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Shore Up Your Internet Connection

Best Live Streaming Setup for Smartphones (iPhone & Android!)

The beauty of live streaming from a mobile device is that you have the freedom to be, well, mobile. If youre going to be streaming over your cellular network, make sure youre in a spot that has full bars of service, along with LTE.

If you want to go above and beyond with the reliability of your stream, connecting your phone to the internet will help. Wi-Fi can work, just make sure youre on a network that isnt getting a ton of use from other folks, like your roommates watching Netflix, or strangers hogging the bandwidth on a public network.

  • Keep your setup close to the router. Being in the same room as your Wi-Fi router will also ensure a strong connection, as Wi-Fi can become unreliable at longer distances or when blocked by walls.
  • Limit the number of devices using the same network while you stream. If other people in your home are using Wi-Fi for high-bandwidth activities like watching movies or playing video games, youll have a slower, more congested connection and slowing down the live stream from your phone.
  • Upgrade your speed. You can always contact your local ISP to see if they have a higher bandwidth connection in your area.

If youre live streaming from home and want to really up the ante, you can look into hardwiring your phone to the internet . To do this, youll need an adapter that connects your phone to an Ethernet cable, and then plug the cable into your router.

How To Stream Your Android Screen On A Mac Using X

X-mirage is actually an AirPlay server that is originally for iOS. But now, it allows Android phones to be mirrored as well. You can also record everything that is on the screen with just a click.

First, you need to install X-mirage on your Mac. Once you have installed it, you can easily display your Android screen on the Mac. After the previous update, Android mirroring to PC is supported, which is very beneficial for Android users.

Only the Android devices which have compatibility with the Google Cast are supported. Use the following steps to stream your Android screen on a Mac using X-mirage. These steps are simple, so it is easy to understand and follow.

Step 1:

Download and install X-mirage on your Mac using this link. Ensure that both your Android device and Mac use a similar Wi-Fi network.

Step 2:

In your Android device, from the top, swipe down to display the Quick Settings panel. Now tap the button which is labeled Screen Cast.

Step 3:

There will be a list of Chromecast devices that will be displayed on your network. After that, choose your Mac.

Step 4:

Now, your Android screen will be displayed on the Mac. Nothing left to do other than just enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies.

How To Live Stream Mobile Games Via Your Pc

Ever wanted to stream your mobile gameplay to YouTube or Twitch? OBS Studio lets you do this on your PC without any additional hardware. Here’s how.

Game streaming is now hitting its stride, with many popular streamers making a good living out of it. Even those who casually game on consoles or PC can now share their experience with free tools like OBS Studio.

But how can you stream your game if you’re playing on a smartphone? What tools can you use so that you can play on your phone and capture your screen simultaneously to share your gameplay with the world?

Here, we’ll discuss how you can stream your smartphone’s screen and sound to OBS Studio within a matter of minutes.

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Setting Up Vysor On Iphone And Ipad

If you have an iOS device, you will have to take a couple of extra steps to run Vysor. First, you have to install the TestFlight app and join the Vysor Beta program from your iPhone or iPad. If you’re running Vysor from a Windows PC, you’ll also have to install Apple Mobile Device Support drivers from GitHub.

After installing everything necessary, open the Vysor app on your iOS device, and go to the main screen. From there, tap on the Camera icon, then choose OK to allow the app access to your phone’s camera.

Connect your Apple device to your computer, tap on the Record button and choose Start Broadcast. Look at the Vysor app on your computer, and you should see your iOS device listed in it. Click on the red Play button, and a new window showing your device’s screen will appear.

You can control your iOS device if you’re using a Mac, but, unfortunately, Windows doesn’t support controlling your Apple device from your PC at the moment.

Best Tripods For Live Streaming

Broadcast Video And Watch Them From Your Android Phones ...

One of the greatest tips we can give you for leveling up the quality of your content is to get that phone out of your hand!

Even if you think you have the steadiest hands in the world, holding your phone wont compare to using a tripod when it comes to steadiness.

A desk tripod like this one is an easy way to level up your live streaming setup

Investing in a tripod is one of the easiest to make your live streaming sessions look more professional. Thats because using a tripod eliminates the likelihood of shooting shaky footage that can be distracting to your viewers.

