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How To View Icloud Photos On Android Device Via Icloudcom

how to log into your icloud account on android

What to do if you don’t have a computer besides you but you want to access iCloud photos on an Android phone? Luckily, you can take advantage of iCloud’s official website to access iCloud photos on Android.

However, actually, it is not suggested to do so. Because loading and previewing iCloud photos on Android phone with a small screen will take a long time and also consumes a lot of cellular data. Also, it is not easy and user-friendly to view iCloud photos on Android phones, and adding to many photos to Android phones will take up a lot of space on Android and slow down your device as well.

Anyway, it is an optional way for you. If needed, you can check the instructions to view iCloud images on Android phone or tablet by visiting iCloud’s website. Let’s get started.

Here’s how:

Step 1. Unlock your Android phone and open any web browser to visit .

Step 2. On the browser page, please tap the Settings button at the top-right corner. From the pop-up window, please choose “Require Desktop Site” option to change it to desktop version. By default, the browser on Android device displays the mobile version of the site. If in this way, you won’t be able to easily view iCloud photos on mobile version.

Step 3. Once you have loaded the desktop version of the site, please enter your Apple ID and password to log in to your iCloud account on your Android phone.

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Connecting To Apple Icloud On Android Is Simple

Syncing iCloud and your Android device can take some time to get set up. But it’s well worth the effort if you have email, contacts, calendars, and other data that you want to sync across your various devices.

These aren’t your only options for accessing iCloud on non-Apple devices.

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How Can I Unlock My Apple Id Without Email Or Security Questions

If you forgot the answers to your Apple ID security questions Go to Enter your Apple ID, then select Continue. Choose the option to reset your security questions, then select Continue. Enter your Apple ID password, then select Continue. Follow the onscreen steps to verify your identity.

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How Do I Access My Cloud

My Cloud Mobile App for iOS

  • Open the App Store.
  • Type My Cloud and search.
  • Select My Cloud. Click the Download icon.
  • Wait for the app download to complete.
  • Read the End User License Agreement.
  • Swipe Right into the My Cloud Setup screen.
  • Tap Connect to local device or login using your Account.

How To Access Icloud Email On Android

How to view photos backed up on iCloud using iPhone ...

If you are using an Apple ID, then you must be familiar with the iCloud email. A lot of iPhone users choose it as their default email service as well. Though, after switching to an Android, you might find it hard to access your iCloud email. The good news is that you can set up your iCloud mail on an Android manually. Once you have linked your iCloud account, you can access iCloud emails pretty easily. To learn how to access iCloud on Android, follow these steps:

  • Firstly, go to your device Settings > User and Accounts and choose to add an account.
  • From all the provided options, choose to add an IMAP account manually.
  • Enter your iCloud email id and tap on the âManual Setupâ option.
  • Besides entering the iCloud email id and password, you need to provide certain information as well. For instance, the service would be â,â the port number â993â, and the security type would be SSL/TSL.
  • A lot of people prefer to set up the email via the SMTP protocol instead of IMAP. If you have selected the SMTP option while adding the new account, you would have to change the details. The server would be ââ while the port would be â587â.
  • Once you have added your account, you can go to your emails and access your iCloud account.
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    Log In To Icloud And Sync From The Browser

    If you want log in to iCloud of Android, the only mode available is via the mobile browser. To do this, just follow this procedure:

  • Log in to iCloud on the mobile browser of your choice via this Connection.
  • Enter your personal details to log in, such as Apple ID and password.
  • Enter the 6-digit verification code that you will receive on your iPhone device.
  • After entering it, you will be able to access iCloud storage cloud.
  • How To Export Your Icloud Contacts To An Android Phone

    If you are switching from iPhone to Android, you will need to take the contacts you had stored in your iPhone over to your Android device. But accessing from the mobile browser will be of no help, unfortunately. There are a few apps on the Google Playstore that will let you accomplish this task, but its much more reliable to take the long route here and use a computer.

  • Open in a browser tab on your PC or Mac.
  • Select Contacts.
  • Select the contacts you want to copy by holding the Shift key and highlighting them.
  • Click on the Gear icon at the bottom left corner and select Export vCard and it’ll be saved to your computer. Image Gallery ExpandClose
  • Transfer this file to your Android device, either with a USB cable, via Bluetooth, or using a cloud storage service such as Google Drive.
  • Open the Contacts app on your Android device.
  • Go to the app’s Settings and select Import.
  • Choose to import contacts from .vcf file. Image Gallery
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    How To Add Your Icloud Email Address To Your Android Phone

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the notification shade.
  • Tap the settings button .
  • Tap Accounts.
  • Tap Add account at the bottom of the page.

