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A Much Better Alternative To Listening To Kindle Books

How to LISTEN TO YOUR NOVEL with the Kindle App (like an Audiobook!)

What is the difference between Text to Speech and audiobooks? The difference lies in the narration. Text to Speech is a technology that speaks aloud digital text such as ebooks with computer-generated voice on a computer or mobile device. However, audiobooks are professionally narrated by authors, actors or famous public figures, which makes a more immersive and dynamic listening experience.

In a word, compared with Text to Speech, audiobooks can provide you with a much more enjoyable listening experience. Amazon Audible, with the largest library of audiobooks, is absolutely the best choice for you to get all genres of audiobooks. Epubor Audible Converter, a powerful tool to decrypt Audible books, can help you convert Audible books to MP3 so that you can enjoy Audible audibooks on multiple devices, such as on any MP3 players.

How To Switch Between Reading And Listening In Kindle Apps

Amazon’s newly updated apps for Android and iOS support instant switching between text and narration. Here’s how to make that switch.

Kindle owners have long enjoyed the option of toggling between text and audio versions of their books, a feature made possible by Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice technology.

As of today, that capability comes to Amazon’s Kindle apps for Android and iOS. The newly updated apps let you switch between reading and listening with the tap of an icon.

That’s pretty cool. You can be listening to a book in the car, then switch to the text when you get home and want to keep reading. However, the process of doing so isn’t immediately clear, so let’s take a look at how Whispersync for Voice works in Kindle apps. Note that my testing was performed on an iPhone, but the process is virtually identical in Android.

Step 1: Make sure you have not only the Kindle app installed on your mobile device, but also the Audible app. It’s the latter that will handle the heavy lifting, audio-wise. Update:According to Audible, the Kindle app has the necessary audio tech built in, and therefore the app itself is not required.

Step 3: Load the Kindle app and open “Black Beauty.” Tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the options menu, then look in the lower-left corner. You should see a headphone icon. Tap it, then tap the blue download arrow on the subsequent screen. This will start the download of the book’s audio companion file.

Are All Kindle Books Audible

Audible has a large collection of 45,000 books all professionally narrated. The Whispersync feature allowed you to switch between reading and listening, but you needed to have both the Kindle reading app and the Audible app installed. The Android and iOS apps can be downloaded from the respective stores.

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Listen To Audible Audio Books Using Your Amazon Account

This is the most intuitive method. Audible provides a huge archive of audio books which are easily accessible and well integrated into most Kindle devices. On the electronic paper devices such as the Kindle, Kindle Oasis and Kindle Touch, youll easily find the AUDIBLE tab at the top right of the STORE. From there you can browse for new releases or specific genres that take your fancy. Once youve successfully either purchased a pay or free audio book , it will appear in your library and of course the cloud for your other registered devices. From your library simply tap the title of the audiobook to download it in order to listen to it usually using Bluetooth headphones or optionally via a Kindle Audio Adapter.

  • Kindle Audible Tab
  • Kindle Audible Store
  • Kindle Audible Player

If you have one of the Kindle Fire range of tablets then youll need to follow a different path. On Kindle Fires there is an Audiobooks tab located on the top bar of the home screen. Tapping Audiobooks will reveal any of your already purchased items located in the cloud. To find a new audio book, just click STORE at the top right of the screen to then search or browse the Audible collection. Again, once youve found a pay or free audio book and its in your library, just like the e-paper Kindles, youll want to download it to your device. One downloaded, you can use the integrated speaker, headphone jack or a Bluetooth connected device to listen.

  • Fire Audible Tab
  • Fire Audible Store
  • Fire Audible player

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    Listen To Audiobook Via Immersion Reading On Kindle Fire

    Thanks for Amazons Whispersync for voice function and immersion reading feature, you are allowed to switch seamlessly between reading and listening. Before switching from Kindle books to audiobooks, you need to buy both Kindle eBooks as well as audiobooks.

    Step 1. Add narration to Kindle eBooks

    Tap the Books app to open the Kindle store on Kindle Fire and search the name of the eBook you are trying to find the audio book. Tap the eBook you purchased from the result. You will see add narration for $ in the description page, and just click it to buy the audio edition of this book.

    Step 2. Switch between reading and listening

    Tap Books app on Kindle Fire, you will see all purchased books in the Library. Click the book title to start the reading. Since youve already have purchased the audio edition, just tap the highlighted area to download the audiobook. Once it has been downloaded successfully, tap the play icon to start the listening. To return your book reading, just tap on the overflow menu and then immersion reading.

    Now you can link your Kindle eBook to your Audible audiobooks, switching back and forth between listening and reading.

