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Adding An Electronic Signature The Right Way

Signing a Document on Android

When you sit down and see how easy it is to add your electronic signature to a document like this, youll discover something interesting. Its easier than doing things the old-fashioned way. Its also a lot more convenient. After all, youll easily access each contracts records once theyre signed and valid.

That isnt to say that you need a full account today, however. You can poke around and test it out for yourself. If you have an Android device, why not sign up for a free trial of Nitro? Youll discover how easy it can be to send out a contract, sign a contract, and save a contractall from the convenience of your favorite Android device. Its better than a pen. Its all the conveniences and enhancements of the 21st century, available at your fingertips.

How To Sign Pdfs And Documents On Android

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I remember those days when signing a PDF form sent over email was such a hassle. I had to take a print out then sign on it, scan and then send it again. The other way was to have your signature scanned, paste it as an image in the PDF and then reconvert it into PDF or maybe take a photo and get the job done.

All this works when you have to do this once a blue moon and for a single PDF file because theres no denying that this is a tedious and inefficient process. Plus, not everyone has a printer or scanner always at their disposal. Thankfully, you can now easily scan and sign PDF documents right from your Android smartphone in just a few simple steps. Heres how:

Use Your Android Mobile Device To Sign A Document

Theres good news. If you have a business agreement in your email inbox, all you need is an Android device to sign it. No complicated sign-ups, no extra mobile app to download, none of that. But if this is your first time, you will need to know the basic steps. Heres how to eSign documents on your Android device:

And thats it. If youre using an electronic signature on Android, you simply have to log in to your preferred emailthe same email you gave the sender of the documentand go from there. Because Nitro is web-based, youll follow the same essential steps no matter where youre logging in from.

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Android: Use Adobe Fill & Sign

Android doesnt come with a built-in app that can do this. Instead, youll need to use a third-party app. Just like on the iPhone and iPad, we like Adobe Fill & Sign, which allows you to sign an unlimited number of documents a month for free. It can also capture pictures of paper documents with your camera so you can sign them electronically.

After installing the app, you can open PDF documents in the app and tap the signature button to sign them. You can then share the signed document with another app by tapping the Share button.

Just like on iPhone and iPad, we also recommend SignNow if you want something a bit more feature-filled and are willing to pay .

Is Hellosign Hipaa Compliant


HelloSign allows customers to electronically sign documents in a manner that complies with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act standards. HelloSign also offers customers the ability to sign a Business Associate Agreement for customers who are considered ââ¬Åcovered entitiesââ¬ï¿½ under HIPAA. If your company is in need of a BAA, please contact us.

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Digital Signature After Each & Every Signer

OneSpan Sign secures each persons signature in the document using digital signature technology so that if a change is made in between signers, their signature is visibly invalidated. This deters fraud and provides a more reliable audit trail. The audit trail is directly embedded in the document, resulting in a single file thats easier to verify and manage.

Some other e-signature solutions only apply a tamper seal wrapper at the end of the signing process, enabling the documents content to be modified without detection in between signers. Whats more, their audit trail is only available as a separate file, forcing you to store two files and making it longer to verify.

Electronically Signing On Ios Devices Is Fast Flexible And Easy

Electronically signing is a legal way to collect the signatures you need on a contract. e-Signatures, like those created in our DocuSign eSignature app, are created online and applied to online documents. But what if you need to view and sign documents on your mobile device?

Mobile devices power our lives, keep us informed and facilitate remote work. Electronically signing with an iPhone or iPad is just as quick and easy as e-signing on a laptop or desktop.

DocuSign eSignature offers the same experience you know and love on iOS and Android devices, simply:

  • Sign up for a 30-day DocuSign eSignature free trial.
  • Preview the attachment in the Mail app.
  • Tap the toolbox icon, and then tap the Signature button in the Markup preview.
  • Sign the document using your finger on the touchscreen, and then tap Done.
  • Place the signature where it belongs in the document, and then tap Done again.
  • Reply to the senders email, and the sender receives your signed attachment.

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How To Sign Documents On Android With Adobe Fill And Sign

Now let’s look at the process in Fill and Sign.

1. Start by tapping the big ‘Select a form’ button in the middle of the screen. From here, select the option that will get you to the form you need. I selected from PDF file again here.

2. When you’ve got your document open, select the pen icon in the top right corner, then Create Signature to draw your name .

3. Draw your signature as needed. Tap Clear if you want to re-write your signature, or Done if you’re happy with it.

4. Once you’re happy with your signature, tap the back button and you’ll be brought back to the document. Tap the pen icon again, then your signature to insert it into the document. Drag the signature to the correct spot and then use the arrows handle to adjust the size.