  • Tap Personal . It should have the Gmail logo beside it.
  • Enter your iCloud email address.
  • Tap Next.
  • Enter the app-specific password that you generated in your web browser.
  • Tap Next.

  • Your iCloud email account will now appear in your list of accounts, and you’ll be able to access your iCloud inbox in the Gmail app.

    With that all done, you’ve now added your iCloud account to your Android phone! That means you can now be rocking the best Android phone while still accessing your iCloud emails, truly merging the Google and Apple worlds together.

    How To Login To Icloud On Android Using Icloud Email

    How to Access Apple iCloud from Android

    The iCloud login how to on an Android device is as follows

    1. Launch your Android phone settings either from apps menu or by swiping down to reveal your device notification and click on settings gear icon the top right of your device screen.

    2. Click on the account. The location of account varies from phone to phone. In case of my own Android phone account is found under personal option.

    3. Click on Add account on the screen that populates

    4. There are two options you can tap to add your iCloud email. But in most cases, its only one option that normally available on most high-end Android phone.

    If the Email option is available, kindly tap it else click on Personal which is above Gmail personal IMAP. However, tapping Gmail option with loading your iCloud account automatically and configure your iCloud on your Android phone correctly.

    And that is for the case of those that use their phone associated Gmail account as iCloud email.

    5. When you choose email option you will be asked to enter your iCloud email account. Just add enter it and click on next button to proceed. Or click on manual settings

    6. Enter your iCloud password on the next page and click on next after which your server settings will be validated.

    Note: If you have forgotten your iCloud login password you can reset it here

    7. Now, validation will bounce back and you will be prompt to edit your iCloud details. Then enter the following accordingly into the settings and click on next.

    • Incoming mail server:

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    How To Set Up Icloud Email Access On Android

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    If you switch from iPhone to Android, you dont have to ditch iCloud services, like iCloud Mail. While Apple doesnt make it easy to set up, it is possible to sign in and use your iCloud email address on Android.

    While we recommend Gmail, you should be able to add your iCloud email address in most email apps.

    How To Get At Everything Else

    Log into iCloud in a mobile browser on an Android phone, and youll see Notes is one of the available options. You can create new notes and new folders for them, as well as view anything created on your iPhone.

    You can use iCloud Drive, too, but to do so, youll need to switch to the desktop site in your mobile browser. The interface isnt particularly easy to navigate because its not optimized for mobile, but you can still browse and even upload files from your Android device.

    The Reminders app is also available on the desktop version of the iCloud portal. You can keep tabs on everything youre supposed to be doing, check off completed tasks, and create new reminders as well. Any edits you make here will be synced back across devices.

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    How To Access Icloud On Your Android Phone: 5 Different Ways

    Need to log into iCloud Mail, Calendar, or Contacts on Android? Here’s how to sync your iCloud account to an Android phone.

    iCloud is a great way to keep your email, contacts, calendar, tasks, and photos synced across your Apple devices. But what if you decide to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone?

    Apple doesn’t always play nice with other ecosystems, but you can access iCloud from your Android with the right apps.

    How To Create An App

    How To Transfer Contacts From iCloud To Android In 2021 ...
  • Launch your web browser on your computer.
  • Go to and sign in using your Apple ID.
  • Click Generate Password… under the Security section.
  • Type a name for the password. I used “Android Email.”
  • Click Create.
  • Take note of the password that has been generated. You’ll need it to set up your iCloud email on your Android phone.

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    How To Log Into Icloud From Different Devices

    Following something of a bumpy initial launch, iCloud has proven itself to be a formidable entry in the cloud space. From backing up contacts to to file storage, its a catch-all for Apple device users. Before you start using iCloud for your cloud needs, its important to log in on each of your devices. See below for all of the steps to log into iCloud on various devices.

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    Sign In On Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap Sign in to your .
  • Enter your Apple ID and password.
  • If prompted, enter the six-digit verification code sent to your trusted device or phone number and complete sign in.
  • If you’re already signed in to iCloud on the iPhone paired with your Apple Watch, you will automatically be signed in to that Apple ID. Learn more about how to set up and sign in to your Apple Watch.

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    How To Add Icloud Shortcuts To Your Android Home Screen

    If you want something that gets closer to a native experience, its effortless to create browser shortcuts to iCloud web apps and access them from your home screen. Just follow the steps below!

