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Android Development for Beginners – Full Course

Yes, we all know that Udemy is famous worldwide for its low-cost premium courses. But did you know that Udemy also has tons of free courses which you can join anytime? The advantage here is that these free courses are also reviewed by genuine users so that you can easily sort the best one. The only disadvantage you will find with the Udemy free courses compared to the paid ones is the lack of certificate and direct communication with the instructor.

Understanding The Designing Part

All the UI layouts of the application can be found under the res/layout directory. These are of the .xml extension, responsible for building the UIs for application. Android Studio provides two types of ways of designing UI for applications. One is Text, where one needs to design the UI by hardcoding and one is the Design section that provides a convenient drag and drop mechanism for building UI. Have a look at the following image which shows how the code is being written, it goes on to show the result in the right pane.

The following image shows the drag and drop environment for widgets to pick and add in the UI of the application. One can switch to the Design layout by clicking on the bottom left button, shown as the following.

Android Tutorials By Java Code Geeks

By just looking at the name do not assume that Java Code Geeks only provides Java programming tutorials. As Android application programming is done in Java, it also provides android app development tutorials for free. It helps you to learn to program an android app from the beginning and in an easy way. After going through all tutorials, you will be good at developing your own android app from scratch.

These are some of the best websites to learn android app development. Here I mentioned free websites which provide the android tutorials section-wise and with examples. Some of them provide you the video tutorials specifically for virtual learners.

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Setting Up Android Studio

For setting up the IDE, you would need to download Java to use it. Similarly, youre going to need to install the Java Development Kit as the app programming is done in Java. After doing all the things mentioned, open Android Studio. Once it opens up, youll see a menu where youll be able to start the project or configure some options.

So, there are basically three things interacting when you use Android Studio to create apps-

  • Android Studio itself, which is used for writing the codes for your app.
  • The code you write in Java,.
  • And the Android SDK which youll access through your Java code in order to do Android-type things
  • My Favorite Android Online Courses For Beginners To Learn In 2021

    Learn how to develop native Android apps with Kotlin

    In this article, I am listing down some of the best courses to learn about the Android platform and Android app development. These courses are very comprehensive yet inexpensive.

    Most of the courses you can get for less than $15 and some of them are free for 10-days, which is good enough time to learn Android, especially if you have some prior experience in Java.

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    Unit : Make Your Apps Accessible

    This unit discusses how to localize your apps to other languages and how to makeyour apps accessible to users with disabilities.

    Lesson 5: Localization

    Learn how to provide support for different languages using string resources and the Translations Editor in Android Studio. You also learn how to show dates, times, numbers, currencies, and other information in formats for the user’s chosen locale.

    Lesson 6: Accessibility

    Learn how to make your apps accessible to everyone,including people with disabilities. You explore the various accessibilityoptions available in the Android platform and learn ways to modify an appto make it more accessible.

    What Is Android App Development

    Android app development is basically the development of apps for the Android Operating System. Apps in Android are written using programming languages like Kotlin, Java, and C++.

    Some programming languages and tools allow cross-platform app support . Third-party tools, development environments, and language support have also continued to evolve and expand since the initial SDK was released in 2008. In addition, with major business entities like Walmart, Amazon, and Bank of America eyeing to engage and sell through mobiles, mobile application development is witnessing a transformation.

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    Android Software Development Kit And Android Studio

    • After you master any one of those programming languages the next tool that we require is Android SDK and the most beautiful thing about it that we can download the Android SDK free-of-charge.
    • This kit includes all the tools and resources that you need to build the apps for Android. This consists of the Integrated Development Environment which is Android Studio the official IDE for Android app development.
    • It includes all the virtual devices that you can test your code and all the components necessary to build your app.

    Which Tangible Skills Will You Learn In This Course

    How To Learn Android App Development (Works in 2021)

    Android skill is quite in demand and every day new mobile apps keep on coming. You should learn this course specifically for the following reasons. These reasons will give you skills that you would need in a career.

    • Reason #1 Open source code it makes what you want it to make.
    • Reason #2 Google Play Store It has a Huge App Market and thus high growth opportunities.
    • Reason #3 Booming Job Prospects Android developers have good demand.
    • Reason #4 Revenue Model Earning through the app is easy and great.
    • Reason #5 Penetration on Different devices high scalability and extensibility
    • Reason #6 Gradual Learning Curve There are so many things to learn and implement.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Learning Android

    Android is not one of the easiest platforms to work with. To develop mobile apps for Android, you’ll need to learn to use object-oriented programming, methods, variables, and flow control. You’ll also need to learn Java, which is not an easy programming language. You must understand XML, how Android SDK works, and project structure.