If buying a tripod isnt in the cards for you, there are still ways to reduce shakiness. Prop the phone up against a steady surface, like a bookcase, wall whatever you have.

Arkon Tripod

Tripods come in all shapes and sizes, but in this case, a portable tripod will work best for smartphone filming. The Arkon Tripod is small, lightweight, and it even comes with a smartphone holder attached that can be adjusted to portrait or landscape.

If you already have a tripod and just need a phone mount, you can buy the Arkon mount separately and use it with your current setup. This will give you the flexibility to mount your phone in either portrait or landscape.

Takama Flip-Zip Tripod

Another great portable option is the Takama Flip-Zip Tripod. Not only is it small and easy to travel with, but it also doubles as a selfie stick and monopod.

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Above All Test Your Setup

The most important thing you can do is test your stream! Before you go live with viewers, get familiar with all your equipment and test it on your own to see how everything looks and sounds.

The first time you hit Go Live shouldnt be with an audience, says Tom Gott, who heads up Vimeos live production team. That wont be a good experience for anyone. Set up a test stream first to make sure youre comfortable with all your gear.

Looking for more live streaming tips? Our guide covers everything you need to know to produce an awesome live event. Happy mobile live streaming!

Broadcast Yourself To The World Or A Group Of Friends

  • University of Virginia

What better way to broadcast your face to the world than from your phone, from anywhere you like? You can use one of these five free video streaming apps to beam video from your camera to an online service, which others can use to watch your stream.

The great thing about these apps is that you don’t need any special camera add-ons or microphones installed to use them. They work fine with your regular phone camera and mic, which is useful considering that desktop computers and laptops that want to deliver something similar in HD have to use a dedicated webcam and external microphone.

Messaging apps that support video let people conduct live video chats but are focused more on personal communication, so they’re not the same as mobile broadcasters. These types of messaging apps include Skype, WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger. While great for video calling, they’re not designed for sending a live stream to others who want to see what you’re up to right now.

  • Select viewers from your friends or make the feed public.

  • Live video is available for personal and business pages.

  • Shows the number of viewers, names of friends, and real-time comments during a broadcast.

  • Anything can happen during a live broadcast: tech glitches, a barking dog, a stray curse word. Be prepared.

  • All viewers see negative comments that are posted.

  • Link to your favorite fundraiser.

  • Add a title to inform viewers of the video’s topic.

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Casting Android Screen To Pc With Chromecast:

For using this method, you will be required to create a personal Wi-Fi Hotspot. Here you can follow this method in the following way:

For Computer:

  • Then click on the three dots to view âMenuâ.
  • Then choose the âEnable Wireless Displayâ option.

Now you have to wait until and unless the device is found. You can check the name of your system in the âConnectâ app.

  • Then click on the device name.

With this, you will be able to cast the screen of one device to another.

Live Streaming Stats And Trends In 2022

How To Multistream from a Phone – iPhone & Android – Livestream to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook

The live streaming app industry is booming. Here are a few statistics and trends that showcase the unlimited opportunities within video streaming applications:

Businesses and organizations that want to get into the professional broadcasting space need the support of a live streaming app or platform.

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How To Stream Your Android Screen On A Mac Using Letsview

LetsView is another great tool that I would recommend to stream your Android screen on Mac. This screen mirroring tool is entirely wirelesswhich has excellent compatibility with various platforms such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS.

The interface is straightforward to use. Without the connection issue, you can easily do the mirroring and casting. Now, go through the following steps for streaming your Android screen on Mac.

Step 1:

on your Mac using this link. Using the same internet connection, connect both the Mac and Android.

Step 2:

Launch both the Mac and Android app, find the Screen Cast option and wait until the Android recognizes the Mac. After it is recognized, choose your Macs name, and the mirroring will be started.

Creating A Simple Multi

If all your congregation wishes to do is livestream the service from a single smartphone camera, all thats left to do is ensure theres a good wireless connectionfrom the wireless provider or Wi-Fi network and connect to your preferred social media site, such as Facebook , or via YouTube

However, if a congregations worship service involves different physical positions inside the building, such as a lectionary, a pulpit, a choir position and an altar, its a good idea to consider doing multi-camera live streaming of church services.

Having multiple cameras setup enables switching between available camera sources as the focal point of the worship service moves from spot to spot. The alternative is to use the single-camera setup and pan the camera on the tripod from place to place or to take a wide shot that captures everything and lock down the camera on the tripod.

