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Mapping Your Flow And Prototyping

Creating Your First Simple Android App

Now that you know what youre building, who youre building for, and what features youre including, its time to map your flow and build your prototypes.

When we say map your flow, we are referring to the flow of actions taken by your users. For example, the flow for a shopping app might be:

  • The user opens up the app
  • The user browses the product catalog
  • The user opens up a product page to learn more about the product
  • The user may opt to add a product to their shopping cart
  • The user may view their shopping cart and its contents
  • The user may purchase their goods by initiating the checkout process
  • The user provides their billing information to the payment processor.
  • When building a prototype, you can take the simple, low-tech route with pen and paper. Alternatively, there are many prototyping tools, such as Balsamiq, Invision, and, that can help you create digital mock-ups. There are pros and cons to all of these options, but whats important is selecting a tool that works for you .

    Do You Need To Learn To Code

    First, you need to learn to code if you want to create an app from scratch. If you dont want to learn to code, you can use an app builder to create one based on a template.

    In the first section of this article, well focus on how you can learn the basics required to code your first app.

    At the end, well show you how you can create an Android app using AppInstitutes drag and drop platform.

    With our app builder, you can create an app in just a few hours. Its the perfect choice for people who dont have the time to learn a programming language needed to code.

    Put Together An App Marketing Plan

    There are almost 2 million apps in the iOS App Store. In order to make sure that your app gets seen, you need to have a plan to market it to the right audience.

    These days, a lot of the marketing work happens before the app is launched! For example, building a pre-launch email list is standard practice these days as well as leveraging paid marketing to promote your app.

    Here are a list of app marketing strategies you can follow pre-launch and post-launch to make sure that you put your best foot forward!

    Things you can do before your app is published:

  • Build a landing page for your app and build a pre-launch email list: Its important that you have a landing page for your app at the very least so that people have somewhere to visit to learn more about your app. Make sure you add a call to action for people to sign up to a pre-launch email list to get notified when the app launches. To start collecting emails for free, sign up for an email service with a generous free-tier like Mailchimp. In terms of building a landing page, you dont need to know how to code. There are tons of drag-and-drop landing page builders such as Leadpages or Unbounce. In fact, Mailchimp also has one for free.
  • Make sure youre familiar with App Store Optimization : If youre unfamiliar with this term, it refers to optimizing your keywords, titles and description of your App Store listing. I get all my ASO education from Steve Young.
  • Things you do after your app has launched:

    STEP 7

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    Task: Make Your App Interactive

    You have added buttons to your app’s main screen, but currently the buttons do nothing. In this task, you will make your buttons respond when the user presses them.

    First you will make the Toast button show a pop-up message called a toast. Next you will make the Count button update the number that is displayed in the TextView.

    Android Or Ios Platform You Should Choose Both

    How to Build an App Without Programming Skills Part 1

    Ok, youve decided to create an app. Your next decision is choosing what operating system youre going to launch on. Do operating systems even matter?

    If you want to cover more than 99% of the market, choose an app that can be used on both Android and iOS platforms, and its the smartest way to roll. We recommend Shoutems app builder because it lets you make an app that will be compatible with iOS and Android platforms all the time, simultaneously, without a single line of code.

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    Use The Shared Module From Swift

  • In Xcode, open the ContentView.swift file and import the shared module.

    import shared

  • To check that it is properly connected, use the greeting function from the shared module of your cross-platform app:

    import SwiftUIimport sharedstruct ContentView: View }

  • In ContentView.swift, write code for using data from the shared module and rendering the application UI:

    import SwiftUIimport sharedstruct ContentView: View ) ValidatedTextField Button .disabled) } .padding }}struct ValidatedTextField: View else } var body: some View if let errorMessage = errorMessage .padding } } }}struct FieldTextErrorHint: View ) .alert }}extension ContentView } } class ViewModel: ObservableObject func login else } func loginDataChanged }}

  • In simpleLoginIOSApp.swift, import the shared module and specify the arguments for the ContentView function:

    import SwiftUIimport shared@mainstruct SimpleLoginIOSApp: App }}

  • How Do You Make Money With An App

    There are lots of different ways to make money with an app.

    For starters, you can use a mobile app to generate more revenue for your business. Mobile commerce sales, customer loyalty programs, and referral programs are all excellent ways to make money.

    You can also make money by charging app users a one-time fee to download your app. App purchases for things like coins or content upgrades are both common ways to profit from your app. Alternatively, charging app users for a subscription on a monthly or annual basis is a great way to generate recurring revenue.

    Another way to monetize your app is by selling advertising space. Its the same concept of running ads on your website.