    To learn Android, you should read about Android development and take notes. Once you feel like you understand how Android works, try to create a very simple app. Then work your way toward more difficult projects.

    Yes, learning Android is worth it. You could earn $80,000-$90,000 as an Android developer if you become proficient at developing Android apps. In addition to the high salary, you may also be highly respected since not everyone can do what you do.

    Even though it can take a big time commitment learning to develop mobile apps in Android, the effort often pays off in the long run. You can apply for high-paying jobs as an Android software engineer, and you may even work from home.

    According to Indeed, Android developers are in demand. There are many positions available for both entry-level and experienced Android developers. You can even find freelance positions.

    Top software development companies such as Konstant Infosolutions, Intellectsoft, and WillowTree all hire Android developers. They create apps for big companies such as PepsiCo and Universal Pictures.

    Dev Community Is A Community Of 865621 Amazing Developers

    We’re a place where coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.

    Yes! This question might confuse every beginner whenever they are thinking of to starting a new journey here.So, if youre one of those enthusiasts here’s my article to help you getting started with android app development.

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    How To Learn Android Development As A Complete Beginner

    In Facebook groups and other communities, I see a lot of people asking how they can start learning Android development. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the correct way to start, which is no wonder given the vast amount of resources available. There are books, videos, blog posts and an endless number of documentation pages. There are free resources, paid resources and some really expensive resources. There is simple content, difficult content and outright confusing content, and it can feel really hard to estimate if youre actually making progress or if youre just wasting your time. With this post, I want to provide a guide that helps beginners with zero experience to get started with Android programming, and which I can then refer to whenever someone asks for help somewhere.

    This post will not teach you any actual programming. Instead, I will show you the resources you need to get started and explain how you can keep learning by yourself after you took your first steps.

    Lets start.

    Best Android Courses For Beginners To Learn In 2021

    Buy Learn Android Applications Development

    Hello guys, if you want to learn Android in 2021 and looking for the best Android online courses then you have come to the right place. Earlier, I have shared free Android courses for beginners, and today, I am going to share the absolutely best courses to learn Android in 2021 from Udemy, Pluralsight, and other popular online learning portals.

    Java has been very lucky that Android uses it as a programming language. This opened a big door of opportunities for Java developers in Android app development. Many people ask me why Java developers should learn Android?

    My simple answer is that good knowledge of Android OS improves your chances of getting a job and making a difference in peoples lives because Android Apps are the direct way to connect billions of people.

    Android is without a doubt THE biggest mobile platform in the world, with over 80% market share and over billions of devices running Android.

    You can also develop for Android on Windows, Mac, or Linux, which means your existing Java development experience will not go wasted.Similarly, if you are new to Java, it opens another door of opportunity because Java is the most popular programming language and a lot of companies, both big and small uses Java for server-side development.

    So, the big question is, how do you learn Android? How to develop both simple and real-world apps for the Android platform?

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    Unit : Add Geo Features To Your Apps

    This unit discusses how to extend your apps to add location functionality. Itcovers detecting and using the device location, using the Places API, andgenerating and showing maps.

    Lesson 7: Location

    Learn how to use Location Services APIs to getinformation about device location, receive periodic location updates, andturn geographic coordinates into physical addresses.

    Lesson 8: Places

    Learn how to detect the user’s current place, such as a library, school, or train station, and how to enable your apps to search for places.

    Lesson 9: Mapping

    Learn how to integrate Google Maps into your apps and use features like location markers, map styling, Street View, and location tracking.

    Ways To Learn Android Development For Free

    Android is the preferred mobility development environment worldwide and more than 66% of all smart phone developers work exclusively for Android. With such a big market share and frequent updates from Google, Android has become the most happening and lucrative mobility platform with a vibrant ecosystem.

    I personally am a big fan of Android and when I look into my own smartphone and the apps inside it. I too wish that at least I should have one app of my own in my smartphone. Learning to develop on this platform is quite fun and can definitely bring quite a bit earnings for you. Its also interesting to know that how inexpensive it is to learn android development and collect big bucks straight into your pocket in no time.

