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Before You Start A Mobile App Referral Program

Brian Buffini Referral Maker Mobile App – Message

If you have an existing brand app and referral program, youre in luck. The bulk of work for your referral program app is already done.

If you havent, we put together over 40 referral program resources and some top referral software to get you started.

Once you have a strong referral strategy youre happy with, the following steps are some other essentials to have in place before you start an app referral program:

Create App On The Dashboard #

To start using GetSocial, you have to create a free account and login to GetSocial Dashboard. Dashboard provides a web interface to manage all GetSocial services.

  • Open Add new app wizard.
  • Fill in App name and upload App icon image.
  • Select React Native platform and Finish the wizard.
  • Learn more about the products we build at

    How Does App Referral Work

    A referral program adds to the virality of your application. It provides an incentive for the user to share your app with their friends, who could turn into more potential users. Its almost like having each of your app users as your partners who you can reward to spread your message across to similar audiences.

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    Lowered Customer Acquisition Cost

    The customer acquisition cost can run pretty high with certain marketing strategies.

    The last thing you want to do is overrun your budget trying to get people to use your app.

    This is one of the loyalty referral programs biggest benefits.

    This strategy costs very little to implement.

    Thats one of the best parts of an in-app referral program. Its not going to cost you much money at all, which makes it one of my favorite mobile app marketing promotions.

    With pre-existing customers making referrals, youre not spending any money trying to promote your app to a new audience.

    You can simply ask your users via in-app messaging, email, or push notifications to recommend your app to their friends and offer them an incentive in exchange.

    Its very little work for them, they get a small reward that boosts the likelihood that they will take the action you request, and you gain downloads.

    However, you do need to strategize how and when to ask your users to do this for you, which we will discuss.

    Enabling The Users To Redeem The Benefits Offered As Incentives

    Implement In

    Once the system for dissemination of incentives or benefits is in place, there is a need for an easy to use system for redeeming them. This redemption should be easy and hassle free without the users having to jump through any hoops. Ideally this process should only take one or two clicks maximum for the user with least friction between them and the benefits.

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    Garnering Insights About The Most Influential Referrers

    When you have the tracking information mentioned above, you would be able to get some interesting insights about the users who are turning out to be the most influential referrers. This means you would be able to nurture these particular users and retain them for longer, while allowing you to encourage them to keep extending their influence, to your advantage in increasing the popularity of your app.

    Everything You Should Know About In App Referral Programs

    Abhinav Girdhar

    In theory, referral program is one of the easiest ways to widen your user base in a simple and efficient manner. However, like most other marketing programs, this too needs proper planning and strategization. It is in the absence of careful planning, attention to details and updating the strategy according to the apps growth that has led to many a company failing miserably at this simple marketing program.

    This concept is not entirely new. Through the ages we have looked for referrals and have valued the suggestions or recommendations that come from our friends and family and this is exactly what has inspired the concept of an in-app referral program. The concept of referrals may have given birth to these programs, but they have evolved in tune with the changing times to better suit the businesses and the end users.

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    Offer An Incentive For Referrals

    You may get the occasional user that refers your app to someone out of the kindness of their hearts. However, thats not a viable or long term strategy for scalable growth.

    You need to give people a reason to refer others. Make it worth their while. Look back at the case study that we just discussed. $20 is definitely something that people can get excited about.

    For the most part, monetary benefits are the best. You should have a section of your app thats dedicated to your referral program. Heres a great example of what this looks like from the Airbnb mobile app.

    Users shouldnt have to go through a complicated process to refer others. They should easily be able to send the link via text or email to their friends and family.

    Another way to do implement this strategy is with a referral code. You can randomize a unique set of letters and numbers for each user, and then they can share that with their friends. Or even better, they can customize their own referral code so its easy to remember.

    But again, theyre only going to do this if you offer a legitimate incentive. So for the Airbnb example above, the new user gets $40 and the current user gets $20.

    A current user could easily get $100 in credits by referring five people. That may even be worth a free night or two somewhere, depending on the location.

    Increase Your App Download Numbers Today

    How to Create Language Translator Android App? | GeeksforGeeks

    Increasing downloads is the number one goal of most app developers and why wouldnt it be? The more users you have, the higher your apps visibility. But theres an art to getting it right. Start by optimizing your app store listings with relevant keywords and localized descriptions before branching out to creating content, working with influencers, and creating referral programs.

    But, most importantly, dont forget about your existing user base. These are your biggest advocates the more you nurture them, the more likely they are to leave positive reviews and recommend your app to their friends, family, and colleagues.