    In some cases, certain types of apps dont necessarily make money, but they help save you money. Internal business apps are a perfect example of this. Creating an app for remote employees, field service workers, human resources, or internal employee communication can save your company tens of thousands of dollars per year in productivity costs.

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    For The Ios Dev Account

    Please note that this will work only with business-based accounts.

  • Log in to App Store Connect with your credentials at
  • Fill in the user details as follows:
    • First name: Viktor

    It should look like this:

  • Click Invite.
  • Once we accept the invitation, your app will be submitted to the Apple App Store.

    Off the topic, but fun fact Apple App Store was always a little bit stricter when it comes to the regulations and publishing your apps, but lately, you can publish a Cannabis App without any special demands. There are some rules, of course, but how cool is that?

    Generate A New Angular Application

    How to Make an Android App for Beginners

    For the sake of simplicity, we will just convert the generated angular project from the CLI.

    ng new angular-mobile-app

    The above CLI command will create and initialize a new Angular application out of the box.

    When the generation finishes, navigate to the project directory and type the following command to start the dev server:

    cd angular-mobile-appng serve

    Now, go to your browser and type , you should be seeing the page below if everything went well.

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    Apps Provide Multiple Entry Points

    Android apps are built as a combination of components that can be invoked individually. For example, an activity is a type of app component that provides a user interface .

    The “main” activity starts when the user taps your app’s icon. You can also direct the user to an activity from elsewhere, such as from a notification or even from a different app.

    Other components, such as WorkManager, allow your app to perform background tasks without a UI.

    After you build your first app, you can learn more about the other app components atApplication fundamentals.

    How To Create An App For Android & Iphone: Step

    How to make an app? To create an app, click on the Create Your App button in the menu and select Shoutem app builder.

    Once the template is chosen, you must register or log in. If you dont have an existing account already, you need to create one a verification email is sent upon registration and once the verification is completed, you can proceed to create an app, like in the video below:

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    How To Make An App Create App Faq

    BuildFire has been used to create more than 10,000+ apps. Over the years, weve fielded countless questions from beginners and experienced app builders alike. Whether you want to make an iOS app for the Apple App Store, an Android app for the Google Play app store, or both, here are the answers to your questions:

    What Is The Best Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment Tool

    Build A Mobile App With No Programming Knowledge With Codeless Apps

    DevOps is a very specific collaboration between developers and operations teams. In essence, it indicates that youâve culturally adopted development practices into your infrastructure, and operational practices into your development cycle. What does this look like in practice? It can mean maintaining infrastructure as code, or creating immutable infrastructure by building reusable components so you can tear down or up whenever you want, giving you version control and a history of changes youâve made. It also means getting all product contributors to care more about the end result of what theyâre working onâhow does it function in the world? How are users interacting with it? Getting people to truly care about quality means caring about both business value and usability. Thatâs the result of true DevOps adoption.

    This kind of widespread buy-in is particularly difficult for software teams to achieve because it requires a lot of cooperation from people with different skills and domain expertise. Pulling this off requires both cross-functional team structure and thoughtful communication. For example, if an engineer needs to talk to someone on the business side about a database problem, they need to not just show the data theyâre working from, but give necessary context and focus that personâs attention on what they should care about and why.

    Update: How CircleCI processes over 30 million builds per month By Rob Zuber

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    Tips For Mobile App Development

    Weve covered a lot of material above, but there is still more for you to consider as you develop your mobile app. Here are five things to keep in mind to make it more likely your app will succeed.

  • Test, test, test. When it comes to software development, testing seems to get pushed aside with ease. However, the earlier you find a bug, the cheaper it will be to fix . Mobile apps are expensive enough as is, and testing is a good way to keep costs low.
  • Plan for the offline experience. You might take the user having access to the internet as a given, but what happens if thats not the case? There are plenty of apps known for their usability even without connectivity, and if you can build this kind of support into your app, your users will be less frustrated in the event of technical issues.
  • Use the features available to you. Modern day smartphones and tablets come with things like a camera, GPS, accelerometers, and Bluetooth support. Consider taking advantage of these features to improve your app and make it easier to use.
  • Keep it simple. Applications for desktops and laptops have gotten extremely fancy as these products grow in power, but mobile devices tend not to have the same resource allocations. Furthermore, mobile devices run on slower networks. Simple screens, intuitive UI, and grid-like formats that prioritize scrolling over tapping are what you should be aiming to implement.
  • Siberian Cms Open Source App Building

    Another app maker made in France, Siberian has two unique features: they give you the full source code of the app, but you must install their platform on your own domain. Its a small price to pay because you can create an app completely free! Of course, if you are not that tech-savvy you can also ask them to install the platform for you .