    If you are serious about learning Android programming and want to build apps or games I would recommend you try out these 20 resources which I have listed in my post. The most exciting part of it is that, you dont have to spend a single penny for learning it, just a sincere effort what it all takes. I have added all the free resources to learn Android programming which I am currently following myself and some I have searched on the web and think are the best ones to help you as a beginner in this field.

    I have categorized these resources into sections like Tutorials, eBooks, Video lectures and forums so that you can choose according to your needs.

    Free Tutorials and Blogs:

    Also check: 5 Best Tools for Developing Android and iPhone Apps

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    Learning Android Development In 2021

    I helped many Android Developers in learning Android Development and getting jobs as an Android Engineer and I will continue the same to help learners in getting started with Android Programming.

    Sharing the knowledge, sharing the love

    I keep sharing my knowledge on .

    This article is for:

    • Anyone who wants to learn Android Development but has no idea where to start.
    • Also for anyone who has already started on Android Development but wants to learn the advanced topics.

    Update: I have updated this article in 2021.

    The goal is to provide a practical guide on how to learn Android Development in 2021. If this practical guide helps you in learning Android App Development, then my mission will be accomplished.

    Beginners In Android Development Should Start With Java

    Android Full Course – Learn Android in 9 Hours | Android Development Tutorial for Beginners| Edureka

    The first and foremost thing is that Android development is not everything. As a programmer, you may be starting your career with Android development. But if you start with a well-established language like Java, you become a part of the bigger Java community and market, which directly means more job opportunities.

    The second and more important thing is that there is a huge community of Java programmers, which means you can find answers when you are stuck. This is very important because, as a beginner, you will face a lot of technical problems and you might not know where to head when you are stuck.

    When you search Google with a Java problem, you are bound to get answers. But the same cannot be said for Kotlin, which is still a new programming language.

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    Familiarize Yourself With The Files

    I remember the first time I tried Android app development. I loaded up Android Studio and was immediately baffled by what I saw. There are just so many different files, multiple types of code, folders, and more! This was worlds away from the single blank file I was used to working with in Python or even QBasic .

    This can be rather daunting, but heres what you need to know.

    The file that is open is or MainActivity.kt. This is the main logic file for the activity that is going to define how your app behaves. Look on the left, and youll see that this file is found in: MyApplication > app > src > main > java > com > companyname > myapplication.

    The folders used are important for Android app development, as they help Android Studio and Gradle to find everything and build it correctly . Suffice to say, you cant just rename these as you please!

    Youll notice that there is already some code on the main page. This is what we call boilerplate code, meaning that it is code that is almost identical across different app projects and that is needed to make basic functions work. Boilerplate code is what youll find yourself typing out over and over again! One of the benefits of Kotlin is that it requires less boilerplate, meaning that youll have less code on your screen if that is what you chose.

    What Is Android Studio

    Before starting and learning any programming language, the one thing required to learn to program is IDE . It provides a convenient way to write code. If there are any errors or bugs after compiling, they can be debugged. So, Android Studio is an official IDE for developing Android applications. It provides features that enrich productivity while writing code. It provides features like:

  • A flexible Gradle build system, easy to manage all the dependencies in a single place.
  • It allows you to run and test applications if one doesnt have an Android smartphone. Because of its feature-rich emulator, it can run one or more emulators at a time to test client-server applications. And it also allows you to run and test physical Android Smartphones.
  • It provides a unified environment so that applications can be developed for all types of Android devices.
  • Intelligent code completion feature.
  • Predefined code templates.
  • Git integration makes developers maintain repositories, and also helps to build common app features and import sample code.
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    What Will You Learn

    This learning path is a collection of online resources that cover tools and principles for designing and building Android apps. It also tackles advanced topics like material design, using sensors, maps and location services, wearables and app distribution on the Google Play store. After completing this path, the kind of apps that you can create is only limited by your imagination.

    Getting Started With Android Development Useful Resources

    Android Development with Kotlin à¶à¶à·à¶± à¶à¶¸à·

    Our journey comes to an end. We showed you a few crucial steps that will help you to learn Android app development. Now, we would like to give you a couple more valuable links:

    • every week a lot of amazing Android content articles, libraries, events. Dont miss it.
    • like on Android Weekly, every week a lot of interesting articles and more.
    • Kotlin Weekly if you want to improve your Kotlin skills, this digest can be very helpful for you.
    • Fragmented Podcast Android podcast hosted by Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal where they are talking about becoming a better Android developer with a lot of very interesting people from the Android world.
    • channel a large dose of knowledge straight from the Android Developers from Google.

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