the hamburger icon again, and tap on the name of the new container created by you.

    Open Created container

    As usual, enter the password, like you did, at the time of mounting the drive, and you can add new files to the volume. Afterwards, you can mount the volume on VeraCrypt running on your computer in the usual way.

    After you have completed all your work with the VeraCrypt volume on EDS Lite, it is a safe idea to unmount all the volume. To do that, just pull down the notification dashboard and tap on Close all EDS Connections. This will immediately close all the connections, and the volumes will be unmounted.

    Close all EDS Connections

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    Best Apps To Password

    Like the above two apps, you can use other apps to password protect your important files and folders. Here we have shared the five best apps for the same purpose. Lets check out the apps.

    2. Hide Pictures & Videos Vaulty

    This app lets you hide your images and videos. This doesnt hide the folders or any other type of file extension.

    If you are worried people might snoop in your smartphone or tablet, this is the must-have app that lets you hide any images and videos and then view them from inside the app.

    3. Secure Folder

    Secure Folder is one of the best folder locker apps you can use on your Samsung Smartphone.

    The app was developed by Samsung for its smartphone, and it leverages the defense-grade Samsung Knox security platform to create a private space thats encrypted with a password. So, you can use that private space to lock files and folders.

    4. File locker

    File locker is one of the best and secure file locker app that Android users would love to have. The app provides users an easy way to create a private space on your device from where important data, including files and folders, can be stored.

    Another best thing about File locker is that it can lock photos, videos, documents, contacts, and audio recordings.

    5. Norton App Lock

    Norton App Lock is another leading app locker on the list which can lock apps with a password. Its an app locker that allows users to add passcode security to apps that dont have it.

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