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Animated Menus Andgame Sounds

CREATE your own Android APP! Easy and Free!

No game is complete without music or sound effects. Music and sound are principal elements in gaming. Good background music sets the atmosphere and tone. It can help users connect emotionally with the game as well. Sound effects at crucial moments or during specific actions can inform players and give them direction on the next move to make.

In this lesson well cover how to not only animate the menu sections like the game title or start button but how to load music into your game and trigger specific sound and animation effects. Youll learn new ways to integrate sound and music throughout your game.

When youre a game developer its important to get your music and sound effects in your game just right. So, included in this lesson is also some bonus material that focuses on how to add defeated sounds and animations properly to your game over menu. The secret to making a good game great is in the details, like sound and effects.

Mobile Roadie The Enterprise App Builder

As one of the bigger players Mobile Roadie proudly showcases their clients: Disney, and Universal have apps made on their platform.

Given the price point ranges from $149 to a hefty $799 per month this company clearly has its focus on larger companies. We particularly liked their design options which feature great templates and give you plenty of options to tweak them.

They have a couple of nice community features such as chats and a fan wall that can be particularly useful for artists and bands. Musicians will also like the smooth integration of its music player.

There are also some very advanced features such as geo-targeting for your content. Because of its wide feature range getting the hang of this app builder will take more time than most of the others..

Mobileroadie Editor
Mobileroadie Templates

We like: Their templates are very elegant and they offer plenty of options to tweak the designs. All in all their features are extremely advanced.

Where they should improve: pricing of course as its not affordable for smaller businesses. It also took us quite some time to get to grips with the editor the UI could be more intuitive.

Free Trial:

Learn The Secrets To Building Profitable Apps

To help you in your journey, we’ve designed a gamified training to teach you everything you need to learn in a fun and easy way.You get rewarded with a new badge and a new rank everytime you finish a level, and to keep you motivated there’s a leader board where you can compete with other members.Check out the levels you’ll be going through and projected earnings for each levelEach level comes with one or more step-by-step guides to help you move to the next level

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Shoutem The Apple Of App Builders

Founded in 2011, Shoutem offers a very polished product. They have completely updated their platform in the new V5 and its a pleasure to use. Their templates are sleek and offer loads of customization options, so you can get very good looking apps. The features are good too, making them a great choice for Event apps or communities thanks to their Social Wall, where users can share comment and photos.

While its not the most expensive provider, its not cheap either: pricing starts at $49 per month. In order to be able to publish to Apple, youll have to at least pick their $79.00 Advanced plan.

They are also opening their code to developers and hope that people will build more extensions and features for them. A few of them are missing at the moment.

Shoutem Editor

Detailed Review: AppToolTester

Go To The Builder And Build A Blank App Or Pick One Of Our Templates


If you want a mobile app for news, events, travel, and small businesses, or to showcase your products or even an app for school, use one of our templates feature-rich to save you time. If you choose a template, you can still change your apps theme and navigation. Because youll already have the needed features with templates and only have to change the content, you can skip step 5 to Add Content to Your App or go to step 4 if you want to change some features.

Before starting with those steps, perhaps take a look at one of our full guides for no-code app creations:

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How To Make An Android Game With Android Studio And Why You Shouldnt Try

Once you know what you want to make, you need to decide how to make it. There are a few different options depending on your skill level and the nature of the project.

The traditional route as it were, is to make an Android game using Android Studio. Android Studio is the official tool for Android development, which comes directly from Google and supports a huge range of projects.

To use Android Studio, you will need to learn either Java or Kotlin the two officially supported languages. Either way, youll also need to download the JDK , and familiarize yourself with the Android SDK , and probably a little XML.

The SDK is a set of libraries and tools from Google that allows Java to interface with the Android OS, and that helps Android Studio to turn your code into a working APK file. Android Studio will provide the interface where youll type all of this whats known as an IDE or integrated development environment.

The SDK is a set of libraries and tools from Google that allows Java to interface with the Android OS

Its a lot to learn, and if you want to make a platform game or something else graphically intensive, youll have a lot you need to create from the ground up. This tutorial will provide you with a starting point and show you how to set up a canvas and a thread to handle the graphics.

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What If My App Idea Is Too Complex For An App Builder

The app builders we list here are the most advanced ones we were able to find on the market. However, they do have their limitations. Hence they may not be the ideal solution for your most ambitious app ideas . SiberianCMS is a bit more flexible than the rest of the pack as you can download the source code and host it yourself. This might be worth a try.