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    How Did They Do It Top Case Studies & Examples

    In the panorama of the app world, the word of mouth publicity or the referral programs have proven their worth repeatedly in pushing up the number of downloads. Four of the success stories that truly stand out in their application of in-app referral program are Uber, Dropbox, Evernote, & Airbnb. Lets look a little deeper and figure out how they did it?

    How Top Apps Are Leveraging Referral Marketing To Boost Downloads

    Customer trust is a commodity thats remarkably in short supply.

    Lack of trust is one of the reasons why businesses fail to persuade customers to buy a product or service though they may have handsome rewards or gift coupons on offer. On the contrary, a good word about your brand or product from a trusted family member or friend might work like magic. It could turn a reluctant customer in favor of your product. Sometimes forever.

    The bottom line is: If you want your business to survive and thrive, get people talking about your product. More than that, get them to refer your product.

    Even in the app landscape word-of-mouth marketing or referral marketing has proven its mettle, time and time again in driving app downloads. From DropBox, Airbnb, Uber to Evernote, referral marketing has turned out to be one of the most important pillars on which edifice of their success stands.

    Nevertheless, you dont have to take my word for it. There are many app companies who are already leveraging customer referral programs as their chief growth engine to drive incredible app downloads and more.

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    The Importance Of Following Up

    In case of referral programs if you fail to follow up, you essentially leave the program incomplete and lose out on gaining the entire benefits that might have made their way to you. Ideally this should not come off as a spammy effort and only lightly nudge or subtly remind them of the offer. You can choose to send out emails or push notifications or both to the users wherever a referred user comes on board spreading positivity. A notification or an email can share the incentive history encouraging the users or share the important dates or deadlines while letting them know that you miss them.

    The Mega List Of 39 Referral Software Solutions For Launching A Customer Referral Program

    Refer And Earn

    Posted by Kevin Yun| Jan 1, 2022

    Let’s say you want to launch a customer-to-customer referral program for your business in order to get more leads or customers. If you type into Google “referral software”, you’ll get pages upon pages of results.

    There are a LOT of referral solutions out there. From Enterprise solutions to lead-building tools, the referral software that you need will be primarily based on your type of business and your specific use-case .

    This list focuses on “customer/lead/subscriber” referral software. We’ve put together a list of top referral marketing companies. Excluded are tools with a primary focus of the following: affiliate software, loyalty software, employee/professional/client referral software. Also excluded are vendors that do not provide USD payment options.

    Keep in mind, that the features for each referral software in this list are not comprehensive and the list order does not represent rank. There are no subjective opinions or reviews here — the goal is to provide you one place to view all of the different options you have for launching a referral program. The descriptions for each software have been directly taken from the software’s marketing sites, or from their vendor listings on review sites such as Capterra and G2.

    Who made this list?

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    How To Get Ios App Install Referral Link In Appstore

    I am building eCommerce platform.This includes website,android app and iOS app.

    I already implemented for Android by using Google Play Install Referrer API.For Android,when users install from a referral link,we will get referral link and other data and match that when user sign up in our app.So,we can count referral score.

    I searched for iOS solution,but i’m not getting any proper solution.

    What should i do?

    • Could anyone explain why is this answer downvoted? Is it because it’s too short and doesn’t provide clean explanation? Or is there something inherently wrong with using Universal Links to solve this problem?Jan 18, 2021 at 10:53
    • 1In the meanwhile, I’ve learned the answer to my question myself. While Universal Links can support both cases: 1. “app is installed -> go to app” and 2. “upp is uninstalled -> go to WWW”, and even in the case no. 2 the WWW page can redirect to App Store, there is no way to propagate Universal Link’s path/params in the case no. 2. So Universal Links themselves don’t solve the OP’s problem. cubuspl42Jan 18, 2021 at 11:19
    • There’s a third-party solution by Google called “Firebase Dynamic Links” which kind of supports propagating custom data in the case number 2, but it relies on clipboard . using clipboard has at least non-optimal user experience on iOS 14+.

    Collect And Share App Reviews

    Reviews improve your download rate in two ways:

    • Increasing your app store ranking: Apps with positive reviews and ratings rank higher in search results
    • Adding social proof: To encourage browsers to download your app when they see what a great experience past users have had

    Research shows that only 15% of users would consider downloading an app with a two-star rating, while 96% would consider downloading one with a four-star rating. Getting those positive reviews is crucial if you want more downloads, but dont be too pushy try asking for reviews when:

    • A customer has been using your app for a specific amount of time
    • A user completes a specific action within your app
    • A user reaches out to your customer support team

    You can implement a pop-up style request, send an email, or add a button in-app that lets users leave a review when theyre ready. Take it one step further and offer an incentive for a review, like a percentage off of their monthly payment or a free additional feature.

