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How to Monetize Your Android Apps | Admob | Firebase | Simplest

Tap into Google Playâs billing system, one of the worldâs largest mobile payments platforms, with over 2.5 billion active users in more than 190 countries

  • Earn more while enhancing your user experience by finding the right combination of ad formats, for new and existing users, with

  • Maximize your revenue by considering a flexible monetization strategy that adapts to your audiences and markets. Different audiences can have different preferences for paid apps, in-app purchases, subscriptions, ads, and other ecommerce.

  • Increase engagement and retention with subscriptions by offering free trials, introductory pricing, promo codes, and more

  • Use subscription insights to measure how much you earn from each subscription tier, track retention, and see which features attract the most interest

Sell Ad Space Within Your App

Many mobile app developers make money on their free apps by selling data-driven ad space within the platform. This is done independently or by pairing up with a mobile ad partner.

There are five business models that drive mobile ad revenue:

Cost per mille An advertiser pays for every 1,000 views of their ad.

Cost per click An advertiser pays for each click on their ad.

Cost per install An advertiser pays when their clicked ad results in an install of their advertised app.

Cost per action An advertiser pays when a click leads to a specific action such as installing an app, making a purchase, submitting a form or subscribing.

Cost per view An advertiser pays for each view of their video mobile ad.

According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending will account for a third of all ad spending in the U.S. this year alone, growing to nearly half of all ad spending by 2022. As you can see below, this will far surpass traditional media like television, print and radio.

If you add up all the minutes the average person spends on their phone, it comes to about 23 days a year, and people spend most of that time using appsso some serious cash can be made with in-app advertisements if you have the right approach.

Heres How You Can Do It Effectively

1. Choose the right ad type

There are four primary in-app ad formats:

Interstitial ads cover the entire screen of the app. These are usually encountered when transitioning from screen to screen while using the app.

What Is The Easiest And Most Common Way To Monetize A Mobile App

Now, what is the best way to monetize an app in 2022? Mobile app entrepreneurs lag behind is to find ways to monetize apps . In fact, the success of any app is simply dependent on its monetization, which should be a core component of the planning and development strategy as well.

Well, if you are looking for the best ways to monetize your mobile app, keep reading as we bring you the ultimate guide for how to monetize your mobile app in 2022.

Now, before we began listing down best ways to monetize mobile apps, lets just agree to the fact that monetization of apps isnt the easiest aspect and while there is a number of ways to monetize your mobile app, you need to understand the pros and cons related with each method.

Here in this blog, we have created detailed monetizing methods for you along with the pros and cons associated with each method to help you start earning revenue from your app and achieve high ROIs for your investment.

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App Monetization Strategies To Consider

For publishers, apps serve two key purposes: to get your content in front of more people and to bring in revenue. Most publishers have that first part down – it’s the app monetization strategy that’s the tricky part.

Your app can bring in revenue in dozens of ways, but which of these app monetization strategies best fits your content, your audience and your needs? Different apps may need different app monetization options. A gaming app isn’t the same as a news app so you’ll want your app development strategy planned accordingly.

Discovering the right combination is one part trial and error and one part research. And keep it mind, it is vital to work with app developers to build your mobile app from the ground up with your app monetization strategy in mind.

In this post, the app monetization team at Playwire helps with the research part. Below, we provide an overview of eight common app monetization strategies.

These eight strategic mobile app monetization options can help maximize your app revenue:

  • Partner with Expert App Monetization Strategists
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    Want to learn even more? Read the guide to learn everything there is to know about monetizing your app

    What Are The Ways To Monetize Mobile Apps

    Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Android App

    OK, now that we have a fair understanding of the importance and paybacks of app monetization, lets quickly jump to the best ways to monetize mobile apps:

    Paid Download

    As discussed above, the paid monetization method employs that users will have to pay an upfront fee to download and start using the app. Now, this is the simplest method where you can put any amount of tag you want to charge for your app. However, you need to be considerate of the fact that users dont like to pay any upfront fee and that you should only charge for the real value your app delivers to users.