5. Once your signature is properly placed and sized, you’re free to exit using the back button in the top right. Your document is now signed.

How To Sign Pdf Documents On Mac

How to Sign PDF document on iPhone or Android via WhatsApp (2020 Updated) App for Free (eSign)

If you are looking for a way to sign PDF documents on Mac, you are in luck. As Mac allows you to sign your documents very easily with its system app Preview. macOS has an integrated feature of signing documents for its users. All you need to do is follow these simple steps

Step 1: Open your PDF document in the Preview app.

Step 2: Go to the Toolbar and click on Show Markup Toolbar if it is not showing you the Signature icon.

Step 3: Add the image with the help of a camera or simply use the Trackpad to form a signature.

It takes the input and shows you the signature on the screen.

Step 4: Now drag the signature over the exact place you want it on the PDF document.

Similar to Adobe Acrobat Reader on Windows, it also gives you the option to add text and symbols, if you want you can use them.

Step 5: Here you are ready to use your signed PDF document.

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How Do I Convert My Signature To Digital Signature

Here are six steps you can take to create a scanned digital signature. Sign the document. The first step is to simply sign a piece of paper with your handwritten signature. Scan the document. Crop the image. Paste the image in a new document. Save the file as a PNG. Use the signature on contracts and documents.

How To Generate An Esignature Employing Google Chrome

Google Chrome features multiple advantages that users cant ignore, making it the top browser across the US. For instance, its the number one browser for its speed and library of extensions. With Chrome you can synchronize bookmarks, history and settings across all of your devices. To sign a document in Google Chrome, search for the signNow add-on in the Web Store and download it. sign excel online without buying software.

Close deals in Google Chrome:

  • Once you download the signNow add-on, click on the icon in the upper menu.
  • Upload a document you want to eSign.
  • Itll open in the online editor.
  • Select My Signature.
  • Generate a signature and click Done.
  • After you signature in excel online save the executed doc to your device.
  • The add-on helps streamline the signing process without the need for additional software. Its compatible with major platforms and benefits customers by providing a fast, secure and efficient eSigning experience without leaving your Google window. online signature excel advantageously.

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    How To Sign Pdf Documents From Your Android Device

    As a parent , I often receive PDF documents that require a signature. In this day and age, it’s such a pain to try to print out the document, sign it, scan it, and send it back. Wouldn’t it be much easier to just sign on the dotted line from your device and send it back, no printing required? We’ll show you how to do just that so that you can sign a PDF document from your Android phone, wherever you may be.

    How To Digitally Sign A Microsoft Word Document


    Adding a single signature using a signature line using your PIV credential or digital certificate.

  • To create a digital signature in ms word using a signature line you will need to open the Microsoft word document and place the cursor where you would like to add the signature.

  • From the menu bar, click on the Insert and look for the Signature line option on the top right corner of the page.

  • A signature setup box will appear where you will need to enter the relevant information in the text fields and click OK.

  • A Sign up box will appear on the document as soon as you double click the signature line.

  • Fill in the âX, with necessary details like your name. Below the âXâ mark you will find a âSigning asâ field where you will need to upload your signing certificate. You can âchangeâ the certificate in case you feel that is not the correct certificate.

  • Another pop up box appears where you can click to view your certificate properties.

  • a) As soon as you see the certificate details pop-up box appears, you will need to click on the details section, scroll down to Key Usage, and click on it. The lower text box should now display Digital Signature, Non-Repudiation. If it does, then this is the right certificate. Click OK.

    b) If the certificate is wrong then you will need to click on âmore choicesâ in order to see more certificates. Keep repeating these steps until you find the correct one.

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    How To Sign A Pdf Document On Android

    Unlike an iPhone or iPad, the default file manager that comes pre-installed with most Android skins doesnt offer a built-in PDF signing feature. And therefore, if you need to sign a PDF form or document on your Android phone or tablet, you need to use a third-party PDF editor.

    For the purpose of this guide, well use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which is a free appfor the most partthat lets you sign PDFs for free. So head over to the link below to download Adobe Reader on your Android from the Play Store.