Both panning and a wide shot are acceptable, but both have downsides as well. Panning from place to place can cause a bumpy ride for viewers, especially if low-cost or borrowed tripods are used. Relying on a single wide shot enables the service to unfold before the camera, but removes tighter framing from the equation without zooming, which introduces its own set of problems.

While multi-camera production is a little more involved, once everything is setup it will be easy to repeat week after week.

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Power Usage And External Batteries

Devices are getting thinner, faster and have bigger screens. While there have been advancements in built-in batteries, broadcasting can be resource intensive and still require a bit more juice to power it.

As a result, its advised to have an alternate power source available rather than just an internal battery. The ideal scenario is being plugged into an outlet. This can be restrictive or even impossible to accommodate, though, depending on setup. An alternate approach is to have an external battery pack at the ready. There are a lot of options here, such as products from Uni-Yeap or something from the Anker PowerCore line. Be sure, though, to bring the correct connection for your phone or tablet to the battery. In addition, test the battery ahead of time and make sure its charged before the event as well.

Whats The Difference Between Casting And Mirroring

Top 5 Best Live Streaming apps for Mobile 2020

Casting and mirroring content are often mistakenly thought of as the same. In reality, they are two different things.

Casting: When you cast content from your phone to your Roku TV, you are only casting the content from one app to a native Roku app. For example, if you want to watch a YouTube video on your Roku TV, you can just cast the content to the YouTube app installed on your Roku device. You can then control the playback of that content from your mobile device. You also have the option to turn off your phone, but you still can watch and control the media on your Roku TV.

Mirroring: Mirroring means you actually display the entire Android phone or tablet screen on your Roku TV. So, for example, you can play games on your Android device, while your friends watch the gameplay on your Roku television. You can also show other streaming apps that are not native to Roku on that TV. However, once you shut off or disconnect your Android device from your Roku, the screen will go back to the regular Roku home screen.

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Watch Live Football On Your Android Phone With These Free Apks

18th October 2019

    If you are a football fan but often you are on the go, here you have the best free apps to install on your Android phone so you can watch Live Football everywhere.

    When football season arrives, you want high-quality, uninterrupted action. Its challenging to keep up with every second of the game and enjoy rooting for your favorite team if the service glitches and you miss most of the game. In past years, people got their sports fix by streaming live sports content. Live content streaming became an explosive trend with billions of people participating. Due to this overhaul of content streaming, fewer people are watching sports using paid programming, which means broadcasting networks are losing money.

    Setting Up Obs Studio For Streaming

    Once your phone’s audio and screen stream to your computer, it’s time to set up your streaming software. To do so, you’ll first need to download and install OBS Studio on your computer. Then, follow these simple instructions:

  • Launch OBS and click on the + sign under .Then, choose Window Capture.
  • A new Create/Select Source window will show up on your screen. Click on OK to proceed.
  • A new Properties for ‘Window Capture’ window will appear. Use thedropdown menu to set Window to : *your device’s model number* and choose OK.
  • You will now see your device’s screen being streamed on OBS Studio. If you’re subscribed to Visor Pro, you can even click on the Full-Screen icon to remove the unsightly borders of the screen.

    You can also install the camera plugin from the Vysor app on your PC. This would allow you to add Vysor as a Video Capture Device for OBS Studio, thus allowing you to stream your screen directly to the app. However, it often runs into issues, like being unable to detect your phone. If that happens, the Window Capture method is a more stable option.

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    How To Live Stream On Mobile Devices

    Chances are, you already have a live streaming platform on your phone. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all offer live streaming features directly in their mobile apps. Others, like the Vimeo mobile app, may be new to you, but offer more customization options to give your live stream a boost.

    For instance, many people choose to live stream to social media because it gives access to an existing audience. That said, live streaming through native apps is limiting, because you can only stream to that social network. What do you do when you have an audience on Facebook and YouTube, for instance? Holding two phones and alternating eye contact between the two is not the way to go about it.

    Fortunately, Vimeos live streaming app for iOS and Android allows you to simulcast your live stream to multiple social media destinations with just a few taps, and is available for Premium and Enterprise subscribers. With a little planning, you can even embed your mobile stream anywhere on the web in addition to your social networks of choice.

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