    • Simple and straightforward monetizing method
    • You set the monetary value of your app
    • Users tend to be more loyal to apps for which they have paid an upfront amount
    • Paid apps tend to have better user experience since they dont need to clutter ads to monetize


    • Users generally dont fall for the paid apps
    • You need to outweigh free apps with greater value to attract users
    • You give-up all other monetization options
    • Users expectations from paid apps are much higher as compared to free apps

    In-App Purchases


    • Since you will be offering free app download, youll be able to garner more users to start with
    • Users wont be expecting high of your app because its free, to begin with
    • You can make significant revenue from in-app purchases
    • Once users purchase the add-on for a premium feature, they will become more loyal


    In-App Subscriptions



    In-App advertising



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    App monetization describes the concept of making money from a mobile application without having to apply download fees. With free apps becoming the new norm in todays app world, users are growing more reluctant to pay for services.

    But how do you make money out of a free app?

    Affiliate Marketing For Your App

    What if you could use your app to convince your app user to download other apps or buy products? That’s the basic point of affiliate marketing, and it’s a popular app monetization strategy. In the mobile app world, you can do affiliate marketing in two main ways:

    • Partner with companies to sell their products. Many companies have affiliate programs that allow you to insert specialized links in your content or ads. When your users click those links, land on the company’s website and buy something, you get a cut.
    • Use affiliate ads to convince users to download other apps. The Apple, Google and Windows app stores all offer affiliate programs that track when someone leaves your app after seeing an ad for another app and downloads that app. You get paid each time that happens.

    Affiliate marketing can be extremely profitable, but it works best when you have a large audience that trusts your brand and content enough to take your recommendations of products and apps.

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    App Subscription Model To Bring In Consistent Revenue

    Perhaps you don’t want to charge users to download your app but would prefer to charge them a monthly or annual fee to use it. This is the subscription model. And it’s a popular mobile app monetization strategy.

    That popularity is evidenced by the sheer amount of revenue the subscription model generates for an app publisher. In 2020, app revenue from app subscriptions grew to $13 billion. And among the top 250 apps that were not games, subscription fees accounted for 97% of consumer spend inside apps in 2019.

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    Monetizing An App: Strategies And Reasons To Go Ahead With It

    How To Monetize Android App With Google Admob || Banner & Interstitial Ads

      Home » Monetizing An App: Strategies And Reasons To Go Ahead With It

      Applications are one of the top revenue generators in the world. Statistics have shown that the revenue from mobile applications increased to over 318 billion U.S. dollars. This is a huge growth compared to 2019, which was over 60 billion U.S dollars. Many people use apps every day, as mobile applications are the things that make up the whole mobile experience in the first place. This is why earning through apps makes a lot of money for every app owner.

      In this article, youll be getting a complete and easy-to-follow guide that will show you why you should monetize your app and the ways you can go about it. So, sit tight, relax and read your way into your money-making era with your app.

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      Helpful And Easy Tips About Ad Posting On Admob :

      • It is important that you should be playing out the ads as thoughtfully and in the adhere to form. Be sure that you have the ads material that is intrusive but it must be clear in favour of the visible terms. It should attract the readers.
      • You should be chosen with the ad format that must be clear and appropriate as meant for your app content. AdMob brings you closer to the wide range of the options in favour of the ad formats for the videos as well as native ads and even for the banners.
      • Additionally, you should be making the best use of the native ads feature as in order to match up with the ads by means of the look.
      • Try to make the use of the target features as in order to match up with the ads alongside the user and so as the app.
      • You should not be carried away with the tendency of the limiting the volume of ads that AdMob will be showing out at the expense of revenue.
      • In short, you need to make it clear, simple and easy to read out in better understanding.

      Include The Mobile Ads Sdk

      To begin integration of AdMob with your app, you’ll need to first include the Mobile Ads SDK to your app module build.gradle file:

      compile ''

      If you are going to integrate Firebase into your app, then you should use the SDK which is part of Firebase:

      compile ''

      Check out the some of our Firebase tutorials here on Envato Tuts+ if you need help getting started with Firebase:

      Make sure you sync the project after adding it the SDKs so as to pull the libraries from the internet into your application.

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      Key Stats On Mobile Monetization In 2020

      If youve ever wondered how to monetize an app, you need to know these facts:

      • Consumers spend 90% of mobile internet time in apps
      • Your app will compete with 4.5 million other apps
      • 92% of applications in the Apple App Store are free
      • 97% of apps in the Google Play are free
      • Mobile applications in Apples App Store earn 2x more than those in Google Play

      A Quick Note About Free Apps

      How to Monetize Your Android Apps

      In general, free apps get more downloads than paid apps.Just take a look at the top 10 mobile apps from the comScore report:Free apps with in-app monetization strategies have great long-term revenue generation possibilities, too. As users return to the app often , those subscriptions, ads, or gated content can generate more revenue than an initial, one-off app fee would.If you want to go the free route, the content you offer must be valuable and the paid additions are something users want and will eventually pay for. Just because they dont pay for it, doesnt mean theyre going to be more lax about quality!There are several in-app monetization methods you may want to consider instead of the less popular paid app approach.