    With the app installed on your phone or tablet, use the steps below to sign your PDF documents using the Acrobat Acrobat Reader:

  • Open the file manager of your choice on your Android phone or tablet and head over to the folder with the PDF file you want to sign.
  • With the PDF open, click on the pen icon at the bottom of the screen and select Fill & Sign from the menu.
  • Tap the signature icon on the bottom-right corner of the toolbar.
  • Now, depending on whether you want to create a signature or just your initials, tap on either Create Signature or Create Initials.
  • Irrespective of what option you choose, youll be taken to a new screen where youll need to draw your signature or initials. Adobe Reader will give you the following three options to do this:
  • Draw: It lets you draw out your signature/initials. You can choose from a selection of signature styles.
  • Image: It lets you upload the signature image from your device.
  • How To Electronically Sign Pdf Documents Without Printing And Scanning Them

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    Youve been emailed a document, and you have to sign it and send it back. You could print out the document, sign it, and then scan it back in and email it. But theres a better, faster way.

    Well show you how to quickly add your signature to any PDF document, saving it as a standard PDF file that can be read anywhere. You can do this on Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, Chrome OS, Linuxwhatever platform you prefer.

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    How To Sign Documents On Android

    First off, you need an app that can handle signatures. There are a lot of these around, with some of the big ones including SignNow, DocuSign and Adobe Sign. These all do the job, and their paid subscriptions allow access to extra enterprise-focussed features if you plan to use the service a lot in your line of work.

    However, for the average person who just needs the ability to scribble a signature on a PDF and little else, we recommend either Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Fill and Sign. While both apps prompt you to sign in or make an Adobe account, you can quit out of this menu and use them without an account. Handy if you need to add your signature to some documents ASAP, or don’t fancy handing over your details to Adobe.

    We’ll start with Acrobat Reader.

    How to sign documents on Android with Adobe Acrobat Reader

    1. Once you open the app and close the sign-up sheet , you’ll be on the home screen of the app. If your document doesn’t appear here, go to Items, then select the source. I downloaded my document onto my phone already for this how-to, but you can integrate various cloud storage platforms if you wish alongside your phone’s built-in storage.

    2.Select your document, which takes you to the screen on the left. It may also look like the screen on the right if the app has “Liquid Mode” reading enabled . This makes for a more immersive reading experience but doesn’t make a difference to adding a signature.

    How To Sign A Pdf On Android

    eSign Documents with Your Smartphone or Tablet

    Android users looking to manage documents from their phones have many options available to them. Installing additional software is not a problem. Every user has a Google account that allows them to add any app in seconds. When it comes to signing documents, now you can simply open the Play Market, type signNow in the search field and install it.

    After a few seconds, youll be able to instantly eSign a PDF on Android:

    • 01. Open the app, create a new account, or log in using your Facebook or Google profile.
    • 02. Click on the Plus icon to add a document. You can upload it from your camera, SD card, device, cloud storage or a single file.
    • 03. When your file has opened, tap where you need to place your eSignature. You can use either a unique signature or your initials. Select one of these methods and then draw it in the special menu.
    • 04. Once youve confirmed the placement of your eSignature, tap on the Tick icon in the top-right corner and select Save.
    • 05. Now you can download the PDF or send a copy via email.

    You only need to complete five simple steps to sign a PDF on an Android. Consider using signNow to manage your entire document workflow. You can save templates with various fillable fields and use them at any time. Moreover, if your colleagues or partners utilize this useful application, theyll also be able to send documents for signing in a few clicks.

    Get legally-binding signatures now!

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    Receiving Electronic Signature Requests On Your Iphone Or Ipad

    You dont need to use the iOS Mail app when receiving an agreement in DocuSign eSignature. If youve received a request to sign, open the attachment and follow the prompts to add your signature, then send it back. If youve received a PDF, Word document or other file type, use DocuSign eSignatures free trial to electronically sign your agreement on your iPhone or iPad, then return it to the sender.

    How To Sign Or Fill Out A Pdf Document On Android

    Traditionally, signing a PDF is an exercise in frustration. Because most desktop PDF-editing software is a digital dumpster fire, it often seems like the most straightforward solution is the manual approach print the document, sign it on paper with a pen, then scan or photograph it and attach the resulting file to an email to return it to the sender. But that’s only the easiest method if you don’t consider using your phone, because there are any number of apps that’ll do it all digitally, without any need for a printer, camera, dead tree, or pen.

    There are several apps in the Google Play Store that you can use to sign a PDF. And a number of them do it for free, so there’s no need to ever spend money on an app or a subscription. In fact, we recommend sticking with the most popular PDF viewer: Adobe Reader. Yes, you can also use Docusign or any number of similar apps, but Adobe Reader has the ability to sign, date, and fill PDF documents, and you can export signed files via email. Why use anything else?

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