If thats not an option there are basically two ways to proceed: learn app development yourself or hire an app developer. To learn iOS or Android development, you could check out Udemy, where there are numerous app development courses available.

If you are short on time and want to hire an app developer who is able to start working on your app idea immediately, you can try a platform like Upwork to find a coder with the right skills. Make sure you compare several offers and check out the applicants ratings carefully.

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Mobappcreator New Kid On The Block

This relatively new company calls Argentina home and has its focus on native apps. They claim to have almost 41,000,000 app views and rising, but apart from that, theyre a little mysterious, without even an About Us or Company Profile on their site.

With MobAppCreator, users dont have as many templates available to them as other builders, yet the editor itself is very user-friendly, with different modules explained clearly and without too much technical jargon. Its a nice touch having a pull-out iPhone on the side that keeps an updated, clickable representation of your app which is refreshed with each new change. We did find some issues in the layout design once we started to change some of the module elements, though, and had to begin again just to reset it.

You have fourteen days to trial the service, with full functionality, but then the cheapest option starts at $32.50 per month. This isnt too dissimilar to some of the other app building software on the market, as youll see below, but perhaps they could offer a few more templates for that price.

MobAppCreator: Themes
MobAppCreator: The Modules
MobAppCreator: Themes

What we liked: the editor is relatively easy to use, they have their own online store module available for the South American market.

What they should improve: there could be a wider range of template designs, perhaps offer a free version that isnt time limited but offers fewer options.

Free Trial:

Apps Provide Multiple Entry Points

How to Build a Basic Android Game in Just 7 Minutes (Unity)

Android apps are built as a combination of components that can be invoked individually. For example, an activity is a type of app component that provides a user interface .

The “main” activity starts when the user taps your app’s icon. You can also direct the user to an activity from elsewhere, such as from a notification or even from a different app.

Other components, such as WorkManager, allow your app to perform background tasks without a UI.

After you build your first app, you can learn more about the other app components atApplication fundamentals.

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Guide How To Make An App In 2021

Apps are becoming a part of daily life, with most popular brands having their own mobile app to interact with customers and raise brand awareness.

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones for consumerism, every business could use an app to help boost sales, market its products and improve its brand reputation. Using an app could soon be a normal part of the customer journey and crucial to finalise a sale. If having your own mobile app is what it takes to compete how is it done?

App development can be time consuming, labour intensive and incredibly expensive but it doesnt have to be! Anyone can build an app using Appy Pies AppMakr. Whether you want to showcase your brand, interact with your community or sell a product, AppMakr makes app development easy. Save time, money and effort with Appy Pies AppMakr.

Create And Set Up Your App

Starting August 2021, new apps are required to publish with the Android App Bundle on Google Play. New apps larger than 150MB can use either Play Asset Delivery or Play Feature Delivery.

Read this post on the Android Developers Blog for more details.

After you’ve created your Google Play developer account, you can create apps and set them up using Play Console.

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The Design Is The Winner

Enchanting the players is not easy when they have lots of options. While mobile game apps development, the designer needs to take care of the character, story, art, and the overall look of the game. Creating a game design is much more complicated than creating one for an app.

History has been witness to brilliant game ideas and stories succumbing to a bad design. Size is always an important consideration of how to make a game app for Android or iOS. More often to render good user experience, the screen must never look cluttered with the design elements. The graphics must go hand in hand with the logic of the gameplay.

Bonus: How Appy Pie Appmakr Builds Your App

[OUTDATED] How to make your own game Online for Free ...

The answer to your question how to build an app is here! Simply drag and drop all the features you want in your app and place a request to build your app, Appy Pie AppMakr will take care of everything else.

Appy Pie AppMakr helps you build fully functional apps while cutting down the development time and costs. Build a native app like experience without having to learn any coding or spending beyond your means.

With Appy Pies no-code app builder, you can create Android and iOS mobile apps for a variety of businesses in different sectors including healthcare, education, entertainment, finance, ecommerce, restaurants and much more. Appy Pie has a vast range of features such as store, photo, video, social network, food court, etc. to help you build your desired app without any hassles of coding.

Appy Pies DIY platform also provides a number of video tutorials that will help you learn how to create an app and add the features easily, along with an experienced customer support team to back you up in case of any issues or queries.

Here is the step by step breakdown of the process that puts to rest the question thats haunting you how to build an app using AppMakr.

