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Transfer Whatsapp Photos From Android To Pc Using Gmail

How To Transfer Pictures/Videos From Android To Windows PC

Another way to Transfer WhatsApp Photos to computer is to Email the Photos to yourself and download them on your computer from your Gmail Account.

1. Open WhatsApp> open the Chat from which you want to Transfer Photos to PC.

2. Once you are in the Chat, tap on 3-dot icon located at top-right corner and select More option in the drop-down menu.

3. Next, tap on the Export Chat option.

4. On the pop-up, select Include Media option.

5. In the Sharing menu that appears, select Gmail and follow the instructions to send this WhatsApp Chat along with Photos to your Email Address.

6. After this, login to your Email Account > open the Email containing WhatsApp Images > click on the download option, as available in Gmail.

Transfer Whatsapp Photos From Android To Computer

However, if you have made changes to this default option or stopped WhatsApp from saving photos to Gallery, you may not be able to transfer All WhatsApp Photos at once from your Android Phone or Tablet to computer.

In such cases, you will only be able to transfer photos from one Chat at a time by Emailing Photos to yourself and downloading them to computer from your Email Account.

Upload Pictures Using The Share Button In Gallery

  • 1Open up your applications drawer. It’s usually on the bottom left of the screen, and the icon looks like a grid of tiles.
  • 2Navigate to “Gallery. Its icon resembles a yellow lily.Advertisement
  • 3Choose the picture you would like sent to your computer.
  • 4Tap the “< ” symbol. This is located at the center of the bar that contains the options which is located at the top of the screen.
  • 5Select a Web Service. A menu will pop up featuring all the different Web services with which you can share the picture, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • 6Upload. After selecting the service you wish to use, the correlating application will instruct you on how to proceed, as you’ll be uploading your picture through their interface.Advertisement
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    With Google Photos App

    If you have been using an Android device for quite some time, you would know what the Google Photos app is all about. For those of you who do not know, it is a service by Google that lets you upload and sync your photos using Googles cloud service.

    Note: Google Photos will no longer be for free once more than 15 gigs on the account have been used on June 1st, 2021.

    The Photos app lets you upload any photo from your device over to your Google cloud account. Your photos then continue to exist on the cloud even if you delete them from the local storage of your device. With this service, you can upload photos from your Android phone and fetch them on your iPhone.

    The following is how to transfer pictures from Android to iPhone without using a computer with Google Photos:

    Step 1. Install Google Photos App on your Android

    Launch the Play Store app on your Android device and install the Google Photos app if you do not already have it. Launch the app and sign in using your Google account.

    Step 2. Launch Settings in the Google Photos App on Your Device

    After you have signed in to your Google account, tap on three horizontal lines at the top, and select the option that says Settings. It will take you to the settings panel.

    Launch Settings in the Google Photos App on Your Device

    Step 3. Access the Backup & sync Settings in the App

    Access the Backup & sync Settings in the App

    Step 4. Turn on Back up & sync in Google Photos for Your Device

    Step 5. Wait for Android Photos to Upload

    Delete Blurry Or Unwanted Photos

    How to Sync Google Contacts With Android: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

    Take another 3 photos with your phone or tablet. Let’s choose the best one and delete the rest.

  • Open the Google Photos app .
  • At the bottom, tap . You should see the 3 photos you just took.
  • Open each photo and choose the one you like best. When you’re done, go back to the main Photos screen.
  • Touch and hold a photo that you want to move to trash. Select another photo you want to move to trash.
  • At the top right, tap Delete .
  • If you have “back up & sync” on, things you move to trash will be moved to trash anywhere else you use Google Photos, so you only have to make changes once. Learn more ways to delete photos and videos.

    Imagine you change your mind and you want one of those photos back.

  • At the bottom, tap LibraryTrash. Everything you see in your trash can be recovered, but items will be permanently deleted after 60 days in the trash.
  • Touch and hold a photo you just deleted.
  • At the bottom, tap Restore. This will put the photo back into the Photos section of the app.
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    Solution : How To Transfer Photos From Pc To Android Phone Via Usb Cable Directly

    The second way about how to transfer photos from computer to Android is using a USB cable. Yes, that’s right: An USB cable. However, this way is only suitable for those DRM free or unprotected photos stored on your Android phone.

    How to send photos from computer to phone?

    1. Connect your Android phone to computer via a USB cable.

    2. On Android phone, pull the window from top to down and click notifications, then you may enter in Use USB for window. Select Transfer files or MTP mode or PTP mode.

    3. After your computer detects Android device, go to My Computer on your computer desktop > Double click your Android device > Select photos you want to transfer from computer to Android > Copy and paste photos to Android DCIM file or any other files.

    After that, you will solved how to import photos from computer to phone.