  • Open the Chrome browser on your Android device.
  • Sign into your Apple account.
  • Open one of the available web apps.
  • Tap on the 3-dot menu button on the top-right.
  • Select Add to Home screen.
  • Type in a shortcut title and hit Add.
  • Select Add automatically.
  • Note: These instructions were put together using a Pixel 4a running Android 11. Keep in mind steps might be slightly different on other hardware and software.

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    Using Find Iphone On Android

    Access Icloud on android devices

    The last service you can easily access on Android using the iCloud website is the Find iPhone service. Tap the Find iPhone icon on the main iCloud dashboard to begin.

    You might need to re-enter your Apple account password and provide a six-digit authentication code at this stage.

    Once confirmed, a list of Apple devices attached to your account will be displayed. Tap any of the devices listed to see where they were last seen and if theyre currently active.

    Press the Play Sound button to locate the device or Erase iPhone,Erase iPad, or Erase Mac to remotely wipe the device. You can also use the Lost Mode feature to display a message on your Apple devices screen if youve lost the device.

    Press the Lost Mode button to do this.

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    How To Set Up An Icloud Email Account On Android

    If you’re switching from iPhone to Android, there’s a good chance you have an iCloud email account and will want to bring it over to your new Android device. Android requires you to have a Google account , but it is possible to also bring over your iCloud address. Ready to learn how to set up your iCloud email on Android? Let’s get to it!

    Why Am I Not Receiving Verification Codes On My Phone

    If you are unable to receive SMS verification codes, try these steps: Check that your SMS mailbox has sufficient space to receive new messages. Ensure that you dont have any SMS filtering services which may be blocking any incoming messages. Check that SMS messaging has not been disabled on your cell phone.

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    Wrapping Up: How To Transfer Icloud To Android

    If youre like me, you can get a bit excited about getting a new phone or device, whether its an iPhone 12 or a Samsung Galaxy S9. However, that excitement can sometimes be dampened when you realize you might lose your data when switching from iOS to Android.

    You can do it using AnyDroid app or if you have a Samsung phone, you can use the Smart Switch feature or do it manually.

    If youre only looking for a way to transfer WhatsApp from iCloud to Android, Ive got you covered in this article here. Also, heres how you can transfer in case thats what you need. And heres how to only transfer contacts from iCloud to Android.

    I wrote this guide because I wanted to help other people save their data as they make the switch from iOS to Android. I hope you enjoyed this article. Share it with someone you know who is making the switch and be sure to comment with your thoughts below!

    How To Access Icloud Photos Contacts Calendar Emails On Android

    iCloud Login on all iPhone and iPad Browsers

    iCloud is the cloud storage service provided by Apple to its iPhone users. It secures all your iPhone videos, documents, and photos that you can access from any of the devices. However, iCloud only works for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices, so Android users are not able to access or view the files stored in iCloud directly. If you are planning to switch from iPhone to Android phone then you might think of giving up on this exceptional cloud computing service. However, there is no need to do that as you can access iCloud on Android phone now with the help of some Android applications. Also, there are individual apps for individual tasks like iCloud photo viewing, accessing iCloud email on Android, etc.

    Now, let us see how to use these apps individually to access iCloud from your Android device.

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    How To Use Email Contacts And Calendars

    Accessing your Apple email is simple from any device, as its set up to work with whatever email app you prefer. All youll need to do is plug in these server details, your email address, and password into your email app of choice on an Android device.

    If Gmail is the Android email app for you, for example, tap your avatar , then Add another account, and Other. Youll be prompted for the details mentioned before, as well as your login credentials. Note that Apple doesnt make an official email app for Android, so youll have to use something else.

    There are no official Apple apps for contacts and calendars on Android either. To get this data, youll need to fire up whatever browser youre using on Android and log into iCloud. The Contacts and Calendar icons wont appear by default, so youll need to request the desktop version of the site. On Chrome for Android, you can do this by tapping the three dots and choosing Desktop site.

    You can export contacts and calendar data from iCloud and have it ready to import into an Android app, like Google Contacts or Google Calendar. But you should know this is a one-way processany edits you make on Android wont sync back to iCloud.

    For calendars, choose Calendar and then click the next to any calendar. This will let you generate a link to give other calendar apps access to the data. For this to work, youll have to set the calendar as public, but dont worryitll be extremely hard for anyone to find it without the specific URL.

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