Take the quiz

Now that you know the entire process of creating an app with Appy Pie AppMakr, lets see how much you have really learnt. Take the quiz below and if you get the right score, you can earn a certification in app development from Appy Pie. What is the hold up? Get going now!

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Appinstitute More Than Meets The Eye

AppInstitute are the largest app maker in the UK, and the winner of several startup awards. They have great ecommerce features, with highly customizable catalogue menus and loyalty options. You can also pay for everything without ever leaving the app.

They have a great booking feature, which is more powerful than it appears. Not only does it allow for appointment booking, but also creating rich events with video and other content.

Price-wise, you can get a PWA and Android app for $42 a month. It costs $66 a month to publish to iOS. This comes with basic push notifications and app analytics.

AppInstitute Editor
AppInstitute Templates

What we liked: Some of the features are surprisingly powerful when you scratch beneath the surface.

What they should improve: Theres a distinct lack of integration options within the backend.

Create An App For Fitness & Sports Clubs

Notify students of class times and updates

Post class schedules and events

Build a community around your business

Improve class attendance by reminding students of an upcoming class or event with timed push notifications.

To keep students engaged in between classes, make your blog content, social media activity, videos and more accessible inside your app.

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What Kind Of Apps Can You Build

With Zappter, the sky’s the limit. Use your app for whatever you need it for whether e-commerce, booking platform or something else entirely.

E-Commerce Apps

You already have an online store and want an app to go with it? Or you just want a shopping app and a web app? Fully customize your offer, use variations, modifiers and ingredient system to make items modifiable. With Zappter, your store will be ready for your customers in minutes.

Booking Platform

Want to offer bookings such as a massage, car rental, beauty treatments and more? With the booking plugin you have a full calendar in no time and your customers can use your app to conveniently view availabilities and make a booking with a swipe.


With “Requests” you can provide objects, services and products that can be requested. Requests can be completely customized to your needs and requirements. Examples: Sales of houses, cars, consulting, services and the like.

Company profile

Expand your company’s online presence into a web app and into the app stores. Offer information, references, media, news and content in your app and let your customers always have the information at hand.

Gastronomy & HospitalityCustom Forms

Whether internally or for your customers: Use Zappter’s form generator to playfully create custom forms and make them available in your app. This makes data entry and processing easier than ever.

InfotainmentInternal SolutionsOr do something completely different

Put Together An App Marketing Plan

How to create your own game and app just 5 minutes….

There are almost 2 million apps in the iOS App Store. In order to make sure that your app gets seen, you need to have a plan to market it to the right audience.

These days, a lot of the marketing work happens before the app is launched! For example, building a pre-launch email list is standard practice these days as well as leveraging paid marketing to promote your app.

Here are a list of app marketing strategies you can follow pre-launch and post-launch to make sure that you put your best foot forward!

Things you can do before your app is published:

  • Build a landing page for your app and build a pre-launch email list: Its important that you have a landing page for your app at the very least so that people have somewhere to visit to learn more about your app. Make sure you add a call to action for people to sign up to a pre-launch email list to get notified when the app launches. To start collecting emails for free, sign up for an email service with a generous free-tier like Mailchimp. In terms of building a landing page, you dont need to know how to code. There are tons of drag-and-drop landing page builders such as Leadpages or Unbounce. In fact, Mailchimp also has one for free.
  • Make sure youre familiar with App Store Optimization : If youre unfamiliar with this term, it refers to optimizing your keywords, titles and description of your App Store listing. I get all my ASO education from Steve Young.
  • Things you do after your app has launched:

    STEP 7

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    How To Create An App From Scratch

    You need absolutely no coding skills to build an app from scratch. You can follow the steps below to build your own app for Android and iOS

    • Enter your desired business name and click on Next
    • Pick the category that your business fits best in
    • Choose the color scheme that you love
    • Select the device for your test app
    • Customize the look and feel of your app
    • Once done, click on Save & Continue
    • Take a deep breath and wait till your app is getting built
    • Once the app is ready, scan the QR code or send the app installation link to your device via email or SMS, and test the demo app
    • Go to My Apps
    • You will be shown the Gold plan. You can either go with Try Now or Buy Now option. The Try now option comes with a 2-Day Trial so that you are fully satisfied with the app before you make the purchase
    • Please note whichever option you choose, you would need to provide credit card details. We use credit card details to check the authenticity of the users. Dont worry, we dont charge anything without your confirmation, even after the trial ends

    • On the app maker, add the features you want
    • Once you are done, click on Save and Continue to finish creating your app

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