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    How To Implement Referral Program In Mobile Apps

    The referral program in any app is always a good option to drive good app downloads & have new users try your app. It is basically an organized process in which customers are rewarded for spreading the word. But as a developer, if you are looking for developing a referral program into your application, then you are at right place.

    Higher Return On Investment

    Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners – Your First App

    As we discussed above, since your customer acquisition cost is so low, your ROI soars.

    We briefly mentioned that you will need to offer an incentive to your existing customers in exchange for a recommendation.

    This will cost you a little, but it beats other forms of customer acquisition by a long shot.

    So, lets talk about incentives.

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    Leveraging Every Distribution Channel

    Nowadays, the marketing of any digital product or service is conducted and also promoted through the means of social media. There are various social media platforms that can act as influential distribution channels for spreading the users aware of the incentive referral program on your app.

    The above image is a graphical representation of all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. as per their effectiveness ratings over the internet.

    If you want your mobile application to attain that level of success that you have always aimed for then you also need to leverage all your distribution channels which can be effectively used to boost your app marketing game.

    Keep Your Referral Program Messaging Simple

    Like any referral program, your referral app must tell your customers what you want them to do and whats in it for them . If you can explain your referral program app in as few words as possible, customers can quickly understand and start referring right away.

    On a referral app page, its a good idea to present a clear and focus on placing social share buttons where users can easily click. A catchy phrase, like Give $20, Get $20 are commonly used and for good reason. They clearly communicate the reason to participate and promote the referral program. Plus, theyre short enough to be placed above the fold, leaving room for a separate link or CTA button that takes customers to other program details.

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    How To Power Up Your Referral Program Using Branchs Android Sdk

    A referral rewards system is a fantastic tool to grow more high-quality users! We can help you acquire more users by incentivizing your users to share your app with friends while integrating Branchs SDK. Here, I will show you how to build your referral system for your new ride-sharing app.

    Here you will learn how to:

  • Integrate Branchs Android SDK into your mobile app
  • Build referral links to share earned rewards with users
  • Reward referral rules on specific events triggered
  • Review both referred and referring users credits
  • Redeem credits in your app for users
  • Take Industrial Data Into Account

    Chipper Cash Referral Program: Earn N250 Per Every ...

    According to a recent study by app analytics firm AppsFlyer, iOS users download apps most during the weekends, while the Android users download more during weekdays. So, while shooting your referral emails via SMS or push notifications, bear this point in mind.

    Action days:

    iOS apps: Target your referrals on Thursdays and weekends. The iOS apps have 30% higher install rates on these days compared to other days of the week. However, avoid Mondays because theres 40% drop compared to the weekends. Bottom line: Spend sparingly at the starting of the week when users are less likely to download apps.

    Android apps: You are free to send out referrals all through the week as app installs are strong and consistent nevertheless, target Tuesdays without fail, as it witnesses 4% higher download volume compared to the weekly average.

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    Referrals Feature Using Firebase Android Tutorial

    Ever had a thought that making a Refer and Earn or Referral Feature in your android app without using any server or too much work. Well firebase can do that for you, Using Firebase AUTH, Firebase Database, Firebase Deep Link and other feature we will create Refer Feature in No time. Let Go Then !

    Lets talk about our app first, Here I have created a feature where user Register Himself with friends Invite Code or Refer Code, that code will get updated in Firebase Database, Both will get A point or Whatever you want him to provide, Alright lets see the code to understand better !

    Best Way To Implement Referral Technique/app Invitation In Android

    I have to implement referral concept in my app ie ,

    The campaigner/user will tell some one to install the app.and if he accepting and installing the app from play store the campaigner/user will get some rewards..

    The referral intermediary apps might be Facebook,whatsapp,sms etc.

    How i will implement this concept ? is there any sdk available which can be use in real time ?

    Any help will be appreciated…

    • I don’t think it is possible to detect source from where you landed on PlayStore inside your app. you can use referral codes though. Rahul TiwariOct 1, 2015 at 9:14
    • If you have done this before please help me with the logic…how i can get the details of campaigner in real time when a user install and register after reffering ? StellaOct 1, 2015 at 9:39
    • provide unique referral codes to your users and ask them to share these codes with people whom they want to refer. now when a person who is referred tries to register, have to enter the code provided to him/her. Rahul TiwariOct 1, 2015 at 9:43
    • The customer of my app do not really interested to bring any back-end/web services into the scene..i too imagined the logic what you mentioned.thank you.

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