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      How Do I Choose The Right App Monetization Platform

      Monetizing your app requires a lot of planning and strategic thinking before you can actually start making money with your efforts. From selecting the right model and identifying your business objectives to developing an effective monetization strategy, you want to choose a platform that suits the goals of your unique app.

      The good news is that there are several app monetization companies that specialize in these monetization models, making them a valuable support to app developers in need of such services.

      So lets lay out everything you need to know on how to choose the right monetization platforms for your mobile app.

      App monetization companies and platforms help app developers to monetize their apps effectively. Specific benefits of using app monetization companies include the following:

      Best Practices For Using Each Type Of Ad:


      Space is in short supply on the display of a mobile device. This means you need to take extra care in order to ensure that your banner ad isnt encroaching on any of the interactive elements within your app. Users shouldnt click a banner ad accidentally, so dont place them next to buttons or text chat boxes. If your app is showing an image gallery, dont pop a banner in the middle of images while the user is scrolling through.

      The ad will stand out from the rest of the images, and you arent fooling anyone. This will annoy the user and disrupt their workflow. Banner ads can be customized to various shapes and sizes, so put in some time to ensure that the ad fits in perfectly within your specific app. Visually separate the banner from the rest of your app by using a visual cue like a non-clickable border. Allocate fixed space for your banner ad so it doesnt bump up against other content when it loads in after an initial delay.


      The best place to put interstitials is between breaks in the action. Like when a user is on the pause screen in between two levels of a game. Or while they are switching between articles or activities. The key to interstitials is placing them right when the user is expecting a break, a pause in the flow of the app. If youve got a game that revolves around tapping the screen really fast, and your interstitial shows up in the middle of the action, the user will accidentally click it.

      Rewarded Video:


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      How To Monetize An App With In

      In-app purchases are the number one source of revenue within the app industry.

      In fact, in-app purchases make up about 47 percent of the total revenue generated from apps worldwide. If youre planning to create a free app, including an in-app marketplace is one of the best things you can do for your business.

      In multiplayer apps, such as Clash of Clans, users will always be interested in purchasing in-app items to gain the upper hand on their opponents.

      How Much Money Can I Expect What Is The Ecpm

      Monetize your Android app with ads

      The CPM of the interstitial is very high , However, you can show an interstitial ad less often than you can show banner ads. All in all, the AppBrain interstitial significantly outperform competing offerwalls, app wall or smartwall in terms of overall revenue per app install.The AppBrain banners provide leading eCPMs, depending on your audience the CPM may be between $0.50 and $1.50.

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      How To Monetize Your Android App

      So you took the bull by the horns and learned how to write an Android app. Congratulations. You can give away your apps for free, without any monetization, and that is cool, everyone loves a free app. But if you want to try and generate some income you are going to need to put in some more effort in terms of coding and marketing.

      There are several different models you can follow to monetize your app, including free with ads, freemium, and paid for. Here is a look at how you can monetize your Android app and get some money back on your investment.

      How To Include Admob Sdk In App

      Now as we have ended up with the process to monetize the app, now its time to learn about the method that how you can include SDK in App!

      Step 1: Starting with the very first step, you will be creating the project all through the use of the code.

      Step 2: In the second step, you will be adding up with the two buttons into the ViewController class and then you will be connecting it to its Outlet and Methods.

      Step 3: In the third step of the method, visit the GoogleAdsMob.swift page where you will be provided with your Ads Unit ID for Banner Ad as well as Interstitial Ad. AdMob will be providing the two main modes ranging into the test mode as well as live mode.

      Step 4: In the next step of the method you will be carrying out with the Initialization. In this step, you will be going to initialize the Google Admob in your AppDelegate file in Method DidFinishLaunchingWithOptions.

      Step 5: As you will start to run the app, you will be catching the screen over the side of the simulator. You will be selecting the test mode and then you will be going to click the each single button through which you will be able to see the ads. This will often make you display out with the Test Banner and Interstitial Ads.

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