    Note To use this Immersion Reading feature, you have to make sure Text to Speech is turned off. To turn off Text to Speech feature, you have to tap the View menu , then select more settings, and then turn off Text to Speech.

    To Turn On The Talkback Feature:

    • Open your devices Settings app.
    • Open the Accessibility category.
    • Change the TalkBack setting to On.
    • In the confirmation dialog box, select OK.

    Android provides a tutorial on how to utilize TalkBack with your device. If the tutorial does not automatically open upon your first time turning on TalkBack:

    • Select TalkBack in the Accessibility category, and select Settings.
    • Under Miscellaneous, select TalkBack tutorial.

    Additional general information on TalkBack is available for you.

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    How To Use The Audiobook Player In Overdrive For Android Devices And Fire Tablets

    You might like the Libby appthe easiest way to borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines from your public library. Get started with Libby on Android, iOS, or in your browser, or learn more about it.

    You can use the OverDrive app to listen to borrowed audiobooks on your Android device or Fire tablet.

    Note: If you’d rather listen to audiobooks in your mobile browser, you may be able to use OverDrive Listen instead.

    Once you’ve in the app, go to your app Bookshelf, then tap the audiobook to start listening.

    How to use the audiobook player:

    Audiobook player options include:

  • Return to Bookshelf
  • Title menu
  • Sleep timer
    • Best Audiobook Apps You Can Use On Your Android Phone Or Tablet

      How To Create App in 10 Minutes – Endless Audio Book Apps for Android, iPhone, Kindle

      Piotr KowalczykLooking for best ways to play audiobooks? Use your Android phone or tablet and one of the apps listed below.

      Audiobooks are getting more and more popular. The main reason for their success is the fact that they are more accessible than ever before.

      See also:

      16 gift ideas for the Kindle lover in your life December 13, 2021

      You dont have to buy a CD with the audiobook version of the new novel from your favorite author. You dont need to keep that old CD player just to be able to listen to audiobooks.

      Many people have recently discovered the joy of playing audiobooks on their smart speakers, such as , , or Apple HomePod.

      You dont have to buy a smart speaker, though. All you need is a free app. If you have a phone or tablet powered by Android, youll find plenty of audiobook apps. Download one, and youll be able to listen to audiobooks in a matter of minutes.

      We list the most popular and interesting Android audiobook applications in the below.

      There is one thing youll need to remember about audiobooks. They take much more space than ebooks. A single audiobook can eat the same amount of space as a movie . Its because they dont take an hour or two, but five or ten.

      If youd like to share your experience with audiobooks or would like to recommend an app that is missing, please use the comment section below. Our readers and we are also waiting for you in social media.

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      How To Listen To Audio Books On Your Kindle

      There are many reasons why you might want to listen to audio books on your Kindle rather than read the printed text its hands-free, youre practising English listening, maybe youre partially sighted or perhaps you simply just dont like reading. Whatever the reason, you need to make sure youre getting the very best out of your device, so heres how to listen to audio books on your Kindle.

    • Use VoiceView over Bluetooth to listen to audio books
    • Before choosing your prefered method for listening to audio books on your Kindle, you need to be sure that your device can play audio. The good news is that most modern Kindles do, but if youre not sure, Audible provides a comprehensive list of devices that support audio for you to check.

      Tips For Utilizing Speak Screen

      • Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen to hear the content of the screen within your Kindle app or any item you want it to read aloud .
      • Change the Highlight Content setting to On, to highlight content as it is spoken.
      • You can adjust the speaking rate from slower to faster in this section according to your reading/listening preference.
      • Select Voices within the Speak Screen settings to choose your preferred voice dictation.

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    • Use Talkback With The Kindle App On Android

      8 Best Audiobook Apps for Android Devices

      Kindle Reading app on Android supports the TalkBack accessibility feature.

      After enabling TalkBack, you can explore the Kindle Reading app with audio prompts from TalkBack. Audio support is also provided for books and other features.


    • Go to Settings on your Android device.
    • Tap Accessibility, then tap TalkBack.
    • Turn TalkBack on or off.After you turn on TalkBack, spoken feedback begins immediately.
    • Was this information helpful?

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      How Do I Listen To A Book On My Kindle App

      How do I read and listen to a book in the Kindle App?

    • Open your eBook.
    • Tap on the screen to reveal a tray at the bottom of the screen that will say Audible Narration.
    • Tap on this section to begin downloading the audio version, or if already downloaded tap the play icon to begin playing and reading the book together.
    • How To Listen To Books On The Kindle App

      1. Download the Kindle app and sign into your Amazon account.

      2. Tap on Library

      3. Find the book you want to read/listen to.

      4. Tap on it to download it to your device.

      Note that you must have an Internet connection to download the book. After the book has been downloaded you dont need an Internet connection to read or listen to it.