    How To Send Pictures From Android To Iphone Devices

    So, heres our favorite methods for sending Pictures from Android to iPhone. Theyre easy, time-saving, and stress-free.

    It would come in handy for those transferring photos from Android to iPhone and/or any other iOS device.

    Method One: Google photos

    This method is the simplest method for this task, but you must have an active internet connection and ensure you have the Google Photos app installed on your Android Smartphone. Due to the size of data involved, it would be worth using Wi-Fi with VPN activated to ensure the transfers speed and security.

    First, you have to enable the backup and sync feature in the Google Photos app on your Android device activating this feature will allow the pictures on your Android device to be automatically stored on Google drive.

    Proceed to your iPhone, download, and install the Google Photos app from iTunes iOS store. Launch the app, activate the backup and sync feature. Your photos will start showing up on your iPhone within a few minutes.

    NOTE: This method requires uninterruptible active internet access as it will consume lots of data. It is advisable to consider this method only when you have access to Wi-Fi or a reliable network with a huge data allowance.

    Then add both numbers to contact and use the messaging feature to transfer your favorite photo from iPhone to android and/or from Android to iOS devices.

    Method Two: Using Photo Transfer App

    Steps to transfer photos from Android to iPhone using Photo Transfer App

    In Conclusion:

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    Understanding Google Photos Quality Options

    Google offers two distinct settings for uploading photos: Storage saver and Original quality.

    About Google Photos Storage Saver

    The Storage saver setting makes compressed copies of your files and saves them to your Google Storage account . These photos get resized to 16MP, which means that most smartphone photos wont lose resolution or quality. Videos get compressed to 1080p and retain their quality, despite the compression.

    About Google Photos Original Quality

    The Original quality setting preserves your resolutions without any compression at all. If youre a professional photographer or need images at a higher resolution than 16MP, you can set Google Photos to upload your pictures in the original quality. These uploads utilize your Google Storage space . Every Google user has 15GB of free Google storage, and monthly plans from Google One increase the storage limits from 100GB to as much as 2TB. There are other storage options, but most users arent going to need more than two terabytes of cloud capacity.

    Way : Transfer Photos From Android To Mac With Android File Transfer

    How To Transfer Pictures/Videos From Android To Windows 10 PC

    Apart from using Bluetooth connection, you can also transfer photos from Android to Mac using USB cable, with the help of a third party app called Android File Transfer.

    Heres how to transfer photos from Android to Mac using USB cable.

    • Download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac and then connect your phone to the Mac using a USB cable.
    • Enable File Transfer by tapping on the Charging notification on your phone.
    • Launch Android File Transfer.
    • Access photos on your phone by doble clicking the DCIM or Pictures folder.

    • Copy all the files you want to transfer, then paste them into any folder on your Mac.

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    How To Transfer Photos From Iphone To Android

    Similarly to transferring your entire library from an Android to an iPhone, you can transfer your whole library from iPhone to Android all without plugging into a computer thanks to Google Photos or other cloud-based . To transfer your entire photo library:

  • Open Google Photos and sign in to your Google account.
  • Tap Get Started.
  • Tap OK when asked to allow Google Photos to access your photos.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Select High quality and then tap Continue.
  • Tap No thanks to finish the setup and start uploading your pictures.
  • While your library is uploading, download Google Photos on your Android.
  • On your Android, open Google Photos.
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Choose High quality and then tap Confirm.
  • Wait for your photos and videos to download.
  • Sync Photos Through Online Storage

    You can also transfer photos from your PC to your iPhone or Android phone using an online storage site. I’ll use for this example, but any site accessible from your PC and your mobile phone should do the trick.

    Sign into your online storage service and upload the photos you currently have stored on your computer. You can also add the new photos to a specific album.

    Now open the service’s app on your phone and navigate to the album with the photos you uploaded. From Google Photos, you can tap a specific photo and download it to your phone for use as wallpaper or storing in your mobile photo library.

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    How To Get Pictures Off A Locked Android Phone Via Android Extraction

    Some people forget the passcode on the old Android phone that they are going to discard, but want to get the photos from the locked phone. In this case, do you know how to import photos when the phone is locked? Luckily, this Android Extraction software can give you a hand. It can directly recover photos from a locked Android phone.

    More amazingly, it can also recover contacts, text messages, WhatsApps, and more from a broken Android phone. However, at present, only Samsung Galaxy S6/5/4, Samsung Galaxy Note 5/4/3, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 can be compatible with it.

    Why Is Google Not Backing Up My Photos

    How to Update an Android: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

    Backup account: Make sure that the account listed is the same one youre viewing in the Google Photos app. To see which account youre viewing in the Google Photos app, open the Google Photos main menu and find your email address at the top. Upload size: Tap to change the upload size of your photos and videos.