    They also sell you loads of useful extra modules such as the Whatsapp-like chat function, an appointment add-on, their Uber-like taxi service and a classifieds feature that works similar to Craigslist.

    Most of the fees are one-offs, which still makes them very cheap compared to monthly subscription plans. There is also a Multi App Edition that lets you create unlimited apps for 399 and resellers can pay 799 for a white label offer.

    The designs arent the most exciting to begin with, but you get tons of customization options and layouts. And the features are really impressive, including unlimited push notifications, m-commerce and more. This all comes at the price of technical effort, but if you understand basic web hosting, youll have no problem getting started with Siberian.

    What we liked: you can go rather far with their free version and create a very professional app. Also, their add-ons are great and offer some features that cant be found elsewhere, like the Pay in App module that provides paid access to certain sections of your app.

    What they should improve: the editor is a bit clunky at times.

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    Explore Width And Height Properties

    Now that you have a new screen background color, you will use it to explore the effects of changing the width and height properties of views.

  • In fragment_first.xml, in the Component Tree, select the ConstraintLayout.
  • In the Attributes panel, find and expand the Layout section.
  • The layout_width and layout_height properties are both set to match_parent. The ConstraintLayout is the root view of this Fragment, so the “parent” layout size is effectively the size of your screen.

    Tip: All views must have layout_width and layout_height properties.

  • Notice that the entire background of the screen uses the screenBackground color.
  • Select textview_first. Currently the layout width and height are wrap_content, which tells the view to be just big enough to enclose its content
  • Change both the layout width and layout height to match_constraint, which tells the view to be as big as whatever it’s constrained to.
  • The width and height show 0dp, and the text moves to the upper left, while the TextView expands to match the ConstraintLayout except for the button. The button and the text view are at the same level in the view hierarchy inside the constraint layout, so they share space.

  • Explore what happens if the width is match_constraint and the height is wrap_content and vice versa. You can also change the width and height of the button_first.
  • Set both the width and height of the TextView and the Button back to wrap_content.
  • Expert Instruction Helps You Learn To Build Mobile Apps

    Create an App for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows – in 30 MINUTES!

    Alpha Anywhere Community Edition‘s educational resources help all types of users. Professional developers will learn advanced skills, and first-time developers will learn to build apps without coding:

    • A 1-hour video to learn step-by-step how to build your first app.
    • A training library of over 1,000 “how-to” videos teaches advanced development techniques.

    Prefer to get more personalized assistance? Our community of experienced developers can offer help as you build mobile apps with Alpha Anywhere Community Edition.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Android Apps

    A dedicated Android app can benefit in numerous ways as follows:

    For Businesses

    • Increased productivity

      Help employees be more productive by providing them with the information they need at their fingertips.

    • Improved customer service

      Gives customers access to important company information and allows them to contact you directly from within the Android app itself.

    • Enhanced revenues

      Leads to increased sales or leads for your business, which is always good news!

    • Increased brand awareness

      Easier to promote and market the company as well as reach out to customers and potential clients.

    • Efficient data collection

      Collects data more efficiently by allowing employees access information at all times without having to go back and forth between different programs.

    For Personal Use

    • Easy to download and install

      Easily download and install Android apps on your smartphone or tablet by visiting Google Play Store.

    • Customizable

      Customize your phone with Android apps like changing themes, wallpapers etc., according to your choice or taste.

    • Free support

    Follow the steps below to easily download Android APK file and install your android app on your Android device:

  • Login to your Appy Pie account
  • Go to My Apps area and click on Test app on device
  • Scan the QR code, or send app installation link via email or SMS to your Android device
  • A popup will appear redirecting you to your default browsers page
  • Once the Android APK file is downloaded, tap open it
  • Your Android app will start installing
  • Appmachine The High Potential

    This name seems to have a deeper meaning. AppMachine automates as many tedious processes as possible. Just give them your websites URL and they will import everything they deem useful for your app. Twitter, Facebook, RSS and even images can be imported if you wish. Quite unique and pretty useful!

    The editor of this Dutch company is visually quite impressive but at the same time not overwhelming. We like their idea of using Lego building blocks. Its one of the best app creators weve seen and although not all of the user interface was intuitive right from the start, we think that they have the potential to be one of the top players in this space.

    Currently they offer two plans: Plus for $49 and Pro for $69 per month.

    AppMachine Dashboard

    What we liked: powerful editor, a comprehensive building block selection

    What they should improve: they should make the user interface a little bit more logic and faster

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