      If the book is Whispersync-enabled and you own the Audible audiobook, youll see a headphones icon in the bottom menu bar. Tap the top of the screen to show the menu bar. Tap the headphones icon to be taken to the audio version of the book.

      Youll see the book cover and a download arrow. Tap the arrow to download the audiobook to your Kindle app.

      => If you only own the audiobook version of the book and not the Kindle book you cant use the Kindle app, you must use the Audible app to listen to the book.

      After the download is finished, tap the headphones icon to switch to listening to the audiobook. Tap the Play arrow button to begin listening to the audio version of the book.

      If youve already started reading the Kindle ebook version of the book you may be asked if you want to skip ahead to where you left off reading in the book.

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      Listen To Audiobooks Copied From Computer On Kindle Fire

      Beyond Audible, there are also many wonderful websites where you can download free audiobooks, such as LibriVox, Storynory, Padiobooks and so on. To find more websites about downloading the free audiobooks, here are Once you have downloaded audiobooks from these sites, you can transfer them to you Kindle Fire via USB Cable.

      Connect your Kindle Fire with you computer via USB cable. Then copy the downloaded audiobooks to the documents or music folder of your Kindle Fire. Usually, the downloaded audiobooks are in MP3 form and DRM free. Since the Audiobooks app on Kindle Fire will only play audiobooks in audible format from Audible, the audiobooks downloaded from other websites are mostly in MP3 format and will not be displayed on Audiobooks app. You will find them in the “music” tab on your Kindle Fire. Just click the title of the audiobook to play it.

      Use Voiceview Over Bluetooth To Listen To Audio Books

      Downloading audiobooks and ebooks for your Kindle Fire with the Overdrive App

      On devices such as the Kindle Oasis and Kindle , VoiceView screen reader accessibility technology will read your Kindle screen content, including Kindle eBooks, via a Bluetooth audio device.

      To activate the technology, in theSettings menu, navigate to Accessibility and then turn on VoiceView Screen Reader. If you Bluetooth speakers or headphones are not already paired youll be prompted to do so. Once paired, your gestures and interactions will be spoken back to you, so just navigate back to an eBook and swipe down and right with one finger to start reading by VoiceView.

      • Turn On VoiceView
      • Confirm Paring VoiceView Bluetooth

      In addition to the VoiceView guidance above, Amazon provides some instructions here, plus you can follow this short Kindle VoiceView Demo below.

      All of these different ways showing you how to listen to audio books to your Kindle require a little thought, but once youve set up your prefered option, you will be able to enjoy to almost any audio book on your Kindle with just one or two clicks. That means that whenever you have your Kindle with you, youll have plenty of audio books available to pass the time.

      Want to know how to send to eBooks to your Kindle? for a comprehensive list of all your best options for sending eBooks to your device.

      Explore thousands of free audiobooks and ebooks at

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      Can I Make My Kindle App Read To Me

      As of today, that capability comes to Amazons Kindle apps for Android and iOS. The newly updated apps let you switch between reading and listening with the tap of an icon. Thats pretty cool. You can be listening to a book in the car, then switch to the text when you get home and want to keep reading.

      Other Kindle App Audiobook Features

      The Kindle app has other helpful features to help you listen while you read. You can adjust the speed of the narration to be slower or faster by tapping on the speedometer icon and choosing the narration speed.

      You can jump ahead or rewind 30 seconds. You can also use the Sleep Timer so you can fall asleep while listening to the book.

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      Listening To Eaudiobooks On Android And Kindle Fire

      • 1. Create a Bookmark – Tap the bookmark icon to save your place in the audiobook. Tap on the icon referenced below in #7 to view your bookmarks.
      • 2. Advance Forward – If you want to browse forward or backward, drag your finger along the slider.
      • 3. Audio Controls – Use these controls to go backward one chapter, go backward 30 seconds, play/pause, go forward 30 seconds, go forward one chapter.
      • 4. Volume – Use the slider to increase or decrease the audiobook player’s volume..
      • 5. Audio Speed – Tap the audio speed to increase or slow down the playback speed in your audiobook. Please note that this option may not be present on older versions of Android.
      • 6. Sleep Timer – Tap the sleep timer to assign a time for the audiobook to automatically stop playing. For example, you can set your audiobook to stop playing after the next chapter, or after 15 minutes.
      • 7. Access Bookmarks and Chapters – Tap the menu to bring up a list of chapters and bookmarks you have created.

      Please contact your library for additional support.

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