    Upload items to Google Photos from your browser

  • On your computer, open
  • At the top right, click Upload. Computer.
  • Find and select your photos.
  • Turn on your new device.
  • Tap Start.
  • When asked, make sure you connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Choose to copy apps and data from your old device. Recommended: If you have a cable to connect your devices, follow the on-screen instructions to copy your data.
  • Check your texts, photos, and videos.
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    How To Transfer Photos From An Iphone To A Mac

    iOS devices tend to work well with each other. Here’s how to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Mac computer.

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer with the cord it came with. If you have a newer Apple computer, you might need an adapter.

  • Unlock the phone. If a prompt appears, tap Trust to confirm the device you’ve connected to is safe.

  • The Photos app should open automatically. If not, open it by clicking the icon in the Dock, Finder window, or Launchpad.

  • Under the Import to menu, choose whether to move photos to your general Photos library or a new folder in it.

  • Optionally, select the Delete items after import check box to remove the photos from your phone after transferring to Photos.

  • To import every photo on your phone that isn’t already in your Photos library, click Import All New Items.

  • To only import certain images, click them , and then click Import Selected.

  • Photos will bring in the images. You can find them later on the Imports tab under the date you imported them.

  • Once connected, open a Finder window at any time and click iPhone to access its photos and other files.

    How Do I Save My Photos When I Change My Phone

    How to move photos from your Android or IOS phone to a new device: After logging into your Google account, the app will automatically upload all your photos and videos into the cloud. This may take some time, depending on how many photos and videos you have.

    How to transfer photos and videos to your new Android phone

  • Open the Photos app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the menu in the top left corner of the screen .
  • Select Settings > Back Up Sync.
  • Make sure you toggle Backup & Sync to on
  • How to transfer photos and videos to your new Android phone

  • Open the Photos app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the menu in the top left corner of the screen .
  • Select Settings > Back Up Sync.
  • Make sure you toggle Backup & Sync to on
  • How to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone using Quick Start

  • First, turn on the new iPhone and place the old iPhone next to it.
  • An animation will appear on the new iPhones screen.
  • When you reach the Transfer Your Data screen, tap Transfer Directly from iPhone and confirm the settings and data you want to transfer.
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    How To Import Pictures From A Cell Phone To A Laptop

    By: Nathan Chandler | Updated: Mar 31, 2021

      These days, there are a lot of different ways to import pictures from a cell phone to a laptop. Some of those methods require just a few touches on a variety of smartphone apps others are a little more involved. You’ll find that the processes are a little different depending on whether you use an Android or iOS smartphone, and whether you’re using a Windows or iOS laptop.

      If you’re using a Windows PC, your phone’s USB or charging cable is one of the fastest ways to move a lot of photos quickly to your laptop, and it won’t drain your phone’s battery in the process. Here’s what to do:

    • Turn on your phone and your laptop. Unlock both devices, if they are password protected.
    • Connect the small end of the USB cable to your phone.
    • Connect the standard end of the USB cable to your laptop’s USB port Windows will automatically detect your phone.
    • For Android phones:

    • You may see an “Allow Access to Your Data” dialog box. Touch “Allow” to continue the process.
    • On your laptop, click “Import Photos and Videos,” and Windows will begin looking for new images and videos stored on your phone using the Windows Photo app.
    • After it locates new images on your phone, you can select which pictures you want to transfer to your computer you can simply “Select All” if you like.
    • For iPhones:

    • Double-click the DCIM folder on your phone and then copy and paste images from your phone to a folder on your laptop.
    • For iPhones:

      For Android phones:

      How To Recover Deleted Photos With An Android App

      How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages and Pictures from Android

      Photo recovery apps for Android dont recover deleted pictures that Android users want to get back nearly as well as Disk Drill and other photo recovery apps for Windows and Mac, but they do come in handy for more straightforward photo recovery jobs. Just like when recovering photos on a computer, your Android device should be rooted, but some Android photo recovery apps work even without root, including our pick, DiskDigger.

      Follow these steps to recover lost photos on Android:

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      Recover Deleted Photos From An Sd Card Inside Your Android Device

      Using an SD card as secondary storage gives you the ability to store far more photos than you ever could by relying on the internet memory alone. However, it also exposes you to the danger of losing thousands of photos at the same time, which is why we need to take a closer look at how to recover deleted photos from SD card on Android phones with SD card recovery software applications.

      Users who want to recover deleted photos on Android from an SD card can use whats arguably the most user-friendly and powerful photo recovery software application currently available, Disk Drill, and recover deleted photos and images even without a cloud or third-party backup.

      Follow these steps to recover photos on Android:

    • Connect the SD card to your computer and scan the card for recoverable photos by clicking the Searc for lost data button.
    • Use the preview feature and scan results filters to help you decide which photos to select.
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